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    I have found myself "witnessing" to alot of people lately...and with no hesitation. I use to be "shy" about my faith and I never really wanted to share anything with anyone because of fear that I would be "cast out" as a freak or just someone that was trying to force God in peoples lives. So I was oten silent about my experiences. Something God Doesnt want us to do...and thats be silent about his work and his word.

    Last week I witnessed to my neighbor. A day after I received this job which was a blessing. He stood by the fence with welled up tears in his eyes because he lost his job 3 months ago, he struggles to feed 3 kids and wife and pay the bills, hes on unemployment which is next to nothing financially and hes petrified of the future.

    I asked him on question: Terry, Do you have faith and belive in God?...
    He looked at me and said yes, of course.
    So I asked him: Have you just prayed, everyday, every chance asking God to take control of the situation for you? and fully hand over the control to God?

    He went back to telling me how angry he was and still is. How he wants to confront his old boss... how he just doesnt understand why he lost his job? why he hasnt heard a thing even though his resume is now on the web all over the country?

    Again, I went back to asking him this: Terry, have you handed everything over to God yet? As difficult as it is for Humans to do, you need to start as of today and PRAY to God ask him for his strength, wisdom, and guidence...and LET GO...let go of the anger because now its in the past and its done and nothing could change the horrible circumstance for you. Just let it go, and hand everything over to the Lord....

    I explained how I did that during my divorce and how I have been doing it recently with my job. I knew eventually God would put me where he sees fit for me to work...especially with the family situation at home and also with Hubbys new work schedule.....and I got the perfect job...not pay wise. Actually the pay is minimal. BUt it works out for the children, for me, for hubby and our homelife. So...I looked at him again and told him to pray....

    and he did...

    and two days later he came running over to my yard screaming "Diane...I got a job...I got a great job!!!"...

    I smiled at him and I said "terry, did you do what I told you to do the other day?" and he looked at me and said yes I did...just as you told me to do.

    And I looked at him and said "Terry, God had a job for you all along...he wasnt punishing you or torturing you...he just was waiting for you to hand over control to him and he was just waiting for you to ask...because thats all God really wants from us is to ASK..."

    So...thats one of my witnessing stories from recently. I wanted to share with all of you. I felt so good. And i felt the prescence of God when I witnessed to him...and I felt SO good that I was able to serve the Lord. It was a wonderful feeling.

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    I've been having chances to witness lately but don't seem to have the right words. I recently bought a book on how to witness written by Kirk Cameron, the actor called "The Way of the Master". I've got to get busy on that book. Thank you for sharing.