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  1. spacee

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    It tried to pop up on me when I was starting a new thread. Just a head's up.

    Rock, what a difficult tradition to have at your home. Cold/Flu/Bug, whatever.
    Hope they move on!

    Leah, I have read your post on the other board. What a bad time for you with
    the pain. I hate pain. Intractable pain. Has your doc ever mentioned that
    name to you. It's when pain is about as bad as it can get.

    My brother had/has it. But for a different reason. Disc's in his neck. He takes
    an enormous amount of neurontin and tramadol. Thankfully it makes the pain
    bearable. He has times he can get up and do repairs on the house but times
    when he lies on the sofa and has rigged a table to hold his puter and he spends
    hours on

    Can you believe what Alabama did about the immigrants. Well, all I know is
    some kind of law that when the police stop you, you have to have proof of
    citizenship. What? They have a BMW plant. They have stopped German citizens. Now other savy states are advertising "come to our state, we won't
    treat you like Alabama".

    The reason I mention that is because I am from Alabama. Also, Alabama was
    suppose to get Disney World but only saw the $ signs of what they would make
    and Florida knew to offer "free" this and that to now you know
    where Disney is. I guess Alabama can't learn.

    Kinda like Mikie's neighbor. I can see how a little absence helps that situation.

    I have been absent but not for that reason. Stopped the Mobic after I heard
    Dr. Byron Hyde say that saying on NSAID's for a month can cause Fibro.
    Now, he's the doc but if there were to happen, Huz would have had Fibro by

    Sorry about turning this into a medical board but when the mobic stopped
    the fuzz in my brain grew. So, I just couldn't think. I know, it hasn't stopped
    me before...haha :)

    And it was Hair day...that 2.5 hour appt. It's like I lose a whole day though.

    My lost meds have been found. Against Federal Law, the post office (who told
    me it was against Fed law) forwarded them to Birmingham, Al. Son's mil is sending them back (son lives in Kentucky). Confusing I know.

    I did do a bit of dusting :) Two rooms, I think. Might do two more next week.

    Mikie, I'm glad you keep telling us about klonopin for sensitivity. Cause I keep
    forgetting. Then I think...Oh Right!! Klonopin. I guess I need to write a note an
    stick it to the bathroom mirror.

    Hugs to my Online Family. Hope we all feel better and pain, pain go away!

  2. Mikie

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    Lots going on. Sorry to hear of you brother and your missing drugs. Glad they turned up. I'm impressed you got some dusting done. I think dust has become part of my life.

    Georgia has no immigrants to pick their crops because of the crackdown on them. The crops have been dying on the plants. There has to be a better way to solve the illegal immigrants problem.

    Wow, 2 1/2 hrs. at the salon! I don't think I could take it.

    I've been napping all afternoon as I really overdid it yesterday. I did run to Target with my neighbor so we could pick up a couple of folding chairs for the balcony. Today, she is in her other mode where she is so distracted that you can't get a word out without her interrupting. She and one of the other neighbors do this all the time and it's just exhausting being around them both. I was downstairs but came back up because I can't take it. Is it normal for older women to do this or am I surrounded by people easily distracted by shiny objects? Heck, they don't even have to be shiny. I love my neighbors, my Florida Family, but sometimes it ain't easy.

    Speaking of family, my daughter wanted to bring Andy down for a visit over Presidents Day weekend. That's when I'll have to go off my drugs before my shot on Tues. and I'll feel horrible; I always do. I "lose" about a week every month because I have to be off my meds before and after the shots and I rest before and after too. I hate to say no but I have to.

    I always have some Klonopin in my purse because I never know when I'll feel agitated due to noise, light, movement or whatever. After my neighbors all talking over one another, I could use a hit now :) I think that maybe I could use some new friends. Whine, whine, whine :(

    I know that the Health Board will pop up sometimes and I don't know why. My wi-fi quit on me today and I had to go through the whole process which Comcast led me through on the phone last night when I installed the new modem. At least now, I know what to do to restore it. I hope it's not going to be an ongoing problem.

    Feel better. Leah, you too. Rock, hope you guys are getting over your colds. Pam, hope you are doing well. Barry, how's it going.

    Sending hugs and prayer.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Ranigar

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    Coming down from Canada tomorrow night with a little snow.Not looking good for an outing at an outdoor mall on sat.

    Got a little more cleaning done upstairs today.If I do it first thing it's working for me last couple of days then back to regular exhausted self by afternoon.
    I've been coughing nonstop this week and glands on left side ache.I got around to looking at my throat and left side is red.Wait it out I guess since antibiotics won't work for it anyway.

    Boy Linda all this grief for you just from a mail change.Oh yeah,and rates went up!

  4. spacee

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    the happiness I felt when I learned our new neighbors across the street
    didn't speak English. (Spanish) I was so afraid I was going to get a woman
    who would want to visit with me...Yikes! This was some years ago.

    Mikie your condo stories keep reminding us of Jerry Seinfeid's 'parents'.
    I can still hear his 'mother" saying "those ppl are sooo exhausting". She
    was speaking of George's parents.

    I tried on my 'wedding dress' again today. (It's for my youngest's wedding)
    It's ok. The problem (stop me if I have mentioned this...:) is that I have to
    dance with him one dance. A couple of my meds add to dizziness, then
    my feet are wide at the front and normal at the heels so shoes just kind
    of hang on. That doesn't help me feel stable either. He is going to have to
    keep a 'firm grip' on me is all I know to do. And we are just swaying. LOL

    Leah, I just love it when someone enjoys what I have written. Once Pam
    spit out her coffee laughing :) but that has been awhile. Ok, not everyone
    start doing that cause I won't be able to believe you :)

    Yes, my hairdresser comes in on Tues when no one else is usually there so
    I have have quiet. She will do any color I chose but I think I am getting
    just a kinda of light brown. 2.5 hours doesn't seem worth it for a color so
    close to what I am. I will rethink this. She graduated with my sons and has
    kids the same age as my gkids. I feel I have more incommon with her than
    other hairdressers I have tried over the last 22 years.

    Medco our insurance RX provider doesn't seem to know what is going on.
    Today they informed my doc that my meds had been found. And informed
    me "ALERT, you may need to get meds from your local pharmacy because
    you won't have enough to last you till we mail more". What? My found drugs
    are arriving tomorrow! Good thing I know that.

    Strong eyebrows are 'in'. I felt you all might need to know that SOL.

    I was talking with Twin on what color my toenails should be...thinking of
    changing from red. She said "for the wedding, they have to be orange."
    Oh, right, the colors are blue and orange.

    Hey, Leah, so you would no be able to prove you are a citizen? That's scary.
    I do imagine that other's can't 'prove' it. Now, I think you have to prove it
    to go to school? maybe. 20 years ago you had to bring a birth certificate
    to sign up for Little League. But that might have more about proof of age. sorry you aren't going to feel up to seeing Andy. I know, you
    gotta do, what you gotta do. Here's to even better days ahead with that

    Wave and huggies to our other online family members!

  5. Ranigar

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    Good thing I'm not your neighbor or I fear I would fall into the small attention cat.I can't remember what's posted on here to respond.I think I do listen when people are talking and don't talk over them.I know what you mean about that being annoying and it gets noisy too.I hardly have to speak when DD calls she talks nonstop and doesn't notice if I say a word which suits me fine since it's to tiring for long conversations.

    Are you saying you get highlights Linda because I can't imagine what takes so long.One hr. for me is bad enough.

    That will be hard to say no to GS coming Mikie.How old?I don't see how you could handle it though.Will DD understand?

    I've gotten an appetite the last few days.Stomach growling for food.Good sign but no taste back.Cereal works though.I have saliva from the med I take so I'm wondering if I have some sort of neuropathy in my mouth.Does this sound possible?I see Dr. end of month and hope she has an answer of some kind.Food is either tasteless or all I detect are seasonings which linger as bitter or sour the rest of the day.It's a head scratcher as to why this started after my last flare.

    Leah are you feeling better or are symptoms at least improved?

    So the dancing.Do we all share in the imbalance issues?Orange toenails sound perfect since you've mentioned you can pull that color off.

    Hope you and Zippy are getting out for walks Rock.Barry hope your hanging in there.

  6. bct

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    A grey and wet day today. Yesterday was nice and sunny and brought out some crocus flowers, orange and violet. Tulips are poking out of the ground, and a bunch of other stuff.

    Richard brought a crab for dinner the other day; delicious! They've been too expensive lately, but it's been a good catch this year so far. I found out why the prices are so high : most of the crab caught locally are air-freighted to China and Japan, alive, where they fetch high prices!

    Pam, in regards to your taste or lack of : have you started any new meds. lately? I know when I tried Lunesta for sleep it wiped out my taste buds. As for neuropathy, I don't know. Doesn't sound like any I've heard of.... I sure hope your doc. has an answer for you.

    Hope everyone else is doing well. Unlike some of you, I never have colds or flu, and least not since I started my cfs journey back in '94. Aren't I a lucky fellow?

    All, for now, just thought I'd pop in and say I'm doing o....kish.
    Love to y'all in Fla. too; just heard about the invasion of giant African Snails there!
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    Leah and Barry are our newest immigrants to the US. (Barry's mother is
    English). Did she come over? Have you said? Have that short term memory
    that Pam has.

    I remember you writing about all the different kinds of food you know about
    and I think it started with her influence.

    Next came Gordon, I think. But he could easily be several generations here.

    Don't know about Richard.

    But I think Rock is the next. Possibly about the same time in the country as

    How do I guess this. It's a secret. Well, it's because some of us have talked
    about the countries our ancestors are from and some of us only talk about the
    states our ancestors are from. How our line got here was so long ago, no
    parents talked about it.

    And y'all thought I was But (Hugs) Leah, what a terrible way
    to come, yet how fortunate to be here, but then be sick is so sad. Genocide
    I just don't know what to say. That had to be horrible.

    So, happy that you have your gov. ID. Who would have thought the day
    would come that it would be so important. They give babies social security
    number shortly after birth...within a month, I think. Have to be put on the
    Income Tax form of their parents.

    To be sick on your wedding day! I bet you were so wishing you could sit or
    lie down. I'm glad you are here and now I will wonder what your name really was too :) Maybe they thought Leah sounded more American?

    Leah, I wonder if just maybe the card. would know a better 'regular' doc?
    Yours doesn't sound too good. Hard to change, I know.

    Now that I got my meds in the mail, I know what the "urgent" computer
    message from Medco meant. I have 3 weeks of heart med left. When
    the computers aren't being stupid, they can be pretty smart ;)

    Nite all dear ones. Good you are ok ish too , Barry.


  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    The posting slows down on the weekend. Others are in our lives at that
    time, I guess.

    Not me though, catching up on some sleeping that the Mobic had me doing

    I had something to say...oh, Pam. Yes I get highlights. And low lights..truly.
    I guess that is what take so long. My hair is very dark and I guess, the low
    light bring it up to a lighter brown. And the fine hair. I think she is very
    meticulous so I won't have a clump of color in one spot.

    It's going to be in the 30's tonight! We decided that our plants made it through
    the last dip into 30, so they will survive. It's not going to freeze so no threat
    to the oranges.

    Yep, the Cmas cactus is going to have at least two blooms for Valentines Day.
    I like getting multiuse out of it!

    Found the perfect Valentine for Huz:

    Valentine, You do so much for me, go out of your way for me, and treat me so
    well that I just want to say (Open) I FREAKING DESERVE IT! happy valentine'sday.

    It's so me...not sentimental.

    Leah, I am happy that you have happy memories of your wedding day. You have been through so much. At least you have that.

    Our wedding day was 'different'. Just Twin and her Huz there. I wore my
    orange dress (I think I have told that). There is one pic. We looked in shock.
    We were very young. But it was the right choice, at least.

    Probably the fact that Huz has the 'secret' life of a golf pro that has helped
    alot. (secret meaning it's all in his mind :) He doesn't noticed that I'm not
    normal (SOL).

    Publix is not getting rid of Easy Express frozen dinners by Stoufers. They were
    just selling the ones that have the expiration date of 8.12. Now the ones with
    the date of 7.13 are instock. What a relief.

    Sleep well, dear ones.

  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    For clearing that up Linda.Couldn't imagine what they were doing to your hair for over 2hrs.I had low lights too but couldn't figure out what it really did.
    Your huz must not be home hardly at all during this time of yr.I had a friend who worked for an accounting firm and it was crazy hrs. this time of yr.

    We had a snow storm and it's bitter cold,first time this winter it's this cold.I bundled up and we went to Target.I was browsing the clothes racks when fatigue hit.I called huz on cell phone to see where in the store he was and told him we had to get out of there.What did I do before cell phones?I would panic and by the time I found huz in the store I would be crying and an emotional mess.Thank goodness for technology.So my mini outing was good enough to get me out of the house for a bit.We adapt to our illness don't we?

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    So Sorry I've been away so long that I don't think I can catch up so will just tell y'all how much I missed my online family. Comcast robo called me, e-mailed me, and snail mailed me to tell me I needed to get a surfboard 3.0 modem as my ancient one was totally inadequate for the new high-speed broadband equipment they have installed. It took two hour-long calls with their tech support to get it to work. After all this, I'm qualified as a geek.

    Sorry to be so short and not addressing each one of you but today, I'm purging and only online between trips to the john. AACK!

    Sending my hugs and prayers to each of you.

    Love, Mikie
  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    For the past couple of days. Gee, a certified Geek! Neat!! ( I know not the
    official cert.....but really a geek! Sorry you are herxing, I guess I should be
    happy though. The peptide shot?

    Pam, that was great ingenuity. When you call out my name, I'll come running
    just to see you again. Very romantic, sorta.

    We went to the Despised Kohls. Just to walk. At the shoe dept. Huz was talking
    to someone. How different for Huz. But I thought "a friendly customer" and went
    on with my walking. Then Huz calls my name. "This is ______". And I name
    the name of his company. Have heard Huz talk about it for eons.

    Get this. The man's wife and grown, married kids all live in New Jersey. He
    is down here by himself because they refuse to come to our county. Personally,
    the few New Jersey ppl I have met, I'm glad they don't come here. The ppl
    from Quebec seem to like us :) And a number of other states.

    Didn't buy anything, it was just for exercise and to get out of the house and
    go to the DQ (Dairy Queen). I used to call my sil the Dairy Queen as she
    breastfed for most of 8 years, it seems like. Yikes!

    One New Jersey woman told me that "they" always told it just how they felt
    and 'Southerner" act nice to your face, then talk behind your back. This one's
    opinion was 'always right'. So, what else was there to do but 'act nice to her
    face". And I wasn't interested in repeating it. Oh well.

    I do wish you could get out a little, if even for a short drive, Leah. Maybe in
    the spring. So, you have heard of Cmas catus reblooming. I do have it in a
    southern window as was suggested here. That and total neglect seems to be
    want it really likes :)

    Off to nite nite. Hope tomorrow is a good day, Fam!

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Have been too exhaustinized to post. I am hoping just a short post
    will give me a jump start; maybe I can do more tomorrow.

    Have been reading though. Glad to see Barry dropped by. Meanwhile
    Gordon and I cough back and forth. Sound like some kind of ungulates

    We went to the 99 store yesterday. I bought a dozen cans of V8. Half
    the supermarket price.

    Oh, yeah. I bought a dust mop. Anybody got a household tip re:
    a spray or oil to put on it?


  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Spacee, I haven't thought of the Dairy Queen for ages. I have a wonderful picture of my son from his teen age years. I snapped him right after a rain in front of a Dairy Queen in Stewartville, MN. He is standing on his reflection.

    When I was ten, an A&W Root Beer opened in our village. Far as I know, it's still the only fast food place there. They had carhops (had to look on the net to find that word cause I couldn't remember it), but they didn't roller skate because the parking lot was gravel.

    Anyhoo they had wonderful food. Best BBQ sandwiches ever. The root beer mugs were frosted. And for kids they had free mugs of root beer in toddler sizes.

    Re: Xmas cactus, Spacee and Freida, Gordon has 3. Last year they all bloomed. This year only one. Sometimes plants are just as contrary as people.

    Mikie, there's a surfboard in your computer? Land O Goshen! You guys have your mail format changed? Ours did, but Gordon put it back the way it was. I sent my brother an email using the new procedure. He got it, but my copy somehow vanished.

    Freida, if you like the Xmas cactus, you'd probably like the huge poinsettia our
    neighbors have. It is huge. Bigger than a refrigerator. The bright red flowers
    have been blooming for the past 3 months.

    Pam, how bitter cold is it there? I was reading a thriller last night where a
    blizzard was one of the major characters. Decided it required that it be read
    in bed. Is your cough responding to anything? I've tried cough syrup and drop
    and allergy pills and aspirin. Nothing seems to have any impact.

    Barry, my mother used to have crocus, tulips, and grape hyacinths every spring. Sometimes they would pop up when there was still a trace of snow on the ground. I saw the computer news about the African snails. Pretty shells w/ lateral stripes.

    Freida, we are glad you found us and vice versa.

    Did the laundry yesterday. Have been using some Costo brand that comes in a bucket. It feels like grit and cleans about as well. I think Gordon buys it for
    the bucket it comes in. He likes to have buckets for the garden. My T shirt
    collars have been grimy for the past 8 years. I have switched to Tide which was new when I was a kid. It was America's first detergent (after some kinda primitive products). "Tide's in; dirt's out" But what is Tide reversed?

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Even here in the Sunshine State, it's cold!!!!! Those aren't exclaimation points; they're dripping icicles :) Not really but it did get down into the 30's last night.

    Linda, heard it got even colder inland. Laughing at "despised Kohl's." As you know, I feel the same way. Still, I did get that deal on my keyboard... You are right, I believe. Ever since I started the peptide injections, I've Herxed as though I'm on ABX and/or AV's. My immune system must be mopping up old pathogens or toxins in my bod. So, even though it's not pleasant, I see it as healing.

    Pam, we all have a bit of ADHD but believe me, you've never seen anything like when two of my neighbors get together. It's like video pong gone horribly awry but instead of a pong ball, it's a shiny object flying all over and everyone trying to follow it, interrupting one another. My poor tired brain can't take it. As things turned out, my daughter cannot get rid of her cold so she likely would have cancelled her trip with Andy. She is very sweet and totally understands I need my rest. She has FMS and Lyme herself.

    Leah, I went through a similar problem and thought I'd never get my drivers license here in FL. My Mom changed my last name when I was a young child but never did it through the courts. Back then, one needn't do that. It was enough to just start using the new name. To get a license here, you have to have legal paperwork for every last name you use. My passport had expired. So, I renewed it with no problem and was able to get a license. Passports trump everything else down here. I call this Flori-DUH!

    Mmmmm, crab, Barry. My mouth is watering and as y'all know, that ain't easy :) I almost never get colds or flu. I never get flu shots as they make my immune system go nuts. They make me sooooo sick. When I do get a cold or virus, it usually is short lived and mild (knocking on wood here :)

    Rock, sorry to hear you are both still coughing. As I mentioned above, my daughter can't get rid of her cold. I have front loading W&D but just use less of Publix's house brand of detergent. I use their dryer sheets but not the liquid softener in the washer because it's so gooey. I heard it can gum up the works in the front loaders. May be urban myth but I treat those two appliances with TLC.

    I'm sitting here in my plush jammies and fuzzy robe. I did moisturize my feet last night and wore thick, soft socks to bed. It's supposed to get to 70 today but I think I'll wear long pants. I've been in a funk and hope maybe today, I'll feel up to doing some much needed housework. Hope everyone is warm and pain free.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Single digit cold and teens during the day.My DD said Fl. is cold.Get it out of your systems by the time I get there.I'm counting on a yr. reprieve until my blood thins and I feel cold in the warm temp of 50.

    Before I forget Linda I loved your Valentine card and read it to huz who laughed too.I'm sorry your DD has Lyme and Fibro I didn't know that Mikie.My DD has Fibro now too and understands me only the way a fellow sufferer can.

    Rock I've had a chronic cough for so many yrs. now I can't count.Family tunes it out but it can be so annoying to me some days that I scream at my self to stop.Asthma,GERD and the dryness from Sjogren's I guess but aside from inhaler and humidifier nothing much to do about it.You know how that goes.

    As kids my sisters and I used our front porch as an A&W root beer stand and pretended to serve imaginary customers.What a rare treat it was to go there.I was disappointed when you could buy it in cans and bottles.Not the same at all.

    Gosh Mikie and Leah you've really got me thinking about the complex area proving citizenship can be.Very interesting and glad it turned out ok for you two but wow.

    Not doing to badly lately and able to get routine things done but thinking I must have lost my mind to have agreed to a cruise in April with DD and family.I can't make it through Target but I can do 7days of trooping through a ship Forward and Aft and up and down stairs all day?What was I thinking?Well I'll worry about that later.

  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    Seem to be going around Lake Wales. Really bad ones. The docs say that
    they are not the 'flu'. Bad viruses, I guess. Though the flu is a virus too, right?

    Back on 1/2 tab of Mobic. Maybe it will have 1/2 the side effects (very fuzzy
    brain and waking up at 8 or 9 am). Boy, a week off of it and I was sleeping
    to 11am just like old times.

    I saw a gadget on Amazon. Can't remember the name. It would count the
    amount of calories you burned in the day and, also...the number of times
    you woke at night. Seems unbelieveable but that is what it said. Got a
    lot of 5 stars. One woman said that she could tell that advil, aleve, those
    kind of pain med or the ones that were for sleep she had more wake ups.
    But with melatonin she slept better.

    Course we can all be different. But I thought her review was interesting.
    Not interesting enough to pay $98 for the gadget. Good grief, with everything
    being made overseas...$98?

    Leah, I totally agree with what you said about your father and his commitment
    to the US. It should have been recognized and rewarded.

    Mikie, I had no idea that Florida was stricter than other states. Learn something new all the time. Used to say every day, but some days get by me.

    A tiny apt seems very cozy. I've seen shows on HGTV of how they would get
    more storage space out of tiny studios. Very creative, I thought. Especially
    in a place that has the 4 seasons. Of course, I can no longer remember
    what they did...sigh.

    I thought of going to the library. I did! Just the thought must mean my
    brain likes 1/2 a mobic, maybe. But I have to read and do the 8 steps to
    a pain free back first. So far, on step 1. Sit on a chair and lean forward.
    It lengthens your spine. Ok, there were a few more 'rules' to step 1 but
    that's it in a nutshell.

    Pam, Tues it is to be 81 here. We will be out of fuzzy robes and back into capris in no time.

    Thanks for the compliments on my Cmas caretaking :) Those buds are just
    on the verge. But sometimes they don't go ahead and bloom. Holding my
    breath for them.

    That was a neat pic of your son, Rock...reflection. Ahh the A&W's with their
    frosted mugs. I don't see them anymore in Florida. I know huz frequented
    one as a teenager.

    The hood sounds like a times at least.

    Yep, it's almost 11pm. So nitey nite.


  17. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I got busy this morning cleaning bathrooms,some laundry,cooked up creamed chicken so leftover chic wouldn't go to waste that DS had bought over the weekend and when I stopped to take a breather it was only 11AM.Well I guess I'm going to have a long day then.

    Sis bragged on Facebook about temps going to 70's and 80's down there in Fl.Both like to torment me this time of yr.

    I forgot to tell you DD is expecting a baby!After last miscarriage she almost gave up but just couldn't go on birth control.This caught her by surprise a little bit because she wasn't so focused on trying.Isn't that always the way it happens when you want something so much?So we're all being careful to not get to excited yet since it's only 5wks. and so much can happen.Today is GD's 4th birthday and her daddy's too both on Valentine's Day.

    I'm snowed in so I think I'll hunt around for a nice novel to get cosy with.

  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    That was a line on CSI tonite.

    Saying prayers that DD's pregnancy goes to term! How nice that she likes
    to phone you. That's something son's don't seem to do.

    Leah, I want you to have that sign if you ever have to go to that place again.
    Wonder if it would change their tune any. Bet it would get some laughs from
    the ppl in line.

    Ok, I also agree that with a tiny place it would be hard to do crafts. Since I
    can't do any, I for got that one. I like to do little sewing projects like hemming
    that require only a needle and thread. So I have my sewing kit and the pants
    and that's all I need. I sit on the bed while we watch tv to do it. It's one of
    my favorite things to do. But it doesn't happen that often that something
    needs hand sewn.

    I haven't said a word for years about DS eating out too much. (Costs too much)
    But the day came and the news didn't come from me. He now has a friend
    who is a retired banker and he offered to look over their 'buget'. He said,
    Let me put it this can continue to eat out OR you can buy a house."
    The eating out has abruptly stopped. I could have told him that 10 years
    ago but I kept my mouth shut. He needed to hear it from a banker.

    Not too much I get right but that one thing I did. whew.

    Drumming my fingers waiting on the Cmas cactus. If it doesn't bloom in
    two more day, I figure it's going to drop.

    It was a two nap day. Just to let you know how exciting it is around here.

    You are right Pam. Huz comes home for supper at 6pm, watches the news
    til 7pm and heads back to work til 9pm. Til April 17th. The new tax day.
    Someone at huz's office said Obama changed it cause of the 15th being
    a Muslim holiday. Haven't heard of any holidays. But it's fine with changing
    it. Gives the late ones a bit more time. The office stands waiting at the door
    for the last person on the 17th to come get their tax return. And then they
    applaud that person. Then that person never show their face again..haha, not
    true. But they do applaud.

    My appetite picks up on Mobie. Today I wanted cornbread. But it doesn't go
    down the throat so well, so I didn't make any. Dressing is ok, but the slice
    of cornbread..not so much.

    Happy V-day to all online fam. too.

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hope everyone had a nice Valentines Day. I baked cupcakes and decorated them for a few neighbors/friends. Last year, I made little woven paper hearts and filled them with candy. It's fun for me to do a little something. I wore a fleece top to the condo mtg. yesterday morning and by the time it was over, I was cooking in it. Had to come home and change. Things in the hood have settled down a bit but one of our wells, from which we water the landscape, has started to dry up and can no longer provide enough water to the pump. We have another well and pump on the property so we are putting in a new pump there to water the whole neighborhood. Now, the question is whether we dig the old well deeper. It's only about 150 feet. Our second one is 300 feet. Seems all the new developments dig to 600 feet and they are drying up all the more shallow wells. It doesn't help that every other development has a golf course. With the housing bubble burst, they are having a difficult time keeping their golf courses funded. What a mess! Down here, the developers have had the state and county govts. in their pockets for decades. Everyone knew our aquafiers could not withstand all this development with golf courses but they went right on building and building. Idiots! The good news is we have the other well and the money to fix it but that well may go dry too eventually.

    In FL, one used to be able to show an old drivers license from any state and get a FL drivers license. Now, one has to have all kinds of ID and bills in one's name from utilities coming to the address one claims as one's domain. It's easier for men because they usually don't have name changes and the bills come in their names. For women, it can be a nightmare. It's easier to get a passport than a drivers license in FL. Thank God, I was able to renew my expired passport; I won't ever let it expire again. Even the people working in the licensing office were giving out different answers, depending on the office and the clerk. People were crying, stomping out and cursing after making multiple trips. I called my state rep's office and they told me if I exhausted every effort and failed, they would intervene and help me. What a mess!

    Pam, I'm so happy about the baby. I'll pray that all is well. We had an A&W where I grew up and it was across the street from our swimming pool. I spent many a summer day drinking a tall mug of root beer and eating a bag of freshly popped popcorn after swimming when I was a kid. Back then, it was safe for kids to go with their friends all over town safely. We rode the bus wherever we wanted to go. Why not use the cruise as a way to rest. No need to run all over the ship. Pick a lounge chair and relax. BTW, I think there are elevators to get from one level to another. I hope you enjoy it. When is it?

    Leah, the outdoor cats here don't seem interested in the Poincettia plants. My little Tweety does think everything in the world, natural and otherwise, was put here for her to play with. I worry about her and Sylvester being outside because outdoor cats can get injured more. Sylvester is limping and holding his front paw up. Jeff, the cats' guardian, will take care of that. I wish you well with getting the license. If you can't, try calling your state rep. for help. I went through a lot of stress until I started laughing at the rediculessness of the whole situation and just said to myself that I was doing everything I could and it would work out. Things usually do work out despite all the hassle and worry involved. My friend has settled down a bit but another neighbor asked me if I noticed how angry she seems. I'm not the only one noticing it. I think her hubby has given up and just withdraws as much as is possible when one is married. How sad!

    Linda, I don't know when your license is due. I always renewed mine online until last time. Just be prepared and if you have a passport, keep it from expiring. That's the easiest way to renew. The two lemon trees I bought are full of blooms and bees have been seen on them so they are getting pollenated. We have three lemons that are almost the size of ping pong balls. There are tons of tiny lemons forming even where most of the bottom leaves fell off (we don't know why they fell). The poor lime isn't blooming but the leaves are coming back from the harsh lemon oil treatment for aphids. When April 15th falls on the weekend, as it does this year, the IRS always extends the filing date. It amazes me how people will use any excuse to make up political stories which are so rediculous that they don't even make sense. BTW, anyone can file an extension for 90 days. If one owes no taxes, all it takes is a form. Otherwise, one can pay estimated taxes and include the check with the form. I did it for years. Now, I no longer need to file.

    I am tired but plan on picking up the clutter today and doing laundry. It's warming up fast and will be in the 80's. I like the 70's better but our afternoon breezes are so balmy that it's devine! I sit on the balcony out front and just let the swaying palms lull me to sleep. The sun this time of year leaves plenty of shade. After the next injection, I'm going to try going out in the sun again. Baby steps. Even though I don't sit in the sun, I do have a farmer's tan on my arms from whatever UV I get in the shade.

    Sat., everyone in the hood is heading down to Estero for a pancake breakfast to benefit my sweet neighbor's grandson's baseball team. He is getting a baseball scholarship to college. It's always and good time, especially for $5. I'm not going to the spaghetti dinner to benefit another neighbor's church. Last year, it was so crowded and noisy that I had to put Klonopin under my tongue just to hack it. Publix is having a big sale on all things Italian with a $5 coupon off $30 worth of groceries. Lots of BOGO's too. I'll stock up.

    Hope y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie

  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Our taxes are done and sent.All my kids have theirs sent out too.Two of SIL's sisters in different states are being audited.Never knew a person who was so maybe they've started doing more now.

    April 15 is the cruise.They have elevators but they are slow and crowded so we usually take the stairs.I wanted a lg. balcony so requested an aft cabin which means a very long walk from just about anywhere I am on the ship.We love watching the wake and not having crowds all around us.I'll just do what I can do.

    GD's allergies have started up.DD thinks it's oak this time of yr.Her eyes get bloodshot and swollen and she has to stay inside during recess which just upsets her.It will last months poor kid.She has her wellness appt. today so maybe an allergy shot will help instead of otc meds that make her drowsy.

    My kids eat out constantly too Linda.It's unbelievable to me how they say they are saving money or complain of being broke but eat out constantly and think nothing of it.I bite my tongue and keep quiet.

    Huz surprised me with a giant Valentine cookie.I have no interest in it but it was unexpected and very thoughtful.Niece in NC sent us a box of treats and fruit from Harry and David to thank us for taking care of her grandpa all those yrs.That was really sweet of her what a shock.

    Thanks for well wishes for DD I'm glad for her and having positive expectations.