The Genetics of IBS

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    The Genetics of IBS

    According to a study reported at Digestive Disease Week 2006 in Los Angeles, there is a possible genetic basis for irritable bowel syndrome.

    Lead investigator Dr. Yuri Saito of the Mayo Clinic described the study as one of the first steps to get to the root of the causes of IBS symptoms, and noted IBS patients estimated 20 percent of their first-degree relatives had IBS; relatives who participated in the study self-reported that 46 percent were actually affected by the disorder.

    Source: NFA newsletter.
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    My specialist said that FMS and CFIDS are two of the three illnesses which occur together in so many of his patients. IBS is the third. Gene mutations have been found in researching PWC, so it could well be that IBS is related to genetic mutation(s).

    I had IBS all my life until I started to take the Doxycycline for my chronic mycoplasma infection. This leads me to believe that some IBS, like some ulcers, are caused by bacteria. Of course, these possible causes are not mutually exclusive. It is possible that infections could cause gene mutations or that mutations make us more vulnerable to infections of opportunity.

    Hmmmmm, I have a new name for CFIDS: The Chicken & Egg Disease :)

    Love, Mikie
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    This pretty much coincides with what was in the movie, "What The BLEEP Do We Know?" Chemicals in the brain affix themselves to all the cells in our bodies which have receptors for them.

    Becaise Doxy can cross the blood/brain barrier, perhaps it is a good treatment option for IBS. I only know my own experience. I wish there were others who have the same experience with the Doxy.

    Love, Mikie
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    except when herxing or detoxing.

    Doxy some years ago cleared one area of pain, my GP thought that indicated I had diverculitits. Other than that it took measures many naturopaths recommend ie diet, eliminating gluten & dairy etc, probiotics, digestive enzymes along with various alternative anti microbials for yeasts, bacteria and parasites.

    Mine flared up after I'd had problems with typhoid vaccines and a couple of nasty GI tract infections acquired whilst living overseas in the 60s. It took over 40 years before I found what worked for me.

    TC, Tansy

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