The hoaxers are arrested

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    In the future, we are going to have to be more careful of info after tragedies that we get so quickly and take as the pure truth. The bad people came out claiming to be relatives and thank goodness they were caught, but we also got caught in it too.

    ----The so-called uncle of the shooter at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, the same uncle that told reporters THAT THE SHOOTER WAS TAKING AN ANTIPSYCHOTIC DRUG prescribed for schizophrenia. HE'S A HOAX. He's not related, he's a felon, broke his parole to drive there and become a media star cranking out untrue info. I'm not sure who broke it, but The Smoking Gun was carrying it.

    ---The woman claiming to be a relative of a child slain at the Sandy Hook Elementary school sent e-mails out that described how she had to identify the child's body that had shot with 11 bullets (how terribly graphic) and she met with President Obama, etc. and then she set up a pay pal account seeking donations for a family of that child slain. SHE'S A HOAX and has been arrested and is out on $50,000 bail. Anderson Cooper 360 broke this one.

    By the way, the woman apparently was also setting up fake donation sites for other disasters.
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    Yes, that shows how careful we have to be and not to take everything people say as the gosple truth . It is terrible nowadays how some horrible swoop right in to try and take advantage of a horrific siutation to cash in, in some way, either for fame, fortune or both.

    I had not heard that. Thanks for sharing although I did know that some awful people do this sort of thing.

    Thanks again for sharing ! Glad those people we caught.
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    This means to me that when we have a tragedy, the media, the public and the authorities and police must change in their desire to get instant information, and require verification of their sources.

    That after a tragedy, we now are aware that within a day or two, the worst of people will arrive and lie about who they are and what they know and eventually will set up scams.

    I agree with Dr. Phil's show of about a month ago that we are at a time where we cannot just give the benefit of the doubt and we must have facts/data.
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    This hunger for instant information is ridiculous in my opinion and we need to have lots of verification, not just one source. That is also very SAD with hoaxters everywhere it seems just looking for someone to punce on to gain instant fame and or fortune.

    TTY and ALL later !!