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    It was Gordon who was back, Freida. I bet you knew that all the
    time. He had stuff from Wal*Mart and J.C. Penney. Once we unloaded
    that stuff he went to the Chinese market for some groceries.

    Speaking of wet cell phones, one of Gordon's co workers lost her
    phone down the toilet. She spent the rest of the day crying.
    Came in the next day beaming. Her husband had bought her an $800
    cell phone. Land O Goshen! It must come with matching Prada
    shoes and a handbag.

    Mikie, that's quite a remodeling project you are undertaking. I could
    help you. Well, I could hand you things. You wouldn't want me to
    attempt anything else. I would damage your property and injure myself,
    possible innocent bystanders too.

    Am starting a bio of Milton Okun. Interesting name, huh? His parents
    were Russian immigrants. Anyhoo Milt was a musician and a record
    producer. If you liked folk music, you probably had some of his
    recordings in the house. He worked with a whole bunch of people
    including; Pete Seeger, John Denver, the Weavers, the Muppets,
    Harry Belafonte, Placido Domingo, the Brothers Four, Peter
    Paul and Mary, and more.

    Maybe I'll go listen to some of them on Youtube.

    Here's an old musical joke for ya: What's the difference between a bag
    pipe and power mower?
    You can tune a mower.

  2. bct

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    But I did manage to make it to town twice since my last post. Of course one was a doc. visit! Going to town wastes me, and I so miss going to the farmers market every Friday like I used to. Where else to get fresh fava beans or good strawberries and tomatoes?

    Rock, I see you are enjoying your sungold tomatoes again. Ours is just starting to flower, but was put in rather late.

    Critters: Raccoons were being a nuisance, turning over the garbage cans last week. What a MESS! I got back by sprinkling cayenne pepper all over the lids which worked VERY well! I don't think we'll have any more trouble there.
    So many birds now. The ravens wake me up some mornings with their raucous squawks, but more usually I hear the very melodic song of black-headed grosbeaks, or wrens in the evening. Hummingbirds are everywhere, and young towhees (spotted) are about.

    Leah, your cooking sounds good to me. I love lentils, especially in soup form. We make lentil soup and split pea soup all year round. Some always goes into the freezer. We put lots of carrots and celery/onions in the soup, and when it's done use a stick blender to get desired consistency. We use some chick. broth as cooking liquid additive. Yum! We also like mushroom/tofu patties, and Richard discovered some really good sweet red pepper ravioli (at Costco, 60 miles away) that we have in our freezer. I don't like Costco but I like their products. They have a wonderful pesto that actually has pine nuts in it! I always substitute walnuts when I make pesto, but am not growing any basil this year. Yet.

    My fatigue is intolerable, my anxiety acute, my nrg nil. The garden is nice though, with many lovely flowers: lilies coming into bloom, petunias everywhere, as well as Nemesias, Diascia, Peruvian lilies (Alstroemeria), foxgloves (Digitalis), etc. etc. I Won't bore you further.

    I needs must lie down a while now. I am stunned by the idea of an $800 cell phone that Rock mentioned!

    Love to all, and a special hug for Jole,
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    "My fatigue is intolerable, my anxiety acute, my nrg nil". Sums it up well, Barry, and I sure understand a trip into town wearing you next day is totally shot. Leah, I wish you had the chance to at least try it out, although other than the fact that it's nice to see something 'different', I find it's usually not worth it.

    Beans....Leah, I too love watching them uncurl and grow! Some things just seem more able to put a smile on one's face, and that does. I made a pot of ham 'n beans with cornbread for harvest, which the guys enjoyed. Bet they were happy they could open the doors on the combines/trucks later though (sorry, had to add that).

    When I was in school, we put sweet potatoes in jars of water and watched them turn into plants. They too were pretty, and we could watch the roots grow. I had my kids do that when they were little, and they loved it. They turn into pretty window plants also.

    Mikie, glad your cell phone is working, but am totally suprised it is. My DD left hers on their patio table, and it rained. She took it apart and dried the battery...tried the rice, but it didn't work. Of course that was quite awhile ago and a lot cheaper phone. I'm learning from you. Always thought molding had to be held in place with finishing nails, and hated the nail holes.

    Barry, any suggestions for getting rid of skunks? Glad your pepper trick worked for your 'friends'. Lots of mornings I'm on the porch early (4 am today) if I can't sleep, and around 4:30 the birds start singing. It's so peaceful if the wind is calm, and their variety of sounds is amazing. But the skunk took me a bit by suprise. Friendly variety, thank goodness.

    Rock, I can envision the purse and shoes for the John kids loved "Grandma's Feather Bed" when they were little, and would sing it over and over (usually as they were jumping on theirs. Not feather, thankfully!)

    Have had my sis on my mind and need to call her. We haven't talked since we were together. I find the phone so totally exhausting, and that's a hard one to explain to people. We do usually know when the other one is thinking good thoughts or is in trouble, so I'm sure she knows.

    Hope the girls are doing well with our house and our wedding!

  4. Mikie

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    I totally missed that we had moved on to another Lounge. Duh! When it got to three pages, it should have been a clue. Around the time of my shots, I am always foggier than normal. I have been off my meds for four days and trying to rest up. Then, it takes a day or two to catch up. All in all, I lose about a week every month.

    Rock, thanks for the offer to help. Actually, it's not much of a remodel. Cutting the wall for the plumbing work is a snap, as is repairing it. I don't mean to sound sexist because there are a lot of men who bake and frost but most women have baked cakes and frosted them. Drywall finishing is nothing more than "frosting" the wall. There's a bit of taping involved but that's easy too. Drywalling is one of the easiest things to do but one of the most intimidating. I do love folk music and all the people you mentioned except I'm not familiar with the name, Milton Okun. I'll have to check it out. I have Pandora on my TV which streams on wi-fi. You can kind of make your own type of radio station and personalize it for your kind of musc. Love the bagpipes; brings out my Irish roots. Also love an oompha band; it brings out my German roots. Don't love lawn mowers unless someone else is having to do the mowing. Did love the joke.

    Barry, good to see you post but wish you were feeling better. I haven't been outside as much since it has gotten soooo hot down here. I'm glad you have critters but wish they didn't wake you. The only thing which wakes me is when our resident woodpecker decides to jackhammer our trees for what seems like forever. Once he starts that, the bullfrogs start in and, pretty soon, it's swamp music, which is not my favorite. I'm a bit put off by an $800 phone too. It's probably the iPhone with the most memory, which almost no one needs. Oh well, it's not my money. Hope you are feeling better.

    Leah, since you read the last Lounge, you now know that rice is the recommended remedy for wet electronics. I am still amazed that it worked. I've been hungry for salmon patties. I looooove them. I'm just too lazy to cook much of anything right now. I'm better today but still am a bit tired. Whatever curse I've been under isn't over. My glasses are wonky and will need to be tuned up and I can't find my credit card. The only place it could be is at the doc's. I need to call them on Mon. I'm still trying not to stress. Wish the stressors would just go away! I'm glad you cook healthy things. I think it makes a big diff in how we feel. I cut out Neutrasweet and MSG and my labs were improved.

    Jole, wish you were feeling better too. I also cannot tolerate a lot of talking on the phone. Now and then, I'll have long chats with friends and family but not often. Most of the professionals will use nails for molding. It's OK if you fill the nail holes and paint the molding. I framed a huge mirror in my bath and had to use the silicone because the molding sat on top of the mirror. I decided it was a better way to put things up. One should only do it that way if the molding is going to be permanent. Molding put up with nails comes down much more easily.

    I needed new toilet seats and Lowes had them on sale so I bought two. They were sold out so I had to pay for them last week and order them. I just picked them up and installed them. This was the first thing I've done in ages which wasn't a catastrophy. They went right on. Of course, installing toilet seats is no challenge but the way things have been going for me, anything is possible. These are the seats with the slow hinge which keeps them from slamming.

    This morning, Simon, a very shy stray Siamese cat in our hood, came up to my door while Tweety was in here. He runs whenever I open the door. I threw some treats down for him and put out a bowl of dry food which neither Tweety nor Sylvester seems to care for. When I got home from Lowes, most of the food was gone. It had to be Simon. There are no other outdoor cats and everyone keeps dogs on a leash. Poor old guy. I'm glad Jeff and his neighbor, Julie, feed T&S outside. I think that's what is keeping Simon going. He was so thin when he first came into the hood. He gets lonesome sometimes and will walk trough the hood crying for S or T to come out and play. I just hope no one drops off any more cats here. I think we've hit our limit.

    Well, dear friends, I need to meditate and destress. I'm wanting to get back to my new book too. I'm about half-way through. It's so fascinating to learn about what is going on at the deepest levels of security in govt. Now that we have engaged in cyber attacks on Iran, we are very worried about terrorists or other countries using cyber attacks on us. It is very difficult to protect internet programs from being hacked. It is also almost impossible to figure out where the attacks originated. This was never supposed to get out but was leaked. As long as it's already out there, I want to read about it. In some ways, it's scary but in other ways, it's reassuring to know that our experts are trying to find ways to secure our systems. Govt. systems aren't the problem so much as private companies who are lax about security. Some of them are banking/finance, energy production and transportation. A bad cyber attack could make Pearl Harbor or 9/11 look tame by comparison in terms of destruction. BTW, I also read inspirational material just to try to balance things out :)

    My love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Well, Gordon and I wrestled with a humongous project yesterday.
    It was kinduv a combination carpentry and dressmaking effort
    involving a ladder and a huge net and clamps and rope and
    things too fierce to mention. Took hours!

    We draped 900 square feet of net over a metal framework to
    keep too much sunlight from hitting his orchids. This
    project was done by Gordon decades earlier. He was happy
    to announce at the end that when the next time came to redo
    the project, he would be dead.

    I never heard of fava beans until I read the Thomas Harris
    books, Barry. They look like lima beans, yes? I looked on
    the net for a picture of the spotted towhee. Black and
    orange and white; very colorful.

    If you go to the All About Birds site, Folks, you can see pics and
    hear its "buzzy song" I don't think it's a song though.
    It's just "cheep, cheep."

    Have you tried the vitamin B12 patch for energy, Barry? Helped

    Jole, I loved John Denver and his songs. Way back in the 60s
    I went to a Chad Mitchell Trio concert. John was a member of
    the group for a while. I talked to another member of the Trio a
    couple years ago. Met him on Youtube. He is now a semi retired
    Episcopalian Priest.

    Never heard of a bearded iris, Freida. (I do have a recording of an
    opera named "Iris". Iris is the soprano. To the best of my
    knowledge, she has no beard.)

    We have two kinds of irises here: the usual which are a pale yellow
    and the exotic Japanese. The only irises I ever saw when I was
    a kid were my mother's which were shades of purple.

    Mikie, I am Irish and German too. Also Norskie and English. But
    my Irish ancestors came from Scotland and my English ancestors
    came from France. They were Normans. And the Normans were
    originally Vikings who were called "Northmen". So we see how most
    everydobby is pretty much a mix of this and that and the other thing.

    Too bad you weren't here today. You coulda been the forewoman on
    our building project.

    Bis spater
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Today, I don't think I could be a forewoman on anything; I'd have to be an aftwoman. Your project sounds interesting. I didn't know orchids need shade. The ones people grow down here just sit out in any kind of sun or shade. They are the hardiest of plants but I know it's not so easy elsewhere.

    According to scientists using DNA history, we are all related, which satisfies both scientists and religious scholars. So, guess we are all brothers and sisters. I'd like to think so.

    Don't know what's going on. Yesterday and today, I've been exhausted. I hope it's just the Red Tide. If this keeps up, I'm going to talk to the doc about stopping the shots. This is very discouraging. There must be a reason or answer but I'm not going to keep shelling out $300 a month and not feel better. Whine, whine, whine.

    Whatever curse is upon me isn't done. I can't find my credit card. Again, I'm not stressing. Tomorrow, I'll call the doc to see whether I left it there. I think that's the last place I used it.

    I'm going to rest today and wait til tomorrow to start tearing out drywall. Oy! Why do I get myself into these things? Cause I have to, I guess.

    Hope everyone is well. Phoned and wished my SIL a happy fathers day, so my obligations for the day are done :) He's a great guy and I love him.

    Love, Mikie
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, my computer is going crazy or I am. I was here ten minutes ago
    and couldn't find my post from last night. Now I see it's here after all.

    Gordon was pleased with the results. I looked at it this morning. It
    looks like the work of two blind men and a dog. Gordon says the
    netting reduces the sunlight by 60%. That must be something the seller

    All you have to do is walk inside the netting and you can see the sunlight
    is reduced by 10-20%. It's light enough in there to read a book or
    thread a needle.

    But I'm certainly not going to say anything. I don't want to encourage
    more work on this project. Uff-da!

  8. jole

    jole Member

    I love the thought of us all being brothers 'n sisters in so many ways......but sure do hate the thought of adding marriage in there :)

    Mikie, have you ever noticed that no matter what part of the US we live in, exhaustion seems to hit all of us the worst at the same time? Of course that could just be a coincidence, since exhaustion is a frequent companion for everyone. Hope for you it's just the red tide and you get to feeling better soon (like tomorrow) so you can get your walls done!

    Rock, what a job! You must have used a lot of imagery to get all that netting up. Or used your delegation skills on Zippy.

    My son called to wish his dad a Happy Father's Day. Then we talked for an hour. He's on his way to Michigan to a Coffee Shoppe Convention! Didn't know they had such things. They learn everything they need to know to open a Shop....all about different coffee, flavors, lattes, etc, machines, even how to swirl the cream to make decorations. Also classes on management, etc. So by the end of the week, "we'll" all be ready for "our" new business! The building is a historical site, and they're getting bids now for the contractor to gut the inside. So 'we're' getting there, slowly. I'm as excited about my son over all we're going to learn this week! :) Sure makes me want to be 20 years younger again.

    Had to take a nap after the call, and now I have a headache. Even good news is bad news. So, are we all having fun at the wedding and deciding on new house things? Can't wait to hear what we did!
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm so excited. I decided I just wasn't going to panic, once again. My forecasting cards foretold all this but not in detail, of course. I had walked down to show the tree face to a neighbor and, evidently, got a tissue from my pocket and the credit card in the same pocket fell out in the grass. My other neighbor's daughter is visiting and was fishing right there in the pond when she saw it. My neighbor called and I went down to get it from her. Otherwise, it probably would have been chopped up by the gardener's mower on Tues. So, so far, so good. I hope all this mess is over and done with. I have things to do and need my energy to concentrate on them. I think all this is a life lesson in having faith that all will turn out OK.

    I ordered a set of reading glasses from HSN. They are made by Joy Mangano, an amazing woman who invents all kinds of things from closet hanger solutions to steamers for taking wrinkles out of fabrics. I can't buy cheap readers in the store because I need 3.75 for readers. Hers go to 3.5 and that will work OK for me. There are, I think, six pairs of glasses in all different colors. This will allow me to lie down and read without messing up my expensive glasses. It's hard to get these repaired as y'all may remember from a former post about their mold infested office downtown. The prima dona in the south office won't even work on them.

    Rock, I think that netting sounds like a good thing. Looks don't matter; it's function which counts. I'll bet it looks fine. When we do things, we are always our worst critics. I have one small spot on the drywall in the dining area next to the kitchen which is awful. The prior owners glued mirrors to that wall. The only way to fix it would have been to replace the drywall. I decided to take the path of least resistance and just paint it. No one ever notices it. I think you are smart to stay silent on the matter in order to conserve energy. No one wants more work! One of the silver linings of our illnesses is that we lose our obsession for perfection and that's a good thing, as my dear friend, Martha, would say.

    Jole, yes, it helps me to think of us as brothers and sisters. Sometimes, I'll call someone in traffic a so-and-so. Then, I say, "Sorry, Lord, that so-and-so is my brother." I think at this point that inbreeding isn't such a worry. I did read once that two people married and later found out that they were brother and sister, separated at birth. Yikes! I'm getting excited about the coffee shop. You know all those people who play farmland on FB? Well, I might go for a group of people who run virtual coffee shops in little towns all over the country. Players could buy products from one another and sell supplies to each other. They could design the most unusual cakes and cupcakes. More fun than buying ducks. I don't go to FB, though. I'm with Betty White, it and Twitter seem like a horrible waste of time to me. No offense to anyone who does go there.

    Yes, it does seem we all have flares at the same time. Maybe it's because we are always flaring :) I was doing so well on the shots that it's such a dissapointment to have no energy. Red Tide is an algae whose spores dry and blow inland. They are a neurotoxin in addition to riling up the respiratory system in humans. In fish, the neurotoxin is deadly. Of course, instead of health issues, the main concern down here is how it affects tourism. Tourists don't like coming to enjoy the beach only to gag on the odor of dead fish washed up on shore. That, in addition to not being able to breathe. Strangely, the respiratory symptoms don't affect everyone. Lucky me.

    While I was down and needing something to occupy me, I decided to put together a necklace and earrings I had the makings for (I've decided to totally ignore the rule about ending sentences with prepositions). The earrings and pendant are little lacy bronze cones which look like flowers. There are some little wires with crystals on the end coming down from the cones. The necklace is done in colors of yellow and brown in pearls and crystals. It came out beautiful. I have the makings of a necklace with a parrot pendant which will have wires with pink and green crystals hanging down for it's tail. The necklace will be pink pearls with pink and green crystals. These are designs which I find at the bead shop and not my own original designs. Again, why reinvent the wheel? I have drop earrings which look like flower buds hanging down. I'll put one pink pearl in each one with just a tiny green crystal on the bottom. Now, if I just had the energy and will to go someplace to wear all this stuff.

    Well, kids, gotta read the paper, have my second cup 'o joe and get ready to haul the dryer out of that closet. It's a really tight fit in there. I'm not looking forward to it. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Everything went according to Hoyle but it was just a plain pain in the neck (actually lower than the neck :) I was careful and didn't cut through any pipes nor electrical. The plumber should be able to install the new valve. He'll probably complain about having to work in cramped quarters but there is plenty of access to the pipes. I cut a big hole. It's actually easier, for me, to fix a larger patch than a small one. It was hard work and it doesn't take much for me to sweat. I'm really ripe, gamey, smelly. I wanted to put that delicately but I'm sure y'all get the picture. I smell worse than the homeless who used to come into the store. Well, maybe not THAT bad but bad enough. I'm headed to the shower before the fumes coming off of me ruin something.

    Love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  11. bct

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    96 degrees and dead calm. The first hot days of the year. Today however the wind is off the sea, and it's only 70 degrees, just before noon. Typical changeable weather for California's "Lost Coast".

    Leah, I liked hearing about your new plants ( and old ones!) What kind of Begonias did you get? I like Ageratum too, but have never grown it. Maybe this year? As for foxgloves, I have an acid soil. Foxgloves have naturalized around here, so some of mine are "wild" and some cultivated, like the huge white-flowered un-spotted one that I grew from seed, as well as a number of species.

    Rock, sure sounds like you've been having fun with orchids. They are very fussy in their requirements, at least some types. I guess they are like people we know of.... :)

    Jole, I've never had a problem with skunks. I haven't seen one in years, not even roadkill. Very infrequently I'll smell one in the night, but they seem to be pretty shy. I think they've all emigrated to the suburbs where people put out cat food for them. Maybe we don't have too many here because of the great horned owls which are their main predator. So Jole, do you guys have a skunk problem? I have no suggestions unfortunately, except to shoot them from your porch if you happen to see them in the early a.m.!!!!!

    Rock, I always forget that you Yanks don't know fava beans -- aka broad beans in Great Britain. I think fava is the Sp. or Port. word for them, and I've also heard them called horse beans by a few people. I was raised on them, and they are my favorite fresh shell bean. They do look a lot like Limas, but the taste is much different. It has been good to see them show up in the farmers market.

    Lots of lilies are in bloom now. I have to go out and water the rock garden now and give Richard's collection of thymes and oreganos a good soaking.


  12. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    DS flew home Sun.and a nasty storm hit today.He looked outside and lightning must have hit the tree out back shearing it off at the trunk.Everytime we leave something goes haywire at home.It missed the porch and the fence how lucky is that?Even the garden is intact.People touring the house will just have to view it until we return and get the tree removal guy out.Picked out the pool today.Cabinets are tomorrow. Kept hus on task by tapping him on his side or on the notepad to stay on task and keep it moving when he got long winded.I am sorry I am skipping commenting on your posts but this Kindle is hard for me to get the hang of.I read all your goings on though so with you in spirit.
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just got up from a nap. Aaaah, such a luxury to nap. I'm even clean. I did get in the shower after my last post and went to the store. I was practically out of food.

    Leah, my Mom used to make salmon patties and I know how; I'm just too lazy. Thanks for worrying about my credit card so I didn't have to :) Wax begonias are one of the few flowers which will do relatively well down here if kept out of direct sunlight. Right now, our Frangi Pangi are about to bloom. They are so exotic and Hawaiian looking. If you saw off a limb and just stick it in the ground, it will grow. How easy it that!

    Barry, I can't believe it's that hot. That's worse than down here in the jungle. At least, we get breezes. We are so far south that we can get them off the water from three sides. Have you heard of edamame? I have a bean salad which calls for them. I couldn't find them in the store, even in the ethnic aisle. Evidently they come shelled and frozen. I substituted another bean but would like to taste them.

    Pam, I am so sorry about the tree. What a shame. I'm glad it didn't hit the house but it's just one more thing you have to deal with. It sounds exciting picking out your things. A pool will be nice. Things are getting "real" now.

    Well, kids, I'll see y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    Got back about 4pm. Slept 3 hours and then watched a bit of tv. And here I
    am back on schedule (its's 11pm) writing you all.

    I did certainly miss my family here and thought about each of you. Have
    read all the posts!!! Ok, remembering them is another thing but ya'll did
    make me laugh OUT loud.

    Finding I am have to relearn what the abbreviations mean. Pam says she
    calls SIL and (which means sister in law to me) and gives Happy Father's
    days wishes. OK, was able to figure out that one after a bit.

    Platform rockers? No heard of. Vinyl recorders much easier to collect than
    a lot of things sorry you had to part with them. Moving does required parting.

    The deer got my son's tomato plants. Pepper on the plants???? hmmm.

    Too smart too late....too cute!

    And all the food talk! YUM!! My brother has lost 13lbs since his ex MIL passed.
    They have now cut out the ice cream. He is eating turkey cheese roll ups and
    apples and oranges. Do you eat oranges, Mikie? We have all the groves and
    no one I know eats oranges. Isn't that they way it is? Ok Sometimes.

    I volunteer to stay home while Pam does the traveling! :)

    Wore a Husher (Barry) in one ear the entire visit. Did better in the hotel and usual. There is something about lying around and not doing a thing that helps
    me a lot.

    Only one melt down. On the airplane back. Two women in their 60's (my age)
    didn't know each other but sat behind us and told each other their lives' history.
    I didn't heard the actual words but according to Huz's version of it, it makes
    our lives sound very fascinating. He said "I have never heard anything like
    those two women talking about nothing".

    So we asked to be reseated and we got the last row on the plane. I did have
    the hushers on and the blue earmuffs on my ears. So they were talking louder
    than lumberjacks. Really they were. They chose to keep the seat between them
    "free" and yell at each other nonstop. Huz said they didn't even stop talking when'
    the drink cart came through.

    I am now trying to think of those women as my sisters, Mikie :)

    Love you ALL and SOOOO glad to be back!!

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Guess what? We have remnants of black mesh left over. The old stuff
    that had been weathering outside for the last 3 decades or so. Gordon
    says we are going to drape a smaller structure with this. AARRRGGGHHH!!

    Maybe some of you gals would like to try your dressmaking skills with
    this stuff. It is a dense mesh. The shiny black of my grandmother's
    jet beads. Very likely some avant garde designer has already created
    an evening gown with this exciting new fabric.

    Good to know you're an aftwoman, Mikie. (Pretty salty humor.) I'd
    rather work w/ an aftwoman than a daffyman. Glad your credit card
    turned up. I only have one. Less to worry about that way.

    Joel, most of the imagery I had during our construction project was
    of paramedics and emergency rooms. We were using metal clamps.
    Kinda like big clothespins; probably weighed 4 to a pound. Gordon
    from atop the ladder dropped 2 of them on me. And a couple of near
    misses. He was scampering up and down the ladder while wearing
    flip flops.

    While we took a breather I told him to put on some sensible shoes,
    so he pulled a pair of old tennis shoes with the heels worn down.
    I tend to be pretty cautious and careful having spent most of my
    working years involved with accidents and litigation.

    Zippy was the most sensible of all. When he saw what we were doing
    he went into his cave on the other side of the yard and napped.

    Freida, your salmon patties sound delicious. My mother made excellent
    S. P. I tried a few times, but they never turned out very well.

    BCT (Barry cultivates tomatoes?) Never heard of ageratum. Sounds more
    like a condition than a flower. (Yes, the doctor gave him a new pill for
    his ageratum.) I found some pics. They look a little like fluffy chrysan-
    themums. Apparently they have several names including Billygoat weed.

    Oh, yeah, w/ re: 2 oregano, do you and Richard say or-ah-ghan-o like
    Julia Child?

    Pam, lucky indeed that the tree missed everything but the ground. What's
    this about a pool? I musta missed somthin'.

    Freida, I never heard of any of those begonias except the tuberous. I
    looked on the net. The pics I found look like camelias. My recollection
    of a tuberous begonia is a trumpet flower w/ a velvety texture.

    Linda, did you look for a photo of a platform rocker? They look completely
    different from rocking chairs. Don't look like they rock at all. Glad
    your husher worked. I used to wear Hush Puppies in college. I feel
    sure I looked extremely cool and swave.

    Dave Barry wrote a column about some boring conversation he couldn't
    escape on a plane. Other people's conversations always sound boring
    unless they are planing a murder. (See "Wrong Number".) But mine
    would too.

    Yes, you're right. Life is a series of Hellos and Goodbye.

    And now it's time for me to say goodbye, so long, farewell, ,auf wiedersehen,
    adieu. It's time to say adieu, to you and you and you... (S of M.)

    (Can't find the correct spelling of camelias. Some sites have one "L" and some
    have two. Bother!)

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Linda, two old gabbers on the plane behind you. And you are a captive audience. Good for you for asking to move. I usually travel alone and try to read or make it obvious that I'm not up for talking. It almost always works. Once, though, on the way home from Atlanta, an older woman, a compulsive talker, decided to tell me about her glory days in the military. She had a drink and got even more talkative. To make matters worse, she had dragon breath. Since she looked like she could snap me like a twig, I tried to be polite. I finally faked dozing off. Atlanta is a short flight. Thank God, no one has ever done that to me when I'm flying to Denver. Yikes! Only thing worse is some kid kicking the back of the seat and a parent who sees nothing that his or her little darling is doing. Flying can be hell for even normals; for us, it can be cruel and unusual punishment!

    To me, platform rockers require less physical exertion to move than traditional rockers. Also, many of them are stuffed and covered like regular furniture. A porch version, called a glider, used to be available in single or double width.

    Poor Rock! I don't envy your having to engage in such physical labor. I used to have my own tool belt and hard hat when my ex and I put an addition on our home. Paper boy was smitten by a woman with her own tool belt. These days, just cutting a hole in the wall is more than I can handle without aches and pains. I like to wear my flip flops too but am always injuring my toes. I never learn. Standing on a ladder in them is very hard on the knees. I hope none of those clips did any head damage. I'd hate to think a head injury would stop your wonderful way with words.

    Salvation Army called me yesterday and asked if I had anything to donate. Well, as luck would have it, I have four garbage bags full and a suitcase. How great is it that I don't have to haul that stuff downstairs and drive to donate it. Maybe my jinx is over. I just love synchronicity. Now, all I have to do is take four bags of old paperwork to Goodwill to shread. All those years I was too sick to handle anything, I just let old paperwork build up. It's too much for my home shreadder. Another chore to deal with. I have plantation shutters sitting in my front office to install. It isn't a big deal, just another project. I think I keep getting projects to keep myself going. Otherwise, I'd probably just lie down and not get up. Well, except to eat. Hmmmm, those salmon patties, and that new bean salad recipe, are calling me. Think I'll fix them for dinner. In the meantime, I'm going to look up edamame.

    Going to condo mtg. but nowhere else. We do more gossiping than business at these meetings. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    I did just google the platform rocker. Quite interesting. It said it was useful
    for nursing (as in mom and infant), recuperation and plain old comfort in
    motion (why do I prefer a bed with no motion?). Done vigorously it will
    creep across the floor. (Those were kids using it, right?)

    Have to say I prefer the regular rockers. The gliders are popular again
    for baby's room for the mom and baby. Someone (who I can't remember)
    had one. Perhaps I just wasn't used to the glider though.

    Mikie, All you have to do is install plantation shutters now that you have
    fixed your drywall. Whew!

    and everybody climbing ladders in flip-flops. Listen you kids, Rock is right
    about being conservative after being a litigation attorney. I have known two
    men our age who have fallen off ladders. One did serious injury but recovered.
    The other's chiro said that he was the first person he had seen whose
    back was improved after falling off a ladder. Well, it takes all kinds, I guess.

    Oh, I just looked up and saw where Mikie thinks the glider requires less effort
    and, darn, if I don't think it requires more. Or at least different.

    Off to a new post.

  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    We were all lined up to go in and be introduced to the ppl at the wedding.

    There was the brides maternal grandparents. Then, the paternal grandfather
    and then Huz and me. There was a lull. So the paternal grandfather says to
    us "I am reminded of a story".

    Leroy and his girl got married. They checked into a motel and Leroy sat down
    by the window and steadfastly turned his gaze outside.

    His bride striped off her clothes and did whatever to prepare herself.

    Then she said "LEROY! What on earth are you looking at???"

    Leroy calmly replies, "My mother said this was going to be the most beautiful
    nite of my life. And I just don't want to miss it!".

    Then we walked in to be introduced.

    The grandfather was in his 80's and said that he "didn't know anyone anymore".
    I think he would enjoy Mikie's Hood! :)
  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    Which was a complete surprise since DS had to plan it all. And, of course,
    waited til the last minute.

    It was bbq. What else would you have in North Carolina, right?

    My nephew and wife arrived as everyone had finished eating. So, I
    hugged them and hurried them back to where the buffet was served.

    I was surprised at the amount of food still there. AND that they were
    bringing out more. (Did I not say everyone had finished eating).
    It was enough food to feed everybody again.

    Afterwards I mentioned it to Son. He said that they give the leftovers
    to the homeless. Hmmm. I thought. That was nice.

    BUT then I mentioned to TWIN that the leftovers were given to a homeless
    shelter. Then she said "Oh, that explains all the men sitting in a line outside"
    Except.....they sure didn't look homeless.

    Maybe they were taking meals home to their families. Nn wonder the price
    was double the quoted one. Hmmm.
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Linda,nNow I'm droolin'. Yes, I guess it isn't easier to rock or glide; it's just different.

    Looked up edamame and found out it's soy still in the shell or pod or whatever soy beans come in. I won't be adding it to my dish because soy, unless it's fermented, like in soy sauce, isn't good for us. I went ahead and used black beans instead. Lima beans, or any other kind, would work too. The dressing is oil and balsamic vinegar with some sugar, shreaded ginger, green onions and apricot preserves. I think adding some dried cranberries and chopped nuts would be good. I had planned on having it with the salmon patties but I just ate the salad and was full.

    The hole is still in the wall waiting for the plumber in the morning. I'll start the repair when he leaves. To do it right, it should take three days, includng painting but I may be able to get it done in two. Problem with closets is that the mud doesn't dry as fast. Yes, Plantation shutters are another project I don't need but the windows need to be updated. There will still be two more in my bedroom to be installed. A home is never finished.

    Leah, come back soon.

    I slept all day. Don't know what is going on. I didn't get to the mtg. My friend left my financals under my welcome mat, bless her heart. Tweety was in and out all day long. She's taken to sitting on the kitchen window sill and yowling at me. I've always loved animals, including my pets but I never thought I'd love these two little strays, who aren't little anymore, like this. My heart breaks for animals on their own. Most suffer and many die. Why don't people just take them to the shelter? There are so many kittens being born and dropped off now that they are being adopted out with no fee.

    Even after sleeping all day, I'm still exhausted. Geez, this is like 12 years ago but without the pain. I've had this before since starting the shots and I usually recover eventually. I hope it's soon.

    Sending hugs, love and prayers everyone's way.

    Love, Mikie