The Healing Properties of Food In Its Natural State/A confession

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    Occasionally I come on this forum and extol the virtues of something to the nth degree till some people might be thinking "Alriiiiiight already!!", and this time it is food in its raw, natural, unprocessed state.

    Now, before I go any further, let me preface this by saying taste-wise I’d much rather have, let’s say...enchiladas and cottage cheese than kale, broccoli, and cabbage.


    I have a confession to make... I’ve been conducting a very risky experiment – that of seeing after 2 ½ years of extremely strict diet that got me away from serious CFS – how long I could eat more like other people do without seeing consequences.

    After writing down everything I put into my mouth for that long, and having to have the self-control to NOT have what others were having all that time, I lost it. I rationalized pizza, cottage cheese, cream cheese, raisin bread, and then another thing and another thing...couldn’t stop!! and processed foods have additives in them that make you want to keep eating them, too!

    I guess I have a very sensitive body, because 8 months of an imperfect diet has really done a detriment to my blood….resulting in a return of anemia…so said my blood photo at the doc a couple weeks ago…and my body is giving me signals to be on all raw and veggie juices and Barleygreen and Superfood or else. Not only that, but heart protein deficiencies came up (that’s a new one, and alarming).


    So I question myself: why can OTHER people eat cooked and processed food for a lifetime and be fine? Well, yes, some others have stronger constitutions…and heredity is NOT on my side, but then I realized, NO ONE gets away with it….not really. We have a society of people who have various maladies…depression, osteoporosis, cancer, among hundreds and thousands of other things. And yet, there is one underlying theme: the Standard American Diet.

    The issues that processed foods invoke in me personally include rapid tooth decay, hypothyroidism, sinus infections/candida, anemia, PMS, blood sugar imbalances, colon issues, liver congestion. These things disappear when on a completely natural diet, as raw as it is possible to have (usually 75% for me).

    Now, maybe some people are not meant to eat more raw than cooked, and I can’t know that, only your body would. But, in general, with the exception of certain foods that we always cook (potatoes), the way it comes in nature is the better way to have something.

    Why can't I eat like everyone else? Everyone else can't eat like everyone else, either. Ha ha.


    Foods that you can grow contain light, and our etheric body, which helps make up the aura, is made up of light and electromagnetic energy. Because we are made of light, we must consume foods made of light to nourish us. Foods containing chlorophyll have much light energy in them. How can raw food be so powerful? It contains the vitamins and minerals in the exact proportions needed. It is not just taking one vitamin or mineral and not having the others to go with it.


    Now, if you go to your dentist, they will not advise you to eat a natural diet to avoid tooth decay, but they might offer you a payment plan for all your cavities and root canals. If you go to your doctor for depression they will not tell you to eat a natural diet to treat it, but they will offer you Paxil or some other antidepressant. Most help for any problem you might come in for is met with a recommendation to take a drug. If you have digestive problems, an antacid. If osteoporosis, holy cow, there is even a drug for that. My body, however, is not deficient in drugs, and if I took them, my body would be like, What on earth? I don't know what to do with this, so I am going to cause you some side effects that you will have to take something for.


    I developed this beautiful body awareness throughout the healing journey, but shut it off at a certain point to really feel like I attained “being normal”. I stopped journalling and paying attention to health or talking about health, stopped participating here on the forum, stopped taking anything except when my body said something then I did. Not even my place of employment knows anything.


    But, the question is, WHO is NORMAL? Are the people with depression, tooth decay, osteoporosis, PMS, and other maladies normal? At the peak of my wellness there was no longer any PMS, wow! If normal is having problems that you drug to shut them off so that you can work, I am not normal and cannot aim to be as such. If normal is having PMS, no thanks, I don't want to be normal.

    Normal, in reality, is a beautiful state of wellness, of being.....the feeling I had last year as I embarked on job searching before the pressure hit. Normal was being symptom-free, happy, and dreaming and recalling a lot of it in vivid detail. Normal, even, was the natural development of psychic ability after a very natural diet together with enough relaxation/meditation.

    It’s NOT the normal state for a human being to have any illness or any symptomology, and to be shut off from psychic senses. But yet, just like most of the population doesn’t experience the psychic, because it is shut off to them (as it currently is to me right now), and so they consider THAT normal, so they also consider PMS isn’t. It is the expression of a deficiency. Sooooo many people are abnormal that it is considered Normal.


    Those beets, carrots, broccoli, red peppers, garlic, apples, tomatoes, that is where you can find true life and vitality. Not in mushroom soup, packages of rice, cottage cheese, and pasteurized/homogenized milk. We’ve got to stop with the rationalizations. Most of us have difficulty eating right at potlucks and at other people’s houses...we justify it by saying, Just one. Just one turns into many more.

    There even comes a point during a raw diet where cooked and processed food seems disgusting, and all you really crave is raw. Really.


    But, now, I’ve got about 6 months of work to do on my blood to complete before winter so that the flu doesn’t take up permanent residence and also to keep being able to work in retail, which is physically demanding.


    It’s all my fault for thinking other people’s normal was something to strive for. But hopefully if I share this awareness and the things learned from my errant ways as I pursue a journey of return to natural food, then a new awareness can come to the forum, resulting in more people getting well.



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    Wow- Okay, here's a brief synopsis of my feelings/ observations upon reading this:
    I used to live in Atlanta, GA. I was dx with IBS, and eliminated red meat and pork- felt much better, but then thought maybe I needed the iron in beef, had an (organic!) steak, and bloated and felt hungover for three days. I ate only whole, unprocessed foods, and eventually cut out other meats as well and became a strict vegetarian. I felt great and looked healthy and vital- my psychic energy was strong and I was very in tune with my body, knowing when I would start to leave the range of "homeostasis" in my system, and just what to do to get myself back. I could see it in others, too.
    I worked at a very well-known and well-respected health food store with fabulous and eerily intelligent people. Being as in tune as I was, I knew it was time to leave, and being as fabulous as he was, my boss said- if you think so, then I would trust that. Go where you need to be- I went. Or in my perception, the universe carried me. The following Sunday I moved to a small, rural town in SW Wisconsin, with fresh, clean air, a wonderful climate and a supportive community. The following weekend, I met my (future) husband. Serendipity.
    HOWEVER- that is not the end of my story (oh yes- this IS just a synopsis of what I really wanted to say!). In Atlanta, I lived within a mile of a wonderful Farmer's Market, replete with organic growers/ sellers- I worked within a mile of Whole Foods. There were niche restaurants all over the place, full of healthy- truly healthy foods.
    Moving to teeny-town, WI meant I gave that up. It became very difficult to maintain a healthy vegetarian diet in a town where ALL of the restaurants you go into say "how would you like your potato- french fries, hash browns, mashed or baked?", when you ask what vegetables they have.
    The grocer (only one in a 15-mile radius) said they didn't carry organics because "they just rot", didn't know what quinoa was, and didn't seem to know the ins-and-outs of produce care. But I had met the love of my life, whose roots and family were here and whom I knew I would never leave and whom I knew would never leave this town.
    So I made concessions here and there, started eating chicken and fish again, after 4 years without. I let my hubby keep his poor diet and adhered as best I could to mine, though the only whole grains I could consistently get were brown rice and oatmeal. I found local farmers who raised organic, free-range chickens, and some fresh produce, but eventually, convenience and temptation took over and I succumbed to that proverbial cheeto in an earlier post on this thread. Like they said, it leads to more allowances and more frequent lapses.
    I now have too many processed foods in my diet, too much of too many things that have built up and a condition that I can't fix. I no longer feel secure in my psychic abilities and I am SO not in tune with my body. It is foreign to me. For heaven's sake, I take 4 prescription allopathic drugs each day! If my "past life" friends knew that, you could knock them over with a feather. I am still not well and though I am one of those who suffers from an all-raw diet (low blood-pressure), I do know that I need to get back to eating whole, unprocessed foods... baby steps.
    Thanks for your post and for the little push I needed.
    (and if anyone actually read this entire post, God bless you- Sorry I rambled so)
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    ...of getting up the gumption to do something about it! Stormyskye posted a day or 2 ago what her diet was like before she started whole foods (processed garbage, fast food, tons of diet coke, no water, etc...but I did that from memory...might be wrong!) and it was like looking in a mirror!

    I know that as humans, we are not equipped for the traditional "American" diet...which unfortunately has now reached much of the world. I just read a study recently (might screw this up!), but it showed a study of French women and obesity. 20 years ago, the incidents of obesity in French women were extraordinarily low (almost nonexistant). And this is the traditional French diet..lots of breads and cheeses, fruit, wine, etc. Since then, France has gradually begun to "americanize" its food industry and eating habits. Imported our fast food schtuff, larger portions, etc. If I remember correctly, there's a 40% increase in population of French women now considered obese...and that's in just 20 years of progressively bad diet.

    I know that there are some of us chronic pain suffers out there who have an "environmental intolerance" disorder...not sure exactly what its called now. But these people have become HYPER sensitive to additives/chemicals/pollutions, and have similar chronic pain symptoms to ours just from using the wrong fabric softener, or driving in a big city with the windows down on a smoggy day. These chemicals, in foods and in the environment, absolutely do affect us.

    Now I guess its time for me to get off my bum and start eating properly, huh? lol...I'm on my way. Will post an topic in a second about some books I just got...some great ones about natural medicines in whole foods, and shake recipes, and all sorts of good stuff.

    And Alyssalyn, you are 100% in my book. Eating like drek may me the "norm", but its certainly not our natural or ideal state of being. Look at the stats about increase in all types of cancers, allergies, respiratory disease, DIABETES (that's a big one!), and (AHEM!) immune disorders like FM and CFS... Everyone pays for it, but people with our health issues have less excuse to continue putting poisons into our mouth on a daily basis. I truly want to become WELL again...not the 30-40% recover that my Doc says would be most I can expect! That's why I almost killed myself giving up a 16 year cigarette habit! But, I think its safe to say I'll always have to have a tiny little bit of chocolate in my world, or things might get really tense at my house!

    So, thanks Alyssalyn (and Stormy, and all the others who've been posting abt this)...every time I see a post like this it reminds me how cruel I'm being to my body every day, and motivating me to (finally!) do something about it!

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    ralph, Stormyskye, LollieBoo, orachel
    (and mikie original post....this might help you too in your healing journey)

    I loved all of your posts and your stories, so much like mine!

    It reminded me of how much I had enjoyed being here on the forum.

    I'm in awe that it has given an extra push to some of you in the right direction, and just because of that, I believe I will be back many more times, both to support you and others, and also to just share parts of this journey.
    I stopped partipating because there was really nothing new to share and also because feeling well gave me a feeling of no longer fitting in.

    Ralph, you really touched on that I am sharing a moment of vulnerability, not just rattling off yada, yada, yada about how great health
    food is, it is going to make more of a difference to live out the journey in front of you guys as I come back from my fall from grace.

    If you guys want someone to share this journey with you,
    to celebrate your successes,
    to share research back and forth on the boards,
    I'd love someone to share it with.

    It's an awfully lonely world when you live with someone whose cabinets are overflowing with processed food...when you open the fridge and that's all you see.
    And every time in the store all he wants is more processed food.

    I'm not as strong as I have appeared in previous posts,
    although very determined and self-disciplined. But yet, if there was no one to share the process of healing again, I did it before, and will do it again.

    Hopefully a bunch of will be able to do it together, and make a lasting difference here.


  5. orachel

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    Here and sharing how your health has improved! I need to see that to have hope for my own situation! Please, keep posting! You'll have some converts to your eating ideas, and some fence sitters, and some who love the twinkies, but I'm sure we ALL love the optimism and PROOF that we can come back from this DD!


    Oh, and I'm in the same situation with the Spouse/Partner who can't resist the junk! Meanwhile, I really can't either up till now, but even in past when I've dieted or worked REALLY hard to try to be diligent abt eating, he is flat out unable to resist. If it was humanly possible, my husband would turn into a loaf of bread! White bread! Processed white bread! Sheesh...and he still weighs 150 lbs soaking wet, and is healthy as a horse, so far![This Message was Edited on 09/15/2005]
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    orachel.... Thank you so much for the encouragement.... I am really struggling right now, and have only myself to blame for struggling in the first place! In the last two weeks I've had a relapse due to high stress and compromised diet....been sleeping a lot....and I have to go to work pretending I am normal, because no one there knows about my 2 1/2 years on the Incapacity grant, and....I don't know if I should come clean to the five managers that this is my first job after being disabled and that I may struggle some for a few weeks, or if that would be a bad mistake. 12-20 hours a week of highly physical work, bending, walking, walking, walking....retail. I have to go to work at 6 tonight and work till 10, helping customers, working on the cash register, and putting items away that customers have gotten out, and picking up the store an hour before closing. And all I want to do is lie blood pressure is low...all I want to do is call in sick. I have to eat natural or this is what happens to me. This is the worst that I have felt since January 4, 2005. And if I don't make it through this fast enough, then I could jeopardize my job. The person I am staying with is between temp jobs and I just need him to get another one so that I can quit, and do Sedentary temp jobs. This is too physical. My adrenals are tired, too. You guys will see the genuine story unfold, the struggle back to where I should be. 4 hours of work tonight, and then 2 blessed days off. I have to work or I won't even have money for food, or for gas get another job. More than that, I am scared of feeling sick again. I revisited my journals yesterday and man, that would not be a good place to be. I have to have faith that the deluge of raw juice, Superfood, Barleygreen, and Drenatrophin is going to take effect fast enough to save me from my demise.



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    I am going to jump on the bandwagan. I have realized too how important diet has to do with pain/fatigue/etc with this dd. My big problem is sugar. It is directly related to my pain.. I will give it all I've got.

  8. summerskye

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    I live in N WI. Winters are long and harsh... we're zone 3... summers are far too short. It's difficult to garden like I have in other areas of the country. But I love it here and wouldn't trade it for all the sun in AZ!

    Even in our small town, I've managed to find a grocery store that carries all sorts of healthy foods - even organic. There is also a Menninite (sp?) grocery about 15 miles farther north, which sells all kinds of wholesome food. (I love the Utah sea salt!) There are quite a lot of pockets of Menninites and Amish in Wisconsin. Make some inquiries and try to find out where they buy their food in your area.

  9. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    There are some Amish communities in our area and I have also found that one of the perks of living in a small town is that one person makes a difference- Like I said before, our one grocery store carried no organics, but after I kept bugging the grocery manager, he said "Tell me what you want, and I will do my best to get it." Little did he know that he would get back the next day a 3-page list of products, manufacturers and distributors! He was a little overwhelmed, but over the last five years I have seen organics trickle in more and more... he did listen!
    I think It is always important to ask for something you can't find- there's no other way for owners to know if there is a demand for something- and it worked! I know I'm not the only one buying, now!

    We have a small community just north of here (40 mi)that has a wonderful health food co-op, and when we drive in to Madison, I always make my hubby stop at Whole Foods. That usually takes care of stocking up on staple items.
    But even though I have mapped out a method for stocking my house with healthy food, I still succumb to that "I'll just have one- what'll it hurt?" way of thinking! Well, that sounds stupid to me now, knowing what it will hurt!

    My husband has come a LONG way in his eating habits- I have been so impressed with his modifications- especially because I never asked him to do it. He has said he feels so much healthier when he doesn't drink soda and eats healthier (he calls it "my way"). I can't help but think how much better yet he would feel if he actually ever gave up his nightly BUCKET of cereal!! (Really, though- he will fill a HUGE bowl with Honeycomb or Cocoa Puffs at like 11:00 every night--- ugh! I'd surely not be able to focus at all the next day!)

    But really, thanks, summerskye- I love WI- Atlanta summers were miserable... everybody has allergies because something is pollenating year-round and the humid heat keeps all of the pollution low to the ground... people just run from air-conditioning to air-conditioning-- I'm so happy to have a change of seasons and fresh air to breathe... now if I can just get my act straight I'll be better off!
    - Lollie
  10. moxiepup

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    Hello: It's sooo good to see you posting again, I wondered how you were doing, I never missed reading one of your posts. It was just about the time I came on the board about 2.5yrs ago I think.

    I thought here is one determined individual, I was in awe of your discipline and was always worried that you were just getting too sick and being alone like you were(don't know if that was part of your plan or not), but you were always so interested in helping other people.

    I thought for sure you would get healthy with your discipline and all and become some kind of nuturitional counselor.

    I will be looking forward to your posts, and all the best of luck in your endeavours to get the best you back you can.

    take good care,

  11. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    "You are what you eat."

    So true! My grandmother believed this and NEVER bough canned or processed food. Everything was homemade and contained NO preservatives.

    She use to tell me "Eat what you 'can'." (what you make . . ) She was a big fan of eating fresh food, but was also a meat eater.
  12. alyssalyn

    alyssalyn New Member


    Good to hear from you too! Miss all of you guys!
    I DID become completely healthy and symptom-free, someone from this forum has reached about 90% well with me, and another couple of friends from here have made great strides to wellness. I figure my experience is not in vain if the research can help someone else. Maybe a nutritional counsellor could still happen...retail is not the most fun thing due to the physical exertion. I did go to work tonight about 1.5 hours after I called in sick, because my blood pressure went back up to normal. I came clean with the manager tonight and let him know that previously I had a disability for 2.5 years and was on an incapacity benefit, that I am temporarily having some issues related with that, and hopefully I can clear them up fast enough to keep them from being a huge issue. He was surprisingly understanding, but we'll see ... I can't keep calling in sick either. Tomorrow....I've to borrow my blood picture from my doctor, scan it, and show you the difference between anemic blood and blood that has had fresh veggies and nutritional stuff. You will just about pee your pants..... the difference is so bad between the two pics!!!! That will definitely motivate anyone who reads my post to get on the bandwagon of fresh food. I am feeling horrid right now because my blood looks horrid. Change the quality of the blood, and it carries more oxygen to the cells, and more life to the endocrine glands.

    I'll keep coming back to check responses...just got home from work...need to eat.


  13. Shannonsparkles

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    That is a beautiful page. About twice a week I go insane and eat whatever I can get my hands on. However, the other days of the week I eat one kind of vegetable + one kind of fish (and that's ALL that I eat for that day), and I rotate it strictly. Is 'hell' too strong a word for eating this way - and I mean the 'healthy-food' days! My diet os so sparse and boring that I feel like it's causing the junk-eating as a sort of whiplash!

    Thank you for sharing your struggle.
  14. orachel

    orachel New Member

    Shannon...if you're that unsatisfied with the way you're eating, you have to diversify a bit.

    Stormyskye's shake motivated me to buy a book "DRINK TO YOUR HEALTH"...delicious, easy to prepare juices, smoothies, teas, soups and other beverages that offer vitality and immunity. It's absolutely fantastic! Whole book full of easy easy recipes with all fruits and natural foods...nothing whatsoever chemical. Great stuff like "soy peach blueberry perk-up" and "watermelon chamomile frosty" and even has all the nutritional info for each and exactly what they're good for (ie: brain power, stress relief, etc). Plus, any good juice or smoothie....esp one you make yourself from organics, can make an amazing popsicle! So indulge yourself a little in the whole fresh yummies, and I bet those junk food cravings kinda fade away on their own.

    And Alyssalyn, Re your work situation. You obviously know the specifics of situation better than any of us can. But sounds to me that you might want to consider explaining to your bosses about FM, but that you usually have symptoms mostly under control which is how you've been able to do such a good job for them. Explain that you're having a relapse, and you're sorry, but it has been more difficult to maintain job hours and duties. Tell them you'll try to hang in there the best you can until your "remission" returns, and that you're doing everything you can to get healthy, but you wanted them to understand the situation in case they notice you've not been yourself. They might surprise you and offer you a bit of time off, or even some modified duty (w/o all the physical stuff). Also, if your doc says you must take a week or two off (and puts it in writing), your employers cannot legally fire you for it. And even if they don't try to "work with you" on your illness, and you don't take any time off....employers are VERY HESITANT to consider terminating any employee with any sort of an ongoing medical prob that is the source of their absences or work issues. There can be major liability there for employers, so keep that in mind.

    And all this is coming from a former employer (few years ago when I had my company), and now a sick person employed full time who's been on disability for almost 4 mos. My bosses are TOTALLY unsupportive and evil, but they can't fire me and they darn well know it! Hope some of this helped.

    Feel better...
  15. orachel

    orachel New Member

    I don't know where you live in the states, or if you can get it fresh there, and I'm sure you already know about it, but just in case...

    Wheatgrass! When I lived in Los Angeles, there were juice shops all over the place that sold fresh "juiced" 1 oz wheatgrass shots. Its incredible (tastes exactly like you'd imagine grass would taste, though...kind of "green" and weird). Anyway, one ounce of wheatgrass juice (fresh) is equivalent to 2 LBS of leafy green veggies (like kale, etc.). I used to take a "shot" (like in a shot glass, not needle kind!) of it, and IMMEDIATELY feel incredibly healthy and energized.

    Its driving me nuts that I'm stuck in toledo now, and theres no where to get it fresh here at all. I'd grow it in flats myself and just juice it, but then my cat gets all confused and eats and plays in it. But seriously....if you are trying to "boost" immunity as quickly as possible, give wheatgrass a whirl!
  16. orachel

    orachel New Member

    I've never heard of this Tapping thing...will definitely check it out as I tend to really have MAJOR cravings right when I'm in process of giving up processed starchy carbs. I totally acknowledge that I am a hardcore carb addict! Cravings usually only last week or so, but if your suggestion can get me thru that week or so without wanting to crawl out of my skin, I'm all for it!!!

    Would you think it would work for smoking cravings, too? I'm a new non-smoker (YEAH!)...just quit 3.5 weeks ago after 16 year if my body needed any more poisons from ciggys when I'm sick, right? So I finally quit, but still have to use the nicotine gum, and really would like to get rid of that also....So clearly I've pretty much mastered the psychological cravings (which were bad, lemme tell you!), but my physical craving for nicotine is still going strong. Maybe this tapping / positive self talk could help with that too?

    Thanks for the suggestion, even if it was intended to help another person!

  17. alyssalyn

    alyssalyn New Member


    Thank you for your comments about work. I have just done this, and no doubt, it was shocking for them to find out this new revelation, that I am struggling. But, like you said, I let them know it is a temporary struggle, that I should be on top of it soon. Brent seemed cool with it, and concerned for me enough to say, that I didn't have to come in that evening, that since I called in sick, they weren't expecting me.

    It realllllly helps to know if I get a doctor's letter then I could get time off for recovery if needed...thank you. I will try not to use this unless absolutely necessary. There is nothing nonphysical about the job except being on the cash register, and yet, that is, too, if you have to leave the register to help someone find something. I dislike ringing people up because they have complicated scenarios, can't just simply purchase something....they argue rebates or have orders, or have complicated questions, often wanting something that we don't carry. Being floor help is easier, but yet, it is very physical....walking, walking, walking. And putting stuff away, so bending too.

    I actually did purchase a wheatgrass juicer. I don't think it is with me right now where I am staying, but is in my packed things at my parents. I did wheatgrass juice for awhile but I don't body wasn't convinced that I needed it. I liked doing it with juice -- tasted better, but my body had issues with the apple or pineapple juice. That's when a latent blood sugar problem came to the surface and could not be ignored. The one big benefit from the wheatgrass juice was that it really makes you poop!!

    What my body seems to like is the products Barleygreen or BarleyLife, and Dr. Schulze Superfood. Why it likes those better more than my juiced wheatgrass is a real mystery to me. It seems to me that the fresher and closer to the source it is, the better it should be for you, right?

    I laughed about your cat getting confused and playing in it. :)


  18. alyssalyn

    alyssalyn New Member


    that EFT thing sounds interesting. And your affirmation sounds great. I hope it could work on chocolate and other things. There are some things I have difficulty resisting even though I have a lot of self-control/self-discipline. I won't describe them here because people's mouths might water.

    Thanks for the suggestion... something has got to give some extra self-control because I am staying with someone who doesn't eat the way my body needs to eat to stay well.


  19. orachel

    orachel New Member

    Will let you know. I've officially quit, but the gum is starting to irritate my (possible) TMJ! lol
    Will advise if successful!
  20. alyssalyn

    alyssalyn New Member

    ralph...good to know.
    funny thing about chocolate, is that i don't crave it most times except when it is sitting in front of me. Then I am unable to stop till all of it is gone...whether it is M & M's or something else. Same with Smarties and raisin bread and ice cream. I don't know if it was because I was raised on health foods, or what. I just go crazy when something is in front of me, wanting to eat all of it.
    Maybe it is because of secret ingredients they put in processed food to make us want to eat it. Aha! Conspiracy!!


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