The house has been apparised now

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    No more really hard cleaning to get ready for this aparisal. HE came today and didn't say much and left. So now ai can just rest and to some gentle streaching and gentle exerices so taht I dont'stiffin up and can't move/

    Yes I feel 100 yrs old and walk like it too, So now that this house is clean I will do all I can to keep it clean. YOu know load the disheasher after you eat dinner and run it the next morning and wash the stove and table off after eating, and dusting every few days and getting my oldest daughter who is newly married and will be living with my Mom only 2 blocks away I will see if she can come over and do the vaccumming and the to mop the floors and I can keep up with the rest of it. I still have my bed room to clean but It will wait for awhile till I am back feeling better.

    I know that having degenerative disc diease ,spinal stenosis, 2 bulding dics are part of the probem along with the fibro and the cmp and the shattered wrist that still hurts and has arthritis in it . I know that it takes time to recover from all this over doing it ok a FLARE that I caused . I should know better but I still don't always do the things i should.

    OUr only in door pool in closing so I am going to find a PT that has a pool and find out how much he will charge me to walk in the pool to keep the muscels going and working right. while not being hard on my back. I hvae to do some thing and part of the pain is I am over weight and since I can't do the arobices because I would fall down and hurt myself I have to d what I can to exercise. And walking in the water it good for me and is not hard on my joints and back,. And I need to learn to eat better to get up and eat breakfast and not skip meals,and not to eat after 7 pm at night.

    I want to be here to play with my grandson who is just 7 months old and wieghs more than I cna lift 20 lbs, but he does not wiegh as much as his mommy did at 6 months she wieghed 23 lbs and all I was doing was nursing.before she married she weighed 110 - 115 and then had the baby and is slowly losing the wieght she put on. She was not a really chuuby child as she was always moving and now she will be running after a baby sooner than she thinks.

    But I want to take him for walks when they come to visit and I can't nowa s it really hurts me to do that,it makes her nervous to have me lift the baby and carry him becasue she knows that I should not be lifting that much and she worries that i will drop him but I have not done that and so I have her put him in my lab to play with him.

    Well I am going to go to bed now and see if the pain wil ease while I sleep and I am not getting up early for anyone today. I am just going to sleep in and rest as much as i can and still do the streaching that I need to do.
    Well my back is hurting badly now and we are in for rain storms for the next few days and next weekend and that always makes me feel so good {NOT!}. Take care of your selves .
    LOve ya,

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    I was so sad with the birth of my last grandchild, as I could not do as I had done with the others. So I enjoyed him the only ways I could. He was happy and got used to me and my limits. When he got older he refered to me often as the fun grandma.

    As he learned to do things and would say "I can't".....I would say it takes "Practice..practice...practice!" One day he wanted me to get on the floor and do something with him. I could not and said that I couldn't.......he got a grin and said....Grandma..I takes Practice-practice-practice. We both laughed and I told him that it was meant for younger people!
    One time he was with me, his mother was working and he said sadly..My mother says I have to be good with you as you forget things (that still makes me laugh)....I looked at him and asked who he was and where I was, etc. We got the giggles. It took a way his fear of what I might do?
    So we can over come all with humor.
    First time I took him to a grocery store I asked a man to put him in the grocery cart....and same when I left the store. People are usually wonderful to help you. I learned from his Mom to just push that panel that swings inward (just under the kids seat).....when carts are put together and let him crawl in! Then you close it. He loved that. It was not hard to help him from inside the cart into the seat, but sometimes he liked riding around just inside the cart.Nice thing is that he can not get out until all groceries are out of the cart!
    I had this illness before he was born and he turned 16 yrs. old this past Aug. We have very fond memories and things we still laugh about on things from time past together.
    HEY.....We can not do as we did.....but we can do it another way or make up for your limits in another way. Reinvent yourself and enjoy life with your grand baby. You can do much differently. We just think we need to be the same. I know that I am very special --yet--to him.
    What a Blessing...and to you I wish the same and send you many blessings and many joys.
    I can tell that you have a good heart and really try to do your best. You are special and your grand baby will see that also.