The Halloween from hell!

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    Yesterday was one hell of a bad day. I went for a walk yesterday morning and found that my car had had one of its windows broken. It was parked because I could no longer afford to drive it because I live off of SSD and my benefits have been going down while the cost of living has been going up.

    So because of the vandalized window I decided to junk my car for $50 (I paid $6,000 ten years ago for it.) I was so angry that after I sold my car I walked the 5 miles home and did not even feel the pain. A few hours after getting home the woman I had been seeing told me she just wanted to be friends!

    This cursed illness has robbed me of my health, employment opportunities, friends, car, and now a woman that I recently met and really liked! I am so emotionally numb now that I do not know what to think or do!

    I have decided to fight this illness come hell or high water! I will either overcome this illness to the highest extent possible or will die trying! I have been sick with this illness for 12 years and will not let this illness take one more thing from me!

    I do not even know why I am posting this now, other than I am a lost soul and looking for a sliver of hope to grasp onto.
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    I too had a crappy halloween because a stupid flare hit and it ruined my plans. Don't give up although things like down right now. Things will turn around eventually if you keep positive about it. As for your gf well look at it this way, she wasn't the one that was meant for you then and it is good that she let you down now before years were invested.
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    I hate days when Everything seems to be Going SO Wrong !! At Least she Told ya early, rather then get alot Invested into the Relationship...

    I am married...but we dated the First time...he broke it Off with me, saying he was Scared of all my health issues...but soon came back, and said he Realized that he Loved me because he sees me as a Strong woman, Despite my Health issues...he says he sees more Strength in me then in anyone he knows...Even tho I can Only do about 1/4 of what anyone else can do before I am Done...Everyday it seems I have one or more Symptoms hit me that will bring most people to their Knees...has now become a part of Who I am...

    I Don't Overwhelm him with Anything that is Going on with me...he cannot help me anyway...I make time for FUN...that is Just as Important as Anything else going on...Just because I am Sick does not mean I should just lay down and die...I sat down with him, we had a Full Face Off...and I Told him the ONLY way this was gonna work is IF...He takes Self Time...gets away from me and my illness from time to time Without Feeling Guilty, and that he Never tries to make me Feel Guilty IF I cannot do I Do ALL I Can for as Long as I can...I make No Apologies, No Excuses...and Most of All No Guilt...I have Gone thru all only made me feel Worse...

    I have been Sick a Long time...more then Fibromyalgia going on...I have Learned to Live with my Pain {Fatigue is another issue all together}...I have let go all the bitterness {I had that too for a bit}...all the Negative feelings...and am gathering ALL The Good I can...Life is Short...Live On !!

    Companionship...tho not Wanted by All of be Accepted for who we are...if someone wants to be Just be it...Let her Go, let her see your Strength...your Inner Strength...Either the right one will Come along...or perhaps once she sees that you can do quite well without her, she will come back...don't let her {Or Anyone} Control How you Feel about Yourself...Give yourself a Bit of Time to Process this News...then get back onto the Buisness of Living...The right one will come Eventually...prolly when you are least expecting it...I Did not Find Love ...True Love...til I was 40...and was Resigned to living out my Life on my own...

    Something knocks ya is OK to sit for a bit...and Remember how ya got to that place...and then Stand Up and Walk a bit more Carefully...True to Self, you will Attract Truer People...

    I Hope and Pray you are Feeling better Soon !!!!!

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