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    First I would like to say I was brought up Catholic all my life and even though I went to church faithfully growing up I didn't consider myself "religious" in my heart.

    Well a friend of mine told me to read this series called "Left Behind" by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. I just finished all 14 books in the series.

    These books have changed my life in which I have accepted Jesus in my heart and I know now that he really did die for us sinners.

    I am in tears that I have finished these books. They are amazing. It is not bible teach but a story of a few people and how they came together and ended in this serious.

    I promise you will all love these books and cry when you are finished reading them. I was lucky in that my library always had the next book each time i finished one so I didn't have to buy them all. However, one time they didn't and I ran to the book store to buy it because i could not wait for it to come in.

    If you like to read, please give these books a chance and let me know how you like them as you go.

    Thanks for listening, just wanted to let everyone know how wonderful these books are and how it has impacted my life.

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    Thank you Pain. I have always been a believer, however, I am a true believer now. It feels wonderful. I wish everyone would read these books and change them like it did me.

    The last book, "The Regime" is the one I just finished. That is the book that explains things before everyone was left behind. I cried and cried for Irene.

    Now I know how she feels, I am trying to get my DH to read these books and go to church with us more.

    God is Great!!!!

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    Thank you, I this I have always been in God's family, I just don't think I really had him in my heart and really really know him like i do now.

    It is awesome and boy it has made a big difference in my life. The saying God is good, God is Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!