The days are shorter and the weather is colder

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    Merry Holidays to all. I have been busy lately, I have started to paint again and it has taken me a bit longer to get going on my project. AS we have had a big change in our weather in Utah. And my body has been gripping about the cold weather. But that is all normal for this time of year.

    I have been commming to terms with the fibro and MSP, along with the rest of my chronic pain problems. How wonderfull it would be to find a cure for all of them.

    I would love to not have my knee's hurt every day and feel like they are going to pop off from pressure that I feel in my knee's.

    I would love to not have DDD or spinal stenosis and facet syndrome, radiopathay of the lumbar spine, pain in my tain bone. {It really has a name I just can't spell it or remember it } And my left wrist is giving my a bad time with the colder weather.

    Most of all I would like to be close to normal and not have this never ending pain in my life. Having said that if it were not for this pain and my fibro I would have missed out on meeting some of the greatest people I know.

    Each time I post some one has something postive to tell me about and they all offer me hope that some day I will find a way to not have so much pain. Or maybe just learn how to deal with it better. I would love to be able to have tirgger point release's done as it would help so much.But right now is not the time. AS money is tight at home.

    I hear of so many ways to ease my pain but most cost more than I can afford. But even so I am thankful they are there for those who can use them and just knowing that there is something that may help me makes me feel better.
    I know that this may sound kind of silly as I can't have these procedures done on me.

    But the knowing about them makes me try to find other ways to help ease my pain.
    IN my early years of marriage my husband was out drinking all the time , every night.

    And all weekends. It was so hard to be the mom who worked and was having problems {female} and then having babies and my hubby is in the bar and I am having problems .

    I struggled with this for so long and I hated all bars. I just thought that if they were not around he would not go out to get drunk .

    But I learned that drinking was his way out of the stress's of life. And I didn't want him to be there and he knew it.
    We worked it out and with time he stopped drinking and has not started again in over 15 years.

    Now to the point. I started to see a drug and alochol abuse counsler just for me as I didn't know how to react to the drinking. I was not raised with alochol in the home or out of it. I didn't drink as I didn't like the feeling I got from it.
    I found it really funny that when I would get really bad pain from headaches or female problems I would end up with a shot of demoral.

    But just as it would start to work and you get that floating feeing , I am guessing that HIGH . I would fight it as I didn't like being out of control. And it would make it so that the meds were not working the way they should.

    ONe day while I was in the hospital the counsler came to see me and we talked about this subject. He taught me so much about how I was making my own pain from being so tense. And I was.

    During the time I was seeing him I was taught self hypnosis. Now I am still not very good at it.But I can make my self relax if I work at it. It does not work when my pain has gotten out of control. But if I am able to just be in a quite place and lay down and relax with this hypnois I can stop the pain from getting to bad.

    I Now have learned that life is so differnt for all of us. Some do well with pain meds. Some don't and others do well with other threapies that have been mentioned. I just wanted to thank you all for being here for me when I need a little more support than usual.

    This place is a blessing to me and I am thankful for all of you and the help that you share not just with me but with every one. Thanks for being here and being my friends.

    Much love,
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    The weather in Wisconsin isn't nice nor conducive to feeling good. We burn wood most of the time. Can't take the cold at all.

    You have such a wonderful attitude about life. Something good just has to happen for you.


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