~ The Lost Sheep ~

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    ~ The Lost Sheep ~

    The Lost sheep wanders far away,
    Not knowing why or willing to try.
    He goes astray, by the byway,
    Not willing to obey; becoming a prey.

    Vulnerable and unable, he is lost;
    Tossed to and fro, not knowing where to go.
    The Shepherd can see from here to there
    In a moment, in an answer to prayer.

    The Shepherd has found his little lamb.
    Delivered him from the outcome of a jam
    And gets the enemy to scram.

    That little lost sheep, the Lord, will keep.
    That little lamb is you and me.
    But, only by Jesus are we truly free.
    If we can only see.

    By seeking Jesus, learning how to pray,
    Not becoming a prey to the enemy;
    We are set free, our Lamb of God claiming victory.

    Worthy we are, no longer aimless
    By the darkness of the world.
    This gift is priceless,
    Given only by HE who is righteous.

    Finding the lost
    By the cost of the cross,
    There is no loss for the lost
    Who seek God Almighty.

    © 2002 by Elena Ramirez