The heat is driving me NUTS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, May 20, 2006.

  1. rosemarie

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    How is it that now it is hot I can't deal with it. I can't do any house work anymore as this heat gets so bad that I get sick. I will have to go downstairs to get some relief from this heat.

    I have not had this problem before this year, but it is so bad now that I feel like I am not able to do the normal things.

    When I went to bed last night at midnight it was 84 dregree's upstairs in the house. I woke up at about 3 am and it had only gotten hotter about 88.

    I had to turn on the fans to cool the house off. I hope that my husband gets that swampcooler on today. ASAP. He is running some earrands right now but hopeully he will get them done soon and will get the cooler on the house. And then I will be able to feel like I am some what normal now.

    All winter long I hoped for some warmth but not this hot. It has gone from the low 60's to sometimes in the 90's. We still have snow on the tops of the mountians and if this heat keeps up we will be having floods. Just from the wet winter we have had ,we had a lot of weeds grow and now they are dry and make tinder for fires. So far we have only had a few but it does not look like our fire season will be a short one.
    As I went on saying how i had looked so forward to some heat as the cold makes me ache so badly that I swear it goes to my bones. And no matter how hot the bath is Nothing will ease it And all of a sudden it is so hot that the heat is making me ill.

    I guess I can't make up my mind on which season I want to have.

    I am tired of the aches and pains that I have each day . And I don't like feeling like I just stepped out of the shower because I am sweating so badly. My hair looks wet because it is . I have started to sweat so badly on my head , neck and face. When I get hot I will have sweat dripping from my face and running down my back. And my hair looks like it needs to be washed from all the sweating I do. I HATE THIS INFERNAL SWEATING THAT I COULD JUST SCREAM!

    Well better call and see where the hubby is so. AS I have had some calls for him.

    Pray for some rain for me so that it will be cooler for a while.

  2. Cromwell

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    It is blooming freezing up here in New York State-going to be below 40 tonight. BRRRRRRRRRRR

    Love Anne C
  3. mary124

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    I think that our Seasons got mixed up in Central Texas. We didn't have Winter at all. We had a little bit of Spring. Now, we have Summer (and its not officially Summer yet!!) Its been in the mid 90's - for the last few weeks, and its only going to get worse!) We were out in our yard this weekend mowing and pulling weeds. Got most of it done. Looks nice, having company this next weekend, my son is graduating from H.S. so of course, family is coming up to see him.
  4. Jordane

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    The heat is just starting to show its face.

    But I know last year it was a killer for me.I could not take it at all. It made me sick,and sapped what little life I have.

    And I can tell it will be the same this year. I am allready using a fan at night so I can sleep. The heat suffocates me!!!

    So I understand :>(

    Take Care!
  5. fibrohugslife

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    The good news is that I am feeling less pain, thanks to the Neurontin. I will have to see how this medication works out in the long run.

    The bad news is that my body is completely zapped out by the heat out here in So. California. It does not make sense how it could be cold and rainy one day and then super hot in another day.

    My body is never given any time to adjust to the weather.

  6. lenasvn

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    We had an awful week last week over here, my house was 99 degrees warm and didn't cool off some until after 11 or midnight.

    My landlord provides AC's but had not brought any over (still none) and my home is like a cardboard box.

    I get terribly sick from heat too, I have more problems with postural tachycardia, neuropathy and high BP, so it all mess me up pretty badly.

    I know how you feel, and I hope you will have relief soon!