The fatigue and pain are gone!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sandy1, May 1, 2003.

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    My oncologist says its the steroid, decadron, for the nausea that "takes away the inflamation". Not so, did a test on my own,Even without the decadron I'm getting well.WHY? My beautiful daughter got married 4-25-2003,and I danced at her wedding! I had 11 house guests,my 4 grandkids included and hostessed a crawfish boil the next day. Someone, please help me figure this out.This CEF chemo is doing something to the CFS and FMS, One oncologist I saw said he wouldn't even give me chemo since I already looked like most of his patients on chemo and he would't be able to tell if the chemo. was causing side-effects or the CFS. Needless to say I found another doctor.I was very frightened the chemo would cause more fatique but it's the opposite, I'm now wondering after chemo will that old life of constant fatique return? My blood work is so good, the Dr. has stopped thr CBC at mid-cycle, I am getting well! Please,for all of our sakes we need to understand what is happening,here.I have the insurance and resources to take any suggestions seriously. I have a conference call with Dr. Lapp on 5-7-03 and can't wait for his interpretation! Well Bye for now, God Bless All Of You, Sandy1
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    It is so wonderful to hear someone is doing well for a change!

    I sure hope it continues for you, the very best of luck, and a prayer going out for you too.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I have read from several people here that chemo helps with the fibro/cfs symptoms. There has to be something to this. Let me know if you find out anything and I will do some looking myself. By the way my real name is Sandy also.
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    Another Sandy here. I am so happy that you`re feeling so good. That is awesome. It is strange that the chemo has made your Fm better. I can`t wait to find out why.

    I just want to wish you well in your cancer fight. You are doing so well, I`m sure its uplifting for others with cancer. I`ll send up a prayer for you!

    Take care,
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    This is great! I am so happy for you.

    I just got off Famvir antiviral meds for ten days and I went into remission. It was like I was never sick. Now that I am off the Famvir, the symptoms are returning. It's obvious I have a chronic Herpes-family infection.

    We need to find out what it is that is making us sick and why these things help us. Perhaps Dr. Lapp can shed some light on the chemo and why it is helping.

    Good for you!!!

    Love, Mikie
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    I remember when my dad got colon cancer in 1996. Before he had been dx'd he was so very tired because he was losing blood due to the cancer in his colon and ...well...cancer I think does make you fatigued anyway. But when he started chemo..oh man..did he ever have the energy and feel so good. He would get in his little car and putt around town driving just at the speed limit maybe faster!! He was so cute... but I remember when he had his first chemo treatment that it made him feel like a hundred bucks!!! I know chemo has alot of things in it that help the system when it attacks all your good cells too. Sorry I don't know a whole lot about this ...I just wanted to let you know what I know which is only from watching someone else...Hope you keep feeling great!!! Pammy

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    sandy ,
    That is great ,i have 2 friend's that have went throw cemo, said once it was over , they felt Great, !!!!!!
    Hope this continues for you ,keep us posted,
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    What kind of chemo did you have? I am new and dont understand much of this. Do they do that for FMS?
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    WOW, have you made my day! This damn cancer may well be a God send if the treatment makes the CFS&FMS go away too! It would be such a tease to feel this good and go off chemo, only to feel miserable again and forever.
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    Just wanted to mention that my chiropractor
    told me that one of the chemo drugs was an option
    to help with FMS. It isn't CEF though. My mother
    had CMF and it's the M drug that my chiro mentioned.
    Let me look it up - it's methotrexate. She had that
    in place of your "E" drug. I was surprised when
    he told me this.

    Are u taking Tamoxifen or will you be? I ask because
    my mother got a blood clot from the Tamoxifen and
    chemo taken together. Since some of us have
    blood problems, you might want to ask about getting
    checked for coagulation problems before going on
    any of the inhibotors like Tamoxifen, arimidex or
    Good luck.
  11. sandy1

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    Hey guys: Here are all the names and dosages of my Chemo:5-FU-2-5-Fluorouracil,500mg.,an "anti metabolite"; Ellence 4-Epirubicin 50mg. , "anthracycline antibiotic"; Cytoxan Cyclophosphamide 1 GM.,"alkylating Agent".These three are given as an IVPush. I also get Decadron 4mg.tablets and Kytril 1mg. and Compazine 10mg.,all for nausea which I haven't had!Then there is Neulasta 6mg. a shot to build my blood.That's all folks, 6 cycles of 3weeks for each cycle. 1ST week "supper woman" limitless energy no aches ,pain, triggers,etc.2nd week What was "normal energy levels" PRIOR to CFS or FMS.3rd week starts to tapper down a bit but still better than CFS or FMS! From here I go on to 6weeks of radiation and the Arithmedex hormonal treatment for 5 years.Nothing should be able to survive all of this; not cancer nor any infectious agent! Bye Sandy