The Grape "cure" for cancer

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    While reading a bunch of grape seed extract reviews on amazon, I found one review that talked about taking grape seed ex while on the grape cure for cancer. Back in 1995, when I got on Pycnogenol, we were told it "MAY" prevent cancer and that is the MAIN reason I jumped on this power antioxidant....So it's almost 19 yrs on grape seed ex and/or pycnogenol. First thing to be cured were lifelong allergies/sinus issues. Here's a youtube...and one reviewer talks about eating grapes with SEEDS, good luck on that one....they've all been removed....Hence, the grape SEED extract...

    Grape Seed Ex and Pycnogenol are both powerful antioxidants that do the SAME things..... 31, 2013 - 9 min - Uploaded by Barry's Vegan LifeThe Grape Cure by Johanna Brandt mYgbTzIGE7YC ...
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    Jam, the people who make the Nutri Bullet suggest putting grapes in, seeds and all as the seeds contain the most important part. The stems do too but they are too bitter for most people to endure.

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    Good luck on finding grapes with seeds, seeds seem to be the MOST powerful part of the grape. The only grapes with seeds I've seen in years are the wonderful Concords (I think) that have a very short season for us to buy....when I see them at whole foods, I get some but it's seldom and quite pricey....I usually get a 1/2 lb or so to satisfy my tastebuds and eat the seeds.....

    Nice to find someone who grows their own grapes and get them from them, but a needle in a haystack is easier for me to find. My italian grandparents have grapevines, what did I know as a kid....nadda. jam