the health problems that teeth can cause...

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    This question was asked on another post, but I wanted to make sure everyone sees it.

    I just finished reading a book that I got in my new dentist's office. This dentist was highly recommended (actually I was told to ONLY go to him) by my doctor that specializes in treating CFS.

    The book is called "whole body dentistry", and it is so interesting to hear about how teeth problems can relate to other illnesses (especially the ones we have!). Many people with our illnesses also have tested positive for mercury, and many dentists do more harm than good when they remove the old fillings. The book was so good, 3 people in my doctors office stopped by the dentist to buy it after we saw a copy at the doctor's.

    You can find info on it if you check yahoo and type in the book title. Or go directly to their website by adding a dotcom after the title.

    it's definitely worth a peek.

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    A few people have been posting questions about mercury & fillings. This book is a great place to research these topics.

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    ... and am actually seeing the very dentist who wrote it (he happens to live close), but so far the teeth he extracted have not made me feel better. I'm sure there is some truth in what he writes about (i.e. mercury bad, root-canals bad, homeopathy good, chemicals bad, etc.). But keep in mind that his evidence is only anecdotal. There is some Swedish and some other European research into CFIDS and root-canals, and a small percentage of CFIDS people have recovered (some fully, i.e. are totally healthy again) after having had some root-canal teeths extracted.