The Feminine Mystique and CFS

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    Take a look (again if you have before) at the first chapter of Betty Friedan's FEMININE MYSTIQUE: "Thus terrible tiredness took so many women to doctors in the 1950's that one decided to investigate it. He found, surprisingly, that his patients suffering from "housewife's fatigue' slept more than an adult needed to sleep -as much as ten hours a day- and that the actual energy they expended on housework did not tax their capacity."

    I was just reading this over and i suddenly had a revelation about how doctors view us. We're treated as if we have this "feminine problem" described here because many women in society do. But all of us with CFS/FMS know darn well we're really physically sick. But we look good and tests come out fine so doctors often think we're just depressed and often drug seeking. Learning about the history of women's literature is helping me see how we're viewed by many doctors out there. Unfortnately.

    Education of the world and especially the medical world about CFS/FMS is the key to fixing this problem.


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