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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, May 27, 2010.

  1. spacee

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    I have not even read the other posts...going there now.

    Testing this to see if it works or goes to the Health Board.


  2. spacee

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    I mean TESTING.

  3. victoria

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    talking to yourself Spacee???


    I notice you counted very well on that last thread...

  4. rockgor

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    It's not on the health board. I wonder if it would me more appropriate to
    call it the Un-health Board?

    Big news here is we got the street resurfaced. Took 4 attempts. Parking is
    scare in these parts. A huge inconvenience to have to refrain from parking on
    your own block for a day.

    And it took 4 tries before the work was actually done. Apparently the dept. of
    streets and parks has not read the parable of the boy who cried WOOF! WOOF!

    The new tar-like surface is 1/4 inch thick. Has already worn away in places. Yikes!

    Gordon's Clivia is in bloom. If you go here you can see a photo.

    Finished Dave Barry's latest book. Started one by Debbie Macomber. I'm afraid there is
    no point in someone w/ Alzheimer's trying to read this book. She introduces 2 to 6
    characters in every chapter. I'm on chapter 6; not going any further.

    Finally wrote to a former coworker the other day. Put if off because I had no energy,
    and I really didn't want to go into a long exposition on my health. Her son is
    graduating from H. S. tomorrow. Tonight she will be one of the chaperons for
    500 kids at Disneyland. She has the energy of a tour de France biker.

    If I had 10% of her energy I could do several thousand steps and a couple of
    banana twirls. So now we're back from whence we started, and it's time to say


  5. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Im so proud of myself for figuring out how to click on a link...actually its a series of steps (winks at jan) that i just had to check out the much ballyhooed clivia. Theyre gorgeous! Can i borrow gordon? Rock i think you said you used to be an missed your calling in life. . . . Lets yet another request from my dd with borderline personality disorder for more funds cos she refuses to work...a letter from my son in prison blasting me out cos i havent written or sent funds cos he cant work...and oldest dd wants to know when im making the 2hr drive to visit. None bothered asking me how im doing. I figured out if you dont expect kids to consider you when theyre wont get any consideration when theyre older. Oh...and to choose the father of your children carefully.
  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    That I would like to adopt his green thumb! misfit wanted to borrow all of Gordon but then
    she would have to feed and board him. His green thumb would do just fine. Just sent it by express mail. And I will return after my plants look a lot better.

    We went to the swimming hole tonight. You will not belive this. The new owners (from
    England) planted two Bouganvillas. Right in tiny little corners. These plants grow taller
    than humans. I will keep you posted on how this goes for them...:) And Yes, they have

    Becky, you have very interesting kids. I agree with the choosing the father is vastly important.
    There were books written about that subject around the 1920's or so. Good Stock, was
    their term. But alot of us would never marry if we had to wait for 'good stock' to come
    along. (not talking about my DH).

    Vic, yes...just give me myself and I can entertain myself for quite awhile. I just found
    some new eyeliner on eBay. I think I have been waiting for this for quite a while. Laura
    Geller. Taupe. If you are light with the product, it can double for eyebrows.

    Boy, whoever said "you can't eat just one potato chip' Sure was right.

    Day two: Ruffles gone.

    Love you all so much. Sleep well and wake up!

    Chocolate cookies
  7. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Im still waiting to hear the reason why youre getting up early spacee. Is it to eat ice cream and cookies? Is that a new diet? Its ok as long as you eat it 1st thing in the morning? I need to know these things woman! And youre really cruel for talking about this stuff that SOME of us cant eat bc they blow up on them. Life just isnt fair. . . . Interesting is a nice word to describe my kids. Selfish spoiled brats comes to my mind but im just sayin...
  8. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Thanks so much for the tip on meds for Lily's car ride Butterfly.I'm just going to focus on her and let DH handle his dad.Your DH friend has spot on advise Spacee I laughed so hard.

    DD is picking inside room colors for the painter to do her house.Three calls a day everyday this week.She has such a time making decisions.Driving me crazy.

    Misfit,I'm sorry your kids are so insensitive.Oldest son is that way but as he gets older he's doing better.

    I have to go water the garden it's really dry out already this summer.

    Love the flower Rock wish I had a green thumb.

  9. spacee

    spacee Member

    It all had to do with Ultram. I was taking it at noon and 4 pm. Then I read on the message
    board that if ppl took it after 3pm, they couldn't go to sleep til late. So now I wake up at
    7:30. Doze til 9am. Take the ultram then and at 2pm but still take a nap at 3pm.

    So it seems it only interferes with nitetime sleep cause I take a daytime nap just fine.

    And I may be awake but I am pretty worthless. But that is different than unable to
    wake up. Ok, I got it. Ultram must have some kind of delayed reaction.

    I don't know why your son is in prison but it is very common in these parts to have
    someone you love there. A woman I used to know pretty well, her son is in and
    out all the time. Then there is another's who sell drugs, make a lot of money, do their
    time in jail, then get out and start a business. We have a lot of different sorts of
    people here. It keeps it interesting. It would be very boring to have everyone
    alike. (I don't know why ppl don't see it that way about me....'she is interesting"
    instead of "she is weird". :)

    Pam, the paint colors are the hardest to pick out. A man at Home Depot called me
    a 'trouble maker" cause I would bring paint back. I didn't call the manager cause
    the man was a senior citizen and I thought he might need the job.


    Hot Tea and Muffin!
  10. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Gooood morning all you loungers!!! I actually slept all night last nite! Well except to go to the bathroom once. But hey...thats a definite improvement! Im not back to my normal self yet but ill take what i can get. Still thinking whether or not to call my dr. I want that abx. Im chicken. . . . Its hot and muggy already. Whats wrong with this place! Rhetorical question. We have a ball game tonite that im stressing but ive made my mind up that im well enough to try it. . . . . Everybody must be feeling great and is busy. Sure hope thats what it is. . . . My poor sister had to put her beloved dog down 8mos ago and she called me last nite sobbing. I feel so badly for her. She wondered if shed miss her DH as much if he were gone. Would grieve of course but thinks shed recover quicker. You gotta know her dh tho...i think its time she got another rescue dog. I think itd be the dog that would do the rescuing. . . . . Hope all of you have a marvelous pain free friday!
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  11. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    We were posting at the same time and double posting was just easier. All yall with good puters and high speed internet access kiss your screens. . . . And here i thought things were going good spacee! Does this mean that ultram isnt the med for you? What i dont get is they want to give ppl who have trouble sleeping something that makes them have trouble sleeping. If i were a dr thered be pain meds for everyone! Sorry this is doing you that way. I dont trust ultram myself and i cant even remember why.....i just want to scream at the lack of a memory sometimes!
  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    I love ultram. And, at times, I love being up at night....quiet, dark (all those sensitivities
    I have are sequestered). I just need to be aware of when I need my day times and when
    I need my night times.

    Tramadol is the generic and it makes me sleepy. These meds are almost enough to
    keep one busy keeping track of.

    I have noticed that my memory for numbers is slipping. Hmmm, is it me or the meds?
    Or both...prob. Had to think about what IS my zipcode.

    Hey kids, I saw on tv this am a girl that won a contest by LG for the most texts in a month
    17,000. She said it was remarkable cause she had only been texting less than a year. The reward was a $400 LG phone.

    Slow day here today. I told my SIL about us (well not the TRUTH) and invited her to join us.
    Hope she does. Her pain from FM has been really, really bad since Jan.

    Ok Slackers...enjoy your relaxation! hehe.

    Love you kids so much!

  13. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Hello ladies and gents,

    Haven't felt well this week. I sleep way to much feel fatigued. Just realized i haven't been taking iron. Thats probably why. My brain s in a fog bank somewhere. When i find it i will post more.

    It has been a rough week. I have read your post and thanks for the chuckles. You are all so special to me. It would be nice if we all lived closer.

    Becky Spacee is right i have a nephew in jail now because of drugs and alcohol. I don't condone what he did but i feel sorry for him being locked up like an animal. I usually write
    him often. My family is pissed off that i write him but so what. Who needs soap opera's when we have fammly right.

    Have a great day,
  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    He called you a trouble maker?That is to funny.DD made another trip to Home Depot on lunch break today for more colors but she's narrowing it down.She asked how many colors do I have in the house and I told her not to go by that because three of the colors are mistakes that I am not able to fix like I used to.

    Ordering sandwiches in for supper.No one wants to run out for anything and I'm not cooking today so sandwiches from the pizza place.

    I was on Ultram and still use one if I have a really bad day but because I'm on Paxil they won't give me scripts for it anymore.Seizures they said but I didn't have any problems all this time til they caught it.Now it's arthritis tabs and I miss the Ultram,Tramadol or whatever it's called.It made me sleepy then wide awake but my body got used to it and I didn't notice it anymore.The Paxil is working so well I don't want to try something else but the pain management isn't very good so I can't decide what to do.

    Not a bad day today and DH starts vacation so it will be a nice week.

  15. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    Strange title well here's why

    Pam we were just speaking of dogs and all.. Here's one i'd like to share with all.
    My DB has a dog which is having knee replacement surgery today. I really didn't realize dogs knees could be replaced, they can. I sure hope surgery is a success as his dog is very much a huge part of his life. This is not a young pup either, dog is age 12.

    Now for the Doctors. I'm very upset but yet happy for my doc. He's retiring, been my doc most of my life. I have not a clue how i will ever find another doc whom knows me, fibro and all. Anyone else have to do this, start looking for a doc on a short notice ? I am very shook up with this to say the least. i do have a Rheumy but i will now need to replace my primary doc and i am just stumped by all this. I just don't know where to begin, not all docs relate to one with Fibro, i'm totally lost at this point.

    Rock, thanks for sharing that website,beautiful Lily and tons of info.
    Becky, i had No idea how to get to a web site posted either. I'm not using a phone like you do, i have the regular computer. I highlighted the link that Rock posted and hit enter and Bingo, i had it. At least that's what i think i did.LOL

    Becky , a parent can only do the best they can raising one and then we have to set them on their own. Mine are now grown and i have shed many tears throughout. There's been much laughter too , although those tears really hurt. Big hugs to you and please know when they are grown they are responsible for their own actions. Becky you vent anytime you need to,
    good to release the tears. You have a good supportive group of friends here, Big Hugs!!

    Wish you all a good day
    Hugs for all

  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    Oh, Butterflydream. That is one of the toughest things, having to find a new doc when
    you have had that one most of your life. I have heard normals say that it was hard on
    them...even harder for us. My doc is 63 so my time is coming. I sure hope you find
    a good one. Wonder if your doc has someone he can recommend? I hope you don't
    have to go through several before you find one. I went to 22. Yikes!

    I guess Victoria is snubbing us these days. Let's all send her good vibes and hope
    she will come and post a funny for us! We need her good cheer!

    Ok, I am quitting Tylenol. It's in Vicodin and it's the part of Vicoden that hurts the
    liver. I take one every nite when I wake up in the middle. I think I need a break
    from it. Ok, that is settled.

    Love you Kids, You mean the world to me.

  17. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    So theres a difference between the way tramadol and ultram work. Doesnt surprise me. And 22 doctors! I watched some news program that made florida look like they had docs rxing narcotics on every corner. Drive thru even. I had my doc dump his patients once. He decided to just close up shop wo notice. Patients went in for their regular appts cos no one bothered to call and got the bad news. Hes practicing medicine again. I despise him. He caused me undue agony. I hope you find another dr butterflydream. And thank you for your kindness. Ppl here are so great. . . We won the game tonite but not before getting heat stroke. In the 90's...humid. No shade. I dont see how those kids do it in that polyester no less. And we do it again on tuesday. Im just glad i made it. Thank you all for your kind remarks. Dont know how i made it wo you all. The greatest ppl are here.
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  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    I am going to Jacksonville to see the kids for a couple of days won't be posting.
    But will be thinking of you.

    Sorry Victoria, if I made you mad my using your "nickname you don't like", please
    forgive.I was going jesting.

    Love you all!!!

  19. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Rock – that Clivia flower is beautiful. Stupid question…..does it grow in other colors too? I suffer from the same confusion you do in reading a book with too many characters. Especially if it’s a book from the 16 or 17 hundreds when some of the names were unusual. I usually stick with Dick and Jane types of books!! 500 kids at Disneyland? I had a hard time when I took my 2 sons to Disneyland! I can’t even imagine taking that many kids. I’m sure she’s not the only chaperone, but…..OMG!!!

    Spacee – is that swimming hole really a swimming hole? I remember those from when I was a kid. The water was always so clean, fresh and freakin’ cold!! But, oh how good it felt on a hot day. Ohhhhhh.Ruffles. I love ‘em! Now that I think about, I haven’t met a potato chip I didn’t like!! So – you have good luck with Ultram? Maybe I’ll have to try mine again. I can’t work with Percocet on board but the Ultram just hasn’t worked for me in the past. But, maybe since my pain isn’t as severe as it was a couple of months ago the Ultram might work. I can’t believe that guy at Home Depot called you a trouble maker! I’m surprised he didn’t call you a “young whippersnapper”!!! I also love being up at night when things are quiet and dark. My DH put in 5 overnight shifts at the ambulance base this week. I purposely stayed up late those nights. Kept the curtains open (if someone want to look in the window at me in my jammies…..more power to ‘em!!). Hope you have a nice time in Jacksonville. We will miss you. I wish I was going someplace. I need a vacation. Somewhere…..anywhere!!!

    Patty – good to “see” you again! Sorry you’ve been feeling icky. Hope you’re on the upswing now. I think it’s nice that you write to your nephew. Don’t let your family stop you. My neighbor’s nephew is in prison also. She is the only one in her family who visits him.

    Butterflydream – a KNEE replacement? I didn’t even know dogs HAD knees!!! Sorry about your doc retiring. It’s one thing deciding to change doctors on your own, but being forced to change is hard. I hope he will be able to give you the name of several doctors that he trusts and that you can “interview.” Maybe your rheumy could give you a couple of names.

    Well, I set the alarm today so that I wouldn’t sleep until noon again like I’ve done all week. I hate sleeping half the day away. And I woke up feeling better than I have in a while. Still had pain and had to take something for it - but it seems like I’m feeling a little better every day. I think my new meds are working well. I’m keeping my arthritic fingers crossed!!

    It’s another hot one here today. I like it warm…but not hot. I just melt when it’s like this. I wish my cellulite would melt but I guess it just doesn’t work like that! Darn.

    Well, I guess I had better get something done now. More later kids.

  20. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Spacee...hope you have a great time in jacksonville! I see a LOT of traffic on the road...many with boats in tow. Thought about sticking my thumb out to see if one of those boats picks me up. My luck itd be a trucker wanting a favor for giving me a ride. Dh wants a boat...i want a better car. Want in one hand...... . . . Jan im glad youre feeling better! We take it where we get it. . . . I want to go somewhere but theres nowhere that isnt packed and the game last nite threw me back so i guess we stay put. Dh will grill and small son will play in the water hose cos we havent put the pool up yet. Every time we put up the pool it rains for a week. My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak. Hope your weekends great!