"The Faith To Trust"

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    "The Faith To Trust"

    "Lord..., Oh, for the "Faith To Trust" in You...

    In the thoughts of my mind..., and the things that I do.

    Oh..., for the Faith to write a Poem...,

    To conquer my fears..., and to sing a Song!

    Oh... for the Faith to face each day...,

    With trust in Your guidance..., come what may.

    Oh...for the Faith to rest in Your Peace...,

    What a joy this would be..., my fears to release!

    If I can keep this "Faith To Trust"...

    As I journey through the days...,

    I can do so much more: to help others find Peace...,

    In countless untold ways.

    It is this "Faith To Trust" in You...,

    That makes the difference in the things we say,

    And all that we do.

    This kind of Faith is a gift from God above,...

    And the depth of our Faith..., is a gift of His Love.

    Lord..., help me to have this "Faith To Trust" in You

    And Your purpose, will be fulfilled in all that I do.

    Written By: Sandra E. Hanna
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    (((((((((((((((((((((((( AMEN )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))