The late Dr. Myers's Vitamin C IV...back in the news

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    This is an article by Dr. Mercola:

    All of us know that there is a infection factor in CFS/FM. I've had Vitamin C IV, they killed off a lot of infections. It didn't cure me, but...I sure as heck feel better.

    The GI tract only absorbs ~65mg of C, its water soluable so we pee it out quick. Hence, Dr Myers logic for an IV type.

    The best compromise of this would be to fill an old soda bottle with 3 grams of vitamin C and water or juice and consume slowly over the day. Too much C will give you diarrhea, how much is too much? Each person is different.
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    Glad it made you feel better. The powdered Vit C helped my son when he was 6 yo with
    his asthma....probably infection triggered. Great idea about the soda or water bottle trick.

  3. mbofov

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    I just watched the video linked to the Mercola article about the New Zealand man who almost died from swine flu, and would have died, without IV vitamin C. The doctors were ready to pull him off life support and the family had to battle to get them to administer IV vitamin C. The man was going to die and the doctors still were refusing to try this treatment. It's an amazing story.

    Also, the man was diagnosed with hairy cell leukemia while being kept on life support. his lungs were in "whiteout" - were filled with fluid - and the doctors said nothing could be done for the leukemia because his lungs weren't working (the machine was breathing for him).

    Well, he managed to recover from the swine flu after the family's insistence on vitamin C treatment and a year later there is no sign of the leukemia. Mention was made of a 60 Minutes story about this, but I haven't seen that.

    No, this is not proof that IV vitamin C can cure cancer but here are several studies showing it can be effective (just do a search of NIH and IV vitamin C)

    It's really worth watching.


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