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    Weird, I just put the title in on another page and then it wisked away. I bet it went to the Health Board. I had not written anything so I will check later.

    Mikie, your antics of the past (ironing and wearing suits) and busyness of the
    now are very entertaining! Don't hold back!

    My summer outfit (before I have become a normal temp with Mobic) was
    a pair of grey "active wear" pants from JCP (Penney's). JCP has quit making
    them this year and I know why. One pair lasted me 3 years. Course I was
    in my 'cat clothes" a lot but, man, I couldn't wear those things out! It was
    the polyester, of course. Most ppl in Florida can't stand the polyester.

    Only a person with a body temp of 96 would enjoy wearing those pants in
    the summer here. Yes, I think Beall's stays in business with all their summer
    clothes they sell. Cute, comfortable but cotton only last so long.

    One time at the doc's during the summer with my heavy sweater on, I happened
    to pass my doc on the way to the "room" with the nurse. He said, "Linda, you
    are giving the Chamber of Commerce a bad name".

    One time when we had to go to a New Year's Eve gala and I was so thin and
    freezing, I wore lace up boots under my long skirt. I have said this before,
    but it got so the women would come over and look me over just to see what
    kind of clothes I had on. Sadly, I found not one of them to be sympathetic to
    my being ill. Pretty much the way it goes with our DD's.

    The gala's were put on by the Rotary Women's Club to raise money for the Hospital. I think the women were mad cause I didn't have the energy to
    help them decorate. They would always assign me to sit next to the CEO's
    wife. Her hux was from Birmingham, Al as was I (they didn't know). She
    had been a high price call girl in Miami before they met. But I don't think
    the others knew that. She was from Cuban descent.

    Joel just left. He works for Verizon and put the new phone jack in the basement
    for us. He was so much nicer than the Apple guy. Maybe cause he gets to
    see the outdoors while driving the Verizon van around. It is so beautiful
    here today. Overcast but very Spring like and lovely.

    Ok, will run along for now.


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    I ended up taking another Skalaxin for my neck so am just a bit hung over. Neck still hurts! We women went out again yesterday because we didn't get all our errands run the day before. Huz of the only married woman in our group didn't go shopping but we picked him up before going off to stuff ourselves at Cici's Pizza. OMG! Two buffets in two days. I can't keep this up. Going to the store for some healthy food. I did find some Earth Therapeutics neck rings at Bed Bath & Beyond. They are covered in soft fabric and filled with material which will heat in the microwave or freeze in the freezer. I had two coupons and bought two, one for the freezer and one I can heat. It's amazing but neck still hurts. I don't like taking Skelaxin; I'd rather drink!

    We had to stop at Wal-Mart so one woman could exchange something. I found a little black iron lamp and a lamp shade with French writing and the Eiffel Tower on it. It's not in the dining room where I'll use the print on the table runner so it's not looking too matchy-matchy. I also bought some paint at Lowe's for future projects and some weather stripping for my door to try to keep the little geckos from coming inside. They can fit through the tiniest openings.

    Today, Bealls is having the "20 percent off Friends and Family" discount on everything we buy. I have been looking for some black slippers and having a hard time finding them. They go with my jammies and never show wear and tear. Dearfoam used to make them but now have gone to navy blue. I don't know whether these new ones are Dearfoam or not but they looked great in the ad.

    Last afternoon and evening, we sat up on the balcony, first in the shade and finally, in the sun as it was setting. My friend with the new iPhone showed us the app which will identify whatever is in the sky when you point it in any direction. We found the Hubble Telescope. As much as we all argue and get piqued with one another, we really can have a good time when everyone is in the mood. We didn't even drink last night. Our balcony has become "the place" to be in the hood.

    Linda, I hope my long-winded post wasn't the reason you had to start a new thread. My neighbor, Barb, is quite lean and has to take blood thinners. She wears sweaters in the summer and rarely runs her A/C. I only run mine more because I breathe better without the outside air blowing in. Despite my allergies/asthma of late, I think the shots will eventually help both. If I take my allergy pill, I can sit outside and enjoy the breezes. I feel better when the condo is cool so while Barb is freezing, I'm running my A/C. I think my fine layers of fat keep me warm, like whale blubber. I love Verizon. My TracPhone runs on Verizon and I've always had them. DD in Atlanta is going to switch her iPhone from AT&T to Verizon.

    Leah, I liked your "almost silver lining." My illnesses have brought many blessings I would not have otherwise experienced. All of us would rather be well but we cope by enjoying what many others miss and we are grateful for what others take for granted. I guess I could call it a "pewter lining." I love pewter almost as much as silver. We ladies of the balcony were just talking about what a great life we have down here. We got off on the subject of how people take for granted that things will always work--until they don't. Our groundwatering well went too dry to water so we've been without sprinklers for several weeks in a drought climate of late. The sprinklers are up and running but the work isn't done yet. We get up, turn on our Keurig coffee makers which make us one cup of whatever we want. Then we go out on the balcony to drink it in the morning beauty. The birds are singing and it's so peaceful. We have gardners to take care of everything outside and we have a pool man to keep our pool clean. Yesterday, we enjoyed a little otter in our pond out back catching fish and doing push ups on the lawn and rolling over and over. People spend a fortune for visiting a resort like what we enjoy every day.

    BTW, I got a necklace on clearance on HSN. It's a Cleopatra design in strips of aventurine, one of my favorite stones. I think the clasp is in silver. While we were at Hobby Lobby, I picked up some silver beads and chips of aventurine. I have a simple pair of silver hoop earrings with all kinds of beads, pearls and stone chips which I can slip on to them to match whatever other jewelry I'm wearing.

    I got to thinking that the balcony escapades would make a great book. it has the flavor of Steel Magnolias even though only two of our larger group are Southerners. Two are Yankees and I am from out West. If I wrote a book, though, none of them would likely speak to me again even if I used pseudonoms. It's like "The Help" but we don't have the "Terrible Awful" to keep people from claiming who the characters are.

    OK, I've written "War and Peace" again. Time to go. Hugs and prayers to all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Well I've been out shopping myself today.Perfect day for it 60's and the snow melted away.What did I buy?Toilet seats!Can't even start to compete with your catch Mikie.The thought that goes into this purchase is more complicated then one might think.You stand there looking at each other and wondering aloud if you need oval or round,almond,biscuit or white.We guessed right on all counts ta da.

    We stopped by the pie shop.Huz wanted blueberry and DS wanted choc creme.I wanted none so he got individual pies.No sweets appeal to me anymore which is very strange since I lived on choc bars for several yrs.

    Your hood sounds lovely.A nice simple retirement life it sounds like.When we visit my sister down there it feels like camping every day.The neighborhood is quiet and traffic is several streets away.

    I voted yesterday for the first time in yrs.I used to vote regularly but when FIL moved in I didn't want to leave him and not the energy to do it.The machines have changed and I wondered what I had gotten myself into.Touch screen so I worked it out.A lady there talked away to huz and I as an old friend all about our DD's and ages ect.I have no clue who she is and put on the spot could not recall my DD age.Yikes,I couldn't get away fast enough.Huz didn't know her either.

    I had to get more blood work done to find out why my calcium levels are so high.I don't know what that's about and it doesn't sound like something I should get overly concerned about.Results next week she said.I looked it up and like everything else could be something could be nothing.

    Who says we have boring lives look at all these stories of cookies and otters and birds.Now what trend has Linda cooked up with a cat suit?

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    1. I am thrilled about the choosing of the correct toilet seat. Yes, they have
    given too many choices for something that should be simple. Which is why I
    have a white seat on my pink toilet. It gives visual interest (I tell myself).

    2. Mikie is not only the geek. She is also the 'jet setter' of the group here.
    "It's a Wonderful Life" at the hood. That is so great!!

    3. Yes, my cat suit are my pi's. Flannel. Wear them year round. I have a
    few pairs. Since they get thinner with washings, eventually they become
    summer pi's.

    4. Wild Birds: I started noticing them today. (But, yes, we do have cardinal
    here in the winter) Ok, I saw a flock of tiny black birds. They were so pretty
    it was like the wind was blowing them in waves or that was the way they were
    flying. Then around Lake Wailes (not my little lake) There were some black
    birds that were bigger but not large. And they were doing their individual thing
    and they seem to like crumbs that ppl leave on the ground. Then, there were
    the bigger white birds with black on the tips of their wings. They seemed to
    just be enjoying the afternoon flying. And a few egrets. One of the few birds
    I recognize.

    5. When I start a new thread. It used to be 30 was kinda the unspoken cutoff.
    But when Barry posts,I will extend it. So, no, it isn't anything to do with a
    person here :). Sometimes I wish I could take the last posts with me to the
    next thread but that is beyond my ability. And in fact, probably can't be done

    5. Almost when to the store to buy cookies but I couldn't go in while eating
    my ice maybe tomorrow. I did see a choc cake mix that might
    be calling my name to make. Not sure. (saw it in my cabinet, don't remember
    buying it.)


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    Leah, glad you liked reading about the otters. I only wish everyone could see them. Right now, we seem to be down to only one but we get them in pairs quite a bit. The ducks just watch them and stand aside as though they just don't know what to make of such behavior. You would enjoy the ongoing show of wildlife around here.

    Pam, in Lee County, we've changed voting machines twice since 2,000. We are on our third "latest and greatest" voting machines. The last ones left no paper trail and it was discovered that they had been hacked or tampered with. People voted one way and when the recap came up at the end, their votes were changed. Doesn't give one much confidence in our system. And who could forget the "hanging chads" over on the East Coast in 2000? We breathe a sigh of relief here when an election goes off with no hitches to cast us, once again, in the nat'l spotlight as Flori-DUH! I have the oval toilet seats and like them but for a while, it was very difficult to buy new seats. Now, we have more selection. Some of those seats appear to be in very poor taste and I wonder who buys them. I'm waiting for Nate Berkus to design toilet seats :)

    Linda, Barb, next door wears polyester nighties. As I mentioned, she is always cold until the temps climb. Then, she's in sleeveless shirts. A few years ago, I got some thermal jammie bottoms on closeout at Target. I got four pairs. I have a hard time finding them now except at Christmas. They are so great. When it's cold, they are warm enough but when it's hot, they feel cool. I worry about the day when there is nothing left of them but a waistband. If I wear anything polyester at night, I sweat. AACK!!!

    Yesterday, I had a day of rest. I was hung over from the Skelaxin taken the night before. Today, I want to go in search of the black slippers with my Bealls 20 percent off coupon. Don't know what to do about my sore neck. I ice it; I put heat on it. I hope I can get some cleaning done around here. Then, perhaps, a nice gin 'n tonic on the balcony. It's already in the mid-80's here. Soon, it will be too hot to sit out and enjoy the balcony and our Snowbirds will have flown the coop, or, in our case, the hood.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Another day another lumber company.Today's was 2hrs. away.The weather went from 60's to 30's from morning to afternoon.Everything aches.

    I've noticed before but more so this week because I've been out so many days lately but my cat stays downstairs with the dog when we're gone.I think they keep each other company which is really sweet.Now when we get home Lily chases her upstairs.Hope the cat is not afraid of Lily she grew up with my previous dog.They bite at each others rump when they pass.So funny.We feel so bad not taking Lily on our trip next month because DS works several morning to evening shifts.Better in her familiar home then with a strange place and people if my sister kept her I guess.

    So today we purchased new updated lighting for DR kitchen areas.Now if I could just get him in the mood to start installing some of these things.He just isn't ready to get into the remodeling groove.

    Yesterday he turned down old bosses plan to meet for lunch.He said once a week for breakfast is enough with former coworkers.I was surprised.

    Leah I'm sorry you're suffering so.I really can't imagine since my bad times do come to an end.Don't always know when but know it will end.Breaks my heart for you.

    Take care all,
    Blood work back so soon and fine.Guess he'll explain in April.
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    The never ending part with Leah. Do so wish something would help!!
    (Hugss) And wondering why YOUR calcium levels are high. Any idea
    why your doc chose to test the calcium?

    When you mentioned DR, I was racking my brain for "Dear....." Ok, then
    I thought of dining room. Duh!

    Today was another purrfect one. Cat clothes and resting. After supper, the
    ick kinda lifted. No rhyme or reason to either that I can think of.

    I was looking at a women's underwear site where ppl give their reviews.
    Several in their 70's. One even in her 80's. The one that interested me
    the most said that she loved the brand so much that she had purchased
    hundreds of the undies. Really?

    Several things came to mind. Did she buy them over 10 years? Even so
    that seems like a lot. Give them as presents to everyone she knows?
    Donate them to charity. The list goes on...

    And keeping on this topic, kinda. The woman who invented Spanx is now
    a billionaire. Yes, she sent her garments right over to China to be made,
    charges a lot for them and through American ingenuity became a Billionaire.
    She could have been worth half a billion and put some Americans to work.

    I vent here sometimes....just to let you know after the fact. :)

    Did get to Lowe's yesterday to say hello to the flowers! The vincas are
    coming in two weeks!! They look a lot like impatiences but like the sun
    instead of the shade.

    Interesting that P'sHuz didn't want to 'do lunch'. Maybe he didn't want to
    leave you :) Or thought it was time to do the retirement thing.

    Evidently, I have nothing uplifting to I will head to bed.

    Wait. I just read that Pam's blood work came back and was fine. Well
    that is good news!

    Nite all,

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    It's been nice to hear all your comments on birds that you see. I envy Linda and Mikie their exotics, like anhingas, which I've only seen pics. of before. Ditto Ibises, to which I believe Linda was referring .

    Leah, we don't have cardinals in this region. And I've never seen one while back east. I guess the prettiest birds here are the western tanagers, though to me all birds are beautiful....even vultures :) Right now the spotted towhees are hopping on the porch begging for seeds. They have red eyes --yes, eyeballs-- that make them look funny. The eastern race of the species has normal brown eyes. Peculiar, eh?

    Well I managed my dreaded shower yesterday, and a short walk with Phoebe dog, added a few stones to my cairns at the end of the drive, and staggered home and plopped onto the bed. Gasp. No pain, except the psychological pain of being so totally WIPED OUT! Today I rest and recover. The sun is shining and a warm day (62) before the rains that are forecast. I picked some daffodils for the house, and a Camellia named Donation -- a pink double.

    Yes the Camellias are starting to bloom now, as are the hellebores. The deer ate most of the tulip buds for the first time in 30 years. Big bummer. I've sprinkled cayenne pepper on the rest until I can get some repellant. It's called Not Tonight Deer. Funny name , huh?

    My head is spinning, so I'm gonna feed the birds and lie down. Read for a while 'til lunch.

    Oh yeah : I miss mockingbirds terribly. They don't live here.

    Love to All,
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    Huz went to breakfast with his buddies as was his usual routine.He said talk of work as the subject was the usual old stuff and he felt gladly removed from it.His boss was there and works 20hrs. a month as consulting.He was at work yesterday and hates it so much.He's retired but involved and hasn't time to enjoy time off plus he's no longer in charge of anyone.That would be a pain wouldn't it?

    We had a big ole vulture perch on our fence top last Fall and sit still as could be.It looked like a statue and I watched in amazement.So big and powerful looking.I didn't dare let my 7lb. dog out.

    Going to eye Dr. with huz.I swear that's all we do is visit Drs.More testing for glaucoma.SIL recently told me the younger brother has it.I know FIL had it.Weird how these things you never give a thought to all your life pop up as you age yikes!

    Talk later.

  10. Mikie

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    Leah, I also wish and pray you could feel better. An ongoing flare does get stressful and can be depressing. i admire how you handle your life. Our otters come from across the street where there is a big park. They travel through a culvert which feeds into our little pond. So, they come and go which makes it all the better when they do show up.

    Pam, glad your bloodwork is fine. Hope huz doesn't have glaucoma. I love getting new lighting for just about any room. I install it myself. I'm getting to where I just don't feel up to doing all that stuff anymore. I try to keep improvements up to date so I don't end up an old lady living in an old fashioned condo. What I have here has to last so chances are I will be an old lady in an old fashioned condo. Oh well!

    Barry, so good to see you posting. For a couple of years, we had a pair of cardinals in the tree next to my little guest/sitting room. I have a tinted film on my windows and the male must have seen his reflection in the window. He attacked my window for hours on end. As beautiful as he was, I was glad to see them go. Right now, we have a woodpecker who hammers for hours on end at night. Between him and the bullfrogs in the pond, it's amazing I get any sleep. Right now, we are seeing bluejays. I like them. Our Cashia (sp?) tree is in bloom with little yellow flowers which are attracting beautiful butterflies.

    I've been sooooo inert for days. The pinched nerve in my neck has been killing me. I tried heat and decided that ice is better. I had to run the dishwasher and put the dishes away and take my garbage down to the dumpster. My aventuring necklace came from HSN today. I've had the worst luck with ordering anything on TV. It's a Cleopatra design and the center piece was broken. They are sold out with no more coming in. I got it dirt cheap on clearance. Soooo, I'm thinking I'll try to further break that center piece and put a pendant there. If it won't break, I can glue a piece of silver to it and hang a pendant on that. Even if I had to restring it, it would be a bargain. I couldn't buy the stones for what the necklace cost.

    I have a pair of simple silver hoop earrings and I make different stones and silver beads to match my necklaces to put on the hoops. I got some strung aventurine chips at Hobby Lobby. I also got some new silver beads. I made some pieces for my hoops and made a necklace out of the rest of the chips. So, now I have two aventuring necklaces. I may give one to DD. She has green eyes and loves aventurine.

    I cancelled my oil change at Toyota and will have to reschedule next week. The neck is better but not without pain yet. Guess I'll just have to laze around another day. I'm thinking that instead of Skelaxin, a gin 'n tonic might do the trick. I'll toast to my Online Family for health, wealth and happiness.

    Love, Mikie

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    Haven't got the N-R-G to do a post, howsomever, I have a scheme. I'm going
    to assemble a post in bits and pieces. Where there's a will, there's another
    one. I had a gr gr Uncle Will. And a cuzin who looked just like him. When
    they were 60 they had the skinny look of a 16 year old. Very annoying.

    My energy started ebbing away over 40 years ago. Not much left. I have
    been sleeping much of the day lately. Poor Zipper hasn't had a walk in
    5 days. By way of compensation, as my energy wanes, my looniness
    grows. The other day I tried to say, "I think I'm starting to get a
    headache. But instead of "headache" I said "haircut'. Uff-da!

    Mikie, we used to have woodpeckers in our backyard when I was a kid
    in MN. We had flickers and meadowlarks and bluejays, and cardinals.
    They usually perched on the clothesline poles. Most of all we had
    robins. Been here in CA over 40 years. Have only seen 2 or 3 robins.

    I did see a cattle egret once in the San Fernando Valley. Those are the
    miniature white storks you see in nature films. The walk around on
    the African planes and eat bugs stirred up by the big ungulates.

    This one wasn't wandering in the wilderness. It was walking down a
    suburban street.

    Well, will be back when possible. Saw a sign on the net. It read:
    If it's in stock, we have it.

  12. spacee

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    Can't wait to google them! We used to have wood peckers too. Haven't in a
    long while. During the day while sleeping, they were always at work.

    I know that feeling if I do something that I haven't been able to do in a while,
    then I want it to be a regular part of my life. Sadly, doesn't always work though.

    My current combo of mobic, ritalin and diet coke (fountain or canned) seems
    to be a good combo of things. Leave one out and I'm in the bed. Maybe that
    will get me through the wedding.

    Update on trying to get the pay per view's working on the TV. The phone jack
    installed by Verizon was not needed. This is according to the Direct TV guy.
    But we do need a multi prong router. He asked nicely "are you the type of
    woman who goes to Walmart?".

    That last question was particularly funny since that is about all we have
    are Walmarts. No Best Buys, etc. But I opted to have Verizon mail us one
    since we have supported them all these years.

    The Direct TV guy also offered to buy our house when we move. We get that
    a lot when they see the shop and how you can string wires to you heart's
    content without being under the house or in an attic.

    Huggies, Rock, I wish you were doing better! You too Barry and Leah.
    Ok and Mikie and Pam and Linda! It would be so lovely to be doing better.

    But Leah, that is a great idea to think about diet. Mary on the other board
    has kept her heart/vessels so well by her 'eating like a monk".

    Mikie in addtion to being our resident geek. You are also our creative one.
    When it come to jewelry.

    Off to google ibeises!

  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Had a productive day. Mostly 'cause we do errands on Sat. and Gordon
    drives. Then I gave Zipper a walk when we got home. And I did the
    dishes. Uff-da!

    You've seen an ibis, Spacee? Good for you. In Florida? I've never seen
    one in person, but they frequently make an appearance in crosswords.
    Did you see Coke and Pepsi are changing their recipes? Shouldn't affect
    the taste. They are just changing the caramel coloring agent so they
    don't have to put a cancer warning label on the product.

    Frieda, I'm glad the silly sign amused you and hubby. If I find another, I
    will convey same. If I can carry it, I will convey it. What kinda ducks
    you got?

    In my student days I was a cave guide. (Google Niagara Cave in MN if
    you're curious.) The place had several acres of picnic grounds with a
    stream running through. Wild mallard ducks spent the summer there.
    They got accustomed to people. Toddlers used to try and catch them.

  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    Hope so. Takes me a while to adjust. My 'circle of friends' (meds) keep
    telling me that I'm not doing something right.

    Rock! Coke and Pepsi. Now they have probably known that info for decades
    and have finally decided to change. Shame on them.

    Yes, I Have seen the Ibises. There were two of them. I have a plan now.
    Go to Publix, get the little bitty one person size Hagen-Daz (comes with
    a spoon), go down to Lake Wailes and bird watch.

    I love vultures too. We see a lot of them around. I love it when they are soaring

    Rock has had one of the most diverse lives I have ever heard of. Course, I
    don't get out much...but still he ranks #1 on my list.

    Today was the 2nd Sat that I have called Verizon and talked with a person
    who sounds like they just rolled out of bed to answer the phone. I didn't
    understand that until I read about Pam's poor sis being loopy on her meds
    but working at home for AAA.

    Note: (to me) don't call on Sat again. It's useless.

    Nephew's parakeet (that he got for Cmas) died. Suddenly. Poor N cried,
    of course. There are 5 kids in that family. Could the bird have not been
    able to take the stress? Guess we won't know.

    So hoping the Leah starts to feel better. And Barry and Rock and Pam and
    Mikie :) And me.

    Love you guys,
  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I don't like it.I woke up at usual time 6:45 and looked at the clock and saw 7:45.That's not the same as sleeping in at all!We went to breakfast with DS,GS and Fiancee.It was nice but couldn't let a day go by without a stop at a lumber co. this time for light bulbs.It's getting to be a joke with huz and I.

    Weather will get in the 60's today.Nothing planned.The trips out last week have taken a toll on me.Legs and back ache and more tired then I was.Nature of the beast I guess.A great big goose came flying through the yard today.Spring must be right around the corner.

    Sis posted on Facebook that she has a face to face meeting to discuss her job performance Wed. they are advising her it would be better for her to resign then to be fired.I told her to make them fire her.I think they want to make it easy on them because of her medical issues.She's had Drs. reports making them give her 15min. breaks.I feel bad for her she needs that paycheck but can't do the job.

    We make the trip to Indiana Fri. for a weekend of Babies birthday's.I offered to make the food for GD's son's first B-day party.She's low on funds and it means so much to her.Cooking I can do no problem.We'll take the RV so we have our privacy at DS.I hope we have nice weather.

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You're right. Generally better to be fired as it may preserve unemployment
    rights. Tell you Sis to talk to a Worker's Comp atty. The rules vary from
    state to state, but she may have a stress claim.

    Here in CA one is eligible for benefits if the job aggravated the disability.
    Also, attys cannot charge for a consultation. They only get paid if
    the obtain a recovery for their client. The Judge has to approve the amount.

    Rock, J.D.
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Linda, Pam, Leah, Rock and Barry, I'm just going to generally include y'all in my post. I've read everyone's posts but there are too many at this point for me to go back and check each one to formulate a response. I pray for energy and health for us all every day. I feel so bad for any one of us when he or she is having a rough time. I know all too well how it feels. My pinched nerve in my neck wore me out. It's hard to know what I might be able to do energywise when I can't turn my neck without so much pain. I think (knock on wood) it's finally better.

    Yesterday, Barb and I drove about 35 miles up the coast to Port Charlotte to a bead store. OMG! I've never seen so many beads, pendants, and findings in one place, floor to ceiling and in the middle. I didn't find an aventurine pendant for my necklace but I did find a gorgeious necklace on display so I bought the stuff and made one. It's rose quartz chips, puka shell chips and little pewter fish with a small pendant in a coral stone. We ate on the Peace River not too far from where Hirricane Charley wiped everything out along the river. I came home pooped and rested.

    Today, I had a hard time getting going, always do when the time changes. I watched "Hugo" and took a looooong nap. In my sleep, I felt as though I were having a heart attack. The pain was almost like a cramp in my chest and down my arm and up into my jaws. I couldn't shake myself fully awake and just lay there until I woke up a bit and the pain subsided. I don't think it was a heart attack but, rather, some severe cramping. I started thinking about what my kids would find in my condo if anything happened to me and I got up and straightened things up. The floors still need cleaning and dust is everywhere but the place isn't clutterd. I did laundry and changed the bed. Hope I have energy enough tomorrow to clean at least a little. I was down so long with the pinched nerve that everything went to hell in a handbasket.

    There are tons of the little white cattle egrets here. A lot of people who own unimproved land keep cattle on it for tax purposes. I've seen the egrets riding along on the backs of the cattle. Cattle eat grain and whole grain often passes through the intestines intact, much like when we eat corn. The egrets peck the grain out of the poop, I know, GROSS! Still, a bird's gotta do what a bird's gotta do. Once when I was on a sales call, I parked and was walking through the parking lot. A HUGE ibis walked up next to me and walked with me through the lot. People were laughing and pointing. We looked like a couple.

    Dear friends, I have you all in mind and prayers every day. Sending warm hugs to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    Mikie, That's you. Straigtening the condo so it wouldn't be cluttered "if anything
    happened". I'm glad it passed (the weird cramping) and hope this week is

    I was right about Mikie being the creative one with jewelry, wasn't I???

    Leah!! You got all clean :) Hugs and you rest, now!!

    Rock is our legal expert here.

    Barry is our 'foodie', nature lover.

    Pam. When Huz here retires, I think we will be visiting lumber stores. They
    carry so much. I don't think we can even find the kind of light bulb we need
    at the groc. store.

    I tried to impress Twin with the knowledge that I had seen ibises. I had to
    spell it. That's where I went wrong. She said, "oh IBISES". "Yeah there were
    some here the other day". Smartie pants.

    I asked her how she knew. "Our Parents were member of the Audubon and
    went on hikes and campouts. I have been a member of Audubon and have gone on hikes," Twin said.

    In my defense, our parent's didn't do that until I was living out of state. And,of
    course, I have the DD.

    So I told her my plan to get a individual container (store sells them) of Hagen
    Das and go to the Lake every week or so. Twin said, "Hagen Das has too much

    Yep, She is competitive. But it reminds me. Pam All the rock as
    a MIL!! And that RV does come in handy. I wish I had one to visit gKids in!!

    Tomorrow is another day. I hope all sleep deprived do better. I seem to take]
    enough controlled substances that it hasn't bothered me a bit, so far. If you
    take enough of them...nothing bothers you:)

    Huggies and Hopes for all!!

  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Raining when we got up this morning so as we all know getting moving takes a lot more time and effort.Went out for grocery shopping but pain set in the joints and muscles so we hurried home.That Voltarin creme really helps I must say but I'm down for the count for the rest of the day.

    Thanks Rock for confirming my advise to sis.She'd be crazy to make it so easy for them by resigning.She said her huz told her the same.She'll lose the job I'm sure and truthfully she can't do the job anymore but they could have done a better job of working with her before it came to this.

    Your so sweet Linda saying I rock.Making food for me is my way of showing love.Who doesn't appreciate the effort that goes into something homemade like COOKIES right Leah?

    Mikie I understand about that heart attack feeling.I had it last week.Sharp pain right over my heart.Woke me up one time.I almost had huz run me to the ER .Really made me wonder how your supposed to know.Glad I didn't go because next day it was gone.No dusting going on here today which will put me behind schedule.I count on a routine to keep myself together.

    Leah so glad you got a soak.Cross that off your list to worry over.My DD suffered severe depression her Junior yr. of College and came home a few yrs.I sometimes ran her a hot bath,led her in and helped her get undressed and into it.I would towel her off afterword.Sometimes just coaxed her to the kitchen sink where I washed her hair.We have a bond not many can understand.When I had my own bout with depression 2yrs. ago I understood that kind of exhaustion of mind and body even more.

    Huz is going to tile the kitchen now.I'm going to lay on the couch and watch he picked the wrong day and time for me to be of any help.

  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    I so need to remember that on "he picked the wrong day and time for me to
    be of any help". Priceless.

    Depression. What a mother you are too Pam!! Have had my share. I have
    dealt with mine with other unhealthy ways. No one ever thought I could be
    depressed. Til I got my wits about me and asked for a serotonin level test.
    It was "none". Oh what a shock to the doc. Better now.

    Daylight Savings Time. One good day and thought I would breeze through it
    this year. Wrong. In the pi's too. Your huz wanted to put some tile down on the
    week after DST? He ought to scratch that week off his calendar every year :)
    And the fall back week too!

    Leah, rest and check in when you can! Even if it is only about you. Don't I
    talk about myself 95% of the time? As Mother said when in her 80's "that's
    all we (she and her friends) have to talk about". The news from Lake Wales.
    Or Lake Wailes, if by the lake. Yes, spelled differently.

    Off for a rest....


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