The Latest News on the Titanic

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, May 5, 2016.

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    The latest news on the Titanic. As all you gourmets already
    know, Hellman's and Best Mayonnaise are now the same. Kinda
    like Clark Kent and Superman.

    But in the early days they were separate. Not only that, Hellman's
    was originally an English Corporation (LTD) that started out importing
    spices in the 18th century and gradually moved into the business of
    manufacturing some of its products such as Coleman's Mustard.

    Late in the 19th century it began producing mayonnaise. 1200 cases
    were aboard the Titanic. The ship was scheduled to sail to New York,
    then south to Vera Cruz. The first shipment ever to Mexico.

    When the ship sank in the N. Atlantic, the people of Mexico who
    had been eagerly awaiting this new delicacy were distraught. A
    national day of mourning was declared.

    Sinko di Mayo.

    Heard this little joke before? I post it ever year at this time.
    Except one year I forgot and was a few days late.

    Bon appetit!
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    Ha ha! Hello, Rock.
    I enjoyed this one.
    How are you?
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    Ken, is that you? The guy from Minni-soda what managed our book club
    and posted Youtube videos of Spillville et. al.?

    I am just the same as I was except older and feebler. One of my brothers
    is having double hip surgery next week in Portland. I'd go up and take
    care of him if I were in better shape. Can't do much of anything anymore.
    Ready to go at the drop of a just about anything including a "g". Gordon
    has to do pretty much everything nowadays.

    Peanut still with you? Our last dog Zippy was killed 5 years ago in our
    backyard by a coyote. We decided he would be our last dog. I can't walk
    one anymore. Gordon is too busy taking care of the house, me, the car
    (it's in the shop today).

    Are you still in Arizona? Or was it New Mexico? The second thing I
    do every morning is check the computer calendar to see what day it
    is. But I've forgotten within a few minutes.

    Great to hear from you. You gonna stick around? We play games and
    someone recently started a book thread on the Homebound Board.

    As the Norskies say, Ha det bra (Have it good)

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    It is indeed me, the bibliophile Minnesotan transplant to Albuquerque.

    Sorry to hear you're not doing so well. Same here. I had another major relapse a year ago, and am just starting to do a little better again. During this past year, my dad and I have chosen one composer to listen to and read about each week. Quite an education in classical music. I've also read a lot, watched a lot of films and TV. I'm starting to do some photography again, but haven't been able to do more with my guitar than tune it.

    Really glad you have Gordon. Wendy continues to take good care of me. Sorry to hear about Zippy. Peanut died three years ago, but we got another dog, a wire haired Dachsund named Barney.

    My dad and sister took a road trip out from Minnesota last month to see me, hitting spots like Tucumcari along Route 66 on the way.

    Not sure I'll become a regular again, but I probably won't be such a stranger either. Lots of typing tends to wear me out.

    Thanks for the welcome back.

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