the dr took me off all aleve and asprin

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    the dr took me off all of them i cant take anything that is for inflamation i have stomach ulcers from taking aleve that is what helped with my pain now i cant find anything to help i went to the dr wenesday he gave me oxycontin 50 mg 1 tablet twice a day i dont like the way it made me feel so out of it so i didnt take but one iam also taking ultram er 300 mg once a day and athritists tynol for pain my regular md dr is trying to get me into a pain specailist to get my pain undercontrol iam on nexium for the ulcers i wish i didnt have ulcers i could still take the aleve but oh well does anyone know of anything that would help me i have osteorthirtis in my lower spine and hands knees and i have ostoprosis too arrghh i would greatly appricate any advice i dont want to take any narocitics if possible this pain go so bad my mom had to take me to the er for a pain shot i was miserable i was crying

    i hate this pain

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    my mom has osteo and rheumatoid now. The one thing that helps her is a medicine she takes for the osteo, I think once a week, it starts with an M - its a long name and I can't remember it. But, also she gets steroid injections sometimes. And that is what helps her. Her dr. wants her to start on a new medicine -??? my mind is blank - but lots of side effects.

    If I find out, I will post name for you.