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    In honor of Pam's Huz's retirement...and his dear friend who doesn't want
    to retire.

    I don't have much to say today. The grass is growing, the sun is shining but
    the house is coolish...72 so I am wearing my Fleece jacket and pants. And
    flipflops. Very comfy.

    I need to remember the chocolate milk remedy, Rock...that sounds great!!

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    My brainfog didn't allow me to see that was what Pam's Huz's friend wanted :)

    Hmm. I just noticed over on the right side of 'breaking health news' that
    'another study links low vitamin d to significantly greater colon cancer risks'.

    We have colon cancer in some of my relatives but not til their late 80's or even
    90's. I imagine by then they were significantly low in Vit D. Will pass this info
    on to my brothers who have had polyps removed. My colon.tests have not shown any.

    Mikie someone on the other board is asking you for help about AV's and TF's
    It's on a long string that starts off with a question about TF's. I bumped it up
    hoping you will see it. Oh, I think it is Mary01.

    Yes, we can learn new things. After 5 weeks both Huz and the Garbage ppl
    were insycinc. Huz got the recycables out in time and they remembered to
    pick them up. Woohoo!! A new day has dawned!

    Yes, that is just how interesting my day has gone.

    Ok, I have come up with something. A new friend has a 17yo daughter. And
    as you kids might have picked up....we in Florida like our hair to be blonde.
    And bottle blonde is ok...if you don't have well water with iron in it. Turns
    your hair orange. Did the 17yo, the the stylist (without asking) starts cutting
    the orange out...darn. Now her hair, which was kinda long, is very short.
    Mother and daughter are sooo upset. Prom is only a couple of months away.
    Plumber put a "thing" on the pipe going into the house to help keep the iron
    away. Sure hope it helps. She is a good girl, going to highschool, taking
    college clases at nite and working in the afternoon at a daycare.

    Sometimes things just go wrong.

    Hope the doggie's eye is doing better!

    Oh, Leah. I have an old dictionary that I love. I can look up a word and it leads
    me to the nuances of it. I think it was Huz's in college....really old. :)

    Nite all.


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    I wasn't here yesterday much. I had a condo mtg. and then had to get groceries and go to Target for an Rx. I left the patient info from my Klonopin for the arrogant pharmacist who told me I was addicted to it. He argued that physical dependence is different from addiction. He basically called me an addict in front of employees and customers. So, I put his name on it and circled the statement from the pharmaceutical company in which they stated that physical dependence is not the same thing as addiction. I left it with the pharmacy tech even though he was there. He seems as though he's not only arrogant but also stubborn so I'm sure it didn't change his mind. I didn't want a rehash of our earlier argument; I just wanted him to know that even the pharmaceutical company disagrees with him. Even discounting the fact that he is wrong, it's never good practice to insult customers.

    My dental hygeinist called and had me come in at 4:00 for a cleaning due to a cancellation. I hadn't been in in two years. I explained that I know dry mouth is a risk for decay but I couldn't bear a cleaning with a mouth which felt as though it had been burned with a blow torch and which always had sores in it. All things considered, it wasn't bad. I have always had a bit of gum recession but a couple of spots are worse. I have two tiny cavaties in my front teeth. I'm having them filled at the end of the month. It was $189, including x-rays. Ouch! Don't know what the fillings will cost.

    Now, they are all riled up because I have Sjogren's. I tried to explain that the only dryness I have now is due to my BP meds. The dryness they cause is significant but the pain and sores are gone since the peptide injections. I'm going to buy new heads for my Water Pik and resume using it all the time. If I can get to feeling well enough to work out, I may lose weight and get my BP down so I can stop, or cut down on, the BP meds. High BP runs in my family so I may be stuck with the meds.

    By the time I got home, I was exhausted. My neighbor wanted me and two other women neighbors to come up to watch the FL primary results. We sat around and had a good time. There is one neighbor and her husband who have been close and, like I've said, we consider ourselves to beour "Florida Family." Unfortunately this woman has a critical side to her. She often criticizes her husband in front of others. Next time, I'm going to leave and tell her that I love them both and don't want to see that. It's stressful for me. She evidently feels close enough to me to criticize me and it's for a good deed I did for some of our other neighbors. She tells me I should not get involved in other bldgs' problems and just worry about us.

    All I did was tell them that the bug exterminator had come early so those who wanted him to come inside to spray wouldn't get missed. One of the neighbors in the other bldg. has taken a young man with bi-polar disease under her wings. He is a hoarder and had not been taking his meds. Now, he's on his meds and she has given him the confidence to come to the pool and socialize. He won't let the bug man in unless she is there as he's a bit paranoid. She is like a mother to him; his mother died. I love her for her kindness and have told her so. We are good friends. My other friend here in my own bldg. sneers at me for even being involved. Actually, I'm not involved. All I'm trying to do is get our bug man, who is also mentally challenged, to keep from losing his accts. here and to get him to choose a date when he is coming and stick to it. I guess it's true that no good deed shall go unpunished.

    Sorry for venting but I know y'all understand our need for peace and calm. I'm going to try to only socialize with this angry, critical woman as necessary. She and her husband are on the board with me. It isn't healthy to go home feeling beat up by someone who is supposed to be my friend. The face she shows the world is the happy clown, but there's a dark side to her. She's a bully.

    Pam, I hope Lily's eye is better. I hate to see the fur kids suffer. I'd rather it be me. I hope whatever y'all decide on the parties, you have a good time. I don't even go to the neighborhood cocktail parties at the pool on Fri. evenings. I partied hardy after my divorce so don't feel I missed much. Congrats on DH's retirement. I'm sure that when things settle in, y'all will get comfortable with the situation. It takes some getting used to.

    Linda, I need to meditate more. I still don't do as much as I should. This last shot left me tired and feeling strange. It didn't cause me to feel worse but it hasn't helped my fatigue. I'm sure that there is a major construction project going on inside me. I've been meditating on forgiving my neighbor. She has also criticized me for getting the shots. She keeps asking, "Where is the improvement." I meditate on forgiveness and it helps. She is not the kind one can reason with or try to set boundaries. She's vindictive. Yikes! Obviously, I'm struggling with this. Thanks for bumping the post on the other board. I appreciate it. Think I'll go drink some Coke. Coke from the fountain is better but any Coke helps us. I don't know why. I've given up Diet Coke so I have to be careful to only drink a bit.

    Rock, I'm so impressed-church organist. I can't imagine performing in front of people. I think you're too modest. I only got this to try to keep my brain from atrophying. It's supposed to help to learn to play an instrument or a language. I agree about stores and employees. In an economy of high unemployment, there is no reason to put up with lazy and/or disrespectful employees. I understand that retail has been hit hard and has had to reduce inventory. I see more and more stores with empty spaces on their shelves. Used to be they used automated "just in time" inventory. Now, it seems, they wait til the shelves are empty before ordering. It's maddening. I believe that one of the reasons the recovery is slow is because some areas are dragging their toes. It's like the economy won't improve until there is more confidence but until there is more confidence, the economy won't improve. Catch 22.

    Leah, I hope you are doing better. I think your kindness and sharp wit help you get through the bad times.

    Barry, where are you? Miss you.

    Everyone, have a great day. It's going to be hot down here for a while. I'm going to stop complaining about having to color my hair and just be thankful it isn't orange. Yikes!

    Love, Mikie
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    Well rushing around,feeling miserable all for nothing.Dropped the dog off for grooming but huz dentist appt. took 5min.He thought they were putting a post in getting ready for the implant later so he wanted moral support I guess but all they did was see how his mouth was healing.

    That poor girl Linda.Yep I've had orange hair it's not a natural hair color.

    Mikie I can't get over your Pharmacist making those judgements.Who does he think he is.Can you switch stores?He's not a Dr.Talk about overstepping.
    Sounds like you had a day of busybodies didn't you?

    I've been making meals again.Soups,stews and simple stuff.Of course I'm still working on me actually eating them but it's a start right?Huz says my face looks gaunt and he's concerned.I'm going to the store and getting more smoothie fixings.If I could just stomach the taste of those suppliment drinks.This underweight thing is just not something I ever thought would happen to me.Yeah yeah we should all have this problem right?It is getting really depressing though to try so hard to focus on eating throughout the day and think I'm doing good only to see the scale read I'm going down not up.I look to to skinny and feel fragile so I'm aware.Cereal is about all I can get down.I'm so mad at myself.I'll keep trying.

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    What a day Mikie...whew! Offensive ppl left and right. It's neat that you have
    a "Florida family" though. It can be very tough being alone.

    I really agree with you Pam, when I was 108lbs. It was as depressing and
    when I couldn't lose the 'baby weight" after the 3rd kid. Yep, had the gaunt
    look. Not fun, at all. Glad you hear you are cooking again.

    Something is bothering me this am. Nothing that I can do anything about :)
    Germany refused to allow Walmart's into their country. They said that it would
    'destroy' their Mom and Pop stores. Well, ok, that makes sense. BUT, they
    have their own type of Walmart where about 85% of the ppl shop. You might
    have heard of it....because it is over here in the US now. Aldi. We have one
    about 20 mins from us. The two brothers who started Aldi are the wealthiest
    men in Germany (cept at least one has passed). They split the company on
    a disagreement over whether to sell cigaretts at the "Till" (checkout, I guess).

    Someone explained the situation to me. They said "It's simple. The Germans
    are smarter." Ok, but they haven't put a man on the moon yet...grin.

    Later, Kids

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    I've not been doing anything for the last month except keep doc. appts., etc., and have not had time to rest. Feeling so tired. The good news is that although one of my carotids is completely blocked, the other seems ok. Seems strange to me, but what do I know? Apparently not from diet, the doc. says. Maybe genetic..... Oh well, enough of ultra-sounds and c-t scans. Just have to have a repeat c-t scan in 5 months.

    Oh yeah, Doc. wants me to call him if I have a stroke!

    February at last. I saw the first Iris in my yard, a little reticulata, that blooms before leafing out. Also the first sweet violets are just showing flowers. On my frequent recent journeys I saw Camellias starting to bloom. Oh, and callas, wallflowers, azaleas, spanish heather, etc. Along the Eel river the alders were showing catkins, as are the ones along the creek behind my house. The hazels are getting ready to release their pollen; they make me sneeze a little.

    Mikie: I won't tolerate toxic people any longer. I'm sorry that your "friend" is a bully and I hope you can resolve the relationship, or dissolve it. You do seem a very strong person.

    Jole: I have been glad to see that you have been having relatively sunny and warm days for this time of the year. I hope it has lifted your spirits.

    Wish I felt up. When I went to Eureka (an hour and a half each way) I took some Provigil I had left over. At least I didn't fall asleep on the return journey. But what a horrid drug: my shirts were drenched with sweat. Not fun on a cold day!

    All for now,
    Best wishes to all,

  7. spacee

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    Barry!!! Oh, all the medical stuff you have been through!! (((Hugs))).
    I thought they would clean out the clogged artery. Did they mention that
    to you? Not fun, but beats a stroke....I think it is done as "same day surgery"
    meaning you don't spend the nite.

    You drove yourself the 1.5 hours both ways! That was a marathon!

    Beautiful flowers. Our azeleas should be out very soon! Our Camelias are
    already abloom. Someone hacked down our 40yo Cam. plant so they could
    cut through our yard easier (!). It is back up and blooming. I'm surprised
    and very happy.

    Other than the 2nd postman ringing the doorbell to ask if we were moving,
    nada today. I guess I could make a big sign and put that on the door. Please
    give us our mail. We are NOT moving!!

    Huz said it was a beautiful day outside. Still chilly in the house. Fleece pants on.

    Leah. I love the dictionary but can't spell.. LOL Which reminds me. True story.
    A grandmother went to her GD's 3rd grade class to visit and find out why the
    girl could not spell a word like 'each'. This is why. A 'creative' teacher was
    having the students slap their thigh if the letter was a vowel and slap the
    desk if the letter was a constanant. That explained the problem. Kids were
    not paying attention on how to spell the word. Looks like there will be lots
    of spelling at home.

    I have an errand to the drugstore tomorrow! I'm getting out!!

    Hope all sleep tonite and have a good tomorrow! And eat!! I don't know
    if this sounds good to anyone. But I ate a baked potato and fish (both microwaved) three times a day, while lying down for months and months.
    But we are all different and have to find our way. How about the chocolate

  8. Mikie

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    Hope everyone is doing well. Geez, I'm so sorry for writing "War & Peace" last time but it did help to vent and your support helped too. I'm limiting my time with my neighbor. As for the pharmacist, I blew him off mentally until I got the patient info in my Klonopin and just couldn't resist leaving it for him. Yesterday was one of those lazy days and today might be one too. I epilated and it feels good to know I can raise my arms without stubble. I call it personal landscaping. Don't know why it's taking so long for my energy to return when the other symptoms have all improved. Fortunately, I've had so much practice at being a couch potato that I've become very good at it.

    Pam, I'm so sorry about the weight loss and loss of appetite. I've had the appetite loss but only for a few days at a time. It drives me crazy not being able to find anything I want to eat. I pray you get to the point where you can eat again.

    Linda, I've never heard of Aldi. So do the Deutsch drive their Audis to Aldis? I've never liked Wal-Mart but they do sell some things a lot cheaper than other stores. I used to have Rosecea until I started using Clinique products. It went away and I stopped using everything except their makeup. I tried cheaper brands but nothing was ever as good as the Clinique at $22.50 for a small bottle. My next-door neighbor (not the bully) started using the Fit by Maybeline. I took my old Clinique bottle and matched it to the Fit I bought at Wal-Mart for $6. I love it! It's $8 at CVS and Walgreens. So, perhaps I'll give Wal-Mart another chance.

    Barry, I always thought a blocked carotid artery required immediate surgery. I pray nothing happens. Yikes! Call me if you have a stroke! What is that! I know people who have had the surgery. The flowers sound lovely. One thing I miss down here is flowers. Yes, we can grow orchids on our lanais and we have lots of flowering bushes and trees, but we don't have the usual flowering Spring bushes and flowers. I just bought a pot of purple hyacinths. The smell is heavenly. I miss the crocus and other early-blooming bulbs I had in CO which sometimes bloomed through the snow.

    Leah, I hope you had a comfortable night and that your pain goes away. When we say we are in pain, people don't realize just how high our pain levels are. We actually get used to pain which would cause most people to complain. It's the severe pain which stops us in our tracks. "Normals" do no realize this.

    Well, everyone, it's time to move on so I can take another nap :) I hate this. Whine, whine, whine. I have set boundaries before when I've had to. If it comes to this with my so-called friend, I will do it in the "when you do this, I feel this" way. I usually just let everything roll off of me but constant exposure to toxic people will push me to address the issue. She told me that her husband doesn't listen to her anymore. When she pressed him, he said it's because he doesn't care what she has to say. It's not just me; it's everyone she feels close enough to that she thinks she can criticize. I don't know how people like this can keep going when they are seething with anger underneath. She thinks I am better off financially (not true) so I think jealousy plays a part. Oh well, I have to stop giving any more energy to this and let it go. I'm just so thankful I have all y'all to talk to. Believe me, it really helps.

    Hope everyone has a great day. Take care.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Ranigar

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    6 more wks. of winter.How did that ever get started anyway?40's again so if it stays this mild I don't care how many more weeks.

    Oh thanks Leah for saying you're in the same boat with being skinny.This is just a blip for me.Medicines are responsible for this whole weight loss cycle.DD told me to go to the health food store and get protein powder for weight gain.Good idea.I just need to get back 7to8lbs. to feel better.After the last flare my sense of taste has not come back so this is a new symptom to try and figure out.

    People are whispering that I have an eating disorder.whispering in my ear to eat,asking me did I eat at gatherings.It's stressing me out!People need to get some manners and zip it.

    Today is a lazy day with no plans so I can do everything at a slow pace just my kind of day.Love the thoughts of flowers and bushes and plants thanks for the visuals.

    Barry no surgery to clean out the blockage?What's up with that?

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Why I'm probably Herxing today. Had my teeth cleaned day before yesterday. I'm sure it released lots of bacteria into my system. My immune system must have gone nuts when that happened. I have to go out to buy new tips for my Water Pik. Since the injections, I've Herxed a lot so I'm pretty sure the immune system is more effective.

    Pam, I had a daughter with annorexia when she was 14. That doesn't mean I think every underweight person is annorexic. Even when people know someone is annorexic, it does no good to tell them to eat. It just makes them more determined not to eat. People just don't think about what is their business nor do they think about what they are saying. I think Sjogren's has a lot to do with a lot of what is wrong with us. Sometimes, we just can't eat, no matter what. It can be physical, like a sore mouth, or it can be something else that ruins our appetite. This is a strange illness.

    Leah, you are right. Why do the docs think we are calling them? To complain that we are moderately hurting so we can wait til it gets worse so we can call then? Good grief! A lot of us keep meds on hand for the usual pain and the docs give us something else to take for breakthrough pain. Perhaps your doc could do that. If you already have that, maybe it's time for you and your doc to think about trying other things. I keep you in my prayers.

    Guess I had better go get the new Water Pik heads as I just ate some licorace gummy bears. Oh, bad! Bad!

    Love, Mikie
  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Well put Leah,I've gotten better over the yrs. of paying mind to others judgements but I think if your run down or in a bad place comments can eat at you.Thanks for venting with me and now I'll move on and tune out any nonsense comments that don't really help me.

    I'm taking Lily to the vet after all.The eye looks better but kind of bulging and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if her eyesight was damaged.Safer to have her checked out.

    Huz has eye appt. too,oh not with the vet though.He wants help picking out new glasses.I might look for a pair myself.We have some flexible spending money we need to use or lose from Ins. before he retires this month and can use it on glasses.My eyesight had changed a bit last exam so I may as well.I have no idea what style to pick.

    The lady that did the painting is coming today to help decide what pictures to put where and move furniture around a bit.She's bringing my final bill too.I didn't expect all this help but whatever.She must need to do a little more work for me to round up her bill.We're moving,I have pretty much lost interest in things looking perfect but I guess the house needs to show good.So busy day glad I rested yesterday.Huz wants to have dinner out with neighbors and I said ok.I have an out and he said if I feel up to it with all that's going on today.Takes the stress away with a built in out.

  12. rockgor

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    My mind is "going south". Never heard that expression till I read "Going
    South" by I dunno who. Looked on the net, but couldn't find out.
    Anyhoo, I read that "going south" means leaving town or running away.

    I also thought I posted on this thread, but I don't see anything.

    Last night I woke up; couldn't find my pillow because it slipped down
    between the wall and the bed. The bed seemed to be all catty wampus.
    Got up. Couldn't find the light switch. Eventually discovered I was
    in the closet. Land O Goshen! I get goofier every day.

    Barry, good to hear from you. "Call me if you have a stroke." Is that
    a joke? Any news on your eyes?

    I don't understand that carotid artery business either. I mean, is
    one sufficient?

    I looked up catkins. Thought they might be another name for pussy willows.
    Turns out they are related. When I was in grade school, kids brought
    pussy willows to school every spring. They were put in vases or tin cans
    and spread all around the room.

    We have calla lilies in bloom here too. And the other day I saw a red
    cannas. Gordon had one, but we left it behind last time we moved. The
    California poppies are in bloom. The petal is somewhat different from
    regular poppies. They roll up into a tube at dusk. The golden poppy is
    the official flower of the Golden State.

    All for now
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Mikie, haven't heard about a water pik for decades. Or for that matter: bread box; TV dinner; bottle of pop; roll of film; typewriter ribbon. Quite a kawinkydink that the guy who's buggy is bugged by the bug man. I think that's very nice of your friend to help the bi polar guy.

    My secretary and friend Ray (for over 20 years) is bi polar. She maintains a plateau by taking her meds and having a strict schedule. E.g., her best friend moved away. When she called long distance, Ray said, "You know I can't talk now. I'm feeding the dogs."

    Mikie, I traveled with a circuit preacher. Sometimes played for 3 or 4
    services on a Sunday. And I sang in the choir and the school chorus and
    played in the band. But I was lousy at all of 'em. My wretched mother
    made me do it.

    Pam, are you going to get Harlequin glasses? My mother had some with
    rhinestones back in the 50s. Gary Larson was certainly fond of them. I
    found a web site where you can by them w/ Vera Wang's name on them:
    $259. You see the picture of her in the news last week? Looks anorexic.

    Hope the vet can help Lily.

    Linda, that mail business if just absurd. It really seems like the whole world
    has become incompetent in the last few decades. Gordon and I saw lots
    of blooming azaleas at the nurseries last week. They always remind me of
    the kind of hat Aunt Bee wore.

    Freida, your essay on people who know everything about our ailments was
    right on. Perhaps a bit restrained. SOL

    Not much goin' on her. I hope to do some watering this afternoon, but I've
    had that intention all week and still no results. Tomorrow is bonecracker
    and errand day.

    Ha det bra
  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Took Lily and wouldn't you know her eye is getting better from the ointment I used so I did ok.She does have an ear infection though so it was worth taking her and she needed three shots not just one as I thought.

    Harlequin glasses no.I don't believe they would look good on me unless I really wanted to draw attention to myself.Now you know I am not going to comment on Vera Wangs weight but yes I saw her on TV recently.

    I've lost my pillow but can't say I've ended up in my closet but if I did I would never find my way out.I'm only familiar with red poppies so I need to look up a golden one.

  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    Why is the Vet believes a dog is sick but the docs don't believe the people
    are? That's a mystery to me.

    My brain has gone South too. It's the Mobic (rx NSAID). Ok, stronger advil
    or aleve and hopefully easier on the stomach. Have been on it 3 weeks.
    It is changing my sleep schedule. I have awakened at 11:30 am for a couple
    of years now, I think. On mobic, it went up to 9:30am (with a nap after
    lunch and after supper. I dislike that). And today 8:30am. With afternoon
    nap. Hmmm that's fairly normal for sick ppl!

    So I was debating during the nite when I wake up, should I stop the Mobic.
    And decided I would. Until I had this 'normal" day. What defines a normal
    day for me is not taking a nap after supper. And having enough time in the
    day to schedule an appt. So, I will march on with Mobic. I have tramadol
    for break through pain. And I take some daily.

    Yet, I don't feel my pain is anywhere near yours, Leah (Hugsss). Pain is very
    very tough.

    Pam, I will offer to go with your Huz to the dentist if you go with mine for
    the prostate exam? SOL. No, my presences isn't required anymore. :)

    I have two new "friends". Bob, our plumber and his helper Pammie. They
    really believe I am sick. Cause they have been inside the house with the
    blinds all closed and I still have on my sunglasses! :) Bob is also our
    neighbor but kinda kitty katty (as we say in the south) which makes him
    about a block away. They are nice ppl. Kinda rare here. Sounds like every

    The azeleas are poking out blooms! And...the Christmas Cactus too. Odd.
    No smell good flowers but the orange blossoms should be anyday now and
    they can be smell from a good distance.

    Ok, Clinque 'product' at Walmart. I guess I will have to wonder if they are
    reselling their product under another name or someone found the "recipie".

    Y'all are funnie and I appreciate the effort you give to share it here! It does

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Pam, I'm glad you took Lily if only to get the infection tended to. Did you get the new glasses? Ever since I got these Try Change glasses, I can't stay away from the interchangable side pieces. It's addictive, buying new colors. And, they aren't cheap. Geez, now I have to stay away from not only QVC and HSN, I need to keep away from the glasses area of the eye doc and I have an appt. next week. How's the decor? Did the decorator lady help? I bet it is gorgeous!

    Rock, I loooove calla lilies. They only way we get them here is in a pot. It's so amazing to see them all white and in a few days, they start to turn that delicious deep maroon. I had the Water Pik years ago but they've changed the design so I ended up buying a new one. Honestly, you can brush and floss and still blast little chunks out with the Water Pik. With all us Baby Boomers getting old, there is a lot of gum disease out there and Water Piks are enjoying a resurgence. It really does feel good to clean around the teeth with warm water with a little Listerine and hydrogen peroxide. As for bread boxes, I haven't thought of them for ages either. I usually put bread in the fridge but sometimes, I don't want to. Down here, we don't leave food out to attract bugs. We have our bug man spray and I have no bugs but no sense taking chances. I sang in the choir in jr. high school but that was a looooong time ago. Now, I can barely carry a tune. Guess when I finally get my song book out and try the keyboard, I'll have to try to sing again.

    Leah, I agree that it is good to have an "out" for planned events. We never know how we will feel. My friends down here know that my plans are always tentative. I'm going with friends today to the Art Fest down by the river. It's so nice to have enough energy to go do things. Yesterday, this friend and I went shopping and we both found a couple of nice things on sale.

    Linda, is light sensitivity part of Sjogren's or due to meds? I have it sometimes and it's almost painful. We don't need more pain. When I'm sick, I stay inside with the blinds closed. I'm sorry, I don't think I made myself clear. For years, I've used Clinique from dept. stores, which is expensive. The Fit makeup is sold at drug stores and Wal-Mart for less than 1/3 of what Clinique costs. I got mine at Wal-Mart. I like it even better than Clinique. I love it when I get a bargain and like it even better than the expensive option. The shade I picked is perfect and I don't look like I'm made up but my skin looks almost perfect.

    Y'all have heard of turf wars? Well, here is a funny one. The neighbor, and other board member, I mentioned who has turned mean and is a bully decided we should put grass in a small strip in front of our bldg. to save on mulch. Her husband went along with her. I talked to our landscaper and we both thought it would be better to mulch. We've had grass there before and it never lived; it's extremely difficult to trim; and it adds nothing to the beauty. The landscaper and I thought a couple of low bushes would help fill in the area beautifully. Well, instead of discussing it, the two of them just decided. I was outvoted. So, I came inside. The landscaper whispered to me that he agreed with me. I told him when the grass died, I would go get the mulch myself and put it in after these other two leave for the summer. Well, lo and behold, when I went outside, they had mulched the area. I don't know whether the landscaper talked some sense into them or just went ahead and mulched. In any case, it brought a smile to my face. It really is like Seinfeld's parents when they moved to a condo in "Del Boca Vista." I think I'll just savor my small victory in this turf (literally) war :)

    Wishing you all a wonderful day. I know I'll be tired when I get back from the Art Fest but it's nice to feel better again and able to do things. My condo is a mess and I'm out living it up--just as it should be :)

    Love, Mikie
  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    Reminding me of the 'parents' condo dwelling gave me a pic of what could go
    on at condos. The bad with the good, I guess.

    And thanks for clearing up the makeup. I am trying a few different things
    before the wedding in I'll try some. Hope it looks as good on me
    as it does one you. Kinda doubtful...pessimistic, at my age :)

    I had forgotten when the light sensitivity started. I reread my bio sometime
    back and I noted on it that have the Marshall Protocol, I never recovered
    from the light sensitivity that Protocol gives. But it has gotten worse over
    the years and the test for sjogren's is positive. None of our fine eye doctors
    around here have the test that you had, Mikie. (Did you hear the sarcasm drip)
    :). Since i do have tears (but probably not the oil) the doc won't give me contacts to wear for my son's wedding. Course since I have his RX, maybe
    I could order some online! But I don't think they make trifocal ones. Or do
    they? But I don't want them to stick and scar my eyes either. So won't do

    Congrats on your turf war in the 'hood' Mikie. It's the small victories that can
    mean so much :)

    Off for a nap. Hope every bodies weekend is going smoothly!


  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Yes, this little victory did bring a smile to my face.

    I went to the Art Fest and had to wear very dark glasses as the sun is getting really bright. Again, I like to keep it darker in the condo. I'm still waiting to try going out in the sun again. I've been so exhausted that I didn't want to try anything. Yesterday, I went to the flea market and today, the Art Fest. I even drove. So, I'm getting some energy back again.

    My eye doc has all the latest and greatest equipment and tests. It will be interesting to see what the osmolarity is when he tests my eyes. They don't feel dry and even tear up. My mouth is normal except for what dryness my BP meds cause. So, I guess it's moot that the ANA was never pos. This is the strangest thing. I don't dare say, "cure." I guess I can call it healing. Everything is back to normal except this fatigue which is much improved now.

    I've thought about whether I want to wear contacts again. I love my glasses so much and am used to them that I think I'll just stick with them. I still have a couple of the reading contacts from my monovision contacts but no distance ones. I've always been able to get by with just the reading contact. I've though about sticking it in my eye to see how long I can wear it now. Like you, though, I worry it might get stuck and tear cells off when I remove it. I hate that!

    Hope you and everybody has a great day. BTW, bought a little hand-blown glass egg with bubbles in it. Didn't get any ideas for my painting as the abstract artists weren't the kind I like. Too much garish color and too much paint buildup for my taste. You know how tempormental we artists are :)

    Love, Mikie
  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Linda brought back the Kitty Korner Katty Korner Rock and I loved a while back.Some expressions are to cute to disappear.

    I'm afraid my decorator decided I'm a lost cause.She insisted we go to the basement for furniture finds.I told her there is nothing down there.She asked about upstairs rooms,no extra side tables,coffee tables,side chairs cluttering up the rooms to drag downstairs?Nope.Then knick knacks,where is my collection of those to set around?Nope.My rooms are to empty and I should at least get a couple area rugs so I promised.she would've had a field day at my sisters who is a collector of antiques and junk but I throw away everything and the less the better.

    I found a pair of glasses I liked.I didn't think I would.A little more updated.Didn't see anything you describe but those sound fun and you wouldn't get bored with the look.No Linda prostate appt. sounds interesting but I ended up getting something out of huz appt.Nothing for me at the prostate doc.

    I'm going to look at the Fit makeup just need a little coverup and not the pricey Mall price.

    Sorry your feeling down Leah that is no fun.Good for you trying to stay positive.

    I went out with neighbors last night.Honestly it was rough.I sat shaking from head to toe and my whole body was tense.I walked like a drunken sailor all the way to the car.I couldn't sleep all night.Only huz noticed any of it thank goodness it was just to much activity for me.Today started off slow but I wanted to keep shopping.Body said no more and we came home.I was looking for those rugs ha ha!Liked a couple but have to return another day.

    I would love contacts again but last time I bought some yrs. ago without Sjogrens dx they felt glued on my eyeball.I could hardly peel them off and it scared me to death.Now I know why.I would love a pair filled with a bubble of fluid to fit on my eye that would be so soothing.Just a daydream of mine.I think there is something on the market but maybe I dreamed it.

  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    I know, Mikie gets out a lot and we live vicariously through her! That artwork
    must have been quite garish!

    I'm wondering what ppl are doing for the SuperBowl? Pretend it isn't happening?

    That was so funny about the decorator wanting to look through your house
    for things to put d/stairs. You and I are a lot alike. Nothing would be found.
    Some years ago a decorator was helping Huz with his office. Well, he had
    been fired and they took the furniture with them. So, he started his own
    business and needed furniture. She gave me two suggestions which were
    really good. Haven't had her back since.

    A friend of mine's son-in-law had a heart attack and died. He was 82. She is
    60. Her daughter is 40. Yes, that is right. Her daughter married a man 42
    years older than she. Yes, my jaw has been dropped since I heard that.
    The daughter is a sheriff too. Small town have their own type of "uniqueness".

    Nite all. Hope you are ok, Leah!!


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