"The Depressing Side of Medical Science"

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    Just checking in and good to see you are still providing intelligent , useful info. I really think it is vital to healing that we try to learn about everything we ingest and how it affects us. Even the bests scientists do not know how these drugs taken long term will change us. Then add the problem of mixing the many other meds together and we have another mystery.

    We need to treat a problem with the least harmful substance first as I recently tried to explain to a new podiatrist I am seeing. His first advice started with anti-depressant medicine to counteract the effects of the anti- inflamatory drugs he suggested I take that I told him I was all too familiar with. And then, we are interrupted and he has to leave the room because he is having trouble keeping his lunch down ,and apologizes for his GERD and his lousey nutritional habits.I am thinking Dr. first heal thyself:)

    After a few minutes of explaining how my body rejects synthetics I ask about the naturals and he has no knowledge of the Limbrel which happens to be a prescription medical food with much scientific evaluation behind it. I realise his training is like most Dr's and they are totally indoctrinated on the most common drugs as a cure all. He talked of Lyrica that has helped so many and I asked about the many that died from Viox and he said many people take such meds for 20 or more years with no side effects to speak of. It was tough getting him to see there might be a better kinder way to treat my body.

    In the end he agreed to treat me with the least amount of harmful substances but I walked away thinking how difficult it would be for a patient to assert his beliefs under such pressure from a Dr. that almost convinced me that the likes of Viox is not as bad as I had thought. If I had not stood my ground I would have gone home with a bag of drugs to add to the other bag of drugs my other Dr's insisted I try.

    It is no wonder to me of the stated casualties each year from prescription drugs that even the AMA admits to. We are not even surprised when a young physically healthy celebrity dies at a young age from an overdose any longer. If others are as sensitive to drugs as I am it wouldn't take more than two drugs to kill them.

    Half a Zanax or Trazadone type med will make me comatose for around 18-20 hours as it shuts down my entire system.Someone commented that they could not hear me breath through the night when I tried it once. And even after telling my Dr's of this they never could understand the sensitivity that I experienced and would soon try to get me on another similar drug.

    People need to develop a healthy fear of what a Dr. hands them and do a lot of research before they swallow anything. Yes these can be life saving drugs but they can and often are life taking drugs.I got my life back substantially by in part not taking their meds and looking at nutrition and lifestyle factors. I am convinced that the body treats drugs as poison and they often keep us dazed and confused and prohibit the natural tendency for the body to heal on its own. First do no harm and Dr. yourself me thinks:) thanks
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    Hi Grace

    Yes we owe to to ourselves to check out everything we take whether it be prescribed meds, supps, herbal remedies etc.

    Many doctors and scientists are concerned about the ramifications of long term use of meds; and there's been many posts here about the adverse effects from ADs.

    Posts on the mitochondrial dysfunction in ME/CFS highlighlighted that some meds can cause further damage to the mitochondria; these include two popular classes of ADs. Subsequently I become very concerned when I see posters here insisting that patients do not take them for long enough.

    I was given the usual starting dose of a popular tricyclic and saw very little of the following 36 hours. My state during that time panicked my then young son. When I checked out some of the meds I'd had problems with I learned that's it's known bad reactions to one is likely to mean bad reactions to other specific meds and this inlcudes an anti seizure med I was Rx for neuropathic pain. How many doctors know this? From my personal experience too few.

    Aside from all the issues over the safety of powerful meds we need to remember that patients with ME/CFS often have to take the gentlest and safest route if they're to avoid making themselves worse. Many of us have learned this the hard way.

    I rarely resort to NSAIDS these day because going about things a different way decreased my day to day overall pain levels considerably. Following my surgery I had to resort to Rx meds but returned to agents that had less of a global impact as soon as I could.

    Have been reading your posts here and I'm delighted to see how much progress you have made; getting our lives back is a priority for many of us. I hope you are equally successsful in treating your foot issues; combining conventional and so-called alternatives is often very successful.

    You know where to source info on possible contradictions and interactions; and just as importantly how to research the self help measures most likely to help you.

    tc, Tansy
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