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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Feb 15, 2012.

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    Spacee, I just saw your post on the Health board. Would you like me
    to move it over here?

    Was a quiet day at our casa. Spent most of the day w/ Zippy on the sofa. I
    was reading, and he was sleeping. We had rain off and on. Even when
    it wasn't raining he didn't want to go outside. Usually he spends all day
    in the back yard.

    I though he was illish, but when I took him for his walk at 5 PM, he seemed
    perfectly fine. We had a beautiful sky. The rain washed the smog
    outta the air. The clouds had just enough chiaroscuro to be interesting.

    Gordon has some dendrobiums in bloom. Small white or purple blooms.
    Like most orchids, the flowers have 5 petals and a lip which is similar
    to the center of a daffodil. He also has one miniature daffodil that
    is blooming.

    Gordon brought home a couple of Valentine pops. They are not made of
    lolly. They are chocolate cake w/ choc. icing. Cute, but too insubstantial
    for those of us who are real chocolate lovers.

    And here's a kawinkydink fur ya. I am reading a book by Lolly Winston.
    It is called "Good Grief" and it is about a young widow. It is very sad
    but also funny.

    Gordon reported big drama at his office. Some gal's cell phone disappeared.
    Many tears and much searching. Today she walked in w/ a new phone.
    Cost: $800. Land O Goshen! My first car cost less than that.

    Good bye.

  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Linda, figured I'd just copy your post which ended up over on the Health Board. Rock was nice enough to ask but I figure you want it here so I just did it. If it's not OK, let me know.

    Love, Mikie

    The Lounge 94!

    I decided to get it from the horses' mouth, so to speak. Mikie intrigued me
    when she said that with the 15th falls on the weekend, it is always due on
    the 17th.

    What made me curious was the woman who told me that about Obama changing
    it for the muslims works at Huz's office. So I just went and asked him. He said
    that normally the taxes would be due on the Monday the 16th since the 15th is
    on Sunday. However, Monday is PATRIOT's Day and they are waiting til the 17th.

    I mentioned to him that someone at his office was telling a different tale and
    maybe he should correct her. True, what ppl come up with.

    I have made notes to myself to see if my passport has expired. Got a bad
    feeling it has. And to see when my driver's does. I bet it is this year. Used
    to be we could go to Mexico without a passport. Bet that has changed. Only
    place out of the US I have been since DD.

    Pam, hoping that the cruise is great! I keep telling myself the wedding will be.
    Maybe resting before you go might help. That used to be encouraged. So,
    we had the preresting and the post resting. And, of course, the during resting.

    If any of us is suppose to carry the list of our meds with us either on an ID
    bracelet or a list in your wallet, I noticed they sell the usb (?) for your medical
    info at CVS (drugstore). Mikie or someone else will have to tell us how we
    'get' the med info on the usb card. But it is very nice and has MEDICAL INFO
    so anyone looking for it could not miss it.

    I know alot of places are paperless which this would work great with. But I
    can't count on everyplace here being that way, so I will just carry a typed
    list in my wallet.

    Oh, dear, my doc's office seems to be training another newbie. I called to
    tell that my request for my heart med from 2 weeks ago had not been
    received by Medco. I gave the newbie my name and birthday. Then this
    is exactly how I had to spell the med for her. V as in Victor, E and East,
    R as in Ralph (so forth) then, 'space' H as in Harold C as in Carrot, (so forth)
    'space' S as in Slow and R as in Release.

    Never have I had to do that before. I mean the med name is in my chart,
    I have taken it for 203 years.

    It's like the clinic will take the most untrained person so they can pay them
    the least and the Doc's get more. I am wise to them..:)

    It bloomed!! I feel like I have been waiting a birth. It's beautiful...the Cmas
    cactus, if you haven't been following. Huz gave it 2 drops of water this am :)

    Our Publix not only has BOGO but gives a $10 gift card to Publix. Have not
    seen this bad of times before.

    Hugs to all...

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  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It's absolutely wonderful out today. Too bad I slept late and missed so much of it. I must have needed it. I am just on my second cup of Joe before I go shower. My sweet little kitty, Tweety, paid her visit and her brother, Sylvester, came with her. They are the nicest little fur kids. They aren't destructive and they usually just want to be petted. They will roll on the floor to ensure their bellies get rubbed too. My daughter calls them my rent-a-cat pets.

    Rock, I'm glad Zippy is OK. Your flowers sound lovely. My potted flowers aren't doing well but the potted lemon trees are in bloom with some lemons on them. I've always been with my head in the clouds. As long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by them. You can search online and find beautiful pics of clouds. There are whole groups of people who love them. We have some gorgeous sunsets here to rival the ones I loved in CO.

    I have seen the Green Flash twice in one sunset. Atmospheric conditions have to be just right to see it right as the sun sinks below the horizon. The evening I saw it twice, there was a level of clouds behind which the sun set and it produced a green flash. Then, the sun traveled lower in clear skies and when it finally set below the horizon, I saw another green flash. I always doubted the whole thing until I saw for myself.

    I also had low energy yesterday but did manage to do a very odd chore. Down here, even aluminum gets pitted and oxidizes. My sliding glass doors were slow and making all kinds of noise. I cleaned the aluminum sill plate, sprayed it with stainless steel cleaner, dried it and rubbed it with was paper to make it slicker. The doors need to be removed and new wheels installed. Yeah! Like that's gonna happen.

    Linda, Yes, when the 15th falls on a weekend, the IRS always extends the deadline. When it falls on a Sat., the deadline moves to the 17th. Usually, when it falls on a Sun., the deadline moves to the 16th unless Mon. is a federal holiday. Federal workers get every obscure holiday off. Im actually laughing about the whole Muslim thing. First, who would believe this woman's story? Does she actually believe it? Good Grief! It costs more now to get the passport renewed. It also costs more for a FL drivers license, license plates and the permit to carry. Mine all came due at once. Yikes!

    The Feds just put out a warning against traveling to 14 Mexican states where drug violence has been so horrible. I've had it with Mexico. When I lived in CO, we would go to Mexico for Spring Break. We had our things stolen by hotel employees and once, had to pay a tax to get out of Mexico even though we had already paid it through Club Med and had the stickers to prove it. Didn't matter. The "official" at the airport made us pay it again. Club Med refunded it. And Mexico wonders why Americans are no longer wanting to vacation there. I love Mexico and the Mexican people but we have beaches here in FL; no need to go to Mexico.

    I hope your meds get to you. My doc's uneducated asst. called in a refill for Clonodine, my BP med, instead of Clonazepam, my generic Klonopin. Now, that's an understandable mistake but it's not the first time she has been way below par. Thank God, he's a good doc. I also carry my list of meds with me, along with my ins. card and my living will, plus emergency contact info. I have all this in an envelope on my fridge in case I keel over down here.

    I'm so beat that I may only get laundry done today, the laundry I didn't get done yesterday. I am running out of clothes to wear but my doors are sliding nicely :)

    Have a great day, everyone. Hope y'all are well.

    Love, Mikie

  4. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    The rain melted away the snow.Fine by me.

    4yr. old GD had her Wellness appt.,that's what they call a Dr. appt now I guess.Four shots this time poor baby.She told my DD the Dr. is not her friend and she doesn't like her very much.I don't blame her.The Dr. once told me as a child I was getting an injection.I told my mom I didn't know what that was and she said shot.It took her and the Dr. to bar the door because I was getting out of there!

    Retirement party is a week from Sun. The company is allowing family now for drinks and appetizers so that's good enough.At this point huz is ready to just get it over with.I figured this would be a long month for him.Our retired neighbor told us there will be no more weekends anymore.I guess that is a true statement.

    I liked your advise for relaxing pre,post and during our trip Linda.See what good advise I count on from here?I can finally taste food a little better.Eating more and not gaining but not losing anymore so I feel stronger.Probably just take a little more time and I'll have the opposite problem again.No new meds for awhile I have to many problems with them.

  5. spacee

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    a 72 yo's email got hacked and she didn't notice and forwarded it on to
    me. I called Apple and our 6yo Mac is considered "vintage" and they don't
    consider them worth repairing. :) Glad I wasn't considered vintage at age 6!

    I can't believe that I was taking that heart med for 203 years. hehe. Maybe
    I'm more vintage that I think.

    Leah (Hugss!!) hope you feel better soon!! And anyone else who isn't up
    to par. That WAS a big word you used! :)

    I am at the Library on their puters amd I think their computers are about 12 years old. At least! But at least they are available for use and work!

    I have noticed that we have two cats that love to sleep on my car but they
    run off when I go outside. I guess I need to have some snacks to get them to
    warm up to me. :)

    If that cactus would flower more often...say every other month, I could really
    get excited about it. Fushia and white beautiful.

    Guess I will go to Lowes and see what flowers they have for a couple of
    empty pots.

    Other than that, not much happening.

    I will stop since I have 3 mins remaining...we have computers here but not for
    long time.

    It might be a couple of days before I am back. We have to go to the big city to get a new computer and, of course, it's tax season.

    Love you kids and hope all get's better!!

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Pam, glad you're doing a bit better. At least, you're no longer losing weight. I hope you continue to improve. Rest up for the party and the cruise to come.

    Leah, I wish you could kick this flare. You deserve to feel well. This has gone on so long. I know how discouraging that can be.

    Linda, I am so very sorry about your computer. My friends all know I will not open anything forwarded unless they tell me in advance what is in the e-mail. First, I don't want all that spam which people thing is such fun to send to everyone and second, my computer was crashed by an e-mail but not one which was forwarded. The virus was in a Christmas card embedded in the e-mail which my friend had downloaded. She cannot resist "free" downloads and continues to send this stuff out so I no longer open her e-mails. A friend lost but a computer saved. Sad.

    I went with my friends and neighbors to a pancake breakfast to benefit my neighbor's grandson's baseball team. He just got a scholarship to college for his baseball talent. It was so nice, almost like a family reunion and everyone was in a great mood. Things are going well in the hood!

    I'm exhausted today. I think this last shot is wearing off. Thank God, I'm getting my next one on Tues. I ran out to shop but didn't find what I was looking for so grabbed a few groceries at Target, washed my car at the do-it-yourself carwash and headed home. I took a quick cat nap but it wasn't enough. Think I'll take off the bra and free the girls so I can relax. Before I do that, though, I need to go down and water the lemon trees. Our sprinkler system still hasn't been fixed.

    I found the cutest little pottery oval dish in light blue with brown fishbones in the center. I give the cats a little milk when they visit. It doesn't seem to bother them and they like it so their guardian said it's OK to give them. Some cats can't digest it. Their guardian can't so they don't get it at his place. Both now visit but Tweety is the one who comes in and stays. When she gets tired, she wants to come in and sleep on top of my office loveseat in the window. What life these cats have. For me, they are a blessing.

    Sending hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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  7. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I love your kitty stories.My old cat stays away most of the time since we got Lily.She's not afraid of her but Lily is the boss.Her hind quarters are going bald now and look so funny.She will bite if she gets annoyed but gives fair warning with a swish of her tale.

    Glad your going to free the girls after you water the lemon trees.Don't want to start talk in the hood.

    I went shopping today too and it went much better this time.Try try again when it comes to shopping.I don't know who the man was that I went shopping with today.This guy looked like my huz but couldn't have been because this guy sat smiling and bringing me more clothes to try on.He picked out two swimsuits of a style I wouldn't have thought to try out and actually mouthed the words buy them both after I modeled them.What the heck?So I did.
    They were a tankini top and boy shorts that looked age appropriate and I felt comfortable in.

    I plan on being in the pool with GD on vacation even though I'm going to have to find a huge straw hat with the widest brim I can find to keep the sun off me so I don't get sick.

    So sorry your still suffering Leah,this is a long flare I must say.Try to get through best you can.
    Linda hope you can get computer fixed so you can hang out in the Lounge soon.

    Bye all
  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    Ok, I have sorta figured this board out. Rockgor and Frieda (Leah) started
    on that board (correct me if I'm wrong). And later when I started this one
    they came here to visit some.

    But don't we all know it is so tiring to post twice, so there are lengthy posts
    by Rock and Frieda over on the Porch. So I have just discovered that I can
    go over there and read what they have to say and respond to it here!

    So we are kind of co-threads. At this point in time, I can only read so much
    (not to leave anyone on the Porch out) but that will work for me.

    Frieda did say she is from New England and the holiday Patriot's Day is
    really big up there. Huz had said to me the Tax Day being postponed be
    cause of the Patriot's Day in Boston. I left the Boston part out when I
    posted about it.

    I mentioned genealogy here and Rock mentioned that his tree has been
    traced back to Wales in 1636 (I think). And, here I thought he was a
    recent transplant because of his Norwegian relatives.

    Rock, i think my ancestors came over about the same time from England.

    It was humorous about Rock's and Gordon's repeating of conversations.
    We don't do that. What we do is Huz has this habit of asking me a question
    that he KNOWS I don't have the answer to. Like what year did Demi Moore
    and Bruce Willis split. So, after complaining about it...I finally told him that
    I was going to stop acknowledging that he had asked me a questions IF I
    didn't know the answer to it. It's working. After 4 years, he is catching himself
    when he is asking a 'rhetorical' question (as he calls it).

    Freida, I know it is terrible to be in a flare so long. Your attempt and humor despite feeling so bad, is a really good thing, I think. It might help keep
    all your brain chemicals like serotonin in good order. Without serotonin
    you get depressed. Anyway (Hugss) and found your post very entertaining
    on the Porch!

    The hole in the roof idea for sunlight was funnie too!

    Yes, this is a new outer. The cheapest Apple has was more than plenty. Getting
    used to it is another thing.

    Mikie, I have learned the hard way to not open emails. The one that did me in
    was a reply to a group. I only know the leader of the group, so I will have to
    ask her by phone to take me off her list. Thanks for sharing your experience
    with it.!!

    Pam, I am so excited about 'our' cruise!! It even more fun when it's you
    going and not me :) I can just hear about it!

    I 'practised' my accessories for the wedding coming up and feel like I have
    the things all 'right' so that is a big load off my mind. I think it is going to
    be a fun time. We are going up on a Wed and so will some of the family so we will all relax together for a few days. I do better in hotels ;) (assisted living)

    Talk to you kids later!!
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Today is the day I have to stop all meds, 'cept the Klonopin, to get ready for 4th peptide injection on Tues. I can take acetaminophen and bought a big bottle of it at Target. I was out of Excedrin Extra Strength but Excedrin has been recalled. I don't know why. I have put a big X in blue masking tape on the cabinet in the kitchen where I keep my meds so I won't forget and take something. I have tapered down on my BP med so it isn't such a shock to my system when I stop it altogether. I think it is already helping. Otherwise, I get splitting headaches.

    It was supposed to rain and be gray today so I could do some housework. Well, it's nice out with really balmy breezes. Of course, that doesn't mean I can't do the housework which is looooong overdue. I have the A/C on and the door closed because my allergies are bothering me and I can't take allergy meds.

    Pam, all of us old ladies free our girls every chance we get. It's just that I had on a light blue shirt and it was obvious. I needn't worry, though, because none of the old men notice. I can wear black shirts and get away with it. I have a LOT of black tee shirts :) I'm glad you found swim suits. I still wear a one piece but would love to find a nice two piece with a tank top and boy shorts for the bottom. Beall's here sells one piece suits which look just like any one piece in the back but the front is straight down and pulled and knotted on one hip. It kinda looks like a cute little sheath dress top. Still, I'd rather wear the two piece. My bikini days are looooong gone but I keep my navel ring as a reminder that I was once hot :)

    Linda, glad you got a new computer. Seems the more features they ad to new electronics, the less you get in instructions. Do they think we are all geeks? My daughter has an Apple desktop but they never use it. She got a Dell laptop for business and my SIL has a notebook he uses. Andy uses whatever he wants :) I have my old laptop hooked up in the little office but never go in there. For some reason, the old laptop won't hook up to the new wi-fi, even with the card in. So, I just put an ethernet hookup from it to the router and it works fine but it's slow compared to my new one. It's a good thing the cat uses my loveseat to nap on or that office wouldn't get used at all.

    Glad you feel good in your wedding attire. I had no trouble getting my stuff together but my Mom put me through agony finding her outfit and accessories. She was an adorable little woman and looked just beautiful at the wedding but she was very unhappy with her look. There are only so many outfits one can try on and I think she tried on everything in town.

    My neighbor's granddaughter just got married. Her Mom got online and made books with the photos which are printed to look just like a book from the store. The company puts the books together and sends them out to the recipients. What a great idea. They are so professional and she used special effects and fonts to make them even more beautiful.

    Hope y'all are doing well, Loungers. Have a lovely day.

    Love, Mikie
  10. spacee

    spacee Member funnie about the New Englanders and how they 'miscelebrate' Patriot's
    Day. I had not even hear of it till this year but I think I might be wrong about
    that since son/wife lived there 3 years. It might not have affected them. Do
    the universities and hospitals close? No, I think not!!

    And, Leah, does your huz ask about 20 of those question in 1 hour? Used to
    really, really drive me nuts. I told him that 'our" song was "you say it best,
    when you say nothing at all!" LOL

    I have been thinking of you Mikie and Tuesday coming up! Wish you just the
    best!!! I have a wildly racing heart without my heart med. shortness of breathE
    and all that. Going two days without is scary.

    I think I missed a post about the green lights that you saw a couple of times
    one nite, Mikie. That would be so beautiful.

    The last of the blooms...bloomed. Surprised me so much. So pretty. The cactus.

    What about your clothes for the cruise, Pam? You'll need the girls covered when
    out of your room! haha This will be a big season change for you! And us who are going along :)

    I don't know what possessed me but I decided to buy A Samsung Galaxy tablet
    on the Q. The easy pays you know. For several reasons. It will ease me into maybe getting a laptop some day. It takes pics which I can load on this new comp.'s iPhoto. It makes a dumb tv 'smart'. I can download math games for
    the grandkids to play with. And it is mobile to take with us on trips.

    I have resisted getting anything like this. Despite Twin's urging for the past 2.5 years. This one seems right and I have the 30 days to figure out if we will use it
    and can send back if we are not. I think we huz retires we are going to have one
    car, one phone, one of these type things and one desktop. That certainly should be enough.

    I really would not like to buy another computer but if we have to, I want to do it before the computer crashes and they can't transfer my iTunes. I care a lot about those. iTunes know longer agrees to put the same tunes in but the best of the latest singer of that song. I kinda like the ones I had picked out. And we lost our

    And I will just go on and on about this. :) Sadly, I have lost checkers. It is what I did while waiting for the water to boil (or something like that). I can buy A new game but so far, no luck. I hate being stupid. I might have to try to learn something each nite before bed...then your brain continues to work on it. It's how
    I learned about supplements for CFS.

    Enough of that! Pam, I am thinking of wearing aqua and white for the crusise:) and Leah, your biggest hat will be great at the wedding!

    Nite Nite and don't forget you might find Rock at the porch when he isn't at the
    Lounge :)


  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    No mail it's Presidents Day.Boy they sure do get a lot of holidays.I look forward to getting my mail.Do any of you?I always have.Not the bills but magazines of any kind.Another dying era I know.

    Yep got some cruise clothes.All are welcome to go even if it's just vicariously through me.The shopping trip was to get more capri's and good pants.Huz complains all the time about my saggy baggy pants.Years of asking if I don't have any pants that fit me and yrs. of me saying no I don't or these are comfortable.At the store I took like three different sizes's depending on the cut or style so I think that's why he was happy about shopping for once.

    What I don't understand is why as a guy he can look like a bum and not care what he wears and yet notices my saggy pants.What's with that?Unless the clothes are holey or dirty I don't say a word about it to him.This is just everyday wear mind you not dressing up although my pants still fall into not fitting.It's like the same conversations you all are talking about.Years and yrs. of this same issue so I hardly hear it.But now some of my pants will fit.

    Need to run out for potatoes today and make an appt. for a trim.

    Aqua and white are the very colors I'm very into right now Linda so perfect.
    Leah sounds like your hanging in there as good as you can so good for you.Rock and Barry catch us up.

  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    It is decided aqua and white for the cruise (Pam owed it)

    And Leah taught at the university level and can't remember school holidays
    which is the perfect example of why she belongs in the Porch/Lounge!

    There are so many colleges and universities in New England, do you
    remember which one you taught at and the courses? I'm guessing English
    or Literature!

    No worries at all, Leah. You didn't confuse us at all. Or maybe I should
    say "any extra"

    Mikie had her shot today and I hope she will be feeling much better soon!

    I ran into yet another woman from a decade or so ago who has moved.
    Not far (30mins) but explains again why I don't see ppl. Her mother still
    lives here. She moved to help out with her granddaughter. Sad story, her
    son was married and had a daughter and then was killed in a motorcycle
    accident. So glad the mother is able to stay so close to the dil and granddaughter

    The apple genius and I spent about 2 hours getting stuff done on my computer.
    At one point it was going to take a long time to download our purchased iTunes
    so I asked him if he wanted to hear about my life. I was just kidding with him.
    He seemed so nice. Working full-time and taking college courses. I told him
    he was a fine son. He said he would tell his parents :)

    Gonna close now. 11:30pm. Tired.

    Tomorrow is another day to make the most of what we have.

    Hugs to ALL!!

  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    But I see wee can't help make Leah remember where she taught or what...'it may come to her mind eventually!

    This new keyboard is crazy, So easy to hit the cap button. It you see caps
    part way throughout a post, you'll know why.

    Ok. How the Grinch Stole Chrismast!

    Every Who down in Who-ville
    Liked Christmas a LOT...

    But the Grinch
    who lived just north of Whoville
    did not.

    OR let me do a paraphrase of what happened at yoga class Monday nite
    at the mobile home park clubhouse.

    How the Grinch Stole Yoga Meditation

    All the YogaWhos
    down at the clubhouse
    Loved Yoga a Lot.

    But the Old woman Grinch
    who wandered in during meditation
    did not.

    So She Turned on All the Flourescnt lighting
    Which was quite a lot
    and then chatted unstoppably to her companion
    who did not (chat).

    Then she smiled and got an idea!
    an awful idea
    The Grinch
    got a wonderful, awful idea!

    She smiled at each one of us
    going out of her sight,
    "I hope each of you has a
    wonderful nite!" (evil smiling)

    Ok, you got the picture of what happened. Personally, I have never
    been around a woman like that. But later it came to me that she
    might fit in with some of the women at Mikie's 'hood'. SOL

    I think her mind maybe has gone around the bend a little too far.

    That's all I have kids. Except that Bil's new hip is in and he is recovering.
    No, I didn't say nicely. Just that he is recovering which is better than not.

    Oh and I have wondered about our lone German ancestor and seems
    brother has found where in Germany he came from in the 1720's

    Unkenbach Donnersbergkris Reinland-Pfaly Germany. At least that is
    the way it was spelled way BACK WHEN.

    Nitey, Nite!


  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I sure don't envy your BIL's recovery.How painful that is going to be.

    I've been running around chasing my tail the last couple days.Not getting anything done at all but feeling scattered just the same.I did pick up my glasses yesterday and even though it was a small change in my vision I feel like everything is clearer.I like the wire frames too.

    Haircut tomorrow and I need it bad.Sun. is Retirement party and his boss invited us out for dinner after.I was wondering and hoping I would feel well enough to make it from 1to4 now an invite to dinner?I'm not going to get myself all anxious about it.Huz always says we'll just do what we can do so I'll go for that.

    I don't understand what exactly is going on with his bosses wife anyway.we've seen each other a handful of times over the yrs but that's about it.We get our interior house painted and they do theirs,I get new furn and they get some too.She showed it all off at Christmas when we went.Fine and good.She said you'll have to invite us over to see yours and I said yeah sure politely.Huz told me she mentioned again to him recently and I rolled my eyes.When huz rode home with his boss Fri. he asked his boss in and he stated oh no he couldn't Judy would kill him for seeing the house done first.Are you kidding me?Now we have dinner with them.Good grief I'm not in competition with them.We've still got back splash to put up and are waiting for work to be over to finish all the jobs around here.I'm not up for entertaining by any means.

    I have no idea what started all this but I'm not playing these silly games anymore.Do you all see what I mean?This is why I stopped contacting all my old friends.I don't have the energy for all this.

    I'm still in pj's today and don't plan on changing.I did clean up the house this morning so I figure why bother.Huz will be out for supper so no cooking tonight.

  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    Stand your ground!! (With the bosses wife) We are with you!! :)

    Usually here ppl say "oh we need to have lunch sometime" but it is just
    a saying. You don't really get together for lunch! That bosses's wife is a rare
    bred! Or maybe it's contagious in your area, thinking of your old friends.

    That was one thing about moving here very ill. And having a husband who
    only socializes at the golf course, no one comes to our house and we go to
    no ones. Very easy that way.

    My 'friends' seem to be the ppl who work on the house. haha. We are having
    a new, very loud sound from the ac/heater. It's been hot enough and cold
    enough to have both on. So, I called the repairman. He asked "when did this
    start". I said "after the Plumber worked on it." He really laughed but I told him
    that I would explain when he got here.

    There was a man at the 10:30am yoga class. Those women were buzzing around
    him like a bee to honey. I kinda felt sorry for him. It would seem overwhelming!
    Very overwhelming to me.

    Ok, I will go for now. Huz is working through lunch so stopped in. Hope
    the others are doing ok!!


  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Thanks for the encouragement you two.Your understanding of the situation is right on point.So silly isn't it?I'm trying so hard to stay uninvolved and it just won't go away.When huz told me of dinner invite I had to put on my poker face so he wouldn't see how overwhelmed I felt.I'm sure he knows though.His friend is very high maintenance anyway and it appears the wife is as well.They had mentioned meeting up at their condo while we are in Fl. in april but haven't said anything lately.I'm on guard so thanks for letting me get that off my chest and being supportive.

    I feel for you Leah not getting out of bed and no energy to even shower.Been there and it's really tough.your comment about giving the cat some love and then mentioning your huz gave me a chuckle.Sometimes I find myself giving my dog a big hug and kiss and telling her how much I love her and looking up noticing huz sitting there reading a book.I get a very guilty feeling about then and wonder when I gave him that much attention.

    Huz is coming home for supper now but said cereal is good enough.No cooking tomorrow then either.

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Linda, I know how hard it is to get used to a new keyboard. This one took forever and it'll never fit my fingers like the old one did. We have a group on elderly people here who exercise at the pool. There are some younger seniors too. One man from our bldg. goes over but there is a younger senior who circles him like a shark. Your story about the man at yoga reminded me of poor Frank. He refuses to get in the pool if she's the only one there. Ah, sex, lies and Viagra :) When I see all the oldsters heading over to the pool, it always reminds me of the movie, "Cocoon." Actually, I'm glad they are active and wish I could be.

    Pam, I think your well-being comes before any social obligations and expecially before any sick mind games. Protect yourself, girl! Glad you like your new glasses. I'd though about going back to contacts if my Sjogren's gets healed enough but I like my glasses so well that I may not. I needed a haircut but hate going to the salon. So, I took scissors in hand and did my own. It's not half bad and is better than some I've paid for. I bought a buzz cutter and set it at 1/2 inch for the very bottom of my neck. I use it without a guard to clean the fuzz off the back of my neck below the hairline. Think I'll just cut my own from now on. Worst part is sweeping up the hair on the bathroom floor.

    Leah, you are right about cats. We love our little part-time kitties more each day. Tweety came in and slept on my sofa for six hours yesterday. She is a high-energy cat and wears herself out. I can relate to just lying in bed and not showering nor doing my hair for days. I would finally take a bath and go back to bed. I've been too tired to even read. All I could do is watch TV and let it lull me back to sleep. People have no clue about the bone-crushing fatigue we suffer from. It's hard to believe illnesses can make one that exhausted.

    I didn't get my shot yesterday. I had slipped up and taken a blood pressure pill the night before. I'm getting it on Fri. According to the doc, this happens all the time. Most people taking the shots are sick with our types of illnesses and don't have the best memories nor cognitive abilities. Tomorrow, I get two tiny cavities filled at the dentist. Then, I'm getting my windows washed professionally. I'm on the top, second, floor. So, it's a busy week. Yesterday, we had our annual condo assn. mtg. No big deal. We take care of things before they become a problem.

    Today, I did laundry and a little work outside on the landscaping. That's about all I'm capable of right now but I'm thankful that I can do anything. There have been many times I could do nothing by lie in bed. I remember getting up only to go to the bathroom, hanging onto the wall to keep from falling. I prayed for healing and gave thanks that if I had to lie in bed, I was thankful to have a nice soft bed to lie in.

    My dentist and hygeinist can't understand why I wasn't in for two years. Well, for two years, I had a mouth full of sores, burning like someone had held a blowtorch to it. There were many times I really didn't care if I lived or died; getting my teeth cleaned was not at the top of my to do list. I know it's important to go when one has dry mouth but we don't always just have dry mouth. It's the sores and burning which are so hard to deal with.

    It's been so beautiful here lately. Cool, breezy mornings with sunny breezy afternoons. Good for doing something if I feel up to it and good for sleeping if I don't. Our little lemon trees have four golf-ball-size lemons on them and they are loaded with blooms and little bead-sized lemons. I'm starting to feel like a citrus farmer.

    I hope and pray we all enjoy some energy and a break from symptoms of what ails us. Hugs and love to my online family.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Haircut off my list for another 4wks.Huz called and said retirement luncheon was very emotional for him but I,well he got a gift.Kindle Fire.He won't use it but I sure will.I think Jolee has this.

    I've meant to post that you were in my thoughts yesterday getting your injection Mikie but not until tomorrow huh Mikie.Good luck to you.Didn't you say you put x's on your cabinet to remind you not to take meds or was that someone else.Anyway it's something I would have done.

    Huz has to get a new phone by Wed. his last work day.IPhone is all the talk here because DD and SIL got them.I think huz is going to get that too.They talk to Siri and DD has her phone address her as Beautiful.I have a simple generic phone which is complicated enough for me without a women's voice talking back to my commands and answering questions like where is the best place to bury a dead body.DD's office staff asked it questions like that.

    Glad your lemon tree is producing.My sister has one and I've brought back lemons from my visits and froze the juice for winter months here.

  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    For a change the sun is shining and it is in the high 60's. I think it is now spring here because the hummingbirds and vultures are back. What a strange combination.

    In the yard a found a dozen or so clumps of pink sweet violets, descendants from a plant an elderly lady gave me some 30 years ago! For me, plants bring back memories of people, places and events. I guess it is the same for everyone. Also found some white crocuses in bloom, and the first daffodils: a very old double flowered one I got from an old homestead back in the hills, and also a very tiny dwarf daffodil that has about two dozen flowers in one square foot.

    My energy has been very poor, and I've been dizzy/light-headed. Easiest for me to read, especially lying down. I guess it has something to do with orthostatic hypotension or something.

    Going to have some nice home-made lentil soup now -- I love the stuff. I haven't had any unusual culinary experiences lately. Just been eating lots of blueberries and pink navel oranges, and of course my favorite blue potatoes!

    I usually watch one movie a night on the telly,either on TCM channel (no commercials!) or something requested from library, Netflix, etc. Richard chooses, generally, so I'm exposed to a lot of foreign films and weird stuff. Let me just say I HATE Bergman films. The movies he directed are so relentlessly bleak and depressing --- no more for me, thank you very much.

    The tree frogs have started croaking everywhere now. I like listening to them.

    Lunch time, don't ya know it.

    Love to all,

    PS : Mikie, welcome to the joys of home hair-cuts. You can do whatever you like! The last time I had my hair professionally cut, I thought I would pass out from sensory overload from the smells and noise, etc. So I said to myself "all is vanity" and haven't gone back. An easy philosophical cop-out I guess....

  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    I need to get over to the Porch and see if any news is there but was tired today.

    Oh, Mikie, didn't know your mouth sores were so bad you did feel up to the
    dentist for two years! Glad you were able to go.

    I agree Barry, it comes to a time when we just realize 'all is vanity". I realized
    it today when I had to go on an errand and wore my 'reefs' instead of real shoes.
    I doubt very much that anyone noticed.

    So Richard loves the dark movies. And it does seem that one person in a fan
    has the major say in what is watched. I was talking to a woman at the groc.
    store the other day. Had not seen her in about a year. She dreads huz's
    retirement because he only watches the History Channel. That sounds better
    than dark movies.

    We have vultures here year round. I try to think of them as "eagles' haha.
    It just sounds better.

    So sorry that your energy has been so poor. I have a friend in Colo. who is
    an engingeer, or was before the DD. She 'invented' a computer to use while
    lying flat in bed. I think her reason was terrible headaches.

    It's always something with us but if we can see the beauty around us or in
    a picture or flowers or the taste of foods, when we can eat, it is wonderful.

    Not much going on here. But here it is another weekend almost. Hoping
    Mikie is able to get her injection tomorrow!

    Love you kids!


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