The Golden Girls

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    Well, I understand this is really funny and to a point. Some members of another health group were talking about doctors and that one lady NEVER goes to one. One gal sent out this youtube

    I can't view it as my speakers are disconnected and I've never bothered to hook any up.....but a couple friends said for nothing else I should hook up speakers.....enjoy. I believe CFS is mentioned in this segment of The Golden Girls. jam
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    That was great, Jamin! Everyone in the medical profession should be required to watch this video.
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    Too bad I can't view it, but I can't no speaker connection with this old XP....I need a new computer one of these days...

    I'd send it to my two docs but I'm pretty OK with these lady MD' it is my rheumy keeps pushing me to take more calcium and I won't 500mg and all I do for bone health....I sent her a big bunch of the new research on the importance of Vit K that is needed to the calcium to get into the bones and not floating around in blood stream....I hope she doesn't take offense, I often feel I know more than her....she's good my acupuncture and the alternative work I do. I take much more magnesium than the D3 and now K complex......
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    My good friend finally got to the GG video and here are her comments:

    ((I finally was able to watch this Golden Girls clip. I'm amazed they put this on TV, because it's absolutely true!!!
    WOW! Bravo for the writers/producers!!! (I bet some of them were women).

    I'll have to go to a friend's house to view it.....I'd love to see it since I'm sharing it with everyone but ME.
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    This was a two part story. Dorothy had chronic fatigue syndrome. Can't remember
    if they ever used that term. Unfortunately after the two episodes, her mysterious
    illness was never heard from again and she was back to her old feisty self.

    I don't think it did anything to inform the public. Well, maybe some folks got the
    idea that chewing out a doctor in a public place would bring about a cure.