the herb Gelsemium.....anyone heard of it

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by healthywannabe, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. healthywannabe

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    hello. at the herb store this lady gave me some gelsemium, she said it helps alot of people with cfs.i havent taken it yet cuz i want to see if anyone here has heard of it. so ...have ya? is it helpful? Any side effects? thanx! peace......zoe
  2. lea

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    this but in a homeopathic version. Let us know how it works for you. I've never tried it but came accross it. It was a doctor who treats FM or CFIDS or Lyme using the homeopathic one.
  3. lea

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    Hi Livedancer:

    I was wondering why you use the past tense about the use of Gelsenium. Has it helped you, and are you no longer needing it?
    thank you in advance
  4. lilwren

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    Every part of the plant is considered poisonous. The Peterson Guide to Medicinal Plants says that ingesting one flower has resulted in death. BUT it also says that 'root preparations were once used as a powerful central nervous system depressant, deadening pain and reducing spasms.' Very interesting. I have it growing all over my property. It is a beautiful landscape plant - never knew about its medicinal use before. I knew it was deadly to honey bees and bee farmers hate it. Funny the things I learn from having this DD.

    Like Lifedancer says I'd be careful if it's an herbal form. I could use some pain deadening and reduced spasms - maybe I'll try the homeopathic form. Thanks for the intersting post guys. I learn something new everyday!

    Sharon L