The first time this happened sent me to ER--has it ever happened to you?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DeborahLynn, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. DeborahLynn

    DeborahLynn Member

    I was curious to know if any of you have ever had this happen to you too. The first time this happened to me, it scared me so bad I went to the ER. Since then, it has happened two or three other times; here's what happens:

    Suddenly, I am devoid of ALL energy, and I fear that even my heart won't have enough energy to keep beating. Any muscle I use begins to shake violently, and I have to sit or lay down right away. The first time this happened, it lasted for about an hour. I went to the ER, but of course, nothing could be found.

    The next time this happened, I recognized the feeling, so I didn't go to the ER, but it still scared me nonetheless.

    When this happened again the day before yesterday, it only lasted 15 or 20 minutes, but I was hit with EXTREME weakness, more so than usual, for two days afterward. I had to take baby steps around the house, and any little thing exhausted me.

    Praise the Lord, I wasn't driving when this hit me!

    Have any of you experienced this, too? I'd love to hear about it, and to know what, if anything, helps this. Thanks so much! Debbie
  2. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    i do shake everyday when i need to lay down and if i push to stay up it gets worse then weakness takes over sometimes up to month depending on how much i over did it
  3. pasara

    pasara New Member

    i have experienced the feeling that so weak body is just shutting down altogether. i would feel literally like i was dying, and it is very scary. i think it is good to seek support and comforting in those moments, sometimes just have husband hold me, because it makes you feel anxious and of course the anxiety compounds things.

    take several days off and REST. Your body is telling you something. it sounds to me like you are not listening to your body until it is over the edge. (no judgment here, i've done it too.)you need to cue into signs of fatigue before you are at the point of collapse.

    try this: carefully go over the times this has happened to you. write down all that you had done that day, the day before. include not just activities, but mental or emotional activities and interactions too. write down any moment you can remember where you started to feel a little tired, or weak, or needed a rest, or pain flared, or even if you were more irritable than usual. you might be surprised to see that there were a few warnings. often things are cumulative. each individual exertion (and i use that term to mean physical, emotional or mental stressor)may not seem like much, but each chip away just a little bit until the dam breaks loose.

    for now get some double rest and hopefully you will slowly feel better.
  4. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    For the whole story, click on my profile and read my post titled:

    "ER 3 Times in one week BP Drops, losing control.. help"

    What you describe is exactly what has been happening to me since late August. The thing i forgot to mention is what you have included here, that when i have these 'episodes' i get so weak that any muscle i try to use shakes violently, like i can't control it.

    Basically i woke up on August 20 far weaker than i have been in years even. I felt cold, weak, shaky, deathly. I tried to 'relax' all day in bed, but it only got worse - i got weaker, shakier, until i got up to get another salt water drink, and began losing control of my body because the weakness was so dreadful. Heart rate sky rocketed, and i almost blacked out. I got back to the bed before that happened and crashed down. I basically couldnt lift my arms or legs, and my body was shuddering violently, worse the more i tried to move. When i eventually could i phoned an ambulance and was taken to ER. They said i had a 20 point BP drop (from 100 systolic laying down to 80 sys standing) and boy was i shaky on my legs (they were complete jelly.

    Except for the severe BP drop, of course, in hosp they could find 'nothing wrong'. Of course we here know that their version of 'nothing wrong' means zero to us. Significant postural drops should definitely tell them something, yet the're too 'busy' and arrogant/ignorant to look further into it.

    Go for functional pathology - geneva diagnostics. Functional liver detox profile, 93 full food IgG testing, stool testing, etc. These things can really help find our imbalances. Im going through a few of them at the moment. Get all hormones checked with ur dr or an endo too, especially adrenals.

    As for the weak, shaky, dreadful crashes, i've basically been feeling that way for over a month, and was in ER 4 times during that. I've just started a bunch of new supps, and fingers crossed, today has been my first day where i havent felt so weak and shaky.

    The first thing that helped me feel better when it started was taking higher doses of licorice root. If you havent used it before it could really help you. Just buy pure licorice root powder from a health food store (not the candy licorice with sugar etc - barely any in it). Licorice acts like a mineralocorticoid, increasing circulating cortisol, and raising blood pressure / volume. Id suggest only using it long as you need, as ive been on it for 9 months or so, and am basically dependant. A month or so at a time with 2 week breaks is totally fine. Start with half a teaspoon or so in warm water, with 1/4tsp of sea salt.

    Also, large glases of warm water with celtic sea salt help this feeling in general, especially if you do have low blood volume. I drink it through the day and it helps.

    Should also be taking vit C 3-6grams a day, high dose B-complex, calcium and magnesium, if you dont already.

    As for helping long term - see my other post and I suggest taking the same advice from barrowinnovations (Karen) She went through this same stuff for years, and worked out what really helped it - ive been doing it and so far am starting to feel a bit better - hoping for alot more over the next few weeks.. will see how it goes.

    Good luck and hope this helps.

  5. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    I have these kinds of things happen to me many times. I feel weak; get shaky all over, feel faint, like I'm going to just pass out. I had a bad one several months ago and went to ER and ended up in hospital for 3 days. They did all kinds of tests on me; mostly for my heart.

    After my system built back up, they found nothing and released me. (By the way, that time, I did pass out when they were putting me into ambulance). That was around 9 pm and I think I finally came to around 3 or 4 am. I haven't had another one that bad again.

    I hope it's nothing serious that is going on with you. Take care and if you feel the need to go to the ER, please go.

  6. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    Yes, I have this happen to me quite frequently...especially over the last year or so. It really does feel like you are dying, scary.

    I feel light headed, shaky and can barely move. I've had it hit me when in the grocery store last wk and it was all I could do to pay for my groceries and drive home. Had to lay down for the rest of the day.

    I saw my PCP doc last wk and I have to go get my am and pm cortisol levels checked and have a sleep deprived EEG. He thinks I may have problems in my Limbic System/middle brain activity. Who knows. In fact I was just going to post about this!

    Wolverine...I've been reading your posts, good grief you've been so sick! I've learned a lot reading all of your info and am trying to drink the sea salt water. I have been so sick for the last 2 months, no strength or stamina for anything. Thanks for sharing your knowledge:)
  7. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    i managed to drive myself to er-
    thankfully i was at the store across street
    and they gave me iv
    and i layed there for awhile
    and i started to come out of it...
    i never really got a good reason
    for what happened,
    but i know now that when it does happen
    i grab the gator aid,
    i also had to start taking more potassium and vit b..
    i hope it wont happen any more,
    i also felt like i was dying.
  8. GKTLA

    GKTLA New Member

    I think that only people with CFS really understand what you are talking about. I've had it happen to me many times over the past few years. It is like my body is saying "LIE DOWN NOW." I have also felt like this while lying down during particulary bad flares. I have also been to ER for this...a couple bags of fluid and hours later I feel good enough to get up and go home.

    I always thought that it might be a forewarning that a seizure was about to come on. I've told my doctor that I feel as though I am going to eventually have a seizure--although I haven't had one yet.

    It really feels crazy and beyond scary. But I think that resting, maybe taking a xanax, drinking water, and eating something very salty helps in the short term.
  9. DeborahLynn

    DeborahLynn Member

    I think what brought this last one on was that I had a bad reaction to yet another anti-depressant that the dr. put me on for ME/CFS and FMS pain. The med was Cymbalta. I had heard several other posters on here say that Cymbalta had helped them, so I wanted to go ahead and try it when the dr. prescribed it, even though I had my doubts about what it would do. All the other anti-depressants I had tried in the past gave me intollerable side effects or I had allergic reactions to.

    After being on Cymbalta for 9 days or so, I had a mild reaction to it - my tongue and face started swelling and itching. I took Benedryl and called the dr., who said the allergic reaction was probably due to something else, because an allergic reaction usually happens within 24 - 48 hours, and I had been taking Cymbalta for a few days. The dr. got aggravated at me when I suggested that I thought that maybe it took a few days for the med to build up in my system before the reaction. He said he didn't think so. H said that I should to go to the ER, but by that time, the Benedryl had taken effect, and I decided to stay at home (it was around 1 a.m. at the time).

    I started thinking that maybe the doctor was right, and that it probably was something else. So I tried Cymbalta again. Wrong choice. This time, the reaction was quicker and much more severe; it was scary! I took Benedryl, and prepared to go to the ER, but the Benedryl was sufficient to quickly eliminate the allergic reaction.

    So all that happened on Saturday night, and this weak episode happened shortly thereafter.

    I appreciate your suggestions,and will keep them in mind. I am the world's worst at pacing myself!!!

    Much love, Debbie

  10. DeborahLynn

    DeborahLynn Member

    I wouldn't wish this on anyone, it's nice to know I'm not alone! Thanks for all your suggestions and words of empathy!

    It was a shorter time for my recovery this time, only two days, so that was good. It usually takes a week or two to climb out of one of those episodes.

    I'm going to have to go lay down now. Love to everyone, and thanks again!

  11. findmind

    findmind New Member

    This sounds like a blood sugar problem to me; I have had episodes like it.

    Call your pharma about any meds you are taking; ask if any of them could do this.

    Hugs n Support

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