The Fibromyalgia Diet: HELP! I Don't Know What to Eat - By Sue Ingebretson

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    Hi there!

    I have just posted in the weight management section (lower down in the forum main page) in regards to foods that should be least that is a start! :)

    I know quite a few people who are either doing Paleo or a diet to get the body into Ketosis (which I am following).

    The thing is, unfortunately, you just have to try things and see...and really....cut out the stuff mentioned in the other post, and then wait at least a month before starting to gradually add things to your diet to see if they are the culprit causing pain, brain fog, etc. A.x
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    Although possibly not the 'best' way of doing it, but easier... Eliminate one food each week ie gluten, then dairy etc. Instead of going cold turkey... Then you'll feel you're eating more than just lettuce leaves. Or... Try the paleo diet... As dairy and gluten has been eliminated... Although natural sugars such as honey are still used... Albeit sparingly. There's loads of info online about a fibro diet.

    I think the biggest thing is obviously knowing which foods are trigger foods... For me, it's tinned tomatoes.

    The most important thing of all is that you are willing to give it a try and look at options to help you start feeling better. Good for you! A. X
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    Gluten Expert Panel: Tom O'Bryan, Nora Gedgaudas and Steve Wright from SCD Lifestyle

    Cyrex Laboratories > Home

    Cyrex™ is a Clinical Immunology Laboratory Specializing in Functional Immunology and Autoimmunity. Cyrex™ offers multi-tissue antibody testing.

    See more below:

    • Cyrex Tests & Arrays
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    • Contact Us
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      Cyrex Tests & Arrays; Meet the team; FAQs; Forms; Home...

    See more here: Gluten Expert Panel: Don't Guess -Get Tested!
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    It's great that you have so many options in the States in regards to healthcare and alternative health care. For testing like the above - would things like this be covered by most people's health insurance? Is it expensive?

    My friend had to go to Germany for her Lyme test (positive).

    I know that we are very lucky not to have to pay for our healthcare services - and in Scotland, we don't even have to pay for our prescriptions. However. It is a very REACTIVE system vs proactive. There is a smattering of naturopathic and homeopathic doctors dotted around the UK....but just getting there alone is ££££!

    From what I have been reading about leaky gut and know about food intolerances, I think that it is a pretty good place to at least look at starting to heal - from within.

    Be well.

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    Hey A.x,

    I know Cyrex labs is working on establishing a location in Europe- like minded forum members may want to consider calling and ask about testing availability. I have utilized Cyrex testing in the past as it was the motivation I needed to remove gluten and dairy from my diet.

    What about alternative testing option?

    I would look into finding a well informed naturopathic doctor as they may have knowledge in identifying and addressing gut dysfunction. I would also take the time to educate my self about leak gut and dysbiosis as many will benefit greatly from having this knowledge. Also, Lyme disease is now a global epidemic and testing may be required if you have been sick with a chronic unexplainable illness such as: "Fibromyalgia"

    See more here: Multi-Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome, Do You Have it?

    I believe we must be proactive about ones own health care needs. I have spent a great deal time and money to achieve the level of health I have today. The best thing I did was to say goodbye to conventional medicine and hello the functional medicine concepts.

    I have to add this imports realization and discovery to this conversation as many doctors miss this critical concept of systemic infections relationship to disease we see to day. Dysbiosis and intestinal permeability (leaky gut) may only be the TRIGGER as many infections can become poly-microbial and multi-systemic through out the body. Lyme disease and its many co-infections have open my eyes to the relationship of pathogen diseases association and possible manifestation.

    Leak gut maybe be the seed related to this vicious cycle?

    See more below:
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    Hi there. Once again thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. Tomorrow is 'leaky gut and dysbiosis day', in regards to research. (Brace yourself, I may PM you with questions!).

    It's just past 9pm here... And I am sorry that I missed your comment until now. Not sure how that happened! (well, not exactly true, dentist, having dentist swear as a tooth crumbled on him (my guess amitriptyline), walking quite a bit... Made dinner (fish pie made with celeriac crust instead of potato) and... 45 minutes of yogalates. Silly me! Hard to stop doing stuff that needs to be done... And you're feeling OK at the time. So, Yep. I'm in a flare up. So tomorrow I plan on devoting my time to research.

    I did try the link above in regards to contacting the lab. But Yahoo says 'No'.

    I think one of the biggest obstacles that many of us sadly have is no having the finances to take back our care into our own hands. So many are on benefits and are literally on the breadline. And that's the sadness of it... I know that there are people unwilling to step outside the box. They take what their doctor prescribes them... And they will never consider even investigating other options.

    But I fully believe that there's a growing number of us unwilling to accept the status quo in regards to care and meds. It's finding that happy medium where tests and supplements are more available to people who simply can't afford them.
    Right. I'm rambling. Which means time to switch off.

    Have a good rest of the day!


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