the Lord laid this on me tonight...

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by inpain3, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. inpain3

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    Has anyone ever wondered why this board is so "slow moving"?
    I mean, i got to chit chat, or fms boards, and see new posts every minute or so, and they are constantly being replied to, thus, bumping them up again.
    This is the board I feel should be the most "moving". Heck! we are talking about God here!
    I think God is more important than finding cures, gossiping, and relatively anything at all.
    I know it is important for us sufferers of fms, cfs and the ton of other ailments to find cures and coping skills. But did anyone think if we promote the Lord and witness to those who need to be witnessed to, whether they realize it or not, maybe, just maybe, they will make this particular board jump with the Holy Spirit. I have fms, cfs, mps, ocd, ttm along with a ton of mental issues, but I place them in the Lords hands. I know I will get to my mansion in heaven one day. But until then, I will pray and ask for prayer for those who need to put more of the Lord in their lives.
    I pray that this board starts to move as fast, if not faster than the others. After all, we wouldn't have this board if it weren't for the Lord!
    Praise God for giving me and you this site, thses ppl and His love!

    God bless!

    not tryin to step on any toes here, all is my opinion, and can be taken by you in any manner you choose...that is your opinion. ;-)
  2. Harmony

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    Thank you, inpain3. I agree, this is my favorite board, but lately I have been lax in being here like I want to.
    If I do have time, this is where I come first. It is a lot more active this past few months than it was a year ago. Without the Lord, I would feel so lost. In Him we have our hope and salvation. Let's keep this board rolling!

  3. PMangels

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    Physical and spiritual refreshment, vigor and joy will arm you against the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. If you feel physically and emotionally drained, God has good new for you. He has provided strength and power for your battle. He will energize you as you take natural and spiritual cure steps.

    Jesus promises you rest, refreshment , restoration and renewal. For He said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle, and you will find rest for your souls". (Matt.11: 28-29)

  4. Kim

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    It's so good to find this community of Spirit-filled, Jesus-lovin Christians. I so needed this tonight and I praise God for leading me here. Kim
  5. inpain3

    inpain3 New Member

    i Praise the Lord tonight because another person actually moved this thread!!
    isnt it funnie how we post on another board and it moves likety-split...and here, it takes 3-4 days just to go 8 spaces? i think it should be the other way around!

    Praise the Lord!
    God bless!
  6. kathyrere

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    i was doing all my posting here about prayers and my Zach. this board and the CC board are the only ones i really post on.
    but i found it to hard (because of use of my hands)to update on both boards and everyone seem to be on CC board alot. but God was there listening. i don't think he cares where we witnes as long as we do.
    i love the LORD with all my heart and soul.
    and he gave me a miracle and all the women on both sites had a part in it.

    he heard all the prayers. he promised us if we join and ask and believe he would be there and answer our prayers.

    i come to the worship board everyday to get the today scriptures and the other things and they really encourage me
    so many things on worship board has lifted me during all this turmoil i have gone through. But God is faithful and always just on time. Just look Zach is almost 2 months old and they were counting him out, and now tonight my daughter got to hold him the first time against her bare skin to his little body, that was worth the whole world to me and to her. Funny this time i could not sleep and had to come to message board.

    praise God and i give him all the glory in Jesus name Amen
    LOVE IN CHRIST KATHYRERE[This Message was Edited on 10/07/2002]
  7. flo

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    I agree!!God has given us a great forum here and we should be good stewards of this gift. I got the Holy Ghost bumps when I read this. You are so right we can reach so many hurting people for Christ who is "THE Great Physician". I have seen Him do so many miracles in my life already I am going to excpect a miracle for us all!! You have stired my faith.I really feel a big move of God is coming.He can do Exceedingly, abundantly beyond what we can conceeve or imagine. Some people say reach for the stars but i say reach for Him because he created the stars imagine what else he can do.Lets let our faith stretch to his unlimitedness!I am inagreement for this forum to explode with praise!!
    In Christ Jesus ~ Flo