The Invader In My Body (CFS/FM)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Echos, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. Echos

    Echos New Member

    I am lying here in bed,
    I know there's something wrong,
    The fatigue and pain is overwhelming,
    And its lasted far too long.

    I try to close my eyes each night,
    Just one night peaceful dreams,
    To reach that point without this pain,
    Will never come it seems.

    Morning it has dawned again,
    The sun, warm upon my face,
    Give me strength to go outside,
    And feel the sunshines warm embrace.

    I try to do as I once did,
    I cannot, for I must rest,
    I try to start but never finish,
    Though I've given it my best.

    At times I can't remember,
    What it was I came her for,
    So I stand there quite dumbfounded,
    I don't know what's what no more.

    I use to be so vibrant,
    Enjoying every moment in my life,
    Crazy but still normal,
    A loving mother and a wife.

    I tell myself to hold on,
    Somewhere there must be hope,
    I cry and pray to God,
    Please, give me strength to cope.

    And when I think I can't go on,
    No more taking days in strife,
    I remind myself of others,
    That go through worse than I in life.

    So I refuse to give up,
    I can fight and hope I win,
    If I turn my back and give up now,
    I'll never know what could have been.

    So, to the Invader in my body,
    You can cause your pain and take your toll,
    But in the end, you lose, I win,
    For you cannot touch my soul!

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  2. theimpossibleflute

    theimpossibleflute New Member

    For sharing such a beautiful poem. It was just the support I needed today!!!

    God Bless...hang in there...

  3. tandy

    tandy New Member

    This is great!! You have a way with words~
    LOVE it!
    Warm ((Hugs)),
  4. Megster

    Megster New Member

    That was just beautiful...brought tears to my eyes.

  5. Echos

    Echos New Member

    I just wanted to thank you all for you kind words. I thought this would help those whom are giving up hope, and getting one step closer to giving in to these terrible diseases that have chose to invade out bodies. Always remember, It can never touch our souls.
  6. Betsy2

    Betsy2 New Member

    Very well put!!
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Thank you for sharing your poem with us. We do have a Writers Forum for poetry and prose where you can share with others who are writers and those of us who enjoy reading the works of our very talented writers.

    You simply click on Message Boards in the strip where you long in. It will take you to a list of our other forums. Just click on Writers Forum. You get back the same way.

    Love, Mikie
  8. CelticLadee

    CelticLadee New Member

    Thank you Echos.
    You not only brought tears to my eyes as you so adequately shared our woes but you gave me hope and a sense of victory that is welcome in this battle. Bless you. CLD
  9. Lendi

    Lendi New Member

    Thank you for sharing. It states my feelings exactly :)