the end of my 40 years in church work

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Asatrump, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. Asatrump

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    I have not been reading here, and was surprised to see prayers on my behalf. I thank you all.

    The very short version is, the new choir director was impossible to work for, it was like an ant facing a steam roller. He changed my work, everything as I knew it. I had to resign. I have worked in churches either directing choirs or playing organ 40 years.

    The pastor never even called me. I had one call and one note of support from choir members and have been in this job 14 years.

    My life is shaken, leaving me in depression and pain. I find myself alone, and have to work my way back.

    Each person here has many problems, probably worse than my own, so I truly appreciate if one prayer was offered up on my behalf.

  2. sunflowergirl

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    I know how it must hurt deeply that people you thought you could count on just aren't there. Each one of us seems to get wrapped up in our own lives that many times we forget the others around us. It's not that it is done deliberately, just that they are neglectful and human.

    I will certainly pray for you. That God shows a new path for you to be on, something more meaningful at this phase of your life. It's hard when our lives are "shaken up" and familiar things aren't there anymore. We all have been there at one time or another. Just remember that God never closes one door without opening up another one. This is just another part of this great adventure we are all on.....Life. Shake off that depression, dig into your bible, and listen as God speaks to you. Take care, and may God bless you.
  3. cinnabarsib

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    I pray for peace and comfort for you now in your time of great need~~~~~with hope, Sib
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  4. stagename

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    I was fired in january from my pastoral position. i was there on staff 9 years, 17 total as a parishioner, and my parents are the pastors. the new board decided they didn't want three from the same family on senior staff, even though every other pastor's wife and some of the kids either work part time or volunteer.

    it was very difficult, and they never told the congregation why i was fired. so no one has called or reached out to me because they don't know what to think. the board admitted that by all accounts i had done a fabulous job. my boss fought for me in a lengthy series of long and emotional meetings over two months.

    i have grieved, become depressed, and stopped living for months. i'm now medicated and seeing a counselor, and finding other things to do.

    it's difficult because it was my work, my social life, my family life, my closest friends, what i did for fun, what i did to volunteer and contribute to the community, everything.

    but it does get better. don't base your feelings of self-worth and confidence on what happened with one person.

    The most profound thing someone (a prayer warrior woman of God) said to me was "God trusted you with this. He knew you wouldn't lose your faith."

    Onwards and upwards. sometimes we need to shake the dust off our feet and say, okay, what's next??

  5. booboo56

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    I understand. Isn't it terrible that "Chistians" can be as much uncaring as any other people. It must really be painful when even the Pastor won't call or acknowledge it. Are you sure he knows about it? Just wondering. I will keep you in prayer, that Satan would not get a foothold in this situation and make you question God. I pray that you will find a way out of this situation without bad feelings and bitterness. I pray that God will lead you to a better area of work, if that be His will. God is able to work through anything. You will be in my prayers.
  6. Asatrump

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    I am sorry others have gone through similar things, only difference was I quit. But it leaves an emtpy place in my heart, will take time to fill and heal. I have wondered where the good people are~~~~~ they are here. Praise and thanks for that. Joan, the pastor knew, but had someone from personnel speak to me. A very timid, gentle man, must have taken every last bit of his nerve to phone me.
    I know a bushel full about the pastor, including she sees a shrink once a week, she told me that was the only possible way she could cope. Send up any flags? What happened to faith? Fourteen years and a two sentence letter. hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmnnnnnn
    I shall scrape myself off the floor, saw the doctor today and now on meds for depression . I don't need to explain that.
    May God show favor on you who read, write , share and pray. It seems good people are harder to find these days, and I find comfort in knowing so many are here.
    Hopefully someday the technology will be available to us, that we may email and comfort each other directly. That would be my dream, as I believe strongly in the fact that I can not help everyone, but if I can help one person, then I shall have made a small difference.
    Anyone want to say an amen to that?
  7. s-rose

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    My prayers are with you.
    I too have been hurt in the church and it's hard to deal with. Keep faith in the Lord and it will all work out.

    Love and Prayers,
    Susie Rose
  8. dash

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    I am sorry for your pain. Leaving a ministry whether its by choice, circumstances, an inability to minister alongside certain people, or church politics is such a heart wrenching experience. (I've been through all of these situations, they all hurt in different ways.

    You are grieving for your loss. God's ears hear, and His arms are open to comfort you.

    Dear Lord, give Asatrump comfort as she walks through the grief she feels for losing her ministry. Reveal to her where You would have her use her gifts. Heal her pain and lift her spirit.

    In Jesus' name I pray,
  9. bakron

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    Sometimes the best place to minister is outside a church wall. I will hold you in my prayers, knowing that your talents will be used, and praying that those talents may glorify God.