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    Posts from Mikie, Pam, Leah and Linda at the end of other thread.

    I am starting this one now so I will be the last poster on the old thread.

    Go Read!! (smiling)

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    What time is it? It's Howdy Doody time. Yeahhhh!!!

    Well, I felt semi normal today so I was hoping to post but, as it says in
    The Threepenny Opera, "things won't have it so". Gordon fell and got
    banged up yesterday. Since I'm a prince of a fellow I didn't point out
    it was his own fault. He has such a midden of books, magazines and papers
    by the bed; of course he slipped and fell and banged his hip and his head.

    So he's been limping around w/ the cane we keep for when our backs go
    out. We only have one cane. Fortunately our backs have never gone out

    So from time to time I had to fetch him a drink or an aspirin. And then I
    helped w/ the cooking since he didn't feel up to standing too long. We made
    meat loaf and potato salad. Later he felt better and did a stir fry.

    And then he asked me in a piteous voice if I would do his taxes, so I did.
    Usually he does them, and I check them. Last year I told him he was entitled
    to a bigger refund. So he changed the numbers. The tax people then came
    up with their own number which did not agree with his or mine. Bother!

    And then I did the usual weekend laundry, so somehow I never quite got around to posting. Ah, well. Gordon also planted beets. He planted two
    neat rows. Then he grabbed the wet napkin on which the seeds had been
    soaking and somehow flung the remaining seeds hither and yon. He says
    those will be the wild beets. As opposed to wild oats, I guess.

    In other horticultural news, Gordon bought a pack of Nasturtium seeds.
    On the pack it says "Vibrant Semi Double Flowers". So I guess this means
    they will look like vibrating twin trucks.

    Which reminds me of a Dorothy Parker witticism. Allegedly asked at the
    Algonquin round table to use horticulture in a sentence, she said, "You
    can lead a whore to culture, but you can't make her think."

    Hope to be back tomorrow.
  3. rockgor

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    Here's an old joke that I still like. And it's educational too. Think I first saw it
    a decade or two ago.

    A Short History of Medicine: "Doctor, I have an ear ache."

    2000 B.C. - "Here, eat this root."
    1000 A.D. - "That root is heathen, say this prayer."
    1850 A.D. - "That prayer is superstition, drink this potion."
    1940 A.D. - "That potion is snake oil, swallow this pill."
    1985 A.D. - "That pill is ineffective, take this antibiotic."
    2000 A.D. - "That antibiotic is artificial. Here, eat this root!"

    Gordon stayed home from work. He is sitting on the sofa knitting a wash rag and watching a National Geographic program. My great aunt always said "wash rag" which annoyed my mother. She (the aunt) also gave us kids birthday presents like a tube of tooth paste. And besides that, great aunt Anna irritated my mother by talking about breaking wind. It was a decade or two later that I found out what that meant.

    The National Geographic program is about bison and wooves and coyotes in
    Yosemite. About 40 years ago I was there. There was a skinny wolf sitting beside the road with one paw dangling. I stopped and tossed it a chicken leg. Later I talked to a ranger who told me it was really a coyote. He's (the coyote) been there for some years. Makes his living by panhandling. Smart critter.

    Mikie, I never knew toxic mold could have an instant effect. I somehow got the impression it took a long time. Reminds me of a documentary I saw a long time ago called "It's a Rotten World". The message was that mold is necessary in the natural recycling process.

    BTW, what are European glasses. Different from our glasses? I can't see
    what the difference would be.

    Pam, were you talking about your daughter's apartment and the address
    change? The other day I was talking to the librarian and meant to say orchid and said opera. This caused a certain amount of confusion as she had asked
    about my colorful T shirt which depicted orchids.

    Linda, I seem to have some oomph today. Perhaps because I've been wearing the vitamin Bea 12 patch. Gordon just bought a humming bird feeder. We had one we used for 15 years or so. Lots of hummers in LA. But it was in a box following a move and apparently starved to death, so we have a new one. I have not even seen it yet.

    Freida, my last post was titled with you in mind. Ha Ha! Speaking of urologists, my brother went to one last week. A female! "Yikes!" as Jack Benny used to say.

    My mother had crocus every Spring. Looked up the plural. Found 3. Crocus; crocuses; croci. "Croci" suggests one might be talking about crocodilians. A rather gripping topic.

    Mother also had pansies. It was decades later that I heard about johnny
    jumpups. Viola and heartsease also seem to be names for the same or
    related plants. Useful in herbal cures according to Wikipedia.

    Barry, how are things in your Northern CA paradise? Give us a report when you have the oomph.

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    Rock does have oomph!! Leah wisely pointed out that you cannot hurt yourself
    while Gordon uses the cane! Gordon sounds very industrious. Knitting
    washrags. I know how to knit but never thought of the washrags. Interesting
    idea!! Hope he is better soon!

    The IRS has a mind of it's own. Normal or not.

    So, Leah who did not speak English as her first language (guessing here)
    writes better English that me. Well, I have a reason. I am from the South :)
    Or perhaps brain fog. We did have excellent English teachers and mother
    was a stickler. Always a how to improve one's Eng. book around.

    Leah, did you catch my story of my nephew's wife? She is not Jewish but
    looks it. (I'll explain that later). She majored in the holocaust in her PhD
    work. Which somehow also included Aids though they didn't have Aids
    back then. Some Jewish Women's groups started inviting her to speak on
    the holocaust and assumed she was a jewish! I think it is her long wavy,
    curly hair. Also her last name is Pozorski. She didn't take her husband's
    name one Jones. (Can't figure that one out! haha).

    What a life you have had, Leah! It seems to me, with my brother's ancestry
    work and watching the show, that many immigrants have come here from
    sad situations no matter what century. Not all, of course, but many.

    Rock,your posts really livened up things. Maybe too personal but did you
    ever have your IQ checked when normal. Such a flare for writing on many
    topics. Quite unusual.

    A man going to a female urologist. Turn about is fair play, I think! :) My
    doc has a woman internist. He is her doc too. She refuses to check his
    prostate and let him be her gynecologist. I don't know why any male
    doc can't check his own prostate. Just saying.

    Back to my nephew's wife. I think she is half french and half polish. She
    is very thin. I am wondering if you resemble but who knows, right?

    I slept til 2:30pm and then was out of the house for 7 hours. Gosh, our
    lives are so weird!! Or mine is. Still loving the clon. How have I missed
    it for 26 years???

    I don't think we are going to get plants planted. Huz's prostates and tax
    seaon is kinda long. We are looking kinda drab. Many some geraniums
    for the porch. I mean more geraniums since the ones I got 2 years ago
    are still alive.

    It's late here!

    Oh, yes, Barry if you have oomph, plz say hello!

    Love to all,


  5. spacee

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    You are brilliant too!! So many languages...amazing.

    One thing I have noticed around here, that the immigrants seems to be
    very smart. To be able to come to a new land,new language. It would
    be so very daunting to me.

    I have had a couple of years of French. Une per. (or something like that)
    and a couple of years of Latin that helped with medical terms. I came,
    I saw, I conquered but can't remember the spelling.

    Twin has a 5 point higher IQ than moi. Totally not fair :) How did that

    I will admit to not being a happy camper today. Yesterday consisted of
    HUz playing golf, watching baseball, watching golf. Ok, he did cook
    supper but I need some flowers bought and planted!!

    Ok back to Leah's observation that the Jewish ppl don't resemble each
    other. Duh, I had noticed that on TV! And, here, I wrote the old
    school way of thinking.

    Oddly enough, I don't hear the old way of colorful talking much here.
    Course, I don't hear much talking...LOL. I love colorful talking. So

    Thanks Leah for telling us about yourself. I loved it. I think when we
    had an exchange student in our high school, a girl. I just loved meeting
    someone with a different heritage. The same ole, same ole gets pretty
    stale :)

    Ok, they want to repeat the mammo. Like that is news? Two times
    ago they waited a year to repeat it. In fact, didn't tell me till I came
    in for the regular one. This time, being on top of the game, they are
    only waiting a month. End of April. Not worried. At the worst I could
    have chemo and get over CFS!

    Off to rest. I just thought of something. You all can name more plants
    but I bet I can name more sports players. LOL....not so funny :)

    LOve to all,

  6. Granniluvsu

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    Sorry, I have been so busy I haven't had much time to check out al the other spots on the board. I'm lucky to make it to the Porch. Glad to see Julie, Mikie, Leah, and others here to celebrate and chat with one another.

    As it is I am waiting for some company to arrive fromn out of state, our #2 daughter, DH and son. They will be here till Saturday morning. Then I get to pack and get ready to go with DH and some friends to the Hill Country for a wine and wildflower festival in TX. It should be alot of fun. Just hopeing we don't have heavy rains like they have been thinking about.

    Not sure I will get to post on the Porch this week with DGS here. Unless he has his own cortable computer he will probably be on this one or watching TV, I'm guessing.

    Linda - hope all goes well with your mammo. and whatever else they might need to do to and for you, Hope it all works out really well for you. Yeah, we all have been through so much with either FM, CFS or both that that seems to be a large part of your life, even if you try for it not to be.

    Have to go finish getting supper ready for the company. They should be here soon.

    I'll try to pop in here as well as the Porch from time to time but the next few weeks is really very iffy.

    Rock - sorry to hear that Gordon hurt himself. Hope he is doing better now. Didnt read the whole store but I know he got hurt,.

    Leah - So you like foreign languages. I'm afraid I just know English with a bit of Spanish ( had that in H.S. too). I get to use it every onece in awhile when I find myself in the company of a Mexican who is now living here. My Spanish is very basic :)!! Como esta usted ???

    Love to everydobby,
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sorry to be MIA. It's the internet. First, my love to everyone. I've been gone so long that I can't possibly catch up so will just start from here.

    Not too long ago, Comcast bugged me nonstop with snail mail and robo calls that I needed to buy a new modem because mine was sooooo old, 10 or 11 yrs., that I could not take advantage of the upgrades in their internet service. So, I paid $100 for the recommended modem at the store. It was a bugger to install; I was on the phone with them for an hour. Not long after, the net stopped working. Seems the rep put the wrong MAC ID number from my modem in their system. So, I got that corrected and all was fine until my daughter turned off my power strip. I could never get it working again.

    After days of calling Comcast and rebooting, I went to Comp USA and the techie knew exactly what I was dealing with. Seems my router, which was only a couple of years old, did not support the "IPv6 Protocol." I spent another $55 on a new router and installed it this morning. Everything is up and running again. Why would Comcast make customers buy new modems and not tell them or, at least, tell their own customer service reps, that the new modems might not work with existing routers? Ilona, downstairs, is also having problems. She has a signal but it's so weak that she has to be sitting almost in front of her router to use her laptop. Also, the internet connection is intermitent.

    This is what I've been dealing with and I'm not supposed to be stressing because of the tachycardia. Since I've taken myself off the Synthroid and hormones, my heart rate has been dropping. It's still high but well below 100. At one point, it had been a resting rate of 120. Yikes!

    Sorry to make this all about me but I don't have time to catch up today and just wanted to let y'all know I'm OK. If anyone is a techie, could you please let me know how to get my touchpad back to scrolling? It used to but has stopped. I've looked everywhere to try to fix it but nothing has helped. Help!

    Hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have been resting. I have noticed a pattern with the meds that "If it's
    Tuesday, I must be teary". (From the movie "If it's Tuesday, it must be
    Belgium".) Helps a bit to realize a pattern.

    I am Smart!! I thought it could be Mikie's computer :). What a hassle!!!'
    That really seems like Comcast wanted to 'unload' some routers (or was
    it modems?) on the unsuspecting customers. Not nice at all.

    Huz bought a tv some years ago. Drooling of the HD effect. For a couple
    of years kept asking me "does this pic seem better". Honestly, when
    you look at the world through sunglasses, it doesn't seem to matter!.
    Eventually found out that Comcast didn't even have HD in our rural area.
    Hence, Direct TV now.

    Leah, of course you know Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England
    Patriots! Who married Gisele, I think. She is of German descent but
    from South America!

    Larry Bird, was he on a Chicago Team?) and Magic Johnson, LA Lakers!
    There is opening, or just opened a Broadway play called MagicBird after
    them, and about them.

    They played in the 70's when the shorty shorts and knee-high socks were
    fashionable. There IS something that I know a little about!!

    Thanks, Leah for the info about IQ

    Stopping for a while to talk to Twin. Back now. She likes to talk on the phone
    while going back and forth between QVC and HSN.

    So. While I totally agree and see your point about the IQ, LeaH My Twin was in the
    Honor Society. Not I, And she took advanced maths, Chemistry and English.
    At first the school tried to put me in the advanced class of Algebra and English. I think
    to keep us together. So my feelings would not be hurt by not being advanced.

    Clearly, the teachers were trying but they did not realize that I just was not as competitive
    as Twin. And I did no homework whatsoever at home. Only in the class before the class
    that was due. (If you get that).

    Twin and Friend constantly talked grades and added their scores. I couldn't be bothered.
    Cause I was reading books that I liked. Not boring homework.

    So, this is the way the college entrance exam went. Twin and I made exactly the same. And
    I made 3 points higher than the Friend of Twin that constantly studied.

    There you are Leah. You are right. The same ACT score. Same IQ. But perhaps that is why
    universities are looking at the whole person more and more.

    As I write that, I could see my middle son. It was exactly the way he operated in High School :)

    Reading all of ya'lls posts is like reading a book to me. Not the whole book. Or the entire book :)
    but the condensed version. I miss reading so much (Tears now). One of my last books was
    about a Jewish daughter and father who were able to get out of Germany and go to Australia.
    The mother went too but died in her 70's, I think. So the daughter wanted to take the father
    back to Poland. The entire book was about their one week visit. Fascinating. "Too Many Men".
    was the title. Though I can't remember what the title meant :)

    I am so happy to have all of us and our different lives.

    Thanks to Granni and Lydia1 for your well wishes. Stop by anytime you are in the neighborhood!

    Love to all!!


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  9. spacee

    spacee Member

    Hope you are having a great time here in our heated version of Spring!!

    Thinking about you and your fan!!

    Love you!

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You should see our sky today. Like something out of an ad. Blue and lots
    of cumulus clouds. We had rain last night. When I let Zippy out and put
    his blankie over him, I told him: Now it might rain tonight, so if it does,
    you come to the back door and bark.

    I've told him that many times. Well, last night he actually did alert me. He barely had time to get damp. So we spent the night in the living room dry and warm.

    Now he's out basking in the sun on an old camel colored coat. Sometimes
    hard to tell if he's there since he and the coat are the same color.

    Freida, I'm sorry to hear you belong to the Broody Bunch. Hope you
    feel more sparkly soon. Remember the Farkle family on Laugh In?
    There was Frank Frankle and his wife Fanny and their daughter Sparkle
    Farkle played by Goldie Hawn. (Well, you're probably too young.)

    Linda, did you see the movie "If it's Tuesday it Must be Belgium"?
    Suzanne Pleshette was the star. But the movie was so popular she was
    moved to change her name to Tuesday Weld. Later she changed it to
    Monday Fuse, but that didn't catch on so she changed it back.
    For a while she lived in Belgium, but she missed S. California, so she
    moved to Bell Gardens near LA.

    Pam, not sure where you are, but I hope you are having a nice visit w/
    your granddaughter et. al. Glad to hear your hubby is one of the
    stay-youthful-mentally folks. I had 4 roommates like that in college.
    Two are still that way. One died a while back. Yikes. I can't even
    remember the name of the 4th one. Well, It will probably come to me
    while I'm trying to fall asleep tonight.

    Mikie, That is just absurd that the computer experts didn't warn you
    about the possible problem w/ the new equipment. (I'm so confusiated
    about computers I thought the rotator and the modem were the same

    Reminds me of the time when I was a law clerk. Delivered some papers
    to a claims person. "You have to give them to her in person!" So
    after waiting 20 minutes, some gal came out to the reception area.
    We discovered she was the wrong person. I wanted the OTHER Janice
    Whatever. I asked the receptionist if that happened often. She
    adjusted her gum and said, "Oh, yeah."

    Granni, nice to see you drop by. You must be worn out with all
    your recent musical activities. Remember to sing tacet now and then.
    That way you can rest up.

    Have started reading a series of cop stories set in London. The
    main character is a Detective Sargent named Stella Mooney. I had
    trouble remembering her name. Now I just think: astronomy; stars
    and moon. Pops right into my head.

    Barry, Was ist loss?

    Auf wiedersehen

  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    That I really need to say, so that I can move on LOL.

    First is Wiki says that Paper Towels were invented in 1879. Which may
    explain why I cannot remember never having them around. I mean
    what do you put your fried chicken or french fries on to absorb the
    grease/oil? Newspaper? :) Curious mind.

    And the shmatah. (When I tried to post that, my computer substituted
    'sheath'. Which reminded me of 'what this old rag I'm wearing'. Now
    washrags we had as a child. I remember using them to wiped down
    all kinds of things in the kitchen and maybe door frames, things like that.
    But where did we get them cause Mother wasn't creative about rags.
    The grocery store must have sold them. I can remember the wash rag
    lying across the kitchen sink faucet drying. But somewhere along the
    way, I think the makes of sponges convinced me that they were superior
    (on tv commercials) and maybe a lot of other ppl too cause I don't see
    wash rags on the cleaning supply aisle.

    As you can tell, I have been thinking about this.:)

    I think our friends are on vacation, computer problems or resting. Hope you
    are able to come back to us soon.

    I heard on the tv today that everyone who flies (by plane) carries a tablet
    with them (one of the computer things). I was glad to know that before we
    have to fly. Because we are not going to have one and I won't be shocked.
    We will be like travelers from a past time. It will be fine, no one will notice
    cause they will be absorbed with their notebook.

    The snowbirds are gone. The parking lots for the store and the YMCA are
    empty. Last weekend, the last of them left. Bye, Bye til next year.

    I have been noticing the number of words that Huz uses that only have one
    or two syllables. Extremely enlightening. Fascinating actually. A calculation
    apparently of 100 percentage of his vocabulary. Possibility of identical
    calculation for me. I'm working on it though.

    Rock, do you know the type of yarn (cotton, I guess) and size needles that
    Gordon uses for his wash rag? Thinking of making them as gifts for the
    adult kids.

    Rock, have you thought of the 4th?

    I was talking today with a man we have known since moving here. He was
    talking supplements. Doesn't go to the doctors. He loves something that
    is kinda like cucurmin but starts with a T. "Tumeric?" I ask. Now, I can
    talk supplements! haha I was correct. Helps his allergies a lot.

    This is a concise version of Dr.Oz today. 1. Wear make up on your legs
    instead of getting a tan (Sally Hanson). Eat spinach in an omelet or salad
    a couple times a week. Take Hawthorne 2-3 times a day. Eat 5 shrimp
    (not fried) two times a week. Each 5 red grapes a day. And take some
    kind of algae for your bones.

    Or do the best you can.

    In a hisyterical occation Apple sold last years type of iPads on QVC for
    5 easy pays of merely $140ish a month. Apple and QVC. What sounds
    strange about that?

    Til we meet you all!

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    As the title suggests, I'm tired today. Actually, it started after a clerk at Comp USA, with a horrible cold, coughed all over me and everything else. I rarely catch colds but ever since being exposed to him, I've been extremely tired and feeling hot. I think my immune system is fighting it off.

    Leah, I'm so sorry you have the moody blues. Been there and know how hard it is to contend with. I usually just try to sleep it off. Hope you are doing better.

    Linda, you are smart to realize that IQ isn't the whole picture of a person's intelligence. IQ only measures one kind of smarts. We've all known highly intelligent people with no social skills or ability to solve some kinds of problems. I love watching "The Big Bang Theory." I worked with some nerds like them and they weren't the best employees. I measured high on the IQ test given to sixth graders. We were supposed to go into advanced classes in jr. high but the funding for those classes never materialized. All I got was snubbed by my classmates who were jealous. No kid at that age wants to be known as "smart."

    Yes, Comcast rents the new modems they pushed me so hard to get. I never rent wi-fi components and that's why I bought mine. I don't think they rent routers but I don't know for sure. Some of our neighbors, who haven't heeded the ads and mail about the digital upgrade for the last two years, are only getting three channels on their TV sets, the ones which have no box on them at all. Comcast provides free digital boxes for those sets. They did a good job on that but not on the computer issue. I know so little about the technical stuff and I'm lucky that I was able to finally figure out that my router wasn't compatible with the modem. I'm just sorry it took days for me to figure it out.

    Rock, all the conversation here is waaaaay above the lowly gossip which passes for conversation on the balcony. I like sitting out there but long for some food for thought. We do laugh and that is good for what ails me. Someone said something like, and I'm paraphrasing here, gossip is the product of small minds; talking about things is the product of mundane minds; talking about ideas is the product of great minds. I'd have to hunt down the exact quote but y'all get the idea. I think by "things," the author meant, possessions.

    Glad Zippy let you know about the rain. I'm getting such a wonderful pic of his blending in with the coat. Our animals provide so much love, fun and interaction with us. I swear our one cat understands everything I say and I'm beginning to understand what she says. She is a very verbal cat. She just paid me the highest honor a cat can to someone she loves. She left a headless ground dove at my door yesterday morning. The paper was in the middle of the carnage. I had to put on gloves to remove the paper and throw away the plastic bag it was in (thank God for plastic bags on the papers). I picked up the body and put it in my garbage. I had to sweep up the feathers and clean up what little blood was on the balcony. I think this wasn't the primary crime scene. The killing must have taken place somewhere else. As gross as it was, I had to keep in mind how a cat thinks versus how we think. I give her a lot of love, cream and treats. The kill was all she had to give. It was an enormous gift from her perspective.

    Pam, hope all is going well with your trip. Will be exciting to hear from you.

    Barry, hope all is well with you.

    Barb and I went to the library yesterday to learn how to download e-books from their cloud to our Kindles. They had directions all printed out. Haven't used the service yet because I took out a real book, "The Lion." I read "Lion's Gate" and this is the sequel. I got the large print and it makes reading soooo much easier. Hmmmm, wonder whether my glasses are back after being repaired. I'll have to call.

    After the library, we went to a New Age store and I got some crystals and stones and a tiny Budda with a pack on his back. It's supposed to bring prosperity, according to Feng Shui. Actually, it's time to do my forecast with the stone and crystal cards I use in lieu of Tarot cards.

    Afternoons, I've been crashing with exhaustion. Hope this stops soon.

    As always, sending my best hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  13. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    But here I am.

    Weather is wild here, wet, cold, and an incredible thunderstorm last night. Had to give Phoebe the corgi some Valium powder on some yoghurt. Works very well, as she stops trembling and acts normal like me. Did you know the plural of corgi is corgwyn?

    Richard just came in a told me there was a "mouse massacre" in the car. I had to go deal with it, two dead mice in traps. He won't touch them, so it's my duty, not being squeamish as is he. Yes, all us country folk keep mouse traps in the cars; it seems impossible to keep them out. I am not squeamish because I took a grad. course in mammology that involved trapping and making study skins of at least six mammals. Freaked my roommates at college out!

    They (docs) started me on Lipitor three months ago, and I swear it has made my energy plummet; the docs. swear it couldn't.?????

    A trip to town last week was fun, if tiring. To see the doc. of course! But I did take the opportunity to nip into the store to make sure they had fresh arugula (they did), and to check the plant starts, etc. R. wanted parsley starts but they didn't have them in yet. Seed is too tedious with parsley. In English garden lore it has to go to the devil and back before coming up. In other words too darn long.

    I did get a nice gallon plant of a blue Nemesia I hadn't seen before. Made my day.

    Interesting to see what languages you know. I took two years of Latin, two of German, and one yr. of Spanish. I can remember very little German, ditto Spanish. I get along better with French for some reason, and had no problem with getting around in France when I was there. But I don't like Paris at all.

    Yes Freida, I am half English (dual citizenship), still have my original Brit. passport as well as U.S. Not that they are current, ha ha. I don't know much about my Dad's side of the family, except that they were truck farmers in eastern Texas, and cops in Houston. They lost me a long time ago.

    I saw a skein of geese flying north a few days ago. I heard them before I saw them, they were flying so high. The first warblers of spring are back - the gold-crowned warblers anyways. A lot of the winter birds have vanished, the fox sparrows, most of the juncos. And I have had a shock now and then seeing a turkey in the front yard. It flew into the trees yesterday when I was staggering down the road for a walk.

    Washrag. Yes I remember them too. I also remember real sponges - organic, not man-made - and was thinking I hadn't seen any of those in a long time either. Oh Plastic World!

    Mikie, a headless dove is a nice gift of love, I daresay. The cat probably wanted you to clean and cook the little present and feed it to her/him!

    So, just a short pop-in for me,
    Love to All,

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Another tired afternoon. Actually, my morning wasn't exactly loaded with energy either. I had some Bealls Bucks and a coupon, both of which expire, so I went off to shop for, what else?, Capri pants. I got two pairs, one pink and one a dusty mint green. Both have the sparkles on the back pockets and on one front pocket. I wear my tees outside so don't know whether I'll sparkle or not.

    Leah, so sorry if I was redundant. I didn't get back to read all the posts I missed while my computer was down. Was just throwin' in my own experience with IQ tests. Your post must have been before I finally got my computer up and running.

    Barry, so glad to see you posting. I didn't know that about the Corgwyn. I've always said the Queen loves her Corgis--oops! In any case, I love the breed too but have never had one in the family. I saw two identical Lexus cars at the stoplight today. It got me to thinking; I wonder if the plural of Lexus is Lexi.

    AACK! Mice in the car. When I had my car in for an oil change, the service rep had the cabin air filter out of some car sitting on his desk. It was full of mouse droppings. Our male cat caught a mouse the other day. He ate it. I'm glad he made that choice instead of making a present of it. We have hawks and falcons here which help to keep the mouse population in check. One falcon decided to lunch on his mouse on a tree limb right outside my lanai. Fortunately for mice, they usually die before they are eaten.

    I'm not up to sitting on the balcony this afternoon. I felt useless so decided to do a manicure and pedicure. Newly painted nails always give me a lift. The skin on my feet is sooooo dry. Our air has been very dry, especially for us down here in humidity land. In addition, I've been running the A/C, which further dries out the air in here. I ended up putting some argan oil on my feet. It's the best stuff for restoring the skin.

    Well, gang, hope y'all have a nice evening. Not much on the tube so will likely fall asleep reading.

    Love, Mikie
  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    Barry has brought back. Of the time we had a car, older car. The then
    senior high schooler drove to graduation practice. Embarrassing enough,
    he sideswiped a pole leaving. In front of his friends. It totaled.

    Yet, said car sat in our driveway. Or rather a bit of yard off the driveway
    cause...well, we use our driveway. It sat there for a year, then another
    and another. Was it ever going to leave? The high school senior had left
    years before.

    Finally, huz needed a new car. So he told the folks at the dealership about
    the old car. They took it as a trade and came and towed it off.

    Now the 2nd embarrassing part. The mice that ran off when the car was being
    towed. Huz keeps me very humble with what he can ignore for years :)

    That cat did leave it's best for your Mikie! Since we are (I am) talking of
    mice), we had a cat that would bring dead mice to the front porch. What
    a good mouser!

    Rock, I meant to comment on Zippy! What a smart doggie to let you know
    about the storm. His camel coat/hair sounds beautiful.

    Very interesting about the kindness genes, Leah. Does it seem to ya'll that
    more ppl DON"T have the gene then do? Either that or I run into the unkind
    ones more often. Maybe they like rural towns? Who knows.

    Twin got her college degree after having kids. Her Huz would talk about her
    eyes dancing when it was time to leave for class. When I had two kids,
    I enrolled on a Friday and unenrolled on the next Monday.

    What was the difference? Her huz's job teaching was 23 hours a week. My
    huz had a 45 min commute each way and didn't get home til about 6pm.
    Who would I leave the kids with? Who would cook? Who would clean?
    Grocery shop?

    Here there were several women who went to college but after their kids were
    in school. By then CFS was my constant companion. That's life.

    Pam, still hoping you are having a great time in the great state of Florida.
    It's hotter in Ala and Georgie tomorrow than here. Keep reminding yourself
    of that!

    I might be twins with Barry too since both our dads are from east Texas.
    Grandfather was a sharecropper with a 4th grade education. Maybe I took
    after him! lol

    If you do not hear from me for a couple of days, I am either tired. Or I am
    extremely tired from babysitting the 3yo and 1 yo. That's IF we have to
    go to Jacksonville. Gravely ill family member in my dil's family.

    I can't even pic up a 1 yo. I goess he might have to nap on the floor. But
    hoping they don't need us as in the gravely ill person improves greatly.

    Leah, in the south. A sheath is a plain, straight, to the knee dress. Usually
    very simple (rag) but the fabric might make it more dressy.

    Barry, I think it is the lipitor. I can't take
    those kinds of meds.

    Dr Oz says 5 shrimp (not fried) twice a week and 5 red grapes a day and you
    cholesterol will improve. And I do believe that will help some. Seems
    we don't all fit in the same mold.

    Good nite MouseKiteers!


  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Windows decided, without warning, to do an update and my computer shut off in the middle of my post, of course, after I had typed a lot. So, here goes another try.

    Leah, I'm glad it's OK to be redundant, or is that redundant, redundant? :) I didn't take it seriously; I don't take much seriously. We have too much to deal with without taking everything seriously. If there is a kindness gene, you must have it in spades. You are always taking time to cheer others up when you don't feel well yourself. Sending warm, healing hugs your way.

    Linda, I'm laughing thinking about the mice deserting the car like rats deserting a sinking ship. Too bad some cats weren't around for the buffet. Years ago, our cat chased a mouse up the inside of the pedestal of our diningroom table. She waited hours and when the mouse came down, she pounced on it. For days, she waited by the table to see whether another mouse would come down. My then husband said she must think the table is a mouse dispenser.

    There were feathers this morning outside my door but no body. Perhaps the gift proved too tempting not to eat. Tweety is the more affectionate cat but Sylvester had feathers in his plumy tail. I think it's Tweety who leaves the gifts but I'm not entirely sure. Sylvester tends to eat his kill. Tweety will play with the geckos until they are half dead or get away tailess. For her, it's the thrill of the hunt.

    Sorry you've been so tired. Do you have a lot of pollen from the trees up there? My allergies are awful. I took a pill but am coughing and choaking. Allegies always leave me exhausted. Sending you some warm, healing hugs too.

    I took my coffee out on the balcony down by our tree. I have a lovely purple calla lily in a pot on the table down there. The little wind chime was tinkling away in the tree. The hood is having a "garage sale" today and people were over at the tennis court unloadingi their goods. I didn't feel up to cleaning out my other closets and standing out in the sun, so I'm not participating.

    Good news--I went online to find out how to fix my nonscrolling touchpad. I had to reinstall the touchpad driver. It's working now (knocking on wood). I HATE IT when my computer doesn't work.

    OK, I'm off to whatever. Have to hop in the shower. Sending my best healing hugs to everyone else here.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I am catching up on reading your posts but having a devil of a time putting up a post.Hope you can read my mind because I have had a lot to say but lost the replies.Leave tomorrow and we will head home the 26 arriving 28. So tired and want to be safe in my own bed.Will be resting on the ship is my plan.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, argan oil comes from a tree in Morocco (sp?) and is used in skin care products. It is expensive. Adrienne Arpel has a whole line of it. I bought one of her kits on HSN, which makes it more affordable. People use all kinds of oil, including cooking oil on their skin to lubricate it. The argan oil worked like a charm and my pedicure looks good. Down here, all we wear are sandals so we have to try to keep our feet presentable.

    Yes, having my computer and wi-fi finally running right is a God send.

    Pam, hope you enjoy the cruise. Glad you poked your head in if only to say, "Hi."

    A neighbor, who doesn't watch her beagle closely enough, came cruising by in her car looking for the dog. He chased Tweety up a palm tree before she coaxed him into her car and took off. Management will be sending her a letter because this isn't the first time. Tweety can climb very high trees, like this one, but she never goes all the way up to the crown. She was going to try to walk out on one of the fronds but every time she did, I told her, "No." I said, "You know how to climb down backwards." She seems to understand everything I say to her. She turned around, threw her back leg over a frond in the way and backed down like a telephone lineman. Smart kitty. She is in sleeping on my floor. I think she might have used up another of her lives. Yikes!

    I've been extremely tired the last few days. Gone is my energy for some reason. So, I've been watching TV and reading. This is what has gotten me through many a flare over the years. Take my mind off of it. No SS symptoms, for which I'm thankful. Just exhaustion. I'm still sitting here in my nightshirt and it's almost 1:00 in the afternoon. I was out on the balcony drinking coffee with Barb and Ilona called us down for breakfast. She fixed toast and scrambled eggs with ham. Mmmmm!

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  19. jole

    jole Member

    but I've been lurking (sorry). I've missed all of you, just no energy to enter the conversation. Well, that's not entirely true either. I did have a couple weeks a few months ago that I felt well enough I thought I was 'cured'.....just because I could think rational thoughts and vacuum an entire room in one You know how that goes. Then comes the fall.

    Why is it each time it happens it seems worse? But oh, those days in between were glorious! I went out for walks, and even considered trying to drive again! Silly me.....

    Our winter was fairly mild for KS, which I think helped. Unfortunately we're now having early tornados. Yesterday was not a pretty day......over 100 sightings for three states, ours included. Oklahoma hit the hardest. I packed a bag yesterday and took it down to the basement just so we'd have a couple changes of clothes "in case". We were actually hit by a tornado several years ago, which destroyed our garage, twisted large trees out of the ground, and moved our house on the foundation. Not something fun, for sure!

    Barry, your mice story is indeed part of country living! When our kids were small I remember going to town with them and having one run across the floor in the car. Thought one of them was going to jump out the Was just the suprise of it. We do have them get into the farm vehicles on occasion, but have outdoor cats now that rectify the situation. Rarely see them anymore.

    Love hearing about all the flowers. My flower days no consist of daisies, lilies, tulips, and wildflowers. No maintainence. I miss the time spent gardening so much!

    Leah, so enjoyed reading about your background. As exciting as it sounds to me reading, I can understand how frustrating it had to be for you, not feeling as though you belonged. You are a very special person!

    Linda, I've heard that about the shrimp and grapes before, and I also have high cholesterol. But for some reason, I simply cannot tolerate shrimp or a lot of seafood.....also cannot tolerate Lipitor or any of those meds. And my doc wants to give me the equivilent of them in shot form that lasts a year. No way!!

    Mikie, I was without a computer also due to our router. Couldn't get internet, had no WiFi (so couldn't order for my Kindle), and was lost! Bought a new router and it wouldn't work either. Eventually re-tried our old one, and lo and worked again! Will never understand that mess.

    Love the kitty story. Yes, ours do that too, as does our dog. We have to watch our lawn closely, because we never know what may be laying at the bottom of the steps as a present. Field mouse, rabbit, bird.....

    Rock, sooo good to see you! Hope Gordon's all healed up by now. Falls can be dangerous. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who gets tickled when I see something like that do my kids. I once fell in front of them, flat on my face, and lay there wondering how many bones were broken, only to hear them giggling hysterically. Strange family trait I guess.

    Pam, bet your bed will feel soooo good when you get home. Hope you're having a wonderful time. Speaking of beds......... Jole
  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    So happy you had some good days. So your doggie is a "hunter' too and
    brings treasures for you !:)

    Mikie, I hate to think of what might have happened to kitty if you were
    not there to give instructions on how to get out of the palm tree. YIKES!!
    I hope the owner learns a lesson.

    Leah, I might have lead you down the wrong path on what a sheath is.
    Seems it comes in a lot of price points depending on the price of the fabric
    and the designer. As a young woman and could sew, they could be very

    Twin is kinda giving up on FaceBook. She has seen too many ppl from our
    high school days befriend my brother and me and not her. If you are not
    on FB, you can see the person's friends if their privacy setting is a notch
    lower. Highest you cannot. I don't understand why someone would friend
    me and not her. But it seems the newness has worn off and very few
    are posting now. Well, Victoria is an exception to that :)

    The stepmom is stable but not out of the woods. Her lungs are much better.
    But her heart has only 2 valves instead of 3. So in the am (monday) they
    will put a tube down her esophagus and do an ultrasound of her heart. She
    is still sedated.

    The miracles of modern medicine but what you have to go through!!

    Leah, excellent that you finished your college. As a single mom, it had
    to be a 'mountain to climb'. So proud of you!

    Let's see what would I have studied in college. I dislike nursing, I dislike
    teaching. I dislike numbers. I do like words and history. I would have
    needed to live in an area that did historical reenactments, I think. haha
    I did find Williamsburg fascinating. But everyday? Probably not. Or
    a library. I do love just to look at books lining shelves. And I like things
    in order.Like the Dewey Decimal System! Sold!

    Ok, As the last poster, going to start the next thread since we are at 31.

    Love every single one of you!

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