The Doctor "Go-Round"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Elvira, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. Elvira

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    Hello all,

    I've been to 3 different doctors in the past year trying to find one who will treat my FM with either thyroid meds or possibly strong antibiotics. Can anyone recommend a doctor in the Charlotte, NC to me who is open to these treatment options?

    All suggestions are appreciated!!
  2. Cactuslil

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    I recently had to search for a doc; still searching, nevertheless you can "search the web" by State and specify the type of doc you are looking for...many of these docs have web sites et al.

    You can be specific and get a list of all docs in Charlotte NC and go from there. I would suggest an endocrinologist based on your desire to try meds specific to that body system. Good luck. CactusLil'
  3. layinglow

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    I think Lil's ideas were good, I would also add, calling and interviewing the receptionist before making an appointment to see how many fm/cfs patients the dr. treats, and if he uses thyroid meds and antibiotics as treatment, in his practice. Maybe this will eliminate some, and save you time, effort, and money, with those who do not fit your criteria. At least a few less rides on the Dr-Go-Round *smiles*
  4. Elvira

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    Well, I've tried searching for them on the web which is actually how I found the first two that I went to. The first was an endocrinologist and he was nice enough, but distracted and he sort of dismissed me where my quest for thyroid treatment was concerned. The second was a rheumatologist and he was just an arrogant jerk who thought he knew it all and actually told me to stay off the internet and quit believing everything I read!! Needless to say, he went by the wayside rather quickly. The one I've been seeing recently was recommended by another poster to this board. He is an internist and is a very kind man, but seems to feel that thyroid treatments are placebos so I'm getting nowhere with him. At least he did give me strong enough painkillers to help dull my pain to some extent.

    I guess my best bet is to call and speak with the receptionists regarding the number of fibro patients seen and the types of treatment offered to them. I just wish more doctors out there were more open minded about us and this DD and willing to try new treatment options, as well as to really listen to us.