The joys of heparin

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by munch1958, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. munch1958

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    It's still a love/hate relationship with heparin. I hate the shots, filling the syringe, etc. Don't like the bruises and slapping ice on my belly first thing in the AM.

    But I do like the way it makes my brain nice and clear. No more of that business where my brain is out for a Lyme-Lunch.

    Does this mean the spirochetes are no longer snacking on my brain like a Scooby-Snack? I'd like to think so!
  2. highcotton

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    hey scooby (lol).

    how long will you be on the heparin? can you remind me what you take with it?
  3. munch1958

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    I take heparin along with Abx because:

    1) heparin binds with a protein in the spirochete. End result they die!

    2) hypercoagulation or excess fibrin. That's where the pathogen is hiding from your immune system.

    Just heard today that there's some kind of slime layer to spirochetes that act as protection. Abx can't penetrate the slime.

    Also heard that most of us have coinfections. These other pathogens act together inside the same cell to protect each other. No wonder we feel like crap-ola.