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    I pick up in a few hours at the airport :)

    FINALLY got to talk to him on the phone, we're FINALLY on the same continent!! was wonderful!

    We're having a big bash tomorrow afternoon, his whole squadron and family is invited! My best friend came into town and we've been up until now (2:30am) cooking!! We've made hamburgers to be grilled, potato salad, baked beans, cake, cookies, iced tea....

    It's so fun :) But I'm absolutely, 100%-ly, totally exhausted....and I'm finally headed to bed for a couple of hours!!

    Thanks all for your prayers. It means the world to me

    Love to all,
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    I am truly so happy for you!!!!~~~~~with hope,cinnabarsib
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    Well, we've been back together for a little over 24 hours now :) It is so ABSOLUTELY wonderful! We met him at the airport w/ a big sign and balloons and was so much fun

    We then had a welcome home party here at our house and had people here from about 1:00 until 8:30 last night! THEN we finally got to spend some alone time together!!

    I'm so THANKFUL to God and everyone that has prayed this whole summer, that my husband was able to come home safely. I've found out many things that I am in awe of and I now know that I'm lucky as well as he's lucky to be here in one piece.

    In addition to the things he experienced this summer that he wasn't allowed to ever share with me, a few days before he left he was a member of an honor guard for a fallen Marine....

    He said it definitely helped put the summer into perspective. He never even knew the guys name, just had to help load his coffin onto the C-130 & give him a salute and everything.....

    My husband kept a journal the whole time he was there for me, writing about all of the things he wasn't allowed to tell me on the phone. I read the whole thing last night!!

    I now know that I had a definite false sense of security for his being where he was and dealing with the things he dealt with. Basically I'm glad to have him here alive as well as in one piece....

    We talked about the presidential candidates late last night and how it's going to be a big decision for a lot of military ppl. On one hand you have someone who is using our military to fight a war on Terrorism that could virtually never end, but on the other hand you have someone who's party doesn't support military & defense programs.....

    I asked him what sort of views he ran into over there & if they ever talked about it and he said everyone talked about it & no one knows who to vote for....

    Anyway, I'm glad to have him home. I'm thrilled that he's here with me and we can now play Newlyweds :) for awhile! He's on R&R for 2 weeks then has 10 days off after we get awhile to enjoy one another! No worries....


    Love to all,
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    This is where I've been :)

    I'll be back soon....