The Importance of Prescreening - Performed by an OB/GYN

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    With all of the technology around us, one might think that most women would know about the importance of and have access to low-cost prescreening. However, there are women who go through their lifetime not knowing about the risks of developing diseases, such as breast cancer and cervical cancer. Prescreening procedures (many of which are non-invasive) were developed to prevent and treat diseases like breast cancer and cervical cancer. While I am not a medical professional, I believe that getting a professional opinion from your OB/GYN can be beneficial to your overall health. Your OB/GYN can keep you informed about prescreening procedures and their effects on pregnancy, along with ways to possibly help reduce the risk of developing certain diseases.

    Prescreening processes, such as mammograms and pap tests, may help the early detection breast cancer and cervical cancer. These procedures are performed by your OB/GYN, who is specially trained to conduct the prescreening procedures, and evaluate the results. There are some health clinics, like the Lone Star Family Health Center and their OB/GYNs in Conroe, Texas, that offer low cost or free prescreening services, like free annual mammogram events, to eligible women. If you're unsure whether your local health center provides services like these, be sure to check the health center's website. And if this information isn't readily available online, call the clinic and ask for information on prescreening procedures. You can also ask to join a mailing list to stay informed on clinic news and events.