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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kombucha, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Kombucha

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    Eat at 11/12ish, and then eat at 3/4ish. That's it, simple enough.

    The energy diet is a 20 hour fast every single day. If you get hungry, have some water and know that you are fasting.

    The best fasting book I think is the Bragg's book The Miracle of Fasting. Mabye after a few weeks of the Energy Diet you might try skipping a days eating altogether and then resume the 2 meals a day.

    Most people with their breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack, will only fast for 12 hours.

    Where did I get this diet? Nowhere really. But read enough of fasting and calorie restriction and it makes a lot of sense that this can be healing. I've done it for two weeks now, and it is completely painless honest.

    Let me know what you think.

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  2. Kombucha

    Kombucha New Member

    If you google intermittent fasting, the first result should be from Dr. Eades (of Protein Power book). There are of course many other results. The doctors tried a version of this themselves, and report on the rat experiment.

    The results of some rat testing is very promising. You know calorie restricting increases life span right? Well rats 1 ate all they want.
    rats 2 ate calorie restricted diet
    rats 3 ate every other day, and on the day they ate they ate as much as they wanted.

    rats 3 had all the positive outcomes of rats 2 PLUS a greater protection in the brain that keeps it from getting damaged.

    I was hoping that ya'll could give this information a chance to research some on your own. I think there is something really big to this.

    I am sticking to my 20 hour fasts. If I imagine early man, I do think this might be closer to the way they ate. I eat way more then I used to for lunch and dinner, not trying to eat more or less, just naturally what I feel I want.

  3. suzetal

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    3 of my Doctors recommend eating 5 - 6 small meals a day.And nothing after 7 PM.

    Eating this way increases your metabolism and in turn you loose weight.Of course when you eat these meals stay away from high calorie foods and sugar.Also drink lots of water.

    Does not eating increase your metabolism???

  4. Kombucha

    Kombucha New Member

    Hi Sue,

    I don't know if eating 5/6 meals a day increases metabolism and helps you lose weight.

    I'm only throwing the information out here because I've never seen any posts about this. To me it is cutting edge information and so I gave it a try.

    The intermittent fasting isn't for weight loss really. It is supposed to be extremely neuro protective and with the benefits of calorie restriction (longevity/health parameters) without the calorie restriction. Have your cake and eat it too. Except maybe don't eat cake : )


  5. karinaxx

    karinaxx New Member

    i will just add some short info here, bit to tired.

    with diet and fasting issues you will have a lot of controversie, since there are so many contradicting informations out there.

    i can only tell you the eastern ayurvedic approach is very close to yours.
    a lot has to do with the circadian rthm. and times of the day in ayurveda considered to be beneficial for this and that and certain doschas.

    dont eat a big meal before 10 am , eat the next in the early evening, not after 6 pm and fast once per week.

    noooooo fats at all(nuts ok in mod.), no meat, no processed food, (cfs diet, no wheat), drink before you eat, not while.
    that is the short version, of course in ayurveda you have to consider your dosha.
    by karina
  6. Kombucha

    Kombucha New Member

    Thank you for responding even though your real tired.

    I'd like to hear if you are following a prescribed ayurveda diet for cfs? I take it to be vegetarian diet then--no meat.

    The timing and fasting is real similar. How does treatment go there in India? I just bought some besam flour yesterday to make some crepes for some food wraps. I eat no wheat. Only Amaranth and quinoa.

    I think I'm a high strung Vatta myself.

  7. karinaxx

    karinaxx New Member

    You got my attention: can you translate besam flour, Amaranth and quinoa? I am always looking for replacements for wheat , especially for my son!

    Ok, I will try to answer your question about “prescribed ayurveda treatment for cfs”
    It is not easy, because as you know, in Ayurveda your treated as an individual with each his unique constitution which is most of the time a combination of two of pitta, vitta , kapha and than you have your imbalances (illness) which is added to the kind of treatment plan you will have to follow and that includes diet and a lot of other stuff like oil massages, fasting , enema ect. But I think you know all this.

    Ayurveda considers CFS to be a illness of the Central Nervous System and one Herb which they recommend is Ashwaganda. But of course, this alone is not enough and you need a good doc who knows exactly what he/she is doing in prescribing according to your constitution and current problem. And that’s where the problem starts, there are very few docs which are really good and there a tons which are ok for simple problems, but we all know, CFS is not simple.

    I was way to sick to just travel anywhere here, India is still India, and the chance that I pick something up in the process are very real. In my Area I have not found anything which is outstanding.
    I am planning to see two places and docs in the near future; finally I found the right ones, I think.

    From my former journeys to Yoga Centres, I learned about diet. The common Yoga diet is very simple and strict. Before I knew I had CFIDS I already realized that wheat, especially in combination with fats is making me much worse. Yoga diet excludes all fats, exempt ghee on occasion added after cooking. No processed food, meaning no white flour or anything which is altered from its natural state. No onions and garlic, because its aggravates the restless mind (no good for meditation) and only two meals, which I described above. A lot of roots, veggies , dhal and so on.

    MY PERSONAL CFS diet is very strict and if I can stick to it, it makes a remarkable difference! I do take some Ayurveda stuff, but limited, rotate it to my needs.
    less is often more!
    I am leaning more to eliminating all what i can and what is not good for me. We put way to much into our body, instead of reducing all the stuff we dont need and we just make our system work to hard getting it out again.

    Our yoga teacher used to say we can live with all most nothing and live better.

    My main issue is getting the diet right again, i am soooo bad with discipline!!!!

    Fruit juices or fruit salad in the morning, fruits for pitta constitution, which are cooling, rice with veggies, dhal, curd or chicken (I do eat chicken, but no red meat or fish (allergies) but never cooked with any fats!!!!!! Also no olive oil or any other oil!!!!
    In the early evening mixed salads (no dressing with oils!!!)Or soups.
    In between fruits, carrots, nuts (little) ,if I am hungry! Or some juices.
    Fasting with special rice water and juices, once a week or more, which is excellent to detox.

    Sometime I cheat a bit with some fresh herbal or cottage cheese to the salad.
    Milk I don’t drink, but I do have some in a small espresso, which is ok in the afternoon only! And of course, a little chocolate, for my Swiss roots!

    This is the optimal diet for me, but of course it is hard sticking to it, especially with a 11 year old, which complains immediately!!

    Vatta people, like my son can add some ghee, since fats are warming and vatta people need warmth. They should also stay away from chilli, they usually have a lot of troubles with bowl and stomach, they also don’t do so well with dhal and beans.

    Of course that is just very few suggestions, it is a lot more complicated and foods can be altered with certain spices and herbs which balance it to more pitta or vatta or kapha.

    I react very strange to Ashwaganda and don’t take it in the moment.
    But I love Amla juice (Indian Gooseberry) which is the best source of natural vitamin C , Antioxidant.

    So, I think this is it for the moment.

    Please share some good alternative to wheat recipes, so I can trick my son.


    This no treatment recommendation and anyone going on a certain diet and fasting schedule, should discuss with their docs, especially if taking prescription Drugs.

  8. Kombucha

    Kombucha New Member

    "We put way to much into our body, instead of reducing all the stuff we dont need and we just make our system work to hard getting it out again." Karina's wonderful quote!

    That is exactly the route I am taking. In fact I have dropped all supplements on this excursion.

    Whoops, I put besam but I meant BESAN flour, or as you would certainly know in India--chana dal bean flour! (split garbonzo bean). This is my bread, this is my joy!
    Take a cup of the flour (americans can get at Oriental store or Indian store or mail) two eggs, and mix with enough water so it is more runny then batter, cook as a crepe. A little ghee over it--yum yum and yum. Wrap food in it, dip it in soups (it doesn't fall apart). Now for naughtier times, a little cinnamon and sugar in batter makes it a sweet dessert.

    Amaranth and quinoa are ancient grains, the Aztecs were the big users of these. I wouldn't know any translation of these terms for India. I've no recipes as these I eat whole. Amaranth is a nutty slightly popping like caviar chewy gooey sot of grain (instead of oatmeal) and quinoa is a whole grain but light as air and cute round grains with a halo sort of skin around it--much more nutrition then rice but enjoyable fluffy like white rice. Both of these grains are the high source of magnesium-- Amaranth 1/4 cup ==129 mg of magnesium
    Quinoa 1/4 cup=89 mg of magnesium.

    I was taking supplements for mitochondrial support and liver and all around supplements blah blah blah, and I thought what if less is more. Instead of going to the MAX nutrition/supplements, what about going for less and see what the body does with more rest (meals/fasting).

    I'm glad your prescribed diet helps you (when you can stick to it). I don't think anyone really knows what CFS is and how to treat it in my opinion. We are on our own with this as was the Multiple Sclerosis folks before us.


  9. karinaxx

    karinaxx New Member

    Thank you for the recipe , I will try it! I tried making crepe with soy and rice flower, but it wasn’t such a hit.
    Isn’t the Indian kitchen the greatest? Love all the south Indian cooking, they really know how to make Thali and yummy Idli.

    After reading since two years every day research after research findings , I come to the same conclusion as the World Health Organisation and Ayurveda, CFIDS (ME) is a illness of the CNS (Brain)
    Western medicine has not yet enough knowledge about the Brain and therefore very few will connect the dots.

    By the way, Mezombie has posted “A physician`s Notes on the IACFS Research Presentations “ which is a very good overview of the recent research and there is the intresting statement about the diet. Same observation is made: cfs patients can not tolerate wheat and FAT. Many here don’t know how important the fat issue is and think if they stuff themselves with fresh pressed olive oil they will do some good, it’s the opposite !

    Less is more!

    I am going to do a rice fasting today and started my strict diet again a few days ago. I am already again out of the wheel chair and doing much better.
    Lets keep in touch and post how we are doing, if we are up to it…… rest is as important.


  10. Kombucha

    Kombucha New Member

    I'm glad you are up and about from the wheelchair! When you get even better can you cut and paste the part about wheat/fat and who said so? I sure did read Mezombie's posts and can't find it anywhere!

    I'm gonna make another post that will be as wierd and as unpopular as this one. I've found a way to exercise that doesn't give me post exertional malaise as long as I take two days off. Well, here goes!

  11. karinaxx

    karinaxx New Member

    i think that you might be absolutly right about the exerzise thing, depending on the level of disability and what kind of exercise. just in the recent statement about exercise reserach done, from Kamaroff, he said it is the second day where the problems started.that was on video presentation of mezombies post.

    i will try to get you the other comment again. maybe it was on the other post, i read all three posted by her, so i might have confused it with the other one.

    i will be a bit less on the baord, have posted to much and feel need a break.

    by for now
  12. Kombucha

    Kombucha New Member

    Take care.

    I hope the less is more keeps working for you---it is good to include this forum into less is more for sure and fast from it! I would love to stay away for the computer for a week on purpose instead of too sick. Maybe I'll do that and soon!


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