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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    Some of us are having Dookie Days. And I am one of them.

    Plz go back and read the last of the last if you haven't.

    I can't wight ot talk or typ so i'l clos 4 now.


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  2. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Thanks so much for the information about prescriptions. I went to the site but it didn't show up. Just wanted to let you know that the official site is: I just printed out applications for 5 of my meds.

    I know you're having a Dookie Day, so the fact that you would take the time to tell me about this means a lot to me. I'll keep you updated.

    Unfortunately, I can't print out the applications until the sleeping giant wakes up!! :)

    Thanks again. Love ya.

  3. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    No more dookie days! No more dookie days! No more dookie days! Im sorry youre having a rough time spacee. Im such a whiner...i come in here and whine and cry and carry on and there are those that suffer in silence and just support others. I dont know how i did it before i found this board. . . . . . I went to town today BY MYSELF! DH didnt have to drive me! I came home and collapsed on the couch but i made it. If i dont adjust to this diet i dont know what im going to do. My energy level was ca ca before...i didnt know it could get worse! I saw a kid drinking a coke and i coulda knocked him down and snatched that coke from him. Oh listen to poor DH who already has to be at work before the crack of dawn had to go in 30 mins early. The alarm went off at 4:30. Hell be on his feet for at least 12 hrs doing the job of 4 ppl and trying to get the lazy butts who want a paycheck but dont want to work for it to do their own jobs. He comes in the door and his butt comes in 15 mins later. And IM the one who does all the whining. I need a spanking.
  4. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Why Misfit.......a spanking! You naughty little girl! So what IS in that bedside table of yours?!!!! :)

    Glad you made it in to town today. Feels nice to feel like a real human being once-in-a-while, isn't it? It sucks that we have to pay for it for the next three days.

    My poor, patient DH let me have it tonight. OK, get your minds out of the gutter!! He was mad (sorta) at me because he thinks I've been doing too much since I got home from the hospital and haven't given myself time to heal. I suppose he's right....kinda...sorta. It's just that when I DO have a day when I feel better, I take advantage of it and walk the dog, vacuum, do laundry, clean the kitchen, walk the dog again, change the sheets on the bed, etc., etc., etc. Oh, you get the idea.

    But I've been very depressed lately. Just can't seem to get out of this funk. I can't stand living day-to-day financially. DH gets a small stipend from the ambulance company. He gets paid when he takes a call. So, if he goes in for an 8 hour shift and they don't get any calls.....he doesn't get any money. And, because it is a volunteer organization, there's no "official" payroll department. He just gets a check when someone gets around to writing checks. I can't stand it. It's one of the reasons I really want to get back to work. But, the way I've been feeling - physically - lately, I just don't think I could do it. But, then again, I just can't imagine just sitting around my house the rest of my life. Of course, then that makes me even more depressed. It's such a damn vicious (sp?) cycle, isn't it? The only light at the end of the tunnel that isn't an oncoming train is that, at the end of the month, I should be getting my first long-term disability check, as well as the check from UNUM. We finally won our battle with them. So, for a few hours we'll have more money than we've had in months. Of course, then we'll pay bills and budget for the next 4 weeks and it will all be gone again!

    Oh.....and the weight watchers thing. I wasn't even able to go and weigh in this past saturday because we didn't even have the stupid $12.00 to pay for the meeting. According to my scale, I had lost about 3.5 pounds. Then I got all depressed and icky feeling last night and ate about 87 pounds of junk. Another freakin' vicious cycle. Geez, if all these vicious cycles I was on were bicycles, I'd have lost 50 pounds by now!!

    One thing that's been keeping me a little busy is that I'm journaling. I used to try to write in a journal every day but it wouldn't last for more that a week or two. But, I'm actually typing this journal, then printing off each page and putting it in a notebook. Doing too much writing by hand makes my hands hurt. Typing is easy.

    Well, I think I've depressed y'all enough. Time to make room for someone who has something positive to say!

    Thanks for being here.

  5. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Whats in my bedside drawer probly has spider webs lol. Jan...dont beat yourself up. My dh and i went thru 2 of the WORST financial yrs of my entire life. I was seriously worried. If you can hang on long enuf things will get better. Its depressing when theres no money. We manage to pay our bills now and i do have to juggle them around...but i just feel lucky to be able to get them paid. And to be able to buy groceries. My dh likes to eat well and he likes a beer (or 4) on sat nite. As hard as he works im not about to begrudge him either one. It took me 10yrs to adjust to not working. I dont accept change well tho. And good for the journaling! I did that for awhile. Sometimes i go back and read what i wrote and i realize for the most part ive come a long way. Betcha youll find yourself in a better place as time goes by. Just hang in there. Youve got friends here.
  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    I will have to go back and see what I wrote.

    Money woes...yep very, very terrible. Went throught it for at least 10 years (a few before
    and a few after) the death of our business. Probably will be right back there when DH

    It is extremely depressing. I had suicidal thoughts most of the years. (I mean seeing
    how I was gonna do it and having to push the thoughts out of my mind all day long).
    Stupid enough to not think to ask for antidepressants...though I know now I can only
    take the smallest amount of one kind). I finally asked the doc to check my serotonin.
    So low and the other was really high. Which technically made me 'manic depressive'
    but no one close to me has seen any mania...does it show when I write? haha

    Now I have lovely dementia. I have to make an airport run on Friday. I haven't
    done that in 2 years. 45 min drive. Armed with ritalin and McD's coke, I will make
    it. But I just don't know if I will be driving at all in 2 years.

    Our town is building a huge Senior Day Care. I can just see DH dropping me off on
    his way to work! I hope they have a lot of recliners to sleep in! I'm really glad they
    built it.

    Well, I guess we can be happy that our parents didn't have our genitals mutilated
    when we were kids. That was on the news tonite. If the doc here won't do the "job",
    they take their daughters back to the mother country and have it done their.

    I think the pediatricians here ought to check for it and if it has been done, the girl
    gets taken from the parents. I do believe that might halt some of it. I guess they
    would try to not take the girl to the doc here, but some time it has to happen. I mean
    just put it on the news that the girls will be taken away if it is done. Ok, better...
    a doc check every year before school starts. If we can't stop it in the mother country,
    we can stop it here.

    Was that cheerful enough? What a day, what a day. Or what a life, what a life.

    I am going to make this a novel. We did grocery shop Sunday. Groceries seem to
    be going through the roof price wise. They were advertising "feed a family of four
    for $15". This was one meal....supper. That seems so high to me. Not the 'good deal' they
    were acting like it was. They are also coming up with lots of one skillet meals.
    Maybe the tired working woman will feel like she can do one skillet.

    Burned, dry chicken, Becky. Now what is your problem with that? snicker (Vic is busy
    and won't read that) Put some ketchup on it and eat it like a woman! hahahaha

    I will say that I am watching Ellen everyday at 4pm and she does lift my mood.
    She seems so happy. I hope it isn't just acting!

    The Netherlanders are sick again times 2. Baby ran a fever for 5 days, 3 year old
    with an ear ache. Never ends. No, a few spaces in between then Kaboom.

    But #3 is in a relationship and after 6 long years....we are happy about that! Did
    I tell you he wanted a real life red head. And they didn't seem to like him. Til this
    one. She is only two years older...with you two..I'm not worried about that at all!

    Nitely nite kids, I think the MIA are worse than us. ARE YOU MIAs?

    Love you ALL!

  7. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    WHAT genital mutilation? I watched some report about a country doing it on young girls. Is that it? I found it to be the most horrible repulsive thing ever. I cant even imagine. Tomorrow is DHs bday. Got him a boston red sox jersey and a cap. Will TRY to cook swiss steak if my body holds out. Jan i think its great that your dh nags you about overdoing. Mine does as well. Hes perfected it. They just care. All i have to do is threaten to sleep on the couch and he shuts up. He hates sleeping alone. Spacee i hope the netherlands get well quickly. My DD calls me every time my DGS coughs. When he had the hand foot and mouth disease she called in a panic thinking he had the measles. Her phone bill would be thru the roof. I guess Victorias having a great time with her DD. I hope everyones having a great time at something!
  8. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Yes, LOL I did read your comment above and don't get it... even read the last few comments on the last thread.

    Anyway, I am not chicken, I eat chicken, and I do like 'blackened chicken', maybe that's what whoever's MIL thinks that term means? jejejeje

    Yes we had a great time but we are truly not typical. None of us can take the sun, or for that matter, the humidity. This far south, it is very humid year-round. Worse than Baja Calif. or Mazatlan where the winters are perfect at least.

    We got there by 1 pm yesterday because we had to stop by the consulate. Grrr they charge $30 to get a signature notarized, and $20 for a 2nd copy. Back in the states it would be free at our bank. After that, we spent all of 30 minutes looking at shops, it was either ultra cheap junk or very expensive even tho it was all pretty similar.

    We ended up at a hotel on the beach. Definitely not cheap even in the off season, but I guess that's what you get when you just show up. I KNOW I could've gotten better rates online, just didn't have time. Anyway, they had a great restaurant. It was great because it was open to the breezes with a solid roof, LOL = deep shade. Best part was just walking the beach at dusk. Did manage to hit 'happy hour', they brought me a 2nd lime margarita and yes, I could not resist.... but those are only occasional occasions thankfully.

    Good thing we paid the extra $ for the balcony/seaside view tho cuz I ended up not sleeping for part of the night. I was able to sit out there and read and not disturb DH or DD. The heat/humidity never varied by more than a couple degrees LOL; and in fact at 3 AM there was absolutely NO breeze. In our 4 hour drive home today, the temp went from 93 to 70, felt like air conditioning.

    So sorry Linda the kids are having a rough time, it's so hard knowing the little ones are ill in particular.

    Becky - NO carbs? really? That would mean almost no veggies at all. I would feel horrible, I remember the old Stillman diet where it was 'steaks and salads'; I didn't last 24 hours, had such a horrible headache from the ketosis. Or are you just talking "low carbs"...

    All who have DH's (and/or kids) that CARE are so lucky, as we all know; certainly seems all too rare. I know the financial worries don't help. Jan that has to be difficult for your DH and all the other volunteers to get paid that way. Do they ever hold benefits for them? They should. I really honor the volunteers, we had a volunteer fire dept plus volunteer ambulance as well, we always contributed as much as possible.

    For many anyway, our best laid plans for retirement hasn't worked out well, very bad timing. I think it was the biggest transfer of wealth from the middle class in general over the past 10 years... notice nobody's talking about privatizing SS now.

    Salud and a hug to all the MIA's and those who are here... I'll be in good company by tomorrow, likely.

    Margarita Nomoreland

    PS: y'all really need to look at all these gangs of retired ex-patriates, too funny. There's even "man hunting' gangs. In addition to the "table-cloth wearing" gangs, one of my favorites. Whoever all contributed to this were very clever, I find it hysterical/entertaining, and could see myself fitting into one of those gangs. But it would have to be called the PJ gang tho, ;) I don't think there's one of those- yet; I know they're just waiting for someone like us to show up and inspire it:

    Whoever said they were jealous of the teens in the local US "PJ gangs" - I agree!

  9. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Victoria...glad to see you back! Glad you had a good time with your dd. At least it sounds like you did in spite of the heat and humidity. And 30 bucks for a notary??? Wow. . . . Im doing the NO CARB thing. No sugar. I dont think ive hit ketosis yet tho i did warn dh that when i did my breath will knock him down from yards away. Its getting hard. Not so much the meat and salad (and grapefruit..limes but no tequila) but im SICK AND TIRED of water! I want a soda! Im not sure why im even doing this but its with the INTENTION of making my body healthier so maybe it can deal w this lyme thing better. Im starting to wonder. Anyhoo glad to see you back! Hope the others ck in soon!
  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I found that cravings went away. Didn't do that for more than 2 weeks tho, as it's awfully hard to get enough nutrition. Well, you are getting some carbs, I don't think you'd feel too good with absolute zero; green veggies (beyond lettuce) are ok and recommended. I haven't seen any Lyme or other diet that says not to eat any green veggies -?

    One more comment about 'la playa' (beach): it was so humid it made my underwear seem extra friendly. So I am very happy that 'luck' led us to the mountains when we moved, we'd originally thought we wanted to be on the coast! We did see other stuff like arts. But DD was tired - after all it was her vacation, and she was happy to kick back and not run all over the place TG!

    'Under the Weather" alert to all our MIAs... hope you can check in soon!

    Ms. U. All

  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Last night I threw the bowls and spoons from dessert into the trash under the sink.The min. it left my hand I realized what I'd done and grabbed them back out.Getting closer to the dish washer though.Silly stuff.

    Blood work for dad at the VA.DS is off to drive.Me driving in this condition is a scary thought.

    I saw the news report on women Linda.I've read books about womens accounts of it in different countries.Truly a barbaric custom.

  12. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Sure have missed all of you. It has been a rough stretch for me. After reading your posts it seems i am in good company. Was in a flare for awhile. My neck hurt to much to type.

    Our son gave us a huge monitor. It was really pretty but to large for me. We switched back to our ancient smaller screen and neck is better.

    We went to Portland OR to visit family. It was nice to spend time with loved ones. However
    there is always a price to pay for traveling.

    Our financial position is awful. House is in foreclosure and we are waiting to hear if we will get
    a modification on our loan. Makes me sick to my stomach. The loan is with the underwriter. We could hear any day now. We put over $100,000 into this house. I would hate to lose it.

    Sorry i am venting so much.

    Take Care,
  13. victoria

    victoria New Member

    SO sorry to hear about your house and all, I can't imagine the stress over possibly losing it all. Too many are in this position. I really feel those in power, ie those who have the real power behind the scenes, are responsible for the economy. Being part of a pretty large group I know is small comfort tho... I hope things work out okay for you one way or another. You have my prayers, fwiw.

    Jan - on ilovepink's thread about adderal on main board, she said there was a weight watcher's-like online free place:
    They describe themselves as "a free online diet and healthy living community with over 3 million members who provide support and motivation to each other." I hope you find it works as well as WW.

    OK we are finally getting the rain we were waiting on (our well was slowly going down). And of course it never rains but it pours, literally.

    We have no attic space, as this is a post/beam home with a flat peacked roof. It gets so loud, our dogs get scared. I think they're all neurotic to a degree. Sure wished tranquilizers would help but they don't. The most crazy one that I've written about didn't even get relaxed (much less knocked out) by a very adequate dose of valium.

    Anyway, TTYL... it's very possible the power will go off, and I have no battery backup right now...

  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    Please kids, don't be sorry for venting! We got broad shoulders and we want to hear
    what is going on. I am very sad that you might lose a house you put so much money
    into. This economy seems like a depression to me. What do I know but it does.

    But the economic woes show all around our neighborhood
    and the whole town. No one can sell their house, buy a house or keep their house up.
    It's sad. The whole town looks trashy and sad. I do not expect things to turn around cause of lack of employment. So, that means we will have lost every dime we
    ever put into the house also....but at least we got to live in it. Hope you get to live in yours too

    It's been on the news alot about how the gov. has money for houses in foreclosure but
    the % that are going through is a smidgon of what needs to go through. There is a lot
    of craziness out there with these houses and there are millions of them. my brain working cause I took some ritalin? Sure took it's time kicking in.
    It's time to take more:)

    Ok, I thought of something Patty. Have DH email ABC and tell them your problem and ask to have an answer from one of their ppl about what you can do to get help.

    Then let us know when you are going to be on the news :)

    Back to chicken (jejejeje). I just put some boiled chicken on top of broccoli. Doesn't that
    sound delicious, Becky? Nope, just kidding you. I do hope the cravings slow/stop for you.
    I have one friend. We have lunch about 4 times a year. She and her DH do Atkins cause
    both needed to lose weight...but it was more for his health. After the agony of ketosis,
    she now eats a few carbs. I know you can have all the eggs, cheese and bacon you want.
    Does that sound good?

    Excuse me but my DH was not supportive at all for about 10 years. I just wanted you
    kids to feel sorry for me...:) He would yell at me to 'get out of bed, your not sick'.
    He would have a moment of enlightenment rarely and say "This isn't like you". Then
    he went into depression and interacted very little with the 'fam'.

    Ok, I have to think of a ditty to end on....let's see

    These boots are made for walking
    and that's just what I'll do...

    Love you all so much,

  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    I used to wonder what I would be like if the roles were reversed.
    Would probably treated him the same. I was such a life
    changing event. And like the B/P president "who wanted to get
    back to his life" and I would have been the same way. And
    that was what DH wanted.

    75% of marriages/partnerships with one disabled end, I read

    I think I am just getting gloomier and gloomier.

    So I'll shut up and let someone else post!


  16. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Victoria thank you for your support and your prayers. I hope you don't lose your lights again.

    Spacee i agree with you about the economy it feels more like a depression. Your little ditty reminded me of the white go go boots my mom wore in the 60's. Sorry you had ten years of dh not being supportive that must have been really hard. It took awhile for my dh to get it.
    Thanks for your continuos support gf.

    Hang in there Jan things will get better. Your dh is a sweet heart he just wants you to be well again. My dh is like yours he does not want me to overdue then get sick.

    My Dh's business is just now starting to look promising. That is if all the loans close.

    Hey to youes that i missed.


  17. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Patty dont get me started. Ill just say that i hope things work out and you get to keep your home. When we were house shopping we were pre approved for more than twice of what we pd for this home. We KNEW we couldnt afford a payment like that. It wouldve been insanity. They were throwing mortgages at ppl. They had some really unethical practices. And THEY get the bailout money!! Oh look i got started anyway. Linda if i eat anymore chicken im going to sprout feathers lol. Took small son to the pool today for a coupla hours. Im beat. I just hope i dont pay too dearly. At least the water wasnt freezing. It needs to be on the warm side or my muscles seize up. Need to put up sons pool up. I dont think i can do the maintenance anymore. I struggled last year. Its only 18ft x 4ft. Still lots of work. Good to see some folks back!
  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Hey Patty,I had a pair of those Go Go boots ha ha.I thought I was something wearing those things.Seriously I hope you can keep your house.

    My DS uses sparkpeople for dieting.He really likes it.Lots of support he says.

    I'm so proud of myself today.I may be worth do do all day but I got to cleaning first thing this morning and cleaned upstairs and down to get caught up with all the slacking I've been doing.

    Jan was talking about journaling and I have been doing it for yrs.It has gotten me through some rough patches in my life.I tried going back last yr. and reading them but it got to painful to relive.I don't know what to do with them now.Do I want my kids finding them after I'm gone?I have some of my mom's but there was no insight into who she was in hers.What she was cooking for supper and who came over.I'm still deciding what to do with them.

    Becky that sounds like a nightmare to have been with a man that insensitive.I'm glad you found the guy you have now.I have a good man who is supportive but like Linda says it takes a lot to live with those of us who are ill and it puts a strain on the relationship.After being sick all winter I find myself faking energy and interest in doing things with him that I'd rather not do.He gets depressed too when all I want to do is lay around so I push to make an effort.It's worth it because his mood lifts and we're closer again.

  19. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    I had those go go boots! Got em for xmas. Wanted them so bad. I was just a CHILD in the 60s doncha know! My car is a piece of crap. It needs ANOTHER 250 bucks worth of work. Ive lost count of how much weve already put in it. Thats not including the compressor for the a/c that i suspect is out. Crappy old 2002 malibu. My poor dh lets me have his truck and he drives my POS. He says were dumping it next yr and getting something else. I dont want a car pmt. Maybe a horse and buggy?
  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    Bain isn't the right word but. They do alot of bad stuff to the environment.
    Then everytime you turn around...something to fix. Which is why we
    started buying used Camrys. Then look what the camry's are doing.
    Ours are too old to do that thankfully.

    Beck...that was one sorry man you were married to. He pretty much takes
    the cake.

    I didn't have go go boots though I admit to being a child bride in '68. Patty
    you are YOUNG! Glad you are back and the business is hopefully going to
    do well!

    Patty, you got the house cleaned. Is it cause you used your adrenline that
    kicks in when someone is coming to visit? My 3rd is coming tomorrow. I
    am thinking what I can get HIM to do :)

    We are having a t-storm.. so I'm gonna close while it will post.

    See you kids later!


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