The fibromite prayer

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    The Fibromite Prayer
    By Karen Griffin

    Lord, please guide us and keep us sane

    Sometimes we just can't deal with the pain

    Nobody knows how crazy this feels

    Until they've walked a mile in our heels

    From day to day it's always something new

    Lord help us figure out what to do

    No one understands, they think we just want to complain

    OH, how I wish we were our old selves again

    But those days were the good days, glad they were mine

    Now the future is a challenge every second in time

    Lord I know we all have our crosses to bear

    Please help us figure out how to get there

    Maybe, Lord, you'll send us a miracle one day

    Thanks for special people you send our way

    Although a lot of doctors don't understand

    Blessed are those who try to give us a hand

    It's just up to us to learn how to survive this ordeal

    Please give us the strength, the power and good will

    All we can do is believe and pray

    And try to make it just one more day

    Hopefully it will be better than the last

    All Fibromites belong to the same class

    We promise to stand by each other's side

    To give a shoulder to lean on when someone else cries

    It's very important to have friends and support

    Especially the ones who have been there before

    It's very exhausting to make sense of it all

    Sometimes we feel like we're just going to fall

    We need a lot of love, hugs and smiles

    Just to make our lives a little more worthwhile

    Give us the energy we just can't find

    We all know it's not "just in our minds"

    Lord, help us Fibromites, we pray

    Give us the strength to make it just one more day.

    I borrowed this from another board...