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    It's not the pain, stiffness, debilitating fatigue, or brain fog. It's the hearing people talk about all of their constant after-work and weekend plans. And these women range in age from around 35 with kids to 50 with kids and grandkids. Of course, when I have the money, I do stuff and might even go out of town. But I don't have the energy to go out everynight and every weekend.

    It makes me tired just listening to them. It's not that I'm envious. I'm aggravated. I'm wondering why they just can't be still.

    I love that having these conditions has forced me to take time to be still.
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    I have some neighbors that seem to have a "competition" going for who can have the *most* activities. They NEVER have time for themselves, are TOTALLY's nuts!!! If it's not Scouts ( boy & girl, and they have to be the leaders), it's choir, golf lessons, piano, community HOA board, etc. During Hurricane Katrina they organized a relief drive and drove supplies and clothing down to the Coast..... they both have full time jobs, of course. I'm sure there is a Tupperware party @ their home this Friday night!! LOL!

    I know what you are saying, I am not envious, either. I keep thinking "where is the harm in watching a movie with your kids on the sofa?" Is it a crime to want to *putter* in the garden?? Walk my dog? Sit on the back porch with the sun on my face and read? Bake some cookies?

    Some of my best times with my kids were when we didn't have much money, but had time to go to the duck park, and we stopped at the "day old" bread store and got a .25 loaf of bread and fed ducks. My daughter is 19, and still talks about when she was 4 and the geese chased her!!

    I'm with you. Some days I would like to move with a little more speed and grace, but I am glad to *not* be in their competition.
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    bunnyfluff,we are both Libras and Libras tend to like peace, quiet and relaxing at home best. Also, I may have undiagnosed Celiac's disease. Right now, I am avoiding wheat and cow's milk, following having a RAST food allergy test. I realized that wheat was causing sharp, gassy pains in my stomach worse than dairy. I would often wonder why I would have that horrible, painful gassy feeling even when I had no dairy for the day. It was the wheat!

    stovetop, yes, I realize that lack of after-hours socializing is stifling my climb up the ladder at my current job. However, I feel that it's bad enough that I have to spend 40 hours per week with those clueless people, just to be able to pay rent and utilities plus have the income needed to be approved for certain things.

    It's funny and sad when your coworkers (or classmates) look at you as if you're a leper when you tell them that you will pass on yet another invitation to some after-work or weekend with the coworkers function.

    When do they ever have "me time" or spend time with their families? Yes, I'm glad that I don't have an endless supply of nervous energy that doesn't permit me to be still.
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    Having to walk a college campus, in all kinds of weather, with pain and fatigue, plus concentrate in class, and then study and do homework, is just as hard as working full-time.
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    Others must have some other ideas on this subject
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    bumping again

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