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  1. spacee

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    Ok, can't think of a darn thing to post about..hahaha.

    The weather: lots better than it was. LOTS better. Pam you are going to love
    it here! Most of the time. :)

    Victoria, your DH seems to be feeling better. Is this right? Wanting to teach
    boxing. Seems like that would take a lot of NRG. Plus the other things that
    won't come to my mind right now.

    My DH keeps saying he doesn't have the stamina he used too. He does look
    tired. Chronic prostate issues will do that, I guess. Seems to be an ongoing
    infection. Wondering why the doc keeps using the same ABX...Cipro. Normally
    he could just keep going but Tax Season isn't normal. Will keep you updated.

    Finally have my artificial Tree ready to shove in the closet with sheet over it.
    It still get's dusty but I have the 'air' duster for computer keyboards works
    for this tree. Have the sheets washed and ready to go to their place. Then
    holidays are officially over.

    DH and I took a 30 min walk at the mall. That felt pretty good. Maybe it was
    the nap that helped.

    Legoland seems to be helping our economy. Some of the places are getting
    fresh paint and putting their best foot forward....wonder where that saying
    came from. Sounds like something to do with a horse maybe.

    TwinD/H and son/fam traded houses but didn't tell the Post office. Threw the
    Post Office in such a state of confusion, they bundled all the mail together
    and sent it to another state until they can figure out the problem. I hope
    it is soon, there are bills in that mail. This should get more confused, I

    We received our recycle bins. We washed the plastic out and put it in the bin.
    The ants made a major run for the stuff in the bin. The next day, the ants
    were dead. Oh, please let it be something the refuse ppl sprayed the bins
    with and not our food that is so deadly!

    That's all she wrote.


  2. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Oh boy was it a rough morning.Huz wanted to run errands after his haircut and laundry pick-up and I needed to be ready.Not so easy.He was wired on coffee and my system wasn't strong enough for any.Huge flare this week.I slept badly again and hurt terribly.I lost another 6lbs. that's 16 in the last month.I need to call the Rheumy for an appt.Probably all the stuff that's been happening I'm sure.So that's my tale of woe.I did get ready and got things done.

    Glad to hear the cold snap is over down South.We're going to look into building on our land when we come down in April.We have that piece of land near The Villages so we'll see about that option unless a house we love turns up.

    I feel bad for your huz Linda.Tax season will be brutal for him.I sure hope it is the bins too!

    I told huz he can't go to church tomorrow without his wedding ring because it's not nice to lead those ladies on.He said but all he does is talk about me nonstop.He said yes I talk about you my sister the whole time.Such a smarta$$.

  3. spacee

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    Have heard through my twin (how would she know in Virginia) that ppl love it
    at the Villages. So, doesn't look like you can make a mistake to me.
    When you get down in my area, you have the ppl who have lived here for
    generations and they aren't friendly. Lots of country type ppl. I don't think
    they have ever been out of our county. That doesn't made them bad ppl but
    they are not as open to change.

    I hope you don't get too far from DD. I liked it better when we were 1.5 hours
    from my son. 3 hours is kinda far. Or so it seems to us. I know of ppl that
    drive that far in a heart beat.

    I have been noticing how many times I start a sentence with I. I think that
    was said to be poor writing when I was in school. Can we take a vote on it?

  4. jole

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    Seems like just another day though. Went Friday to see my sis. It's a 3 1/2 hour drive there. Linda, I agree, that's just too far. We went and came back all in one day, hubby had to help me into the house when we got home, and of course yesterday I was in bed with pain med all day. Today I'm able to walk, so that's a plus.

    My one DD is pushing for me to go to Mayo Clinic for tests. Can't seem to get any docs in these small towns to do anything, and right now I'd be happy if they'd just do an MRI of my spine. Seems once they see FM on my chart, it's a pat on the hand and out the door. Not sure I could travel far enough to get to Mayo though.

    Linda, are you the one that was getting the new once a year injection for osteoporosis? My doc has strongly suggested I get that, but I had such horrible reactions to the others that it really worries me. We can stop oral meds, but what happens if we get the injection that lasts a year and react to it? Just don't think I can do any more pain. But I also know it's pretty much all over if I fall too......yes, my bones are extremely 'holey'.....

    Was sitting here early this morning listening to two hoot owls outside in the trees 'talking' to each other. I love that sound, and it sure put a smile on my face. Well, most of nature does...

    I forgot to tag on, and my mind is working very slowly today. Sorry this is all about 'me'. I went to bed last night thinking of my 'to do' list for today, and of course can't remember it again. That's okay. Doubt it would have gotten done anyway.

    Linda, as for the "I" question.....yes, that happens a lot here too, and I seem to remember the same thing from English lit class...bad, bad, bad! Oh well, if that's all we're doing wrong, we're nearly perfect!

    Have a great day..week...everyone! ...Jole...

  5. spacee

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    I missed repsonding about your weight loss Pam. I sure hope it gets better.
    Your life has been such a turmoil for a while. Maybe it will calm down soon.

    Jole, No it was not moi that took the once a year injection. My pcp doesn't
    suggest a thing. He lets me suggest all tests and meds. (Not sure "let" is
    the word. He thinks if you look healthy, you are). Strontium (sold here about
    $15 a month) is what I am using. I take a bottle of it and then take about
    a month's break. Don't take with calcium or milk. Fingers crossed. Alot
    of the options don't seem very good.

    That's not nice of your docs to not do an MRI of your spine. Have had that
    done. There is some damage to the lower spine which doesn't surprise me
    due to all the time in bed, propped up on pillows when the kids were home.
    Felt that I would pay for it down the road. You don't drink cola's diet or sweet,
    do you? Bad for the bones. I sip a bit of a coke zero when my tummy feels
    upset. Buy the smallest can and don't finish it. It's the best I can do :(
    That yearly med would be scary. Do the doc's have something that would
    counteract it if necessary? I hope you can go to the Mayo or some where
    they would do an MRI. It's the least they can do.

    The Q is on. Twin said that whoever decides what colors are "in" have chosen
    pastel. Does look like it with what the tops they are selling. They are continuing to put spangles all over them though. If you keep up with that sort
    of thing. There have been a lot of spangles for a while.

    Tried the AA face cream Mikie and loved it with just powder over it. Hope you
    are ok since your last injection. Have a feeling it might have thrown you
    but hoping you have just been busy.

    Hugs to all.
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I haven't been here too much for a couple of days because I've been feeling great again. The Red Tide evidently isn't blowing ashore but it seems to be causing harm to cormorants, birds which are common down here. They eat fish which evidently are contaminated. Many fish have died and washed ashore. We have water on three sides so the winds can shift. If there is a RT outbreak and the winds carry the dried algae spores inland, it makes me sick, very sick. Some people have such respiratory problems that they have to leave. I just get a dry cough but get exhausted and my mind is so addled that I can't think straight and have no balance. I get lightheaded and dark patches in my vision. That stuff must be realllly toxic. Manatees die from it and they are huge mammals.

    Pam, hope they can find out what is causing the weight loss. You have had so much going on lately. I keep you in my prayers.

    Linda, which cream did you get? Can't remember. I gotta say that I haven't gotten anything from AA that I haven't loved and my skin is in great condition. My problem now is that I have too much to use it up in a timely manner. One jar of the vitamin C day cream went bad. Actually, it doesn't go bad so much as it gets kinda greasy. I'll use it on my arms and chest at the pool because it has sun screen in it.

    I still haven't tried going over there to see whether I can tolerate some sun. While I've been feeling better, I've been cleaning and spending time with my neighbors who just came in. They are like family. In fact, we call ourselves our "Florida Family."

    Those clothes with all the bedazzling trim sound like Quacker Factory clothing. I know other designers use spangles and sparkles too but no one does it like QF. I miss seeing Jeanne Bice on TV, selling her clothing and having the time of her life. I don't shop for clothing on TV. I have to touch things before I'll even consider them. Also, with all the sales we have here, it's much cheaper to shop locally.

    Going to take my neighbor's car to the carwash today as she arrives this evening. I may or may not ride with the neighbor who is picking her up. She's been up in Boston for the holidays. Her husband died this time last year and, while she is doing great, she still struggles to do the things he always did. Her car is black and he always kept it perfect. I promised her I'd show her how to use the do-it-yourself carwash so I'll take her with me when I wash my car. She has a great attitude and seems to be enjoying learning how to do things for herself. She fixed the handle on her toilet herself and was so proud. She's doing great getting around on her computer too.

    I've had to do everything for myself for 25 years now. One couple here is always fighting over the division of labor; he procrastinates and the more she nags him, the more he drags his feet. OMG! I'd rather do it all myself. Life is too short to fight over stuff like this. One of my greatest regrets is that I couldn't save my marriage but I'm so self-sufficient and independent now that I'll probably be by myself the rest of my life and that's OK. I envy long-time married couples who are still in love but my independent life is the runner-up best-case scenario in lieu of that. I will never give up control of the remote and I know that's a deal breaker :)

    Well, my friends, I send my love, hugs and prayers to everyone. Y'all are my "Online Family."

    Love, Mikie
  7. Ranigar

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    That's a good name for us Mikie.I bought some frozen fruit and yogurt and am back to making smoothies for nourishment.It soothes my stomach and makes me feel stronger.Message in to the Dr. to see what she can offer but not impressed with how fast she's responding.First time I've called between appts. but she said I needn't suffer but call her.Ok but I had to be put on hold and repeat myself 5 times to 5 different people to just leave a message.not very impressive is it?

    Anyway I stopped Tramadol and so far no nausea so maybe that's the culprit this time.Not much left for pain relief but the poor stomach can only stand so much for so long.

    Future DIL is bringing me a Chinese chic salad when she gets off work.The guys wanted sloppy joes.So that sounded so much better to us.

    Mikie being self sufficient goes along with having good self esteem don't you think?You must have both.My younger sis has always done everything herself and supported the men she chose.On her second marriage and settled just to have a man around.She just can't see how strong she is and be alone.Other sister is similar she admits she has to be in a relationship.

    My huz traveled so much that I've been self sufficient.I can't or have no interest in fixing things myself but I can find someone to get the job done.I don't panic at being alone.Comfortable with myself and know that if DH goes first I won't be interested in finding someone.My mom didn't either after my dad passed.Independent is good.

  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Women whose husbands are gone a lot also have to be self-sufficient. It doesn't matter whether one does it herself of knows where to find someone who can do it. I think the worst thing I've seen are women who have no sense of empowerment to do anything. It's sad. I'd say self-esteem comes with learning to take care of oneself. Thank you for your kind compliment; it sounds as though you have great self-esteem. In fact, our little group here is accomplished and secure in ourselves. Maybe that's why I enjoy reading all the interesting posts. We seem to be "on the same page." Or, on the same thread :)

    Pam, I hope your doc can help you. I hate to think of your suffering. Yes, having to talk to so many people is not a good sign. I love my new doc but his nurses or assistants, whatever, do not seem too competent. Fortunately, he is. At least, they are all nice and since he specializes in our illnesses, I never get attitude from anyone.

    Well, gotta get going. Hoping everyone had a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    That's the message I'm getting from Drs. office.No one called back yesterday.I was going to just get stubborn and forget it but the principal of the whole thing made me call,again.The message I never got was some kind of topical expensive cream that my Ins. might not cover so I can drive to them 45min. away for a coupon for the pharmacy.Ahh I just told them to give me the steroid pack to help the exhaustion and insomnia.I expect nothing for pain relief I've been down that road.We'll see what this magic cream is about at the pharmacy I doubt I'll get it.

    I told my DD it's the nature of our illness.No cure it's just chronic and Drs. don't want to deal with it.

    So enough of that mess.Managing to move around and tend to housework and laundry so that's my week.

    Wish I had a great book right now but the two I have left are dry and can't get interested.

  10. spacee

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    Mikie,so very glad to hear you have been feeling great!!! That's just wonderful!
    The AA cream I have is Signature Club A Day Cream. I will have to use it
    up by July. I got it off of eBay. Love the 30+ SPF and the double Hyaluronic.
    Great for dry skin anywhere, I think.

    The tee's with sparkles were Susan Graver but I agree that it sounds more like
    the Quacker Factory. I'm with you, I have to touch something to see how
    it feels, so no ordering from anywhere. I think Susan's clothes are almost
    all poly and I can't take that usually. Agree, again, I think the sales around
    here give a much better price.

    Pam, the yogurt and fruit sounds yummy. Sorry about the extended run around
    from the doc. And so sorry you are in pain without relief!! I hurt my back
    Monday nite at yoga. Sometimes I can't decide what is best, lie down and
    let it rest or move around and stretch it out. Today, the resting seemed to
    help the most. Oddly, one of the more easy of the exercises is the one that
    does it to my back. I really try to not do it but she threw in a "different"
    spinal rotation and it "got" me.

    Will say I have never fixed a toilet but I think I could. Think I have a good bit
    of arthritis in my hands. Which is annoying. I'm sure I am not the type who
    "needs" a man but I have known since I got this DD that I can't do it on my own. But I might could. Sometimes you don't know what you can do until
    you have too! Sink or swim :)

    That Red Tide is awfull!! Humans and wildlife and pets! Wish "they" could
    solve the problem.

    That's cute. Florida Family and Online Family. Ok guys...are you hiding out?
    Come out or I'll send you some face cream!

  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Scripts waiting at the pharmacy.I didn't want huz to go out of his way to get them after work.Maybe I should have because he was rubbing my back and legs at 3 this morning when he woke to see me sitting on the edge of the bed.Hey it worked I felt better and went back to sleep.The scripts are nothing much but I'll try anything.

    Retirement notice was posted at work and everyone is wishing huz well.They let go so many people in the last two weeks.All were bought out so that's good but most had no notice.The ones that are left wish they didn't have two work there.The company is being run to the ground and will probably be sold eventually so turns out to be a blessing to get out now.

  12. jole

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    face cream you're talking about! My skin is sooo dry this winter, and the wrinkles are really showing! I forgot the name of it, but would also like to get the face scrubber I saw on tv that works like an electric tooth brush for the's $129 so doubt if it's going to find my house. The news gal said it really does cleanse better than soap and water, and used a glow-in-the-dark gel to prove it on half her face.

    Yesterday was beautiful here, up in the low 60s with no wind. I took a short walk outside and sat on the porch for a bit. Today it's in the 30s with 40-45 mph winds and the chill goes right through you.

    Cleaned out the cabinet and cupboard in the utility room a couple days ago. Will get the floor scrubbed today and feel like something actually got accomplished. A small box of things can go back to the garage to their rightful home. Hubby has a tendency to 'forget' to put things back when finished with them.

    Got my tooth pulled Monday, and they're redoing my partial. Won't get it back until next Tuesday, so I'm eating soups. As much as I enjoy soup, it does get old fast. Nothing else going on. Have a great day........Jole
  13. victoria

    victoria New Member

    LOL since I have a spanish version of windows courtesy of local repair shop that would not use my english cd... it makes sense to combine the accent mark with the apostrophe on that term (you all/y'all/yáll). Actually I don't always remember to hit "space bar" before a vowel after an apostrophe. If I hit apostrophe and then type a 'c', I get ç LOL. When I have fat fingers, I get the o with the two dots over it, I haven't really figure out how that pops up when it does otherwise...

    Well, that was sort of on subject regarding writing? ... hmmm I used a lot of 'I' - however LOL I prefaced each sentence with some other word. hahahahaha, just realized that.

    Our Chiminea is working great, it is soooooooooooooooo nice to be warm on chilly nights, and the insulated pipe is keeping things cool as the actual chimney goes through the wood roof. We got it installed just in time, it has dropped to freezing the past few nights, and by keeping it warm in here with that & sun during the day, it doesn't drop below 55 after we've gone to bed on the coldest nights (about 32 degrees outside). Days have been sunny but breezy which makes it feel like about 60.

    I sure hope the winds do not change, Mikie! It's a shame more attention isn't called to the problems and especially the cause(s) of the red tides, I hate to see that happening & changing the ecology.

    IF Barry is reading this... I think it was him that had a jade plant to flower, it had white flowers? Well, mine is flowering this winter, has tiny yellow flowers tho. Amazing how well it does here despite the dips in temperature at night.

    Jole, "They" say soup is good if one is trying to lose weight since it fills you up faster; tho I haven't tried that. Pam, are you losing weight you don't want to? I hope yours stabilizes. I've been on both ends, neither is easy to deal with.

    Jole, I sure hope you can get an MRI sooner than later, that's crazy they won't take you seriously. I don't know, if I were you, I'd probably go to someone new and not tell them about the Fibro at first, maybe? Hate to deceive, but sometimes...

    I'm not sure why, but I seem to have lost my hunger a lot, tho weight is stable since I don't do that much anyway. I think I have to re-learn something about how to go walking for exercise... last time I went for a walk, 3 weeks ago, no problem in actually doing it but my shoulders/neck were extremely tensed up by the time I got back and I don't know why. Lasted for days.... & as usual, makes no sense.

    Linda I hope your husband feels better soon; seems that if the Cipro isn't working, maybe a culture should be done? My first case of bladder infection, at age 40, kept returning for over a year; ultimately that's what I had to get a culture done by a urologist and stayed on Cipro for 3 months; culture was repeated every month until it finally grew nothing.

    Pam, does your DH have any ideas about what he wants to do once retired? I also am having to devote some time to cleaning/organizing. A lot of (99% mine) stuff is in our cabin, and DH's good friend is coming Tuesday. Oh well, at least it's a reason to push. I guess.

    Linda, my DH is looking for teaching jobs, in psych - for him that is fun/relaxing, at least the interaction with students is. Or reviving his psych license. Things for him seem to be under control, and hopefully it will stay that way.

    Ummm, trying to remember what else was said.

    Oh dear... can't remember anything else... if I forgot anybody, I don't mean to.

    However, for some reason, the idea of a Legoland shopping center sticks in my head. Is that Lego as in building blocks? That's what pops into my mind anyway, it certainly would be quite colorful LOL.

    One more thing - talking about face creams with sunscreen... I find I've broken out/allergic to all the sunscreens I've tried, including Neutrogena's best. I've given up looking, unhappily. A lot of moisture lotions do the same to me, but I've no idea what ingredient/s bother me. I have found a few that I do not have problems with, but one with sunscreen. If anyone has had the same problems but found something that worked, let me know? At this elevation and latitude, I'd love to be able to use one.

    Take care

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  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have read all the posts and hope those who have lost weight gain it and
    those who have gained weight (and didn't want to) lose it. In a nutshell,
    hope all are on the mend.

    Wrenched my back in yoga Monday nite and it's been getting worse tonite.
    Oh well, Know what I am doing and need to stop. This too shall pass but
    I am very sleepy and can't think of much to say.

    Except the tv show Chopped makes me crave food. I haven't craved foods
    in years, possibly decades. It's a food show about chef's competing for

    Been watching more of HSN. It is very different than QVC. Much more modern
    and more like Florida, my opinion. Wish they would come out with a cheap
    wand to send wrinkles to Never Never Land.

    Later Gators.

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I had two paragraphs entered when Windows shut down my computer to perform an update. Windows XL used to give you a choice when to let it perform updates. Windows 7 just rudely shuts the computer down.

    Pam, I am glad the rubdown helped you. Same with the smoothies. I will buy frozen fruit when it's on sale and throw a banana, which is too ripe to eat by itself, into my blender and enjoy. I don't eat enough fruit and veggies. I got some green powder from ProHealth and mix it with water to try to up my intake of greens. It isn't bad tasting. I'm sure the retirement news is stressful. Even good news is stressful for us as we have to adjust to the change. Hope you're feeling better.

    Victoria, I used to lose my appetite when I visited Mexico from CO. I felt better at sea level too. I think living here at sea level has helped me. My DD just visited CO and came home with all the symptoms of breathing thin polluted air. They keep a ski condo in the mtns. and they visit every winter to ski and visit family. My other daughter's hubby has horrible asthma and he's a runner. He's had so much steroidal treatment that it's now affecting him adversely. I wish they would move. Everyone thinks CO is such a healthy place but it really isn't if you live in the Denver Metro area. I like to visit but could never live there again. I'm glad you have some heat.

    Linda, glad you like your skin cream. I rotate between the vitamin C and the Five Essentials with Retinol. That's what the dermatologist recommended. Adrienne's products are actually less expensive than Oil of Olay. My skin is always creamy but not oily, even when I wash it and don't apply product. I sneak in a little of the Argan Oil cream now and then. It's also excellent. I just wish she would stop including the cheesy bags with her kits. I end up giving them to the Goodwill. I'd rather get a product.

    Well, seems the worst of the Red Tide has moved down the Coast to the Naples area. Still, if there is even a little bit on the winds, a sensitive person will feel sick. I still have a dry cough and feel lightheaded and my balance is off. I know the neighbors think I'm a hypochondriac but I don't care. It could be something else but the symptoms of Red Tide are pretty well established with me.

    I am the owner of two Cuisinart K-Cup coffee makers. My old one started to only give me 4 ozs. of coffee and was blowing coffee grounds into my cup. I went to Bed Bath & Beyond to get a new one so I could use my 20 percent off coupon. I came home and set up the new one and read through he manual. Seems that when calcium deposits from the water build up inside the coffee maker, it is supposed to display a "descale" message. It never did that and I always used filtered water from my fridge. Well, I thought I had nothing to lose so I followed the descaling instructions, running straight vinegar through the machine. Voila, it's working like a new one. I'd already been using the new one so can't return it. Oh well, having two is better than having none. Can't live without that cup 'o joe in the morning.

    Hope everyone is doing well, or better. Y'all know I keep you in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Windows just did the same thing to me as I was posting.Came back on and saw your new post.So aggravating isn't it?

    Snow and cold temps starting tonight.Really mild and maybe an inch of snow so far this yr. so I can't complain and am grateful.Flare is easing!Got one script to help me sleep yesterday and it helped.I still woke at 4 am but went back to sleep later.The topical cream script didn't clear Ins. yet to be filled.I don't know what that is about and I'm not much interested in whether it does or not.

    DH travels to Portland and then Atlanta for his last trips.Victoria his plans include some consulting but already people are approaching him with business plans he can be semi retired to do.We'll see but he's focused on getting out of there and being retired first.Looking at Fl. house plans and will check it out in April.Very fortunate to have prospects out there to choose from so we'll see if we can find a fit.

    DD is trying to lose weight and I'm trying to gain right now.She says I have the better problem and I have to agree.She scolded me for not eating enough yesterday.Now that I'm doing better I'll be able to build myself back up and will probably start having the opposite problem.Isn't that what usually happens?

    Two coffee makers now.4oz. is about all I can get down now.I miss a nice full cup.I want the individual makers but huz drinks several cups when he's home.I think you would get a better cup but it would be to expensive with the amount he drinks.

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    If one shops at Costco or gets the K-cups on sale, the cost per cup is about $.50. I used to shop the BOGO's on coffee and buy the good stuff before I got this one-cup-at-a-time machine. Thing is that, for me, a whole pot of coffee gets wasted. Also, the K-cups are stronger and I tend to be satisfied with one cup. These machines come with a filter in which you can use your own coffee instead of the K-cups but they have to be cleaned out with each cup one brews. So, it all depends on one's situation. If I want decaf, I will use the filter and my own coffee as I have some left over from my old machine.

    My tea kettle is obsolete as the coffee maker will dispense hot water. There are K-cups for tea, cocoa and cider but I don't want to buy a whole box of them. I just use the hot water and the little envelopes I buy at the store. How did we ever get to where our lives revolve around our coffee?

    Went out for Chinese with my neighbors today as it's the first time in three days I've felt decent again. I think the last of the Red Tide is gone. My shots don't seem to help with exposure to neurotoxins. The RT makes me feel so lousy that I can't even tell if the shots are still working except that my SS is better as is my arthriitis. Just to have a somewhat normal day is wonderful. Also, I took a shower and did my hair--always a booster. Last night, I slept well too.

    Hope everyone has a lovely evening and sleeps like a baby wrapped in a soft blanket listening to a nice lullaby.

    Love, Mikie

  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    Oh my back! I was talking to Twin today and told her to be aware that I might
    scream. Which did happen. I asked her if she thought it was like labor pains.
    She laughed and said "that's right you never had any. It sounds sharper than

    So kids, I have read and thought about you all and now I am going to take
    a pain med and lie down. Today did seem to be better than yesterday though.
    Got 3 errands done.

    Thanks for the sleep wishes!

  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Winter has hit.In the teens and snow on the ground.Huz will have flight delays getting out of Cleve. today and he said the plane is flying east to New Jersy then west to Oregon.

    I'm babysitting this morning.So far meltdown averted when 3yr. old wanted to watch Spiderman and it was not on the cartoon network.He's used to on demand DVD's and I don't have those at my house.He settled for Mickey Mouse.His mom won't be gone but a couple hrs. so I should be able to manage but he's hit the stage where everything you ask him is no.It's been a lot of yrs. since this family has had little ones.

    Muscles and joints were painful yesterday due to weather change coming.Huz picked up the script for Voltarin ointment for $97 and it helped with repeated application.At that price I won't be getting it again.Three tubes worth and I don't know if Ins. will pay anything toward the price.New yr. so we need to hit our max first.

    All of you are much warmer then me except maybe Jolee.

  20. jole

    jole Member

    It's cold here! In the 30s during the day, and colder at night. The worst though is the wind, which actually causes me more pain than the temp for some reason. You mentioned the Voltarin...hubby used that after his carpal tunnel surgery. It helped. Wish I would have tried it. For me, I've found that a gel called "Sombra" works better than anything.

    A few years back I went to a elderly doc who did nothing but treat FM patients. She has since retired. She really didn't do much but sure understood what 'we' were going through, and was really just a theraputic She sold me my first jar of Sombra. Then she quit practicing. Since then, I've bought it off the internet. It works for my neck/shoulder muscles really well, and has stopped some horrible tension headaches. There are lots of 'marked off' versions, but I buy direct from the company so I know it's the real thing.

    I'm a little (well, a lot) envious of you ladies in warmer climates. These fronts are about to do me in, and right now I'd give anything to have a hubby willing to move to Az, Utah, or somewhere warm and dry :) Fl would be wonderful because I love the water, but I have a sister there that I would hate to run into. Yes, I know it's a big state...

    When you're all having a bad day, are you like me? I tend to wander the house, unable to settle in and do anything constructive, then get down on myself for not accomplishing anything. It's like a 'restless pain'.

    Oldest grand turned 19 yesterday. Doesn't seem possible! I look at him and see his father at that age......not sure what happened to the years in between. Big sigh.....