The Holidays are coming......

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  1. How do you all do it with fibro or cfs? I have fibro and am having a terrible time with it, its the worst. I love the holidays and want to enjoy it with my children and grandchildren , but its hard. Any suggestions?
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    our daughter talked us into getting a 4 foot pre-lighted tree. Sat on a table between our chairs and looked so pretty,I used to decorate the house from stem to stern, as they say.Each yeatr a few more things get left upstairs.

    I have no idea what will do this year! We keep getting granddaughter-in-laws so the family has grown to 26 from our orioginal 5. Gifts-------I h ave no idea yet.

    Keep thinking,

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    I'm in a local disabled group and one thing we have learned the hard way is that during the holiday season--what goes up (in holiday decorations), must come down (after the holidays) and its the Murphy's Law of the holiday season. So people who are struggling with multiple sclerosis, lupus, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritid, fibro, paralysis, CFS and so much more, have changed their holidays to much more simple ones. The decorations have gotten fewer, easier to put up and take down, and we either go to someone else's house so we don't have to cook, or we buy a meal already cooked. If you're alone and staying home, and money is low, try one of those frozen meals from the supermarket and a Swanson Hungry Man Boneless, Skinless Fried Chicken is so good, but I can't eat the brownie (instant Migraine). It's filling and many people have commented how good it tastes.

    For some of us, poor health has left less money in the pocket so we have had to just exchange cards with some people and skip the gifts. But when we gather in our local support meeting you won't meet a more happy and jolly bunch.

    Someone above said it so well when they discussed how the holidays have become so commercial and many women with families are so stressed at the holidays with all they are doing--and the commercial advertisers want you to believe you must even have designer sheets for the bed for the holidays, and designer towels for the bathroom and it goes on and on. Plus Martha Stewart has drummed into us women to fill even nook and cranny of your home with holiday decorations that you make yourself--we already have so much to do--she should be darted with the tranquilizer gun, tagged and dropped off in the Artic as a non-human species.

    I'm one that had to give up the put together 7 foot tree for a small one piece fiber optic that revolves around and changes color--I absolutely love it and its beautiful. I put little figures in front of it and my cats hide in the back and out comes a paw and "another one bites the dust" a figure falls down. It gets so funny to watch the intensity of stalking the little plastic figures and then quickly knocking them down. It's the highlight of every Christmas now and it's a lot more fun that putting together a 7 foot tree then decorating the whole thing.

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    For me, the key is organization!! I keep a holiday journal from year to year of meals/buffets served and make notes of what worked and what did not. I have already started to 'mentally' work on my Thanksgiving menu--with the five of us, each kid coming home from college with several friends, my FIL and a family friend that always joins us for dinner, I will have a small crowd. MY twins are both vegan, and two friends are vegetarian, which presents some culinary challenges, especally the veganism. Again, the key is lists and organization, and my youngest daughter who always helps. BTW, I make a great vegetarian brown gravy!! And my husband and twins do all the cleaning up. And then it's off to mom's for dessert, soI don't have to deal with that. The Christmas tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving--with all the kids in the house, decorating is a breeze, and alot of fun. My one twin is crazy for Christmas, and she really enjoys doing this before she goes back to school.

    As far as Christmas goes, I always do a huge Christmas Eve buffet for my immediate family, extended family and a few friends. Again, I start working on the menu in advance with my youngest daughter and we decide on precisely everything in advance. I usually discuss it with my mom and my sister; if I make an Italian buffet for Christmas Eve, which is usually everybody's preference, they will cook a traditional meal for Christmas Day so as not to be redundant. And I also started to cater one or two dishes from a fantastic local salumeria which takes alot of pressure off of me.

    I have also decided to do the bulk of my Christmas shopping on line. The first year I got really sick with fibro, it was late fall, just prior to the Christmas holidays. It was a godsend to do all my shopping this way. Nothing short of a Christmas miracle, my flare abruptly ended two weeks prior to Christmas. Oh and another thing I do for the past few years is wrap the gifts as soon as I buy them. Nothing worse for my back and a potential flare than an all night gift wrapping session.

    I usually set aside the Sunday prior to Christmas for my youngest daughter and me to have our baking marathon. We bake from sun-up until midnight. Gotta have take-out that night!!

    It is alot of work and with fibro can seem a real up hill battle, but it really means the world to me to be able to do this for my family. With proper organization, elimination of certain dishes, some catering, and a little family help, I am able to continue the family traditions that mean so much to me.

    If any of you have more helpful hints for holiday organization, please pass them along. I'm sure everyone here would welcome them. I know I will!!


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    I was one of those people that decorated the house the day after Thanksgiving, bought presents beginning early Sept, and went wild with spending. My daughter and grandkids had everything that you could think of.

    NOW!!!!!!! I think that someone should shoot the fat man in the red suit. We should have open season on him and the first one to bring him down wins a prize.

    I don't do Christmas any more. I don't celebrate, I don't buy gifts, I don't do the dinner, I don't go into debt. I stay home alone, save my $$ and watch other people try to pay off their debt later. It has become a commercialized holiday for the stores, and I want no part in it......

    I am now officially a true BAH HUM BUG!!!!!!
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    Just be careful, the fat man in the red suit around here is a neighbor over the other side that wears this loud red sweat suit--but after second thought, bring him down as he's a pain.
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    Hi Fibro, et al !

    I used to do everything or try to and after I got sick I have been at least trying to tone it down A LOT.

    I have 5 kids and 8 grandkids. I have started to give mostly money and it is not alot cause we really don't have a pile to give away for sure, especially with our brood.

    We get really busy with church choir and so that takes a lot my time and I am pooped with shopping. I try to do as little as I have to (actual gift giving). I told the mom;s if they know what the kid really wants let me know and I will try and get it. The on-line stores have been great too and I try for the the cheapest price. It surely saves the hastle. If they have no clue I just send or give money or gift cards, and like I said we don't give alot and the older they more they get but still not a lot.

    As far as the dinners go. No we have been going to my daughters or DIL and sons's for Thanksgiving and or Christmas which will make it easier on me. We always bring a dish or two which helps. I always USED TO make everything and no one had to bring anything. However, things have changed and it is so much easier, espevcially if a large group is coming. Tis year we may be having both at my son's home as the DIL has her father living with them and he really doesn't want to go anywhere. So we may just go to her house for both holidays unless DH really wants to have it here.

    As far as I am concerned go for simplicity and as little bit of stress on me (you) as possible. When you have a large family it can get to be a hassle very easily. We didn't necessarily buy for our children (maybe a little thing) but it is more for the grandkids. I give up on the guessing game of what the kids want. If I do not have a clue, I give money or a gift card or let them pick it out if you can be with them.

    Just got finished talking to muy dil who does not mind having both dinners at her house so we may do that. Then I just bring the presents or send them if they will not be there.

    To me, I am trying to concentrate more on the reason for the season and not the gifts. Howver, everyone does what they want to do or not. That is fine. I will spend alot of my time singing and practicing at church for the Masses and probably a program of sorts if our new director still wants to do what she did last year.

    Try and make it easier on YOU !!!

    Well, enough of this book.

    Hugs and blessings to all,


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    This is the first season in twelve years that I will not be teaching Catechism during the holiday season. I always did so many community service and volunteer holiday projects with the kids; I think this year I will continue the tradition by myself with my daughter and create a Thanksgiving basket (usually a full dinner for 6) for a needy famiy through my church and perhaps collect food for the food pantry. I need to do this for my children and for myself. Even though we are all feeling hard times, there is always someone facing a larger battle than ourselves. I feel I have much to be thankful for and would like to give back in a few small ways.

    I also want to mention something regarding on-line shopping. Many online vendors will offer "this day only free shipping". I always take advantage of those offers. Paying shipping costs is one of my pet peeves and I try to avoid it as much as possible!

  9. Granniluvsu

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    Laura et al,

    Yes, I look for no S and H only if I can also. I let my fingers do the shopping as they say and so some comparison shopping. I have also always done that as when I was growing up we didn;t have alot and now with my kids when they were small we had to many , so we had to be very careful with costs.

    I am still the same !! My mother';s middle name and mine is SALE (-: !!


  10. Thanks for all the replies. I am just having such a hard time with my back/hip areas and Fibro flare big time, and am down in the dumps. This too shall pass right. I think the cooler weather and overdoing are NOT helping. I love Christmas, but dread all the work. I have two children and four grandkids. Hopefully my daughter will have Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner.
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    Your last message made me remember some of my worst hip/back pain was in the fall as the holidays were approaching. I finally got relief from a reputable chiropractor and didn't realize how chronic the tender point in my lower back was until he relieved it. If you haven't seen a chiropractor, please give it some thought. I highly recommend it.

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    To try to go to CO to be with all my family around the holidays. There are no flights left to Ft. Myers, FL except the most expensive. I had heard that flights were few and sure 'nuff, they are. My daughter is in the worst semester of nursing school and doesn't get off til the 18th. I'm afraid having company, even if it is just her old Mom, would add more stress to her schedule. They just went through wondering whether their house in Galveston made it through the storm--it did. My SIL's Mom came from Houston to escape the storm and has been at their house til recently. My SIL leaves tomorrow for Galveston to survey the damage on their house, which was mainly confined to water damage on the first floor.

    Sooooo, I've decided to just stay home. I've been watching the sales and already have four presents for my grandson which I got at half off.

    Next year, the kids from CO will likely be here in FL in the wintertime. My other kids live in Atlanta and it's not far. I can always go to the beach or pool on Christmas Day :)

    Love, Mikie
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    Holidays already? No, Please! Didn't we just have those last year?


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