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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, May 15, 2011.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    I had a thought but I might have posted it already....

    Do you think Bin Laden is really, really dead? Evidently not where I live.

    And "where did Obama get that weird name? Who has a name like that?"

    That's the scuttlebutt around here. We are not deep thinkers or watchers
    of news/internet. It seems.

    Once again the man in charge of a very small college (now called a university)
    told huz that he has a job for our son (the jobless one). Should we believe him?
    He has said this before. Ok, now I know the answer to that one. But dreams of
    gkids living nearby still dance in my head.

    It's really a slow day when we are watching the DIY Yardcrashers marathon all
    afternoon. While enjoying the show, the pessimist in me is thinking "how is the
    tax on this 'income' going to be paid by the owner?" and "What is it going to
    look like in 5 years? Is a single woman going to be able to take care of it?"
    Maybe that's a practical side too.

    Later Gators,

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  2. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I read an article in today's paper that several news agencies were writing that Obama had been killed.News commentators picked it up too.I didn't notice Obama instead of Osama but boy what an error that is huh.

    I like Yard Crashers but I always say they would never pick us cause we're to old to be on the show.They pick the young ones cause they can do the work.Darn.

    I knew some of you could relate to how I was feeling all week.Today was better.
    Huz moved the fridge into the kitchenette area and unplugged the stove putting it in the DR.Can't cook now yahoo!Love the tile guys already.

    Top of the fridge was dusty,behind it dirty,underneath stove dirty,vents dusty.All of this surprises huz.He looks at me as he says this like my housekeeping skills are slipping lol.
    I told him today he has a wife with CFS skills are nonexistent remember?Aha he got it!
  3. jole

    jole Member

    May have to do a two-part series here. Been gone a bit and had a

    Victoria, sorry you haven't made it back to MX for your things. A woman does need her clothes! And after looking in a couple stores lately, we're all better off with our old clothes than trying to buy new.....I can't believe how cheaply made and flimsy most of the stuff today is. Nothing from here.....China, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Hong a country, but not here.

    Pam, your house will be wonderful when you're all finished, and the best part is you're not having to do it yourself! Good for you. be without a kitchen....sounds like a piece of heaven! The other piece would be to have one, with a cook already installed!

    Yes, the old shortness of breath..... for awhile I was ready to go see a heart specialist. I was scared because it seemed to get so bad so quickly, and would feel like I was going to pass out. Woke up one morning with it totally gone! Now it seems to return for a few days every so often, along with palpitations and a lack of energy so great I seem to need to remind myself to take a breath... then is gone again in a few days. Crazy, whatever ails us. The saddest part is we can't explain it to anyone else, 'cause they all think we're totally certifiable the way it is! So nice to have each other, isn't it?

    The Kindle: Yes, I do enjoy it A LOT! I'm sure it's like anything else, and the new will wear off a bit, but for anyone who loves to read, I can't imagine it getting old at all. Not only can you order books, you can write reviews if so inclined, and also get on the web with it. Some come with a light so you can read at night. Mine is the cheap one. No light. But does everything I need it to. If you lay down a book quickly, you've lost your page. When you turn this one back on, it's at the page you quit reading! Lots of neat things.

    I did order one free book that I returned after a couple pages. The others have been great, and the most I've spent was .99 on one. Am now reading "Sense and Sensibility" by Jane Austen. Almost beyond my brain power. Read "Fixing Freddie", cute story about an ornery cocker spaniel and the mom and son that owned it....loved it.

    Linda, I think I remember your gyn pants story......was going to remember that one and try it, but of course forgot!
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I Don't Bungee Jump Either

    The Blimp--It is a funny beast.
    It rises though it has no yeast.

    It glides along with stately poise,
    and never seems to make a noise.

    But only when the engine's off.
    'Cause when it's on it goes Kef-Chauff!

    It's not so fast as a jet plane.
    Or even as an old freight train.

    It looks like fun, but even so,
    I don't think that I yearn to go.

    A Blimp can cruise a mile high.
    Suppose a leak! Oh me, Oh my!

    A Blimp's one way to get around,
    But I prefer the solid ground.

    You're right about sporting events, Spacee. We are only
    a mile or two from Dodger Stadium. Sometimes we hear
    the muffled thumps of fireworks.

    I don't know if Osama B. L. is dead or not. Doubt that it
    makes much difference. I remember the moon landing. I
    wondered at the time. Where are the 30 foot jumps due to
    the moon's low gravity. I still wonder that.

    Pam, you might consider, next time you and DH are in the
    kitchen, sometimes you have to give people a light bonk
    on the head w/ the nearest pan to get their attention and
    bring them back to reality. Ha Ha!

    Jole, the kindle electronic bookmark sounds handy. I have
    been using bookmarks from the library and music stores
    lately. They have plastic postcard size ads for concerts and
    what not. I take a handful now and then, cut 'em up, and
    have colorful and sturdy book markers.

    I am thinking of writing to Marthla and sharing this most
    useful of tips.

  5. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Oh Rock,the funniest thing is that for yrs.huz had a lump on the top of his bald head that fascinated the g-kids.He told them Gma hit him over the head with a frying pan and they believed him.It was a cyst he eventually had removed.
    People even loved ones forget our limitations and I don't take offense anymore.Most times a nonverbal look brings back reality.Anyway how many normals clean under and behind that big stuff anyway?

    I have a microwave,toaster oven,Foreman grill and outdoor grill so I guess you can't get out of cooking completely these days can you?

    So the Kindle is sounding good.Glad you like it.Nice you can send books back I like that.
    That's exactly what happens to me Jole.I hate it and am powerless over it.

    DS just developed Bell's Palsy.Out of the blue.He hates it.I told him what it was but he didn't believe me.ER said it's a classic case.

  6. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Great day!Tile guys here,I'm chasing Lily around the house as she barks her head off,drive to get hair cut in pouring rain only to find my umbrella hanging in the shop from last visit.
    Gets better,I went to pay and my change purse had fallen out of my purse at home.I came back home and drove back to pay as it rained even harder.

    Changed into comfortable clothes now and Lil can bark all she wants I can't chase anymore today lol.

    FIL is running for King among several Nursing Homes in the area.To funny.Glad he's adjusting.

  7. spacee

    spacee Member

    When it rains it pours??? Out of your pocket?? Huz is always have the debit card fall out
    of his pocket. Luckily, he doesn't get to carry it much ;)

    Oh, that made me laugh...FIL for King. It's never too late!! It's SOOO wonderful that he is
    adjusting. What a relief.

    I want to announce that we had a marriage in one of our "tribes" as I call the extended
    family. Yep, GD (4yo) married her sister (2yo). They both wore long dresses, sunglasses
    (wonder where they got that idea..haha) and one had on the Mickey Mouse headband
    that has a very short veil attached to it. Their mother presided.

    I got "married" once as a 10 yo. I wouldn't kiss the boy though. So the girl presiding did.
    She was older.

    Heard that food prices are 40% lower than they should be considering the implact of
    the fuel. I don't know if that is true or not. Our little fresh produce still has corn $2
    for 12 ears. That stand might be doing more and more busy if store prices go up.

    I found another little trailer "food stand" in a parking lot. Genuine Mexican. Haven't
    tried it but can't wait. We had one that closed. It was delicious. Can't remember what
    I had though.

    Back on doing those Word Books that have the diagonal, horizonal, vertical words in
    them. It really seem to help my brain a year or so back when I was doing them. Maybe
    longer. A friend was doing them, got me interested. She has moved on to another board
    since she has Lupus and not CFS/FM. Well, really she is over at FaceBook at Farmville.

    We had a very nice cool spell. Doubt it will stay but not being in the 90's is wonderful.

    The snowbirds seem to have left too. Stayed longer this year to me. All of a sudden the
    streets are empty. We love them, need them but it's nice to have a bit of a break.

    Oh, this is kinda funny. Huz had a client that was shopping around to see if he could
    find someone cheaper. Huz was worried. There was no reason to be. That client is
    probably jumping for joy at all the money he has saved for the past few years. Huz's
    place definitely has the lowest prices in the county. (It's not Huz that sets the prices, it's
    the boss. The low prices annoys Huz no end....but it keeps clients!)

    That's all!

    Love you kids,


  8. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Victoria your MIA for several days now.
    Linda are you done with tests.Results yet?

    I'm holed up in my bedroom upstairs while they tile downstairs.I like that.Bed full of books,computer,papers and TV.

    Lots of parties this weekend.70 B-day party for BIL and FIL's B-day on Sun.Just take it slow I tell myself so I don't start feeling stressed.

    DS is taking Lily for grooming this morning.Fast food is brought in to me.They are sick of it but not me.Chicken sandwich everyday never gets old to me.Maybe we should tile the whole house hmm.
  9. spacee

    spacee Member

    I just got the results late yesterday afternoon, Pam. Funny to me. It was the opposite
    of what the xray said. My upper spine (thoracic) has moderate degeneration with
    a buldging (?) disc and the lower back has mild but some narrowing. I thought
    all those years I spent in bed, reclined on my tailbone would affect my spine...guess
    it did. Nothing else to have done like surgery. They are sending me a copy of the
    notes. Sometimes they read differently they what they say over the phone.

    Hoping being upstairs will help with the noise. That's funny about doing the whole
    house to get fast food brought in. I guess we will go to Jacksonville on Memorial
    weekend and my delight is which fast food place will we do the drive thru. I love
    Chick Fa La's chicken sandwich. We don't have one here.

    DS and tribe have moved to a bigger rental. They are so excited that we can stay
    with them instead of a hotel. I have mixed feelings...:) There are pros and cons.

    On the news, ppl who drink 6 cups of coffee a day have less cancer. I can hardly
    fathom drinking that much...but I'm stepping it up. haha Never have particularly
    cared for coffee, I'm with Rock...when you can have a coke?? I might stay awake
    better with it the plus. Will see.

    Enjoy your day in bed. It's like a Spa Day!! It's gonna be a slow day here.

  10. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I've seen you post that Jam about the baking soda.I think I'll give it a try.I like coffee but not iced coffee drinks.I haven't tried the newer flavored kind and don't want to get started since it could be an expensive and calorie producing habit to get into.I have a hard enough time getting away from soda like Coke.

    Wow Linda no surgery that's a blessing.i have 2 herniated lower disks and won't go with surgery.I worry I'd be in worse shape.

    I have to try a chic sandwich from there when we come down next week.None up North around here.Tonight maybe Arby's.I'm gonna weigh a ton from all this garbage this week!
  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    That's good to know about the dark choc. That and a coke sound really good :)

    Yes, really do need to have a Chic sandwich from there when you come
    down. Our McD's have them now and they are darn good. But I usually get their
    fish sandwich, if we are taking out from there. You are funnee about weighing
    a ton.

    Our nice cool spell will leave us tomorrow. Back up to 96. Not wearing the PJ jeans
    anymore. I mentioned them at the Y and those women thought I actually slept in them.
    haha. They started describing what all they slept in.

    Which reminds me, on KLG and Hoda today, they had a PJ party. Everyone on the show
    had on PJ's. You could email a pic of yourself. I told Huz that if I had email a pic of
    me in my hair rollers, I most definitely would have been "shown". They are leopard
    print and hysterical.

    That's all I know...hope everyone has a nice evening.


  12. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Southern style chic sandwich from McD is what I always get.I love it and could eat it everyday,well I sort of do actually.I skip FF they have to be hot and usually aren't.

    Guy is finishing up tile.He left last night and said don't walk on entryway for 24hrs.DS went right downstairs and walked over it.What was he thinking?I don't know.He fixed it but I explained to the guy and he's going to fix a couple.

    Huz has root canal this afternoon poor guy.They remove the nerve right?So he shouldn't have pain after.Am I wrong?I had a couple but yrs. ago.

    I told a lie to my sister that we weren't coming to Fl. next week.I wanted to spend extra days with GD.She said she already took vacation that week.I felt so bad I told her the truth and that we'd come.Never wise to lie and I'm a terrible liar anyway.

  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    Many years ago, I could eat one bite after supper. Now, it would be the whole bag.
    But gotta do it sometimes. Or maybe just a bar.

    Yep, they take the root out so no pain from the tooth. The area that they cut through
    will be sore but I think they expect you to just take OTC pain meds. That seemed
    enough for mine. But ppl are different with what is going on there.

    Pam, funnee. Sister and the Lie, we could call it.

    A man on FB (so I read) posted about his 2 yo not sleeping.

    "Go the F@ck To Sleep". And then put a couple of cute rhyming lines.

    Now it's a book and the #1 presale on Amazon. I'm guess there are alot of
    ppl out there who want their 2 yo to go to sleep. My DS is one of them.
    It's a children's book and with the Meet the Focker's movies, it probably was
    all about timing.

    Nope, you can't keep kids, even adult ones off the new tile. They can't

    Twin's stepGD said, "I heard you are RICH!". Twin said, "NO, that is not true.".
    StepGD said, "It's a LIE??!!" Twin, "No, not a lie." Step GS said, "It's a MYTH??"
    "Yes, its a Myth," answered Twin. Step GS is autistic (highly functioning), thought
    that was quite bright of him.

    It's a 'rest day' for me. It's 80 degrees inside and I have two robes on. But it's McD's
    nite and I'm happy. I used to hear McD's had the best FF's, but it seems to me they
    have slipped some. At least here and where you live, Pam.

  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    The book isn't for kids but a laugh out loud book for the parents.


  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Not a lie a myth,I gotta remember that one.

    So today DS worked a couple morning hrs. and sweet kid brought me Wendy's chic sandwich.20 min. later huz comes home early because of dentist appt.and brings McD chic sandwich.I laughed so hard.Yes I ate them both but took the bun off the second one.

    Stove goes back probably Sun. but vaca starts Th.

    Love sister but her huz not so much.

  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    Do you think? I guess it depends on the person. My dad had 3 cups in the am. Still got
    prostate cancer but survived it. Course the cups were smaller back then too. Wonder
    what size cup they are using. Just kidding with that really,

    Yes, Pam, you did get enough chicken yesterday. I wonder how they cook it to get it so
    tender. It tastes yummy.

    I am trying the targeted transfer factors again. They pack a wallop as Rich Carson used to
    say. I think I am going down to 1/2 a capsule. It's kinda up and down. Sometimes you
    feel much worse and other times a bit better. It takes 3 months for the full effectiveness.

    DS might be getting married next year. I have some time to try to get some NRG.
    Tho I have been to others feeling like what the cat dragged in.

  17. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Sorry I haven't kept in touch. Just wanted to see how you're all doing!

    -Fight ; ) Also known as Madonna (not my real name ; 0)
  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    one to go.Parties that is.FIL 96 b-day today.

    Glad to hear from you Fight.Busy here how are you?

    Huz tilled the garden and we planted 1 gr. pepper,1 cuke,1 zuchinni,herbs and 3 tomato plants.Corn.carrots and spinach too.Huz snuck in the 3rd tomato and I am not canning this yr.
    We just want a little of everything fresh.

    Rheumy appt. tomorrow morning.Did you ever hope your sick?I hate going in there looking all healthy.After this busy weekend I just may crash tomorrow and want to take those words back.

  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    Hope you are Ok.

    Don't have much to report except 2yo GD dialed 9##. Evidently that works the same
    as 911. Two serious policemen responded. Son was cooking dinner and dil was feeding
    the new baby. I so wish I could have been a fly on the wall.

    96 yo for FIl HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I think he is the same age as DB's mother in law. He
    stays with her and says it is h#::. He is healthy except for his discs. I think they each
    stay in their own room and watch tv all day.

    Hope the doc has something that will help you feel better, Pam. And if he has any good
    ideas...let us in on them!

    Ok...nitey, nite.

  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    It was good.FIL enjoyed it.

    I felt like crap today for Dr. appt.Had huz come in with me for the first time.Bursitis in both hips.I can get injections but nah I don't want to mess with it.So it was good for huz to hear.I seem to be doing all the right things and should stop being my harshest critic she said.
    She disagrees with GP about changing meds until bloodwork comes back.My BP was sky high from pain levels being up.More prednisone and a refill and that is not something the GP agrees with at all.
    Huz said he liked her but was irritated she talks fast and hurries you through.I explained you get 10 to 15 min. and out the door.Longer time has to be scheduled these days.That's new medicine.I didn't need refills so figured I could voice the GP's concerns this visit.

    Back on Tramadol which was taken away because of drug reaction to a med I take but now she's over riding that and I can take it.GRR that frustrates me to no end.This give ans take of meds whenever they choose while you suffer.

    End on good note,I'll get my pred and it will pick me up for vacation Thurs.

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