The Gift of Recovery Protocols & Research:

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    We need to bring awareness to key issues and important topics that may help others find answers to the health challenges of today.

    I like to see more threads and topics on basic lab testing, treatment option and comprehensives functional approach that have been already proven to be beneficial.

    I have revised foundational supportive topics & discussions to better help our forum members comprehend and understand these important concepts. We must bring awareness to have a chance to fight through the adversities we see today.

    The Gift of Recovery Protocols & Research:

    It's very important to test Homocysteine and Methymalonic acid levels to see if additional Methylation support is needed as the MTHFR SNP affects 30-40% of the worlds population.

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    Stopping drinking is one of the toughest challenge faced by people these days. It has been a problem for ages and although there have been success stories about recovery, there are also disheartening stories about relapse. Alcoholism is a chronic disease, if left untreated, can be fatal. Hence the most important thing is realization. Once you have a grip on the gravity of the matter, you can decide on what needs to be done next. Enrolling into a detoxification program in a centers like Sunshine Coast Health Center in Vancouver is an important initial step towards recovery as evidenced by my roommate who was successful in his bid to overcome alcoholism. Then there ought to be a proper plan, a strategy based on the progress already made. Gradually bringing down the consumption level is one natural way to go about doing things. But always remember, self help is the best help.