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  1. spacee

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    Ok, I'm going to confess right here in the first post. I wash my hair in the
    tub. Squatting with my head under the faucet. Then I take a bath and then
    I rinse my hair with said squat. So, I gave up bathing between the days
    of shampoos. Maybe that's too much information :)

    Well, we are sending the tablet back to the Q. Their easy pays are inviting
    and we enjoyed looking it over but this one is not for us. That is the best thing
    I can think of about buying on the Q or HSN. The 30 days to resend or recind.

    What I wanted was to watch movies one Huz'a man cave in the basement.
    And it looks like we need Verizon to put an internet "thing" (love that word)
    down there. On the tablet we were interested in, it said you could watch
    moves and connect it to the tv but you need a cell tower. Heck, we can't
    even use our cell phones down there without opening the back door.

    So, you see. It just was not for us. I knew you would understand. I think
    I grew 3 new brain cells thinking about it.

    When it rains, it pours. But you, kids, know that. What I mean is son in NC
    was texting me, his fiancee sending me pics, my 2nd son texting me in rapid
    fire (man, he is...goood) trying to get me to log into Skype or Ichat and
    the worst happens.

    My cell phone has lost it's power. All this happening at the same time. Plus
    Twin calls to say she can't talk. I am saying to Huz at the time "I can't take
    this!". Too much technology at one time!

    Did make it to Macy's today. I could not believe my eyes. Tops like one would
    wear to yoga for $14-$20 and 20% off and 20% off that. I have never seen tops
    that cheap there. One woman was trying the return something she bought in
    another Macy's and it was cheaper here. The salesclerk said that Macy's priced
    things according to stores.

    Evidently we are low rent here:) Gotta love it but the lady didn't.

    I read Are you My Mother to GD. Only I used Pops (huz) as the mother and
    me as the new baby bird. We called it reading 'silly'. GD is SO advanced.
    She colors slowly and deliberately in the lines. Have no idea what that talent
    will be good for....stay tuned.


  2. rockgor

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    Things are quiet here. Gordon's brother went to work. He works 6
    days a week. Gordon is sleeping. Zipper is wrapped up and sleeping in the backyard.

    Pam, I'm with you. I'd never take a cold shower of my own volition.
    Is the retirement party today? "Hope a nice time will be had be all"
    as they used to say in the home town paper.

    Thanks for the "OX", Freida. I read a short story by Tom Bodett
    where a girl wrote to teenage Norman and closed with "OX, OX, OX".
    When he wrote back he put "Cow, Cow, Horse" at the bottom of
    his letter.

    Tom Bodett, the motel 6 guy, is also an author. His book "The
    End of the Road" contains short stories from a village in Alaska.

    Mikie, the Porch dates back to the days when there was no Chit Chat
    board. If you wanted to discuss kids, or movies, or pets, etc., you
    put "OT" for "off topic" at the beginning of your post. When ProHealth
    remodeled the board, they added the Chit Chat board. Until Spacee
    started the lounge, it was the only thread that did not have a single topic.

    I am the only founding father still extant.

    Yes, I agree, Spacee. Seems like we have "too much technology" and
    not enuff communication. I saw the first 10 minutes of a made for TV
    movie some years ago. A guy talks on a cell phone. Pretty soon another
    cell phone rings. He picks that up and carries on two mundane con-
    versations simultaneously. At that point I stopped watching.

    Today is laundry day, but I already did half of it Friday. Going to have
    some of Gordon's beef soup for breakfast.

  3. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Leaving for the party pretty soon.Waiting on huz.No cold shower for me today.I carried a pan of hot water from the stove and huz brought a second one up.Put some in the sink for his shave and the other in the tub for my bath.Worked out good.Someone is coming to install the new gas water tank tomorrow so we won't have to wait all week for huz to have time.

    Mikie I'm calling the shot that didn't give you obvious results right off the bat the dud shot.I'm sure it worked and nothing wrong with it but it highlights the difference that you can actually usually tell somethings different which is super exciting.

    Rock I like your book selection.Sounds like something I'll be interested.I'm becoming familiar with the new Kindle.No downloading books yet just browsing.Prices aren't bad but I'm not ready to say I could enjoy a whole book on there yet.Light sensitivity is a concern.

    Can't remember what was talked about and it's only two posts in geez.I'm in a hurry,yeah that's the reason.You both made me smile I remember that.See ya tomorrow.I have a 7am Dr. appt. before the installer gets here.

  4. spacee

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    That the ChitChat Board had a place (as Facebook does) to click on if
    you "liked" it. Cause I just read the Porch and there was some funnie
    stuff there but I have no brain power to do two boards. But I could click
    on a 'Like" button.

    I was struck by the amount of things ppl on the Porch do. I've slipped
    even further than I thought!! Someone can go to g/son's baseball game??

    There was a huge difference in my sound sensitivity between 2nd son and
    3rd son. Six year difference. I don't know, maybe the Sjogren's. Couldn't
    take the loud speaker and the band that I had loved before. The high school
    is the Scottish Highlanders and they would do the Scottish dance. Well,
    the girls in front would. When that happened everyone would be on their
    feet clapping for them...ovation.

    I can certainly tell that Rock and Frieda are excellent responders :)
    Thank you both for your replies to one and all!!

    And I have to change my thing about my baths. If I lived where it is cold,
    I would take two baths a day. Also, yoga we don't break a sweat so that
    helps a lot.

    Tonite is the Oscar Awards. I have no idea who will win but I did hear that
    they don't serve alcoholic drinks which was the reason George Clooney
    brought a flask last year. I would too if I thought I might have to give
    a speech:)

    Feast or famine. No technology today from the fam.

    And tonite the pigs get done. (pedicure).

    Oh Rock on the history of the Chitchat board. I started the Lounge because
    someone posted on the CFS board that they were lonely and had no friends.
    She/he never showed up here but we have continued.

    I am so hoping Pam and Mikie are having really good times tonite. Mikie
    with a lot of energy because of shot. And Pam because she deserves it!!

    Well, we all deserve it...but this is a special occasion...and could be kind

    Adios Amigos,

  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    That's a good thing. Just missing Barry if my memory serves (and it often doesn't :)

    Linda, I say however one can stay clean in the easiest way is the way to do it. I shower to wash my hair and bathe in Epsom Salts for any pain or stiffness, or just to warm up on a cold evening. I just bought a tablet from the Q but it's powered by wi-fi and not 3G or 4G cell power. I already have wi-fi so it will be fine. It'll allow me to watch Netflix movies if I plug in the HDMI cable. The only drawback is only being able to use it when I'm in wi-fi territory. The good news is that there is no $30 a month bill from Verizon. I can even use it to post here or send e-mails. Hope I like it. In any case, you are right; if it isn't for me, I just send it back. I have no business buying anything with the cost of these shots but I couldn't resist the easy pay. I worked in a Macy's years ago where they dumped all the clothing to go on sale, even designer clothing from the upscale hoods. What deals! I was still moderating when the Chit Chat Board was created and I remember having a horrible time getting people to post off-topic things over here. Glad you took up the reins to create this little board within a board. Y'all are like having friends over for coffee to chat. Thanks for the history. I think I left moderating shortly after the boards split.

    Rock, thank you too for the history lesson. I caught your post on the last Lounge regarding the book about relationships, divorce and parenting. Sounds like my life! Glad there was some humor thrown in. Humor is how I kept from losing my mind during my marriage and divorce. That and raising kids too. You must be a fast reader--all those books. I'm slow because I often fall asleep when I read. I like the Kindle because it is just like a book--no glare from the screen. My new tablet comes with some magazine subscriptions and it will be interesting to read them in color on the screen. I'm still laughing about the Cow, Cow, Horse. When I send cards to my GS, I make the O's into little hearts. Aaaaaaaw! Love the little guy.

    Pam, hope the party was good. What a pain, waiting for hot water. I hate having things break down and cause great inconvenience. Do you have the Kindle Fire yet or is it being given at the party? Wondering how you like it. If I hadn't decided to buy the Pandigital from the Q, I think I would have bought the Fire. Yes, I'm calling the 3rd shot a dud. On the other hand, I didn't get worse so I don't know what happened. If it were a dud and I didn't get worse, that's good news that I was able to go two months from one good shot to another. On the other hand, it could just have been a different reaction as the doc warned me about. Yes, it is exciting. I can hardly believe it myself.

    Leah, how are you doing? Better, I hope. Wish I had more to respond to on your post. You are so sweet responding to others but I don't know what's going on with you. Are you watching the Oscars tonight? I always do and am always disappointed somehow. Too much hype and buildup and by morning, I can't remember who won what for what. I did watch "Puss In Boots" and looooooved it. I highly recommend it. "Hugo" comes out on DVD on Tues. already. I've heard it's really good. Do movies help distract you when you don't feel well? TV is my life. I can't wait to get Netflix up and running.

    I shouldn't be doing anything but cleaning around here. It's not just cleaning but decluttering. My place isn't that dirty, just messy. Our weather has been strange. It's cloudy but we aren't getting the rain we so sorely need. Just a few showers here and there. Too many gray days and I get depressed. I had SAD when I lived in CO and went to the tanning beds in the winter if we had too many sunless days. Fortunately, both CO and FL are sunny most of the time. Went to Publix today because I had $8 in coupons and they had a lot of BOGO's. I got some talapia and fixed it with lemon, butter and Cajun spices. Mmmmmm. I also got some tender asparagas to go with it. Since I've been on the shots, I'm losing my cravings for carbs. Now that's a good thing. I got a lot of produce today as I've not been eating enough.

    It's so nice to come here among friends at the end of the day when I'm tired just to keep in touch and see how y'all are doing. Hope y'all are doing well.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Cross off party and Drs. appt. Over with and made it through.That's how it feels when so much is going on.I feel like keep my head down and power through,get each one over with and relax.Party was nice.I stayed away from Judy so she couldn't ask about an invitation to my house.We did not go to dinner with them.Huz was full from snacks that were served and they were going back to bosses house for 2hrs. until dinner.I would have done it but it would have killed me.My balance was so off as it was.Huz used me for an excuse because he didn't want to go and knew it would be to much for me.

    When we arrived at the party Judy came up to me and said we only have 3 days left alone Pam can you believe it?She dreads having her huz retire poor guy.

    Dr. is concerned about my weight and thinks the taste problems might be from to much stomach acid backing up.Increased Nexium and I see my GP Thurs. to monitor it and see what else he wants to do.So that's good.She made me an appt. for an ENT to help balance issues but I doubt I'll follow up on it.Lots of tests and exercises just to come back to no cure.Vertigo isn't the problem it used to be balance is.Sometimes there just aren't answers and you have to live with things I think.

    Hot water this afternoon yea!

  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Glad it's all over and done with. I had a lot of stomach burning when my SS was at its worst. Without adequate saliva, we don't have the enzymes to digest our food and, I think, it stirs up acid in our stomachs. I took digestive enzymes to help when I ate. I hope you can get help with this and the balance too.

    I still need to make an appt. for an oil change and I dread it. Hometown dealership got sold to a nat'l chain and it's not been the same since. Takes forever just to get the oil changed and they always want to do extra things. I think I need to find another mechanic.

    Cat and I have been asleep most of the day today. She fell out of a palm tree and, even though she seems OK, it shook her up. That was when the "Breakfast Club" was out on the balcony having coffee this morning. The rest of them went for Chinese food but I didn't want it. I came in and made a BLT. I make them with ranch dressing instead of mayo and they are sooooo good.

    Sending hugs and prayers to all our Loungers.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    It's ringing off the hook today!DS,DD,huz,Drs. office with test results,mail order pharmacy to tell me a med is back ordered,and vision center saying they are having problems making huz sunglasses so could he bring in the ones he has to copy.One call after another today.My calcium level is high and so is my cholesterol so GP Thurs. will be sent results.Makes no sense to me.

    There isn't much to choose from on TV is there Leah?When I flip through and realize I've seen everything that's on I feel shocked that I've had that much time on my hands it makes me sad.Hey speaking of showers,I had hot water for one today.The guy was held up until after 5 and finished at 8 last night.

    Huz got a paper with gifts for 42yrs. at his company to choose from.A lot of watches and clocks,we chose a crystal lamp but nope it's discontinued.So we ended up choosing a flatware set for lack of anything that interested us.It's free so I'm not complaining.

  9. spacee

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    I can't wait! For Huz's cams gift the office just donates some money to a
    charity in his name. Hey, we still have a college student!! We need that
    money :)

    TV watching? I have taken it up in the past few years. If it had been 2004
    and huz wasn't the avid weather watcher on tv, I would not have known that
    about the 3 hurricanes that passed over our town. The tv would have been
    off. And I don't think it would have effected my outcome at all. Well, not
    my body. The house still would have needed a roof.

    I have always been fond of silence so when the sound sensitivity showed up,
    it was better for me than someone who loved sound.

    I know someone who has houseplants like you, Leah. She really enjoys them
    too. Yes, mine would die from neglect. Again...Huz.

    I feel sooo for not having energy to comb hair, take showers. Not being able
    to eat. I would have tears if my eyes had any. Been dryer lately.

    On to the news here. Twin's computer died. hehe. Why am I laughing?? She is
    the self proclaimed 'geek' and she didn't back up her FLICKER videos. That is
    bad, but moi...put them in a folder on my hotmail under her name. So, hehe,
    I asked her if she wanted me to send them to her. She seemed stunned. :)
    Just glad to help out!

    This is BIG: Brother is addicted to genealogy search. Has been for years.
    So, he has kinda found out enough about our family. Therefore, that leaves
    all the spouses to look up.

    And WHAT did he find??? Twin's Huz and my Huz have the SAME great grand
    father. Have to go back 7 generations. Different mothers. The one on Twin's
    huz's side died the same year she gave birth to 3rd child. So, my huz's side
    wife was able to live out her life and produced a whole bunch of kids.

    I think everybody in LA (Lower Alabama) are probably related to her in
    some way.

    And, living in Lower Alabama. Hmm Not very pretty, rains a lot in the winter.
    Close enough to Florida to have kinda sandy soil. But now that I think about
    it, not that many trees to clear to grow crops. That was probably why they
    stayed there.

    You might recall that my parents are from Miss/Texas so Twin and I are not
    related to them :) At least not that close.

    I have gotten dressed in lounge clothes the past two days and it throws Huz.
    He wants to know where I am going..:) I just had the energy to put on clothes.
    That's all. But I am about ready to put the pi's back on. They are looser and
    don't touch me. I love that.



  10. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I've been waiting all morning for DD to call.She saw the Dr. this morning for an ultrasound.Two hrs after her appt. she called and confirmed she's pregnant and there is a heartbeat.She's 6wks. and not 7 as she thought.Why she tests positive so early is strange.Now she waits 4wks.It's still so early I just wish we could feel more positive.

    Board of Directors is taking huz and boss out to dinner tonight.It's his last day why they want to do it now is beyond me.Where were they Sun.Now he has to be there all day.He said he couldn't blow them off because you never know what the future holds.

    Waiting on DD call I mopped and cleaned to take my mind off the waiting so guess I can relax now.

    Your lounge clothes made me laugh because I get dressed most days in sweats but by early afternoon I'm back in PJ's so huz never sees me dressed.Well good news is I guess he'll know from now on.

  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    I will just explain to ppl that I have a 'CAT's Life". Minus some of the bathing.

    I love cats. Had one growing up. Lived to be 16 yo. Have tried to have them
    but the kids, now g/kids are too allergic.

    I really believe that my last cat could say 'milk'. It's not much different than
    meow but there was a bit of a different sound to it when I would ask her if
    she wanted some milk. She would come running and saying that sound !)

    Agree totally, Leah with your description of the way tv works and the repeats of
    the repeats. I guess they make a lot of money from it.

    Got interrupted!!

    Boy, started the week out sleeping nite and day. Awake for 1.5 here and there and then back
    to the sheets. Now taking the ritalin so I can get to the post office. Why do I go to the Post
    Office so much?? I told the girl today, "I know I am one of your best customers". She agreed
    that I was one of them and that another was the lady behind me.

    I hope we all have better days ahead somehow, someway. It's so great to find beauty in the
    things around us.

    Love to all!
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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, so sorry, I didn't mean to pry. It's just that you are always so kind and interested in everyone else that I was wondering about you. I totally get the "nothing to do but watch TV and nothing on TV" thing. I was like that 11 years ago and again a couple of years ago when I had to quit work cause of the SS. I've been like this again the last two days. I don't know why I'm sooooo exhausted other than I'm back on my four pills a day for high BP. I think they make me pooped. I usually manage to find something on TV, even if I've seen it before. That's the beauty of a bad memory. I can watch TV and movies, and read books, again as though it's for the first time :)

    Geez, Pam, this retirement thing just goes on and on. Sending up prayers for mother and baby. I'm still in PJ's and have no plans of getting dressed at all today. I went out day before yesterday, came home and hand watered some plants, and I was so sweaty that I had to come in and strip down. Couldn't take my bra another minute. Was invited to a cocktail party at 4:00 but declined. I've been sleeping a LOT the last couple of days. I try to read but it just puts me to sleep. I'll have to catch up on my TV shows on On Demand. I gave up my DVR box to save some money.

    Linda, I'm sorry you are so tired too. I blame it on my BP meds and plan to discuss it with my doc next month. Do I have to choose between feeling so crappy all the time or a heart attack/stroke? The shots are helping me but what good is it if I don't have the energy to enjoy it? Whine, whine, whine! All the cats I've ever known have a really good life, including the two strays who have now become part of our hood. Tweety is a talker and she has a really big vocabulary. Some of her words have three syllables. I speak a little Cat but am not fluent. Still, we manage to communicate.

    I don't know whether Mercury is retrograge in the Zodiac again or not but it feels like it. Everyone in the hood is having problems with technical communication gadgets. I've been offline for two days as my computer refused to even acknowledge any wi-fi anywhere. I finally gave up and pulled the battery and let it boot back up. That did the trick. My cable TV went off and I had to pull the power so it could "rest." Fortunately, the old TV in my sitting/guest room is working on the little basic digital box. I'm not missing any of the jewelry clearance on HSN. Now that I bought a tablet from the Q, I can't afford to buy anything else. They have a great jewelry case which looks like a full-length mirror but opens up to reveal storage for hundreds of pieces of jewelry. I'd love to buy it but am exercising some restraint.

    I'm hungry but nothing sounds good to me. I'm just in a basic flare. I know I'm better since beginning the shots but so far, they are not a magic bullet. It sounds as though I'm in good company with everyone feeling lethargic. I hope we all get some energy soon. Sending up some prayers for all of us.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Went to Dr. got refills and see him in a month.He wants to monitor my weight.I'm trying to eat more and don't want appts. every month that's for sure.The Rheumy's office did not send blood test results as promised so he had nothing to look at.I need to see if I can get them online if I can find my old password.I never remember passwords or know where I write them down.

    You all are sleeping nonstop and I am the total opposite right now.No naps and I lay there wide awake for hrs. at bedtime.Dr. said take two of the Transadone she prescribed but it gave me ringing in my ears and I was agitated.GP told me today it would make me even drier then I already am so he doesn't know why she gave it to me.I'll stick with Ambien and wait out this cycle.

    First day of retirement and guess what huz is doing?Sleeping in the chair!DS said we should take a picture and post it on Facebook for all to see how he's handling it.

    Went to Walmart and got groceries and a b-day present for Great GD's B-day in March.It's so funny both Great G-kids B-day's are the same day Mar.14.

    DD's due date is my B-day Oct.20!I like that.She'll have a C section so she said it could happen if I like.

    Sending all of you some of my energy so you can all stay awake.Pay it forward please so I can get some shut eye.


  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    What a great day, Leah!!! You must feel lovely and hopefully will sleep
    well tonite! I agree. It's not a wise idea to ask too much from Huz's.

    Pam, so exciting about DD's pregnancy!! Wonderful :) I am at the stage
    where I kinda hope no one has any more except the son who is getting
    married. I can't keep up with all the names and b'days. I feel it is a big
    deal to buy and card and get it addressed and to the post office soon enough
    to get there in time.

    I was reading Leah's post and she mentioned your Huz's first retirement day.
    What? Where was that. Reread and caught that he was sleeping :) Worn
    out from the festivities.

    I am always impressed with Mikie's knowledge of electronics and her restraint
    when she needs it :) I have seen that tall, mirrored jewelry keeper. It is very
    nice. I know you will love the tablet though.

    One of our most comfortable places to sit is the computer chair AND I can
    hear what is going on in the kitchen. Yes, I have caught a pot on fire cause
    I can't hear the kitchen. Scared the daylights out of 3rd son who was about 9yo.
    He won't fry something to this day though he loves to cook. (I was heating
    some oil to brown a roast before cooking it.) It didn't do any damage except
    to DS.

    How to lower b/p. Ritalin. I do not recommend it cause of other side effects
    but 1/2 of the 5mg tablet makes my so perfect the doc has quit listening
    to my heart at visits. Crazy isn't it? DS who takes it has reported the same
    effect. Maybe the drug companies could make a b/p med with that in it???

    Just saying that I agree with you Mikie, what good is it to get rid of one set
    of symptoms only to have the side effects of the b/p meds be so bad.

    I did something really dumb yesterday. I tried to explain to a younger person
    working for Verizon that we have a phone jack that doesn't work because
    it was a line for a Teenager's line. I should have just said we used to have]
    two lines and now have one. She never could understand that concept of the\
    kids having a phone line and the parents another. It was a cheap line and
    it was published in the phonebook under the parents as Children's line,
    Teenager's line or some even put the kid's names in....probably for a price.

    Times have sooooo changed. We even had an 1800# for a few years so
    the son's could call home from college. Yes, that was before cell phones.
    It was a lot cheaper too than cell phones.

    I think I need to check the Taco Soup....

    Have a good evening!

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I finally gave in to my exhaustion and decided to just have a drink. It tastes good. My tablet came and I'm charging the battery. I hope it doesn't give me a hard time when I hook it up to the wi-fi. I've had enough of the gadgets waging war on us humans.

    Pam, I'm laughing at huz's napping on his first day of retirement. I think he has the right idea. Sending you wishes for sleep. Geez, can't we all just hit the right balance of energy and sleep?

    Leah, I share your joy in being able to shower, shampoo, do the hair and dress. Only those of us here would understand just how big a deal that is. Good for you. Good for your huz too.

    Linda, I remember those kids' lines and people getting 1-800 numbers to make a lot of long-distance calls. Heck, even my little cell Trac Phone makes international calls at the same rate as local. Who would have ever guessed we'd be where we are. Thanks for the praise but I'm no techie or even very savvy. I just try everything until something works. I'll ask the doc about Ritalin. I think we've tried all the BP meds. Even if Ritalin isn't right for me, it may spark an idea. My doc is supposed to be brilliant. I put on my plastic "remember" bracelet when I'm cooking something. That way, I don't forget pots on the stove. It's handy to remember other things too.

    Well, gang, it's been a nonproductive day but that's OK sometimes. We often don't really have a choice in the matter. It's hot here and I have the A/C on. I sat out on the balcony for a while in the breezes but couldn't take sitting up. I came in and Tweety and I had a "cat nap."

    Sending y'all my hugs and prayers.

    Love, Mikie

  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I found a new message from one of my sisters in Fl. this morning.It was very rambling and paragraphs repeated several times.She kept stating she had to call me but got busy yesterday.I had to read it over again.She's losing her job if her stats aren't up and the deadline is 2more wks.Doesn't look like she can do it.

    I replied that I am very concerned and she should reread what she posted to me it made no sense and was repeats.Last I knew she was on Lyrica and that explains it to me.Been there myself.I told her she is a loon and I'm calling her Sun. on her day off.If she's like me she'll laugh at that because I knew I was a loon on that med.

    Med side effects can be very scary and sometimes you just put up with it because of the small amount of relief you get.That post really shook me up though and having a conversation with her will be worse.She can't hold a job like that but it's her choice to stay on the med.

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I swear something is going on in the Universe, Zodiac, whatever. We are all sick and tired and in pain. I know, I know, that's how we live but it seems worse somehow.

    Pam, that's scary about your sis. She may not even realize how dopey she is. I hope she's not driving. Hope she listens to you.

    Leah, I'll check for your post on the other board. I'm so sorry this all brought on a worse flare. I know that feeling so well: Weakness, pain, exhaustion and that fluish feeling. AACK! I hope you feel better.

    I'm sending back the tablet I bought on the Q. The browser won't launch on my wi-fi, even though my Kindle and laptop work fine with it. The tablet works on my neighbor's wi-fi at her place but that's no help. I don't like the feel of it, how it works (or doesn't work) and typing on it is miserable. I had hoped to use it in lieu of my laptop but that would never work. Just trying to use it makes me frustrated and angry. I don't need that! My laptop does everything the tablet does on a larger scale. Just typing this on my laptop is a pleasure by comparison. I'm to the point that I just don't have the energy to fool with things which frustrate me and make me angry.

    Tweety was waiting for me at the front door this morning. She went out but came back and napped most of the day. Right now, she's trying to put her paw on the keyboard. I had a tuna salad sandwich for lunch and she had a nice little plate of tuna. She is soooo sweet but I'm afraid she's going to get hit by a car. She has no concept of getting out of the way. She spends the night with her brother down at their guardian's condo. They have little fleece-lined teepees outside that they sleep in. I think they do a lot of cattin' around and don't sleep much at night. There are a lot of critters out at night and they like to be part of the action.

    Not much on TV tonite so think I'll read. Thank God, my laptop and Kindle are working (knocking on wood). Hope y'all have a nice evening. Sending warm, soft hugs and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    It was quite a day wasn't it? Must the universe or the stars or something.

    Mine was an ok day. Nothing out of the ordinary. Got our fast food at McD's
    for supper.

    Then told son to pick a caterer for the rehearsal THIS weekend. Wedding 3 1/2
    month's away. He asked me what we were willing to pay. I told him what I
    considered a generous amount. Boy was I wrong.

    Just like the phones, so much has changed since the brother's wedding. DS is
    older, all his friends are married (others were younger and no serious dating
    so singles at the dinner). Tons of out of towners cause we are all getting older
    and this one might well be the last get together of us all.

    Oh, well, money does talk. It says 'goodbye'. Is what my mother always said.

    I am still reeling over your bad day from your bath/shampoo. Nope that wouldn't
    make you want to have one everyday. Or even be able to.

    Pam....your sister! Wow, could lose her job. Yes,what we do for a little relief.

    Mikie, you have a 'remembering band'?? What a great idea! I know I have some
    large rubber bands around her somewhere which will do fine.

    Sorry the tablet didn't work...but, hey! now you can get the jewelry keeper!!

    I'm on the Mobic "wide awake" time and by Sunday and Monday will be on the
    all day/all nite sleep pattern.

    The flowers are blooming outside so prettily. Been in the 80's and Monday will
    be 67 for the high,, I think.

    Mikie, will be interesting to hear what your doc thinks about the ritalin. Bet he
    knows all the pros and cons. Like a doc like that.

    G/D had to be put on steroid inhaler for asthma..age 2, almost 3. I hate to
    see them go down that road. Her dad, my DS, had asthma quite bad as a
    child. You do what you have to do.

    I'm in my catsuit now (pi's) and plan to be all day tomorrow :)

    It did cross my mind that the lounge could be a 'bar' for Sat nite for Pam's
    huz's retirement. If only in our imaginations :) I would be having a pear
    martini. Had one once. It was rimmed with sugar, I think. It was so delicious.
    Either that or the wine with raspberries and chocolate. Both very good.

    We will see if anyone peeks in tomorrow. I know the board can go quite.



  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Went to the store this morning and I'm back in Pj's trying to warm up.Made the mistake of not wearing a parka so I froze.This weather changes daily this yr. warm one day cold the next.

    Sister is the one that works phones at home for AAA and they have been trying to get rid of her for 2yrs. now but looks like it will happen.She can't sit all day with only 2 15min. breaks and gets a Drs. slip to let her walk around for several short breaks but this medicine induced confusion is the final straw I think.Some people get pain relief from Lyrica but it could cost her the job.

    I'm bundled up in a blanket with no plans to go anywhere else today.So sorry you're paying for the one decent day you had Leah.Do you get any good stretches from symptoms at different times of yr.?Warm weather is better then cold for me but flares and mouth sores pop up.

    Shame the pad didn't work out but glad you can return it Mikie.Huz is going to load a couple books on Kindle for me but I'm a little leery of it.

    Drinks you say Linda?Sounds good.I've been thinking of a nice glass of white wine for weeks now but haven't popped the cork yet.Huz was twiddling his thumbs already yesterday and I found some computer distractions to side track him.Hunt for house plans and houses for sale.I felt like the Activity Director back at work yrs. ago.Adjustment will take time.

    Rock you pooped out on us?No energy?

  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    Just reporting in from one of the few hours I have been awake today,

    Off the mobic sleeping I guess I should call it. OMS

    Cookies???? Cookie Monster here! Don't get them though. I did have some
    soft Ice cream from McD's yesterday. After I ate it, I remembered, I think
    it was Rock, who told us what awful things it is made of. Can't remember
    the name but it was very "unfood". Scratch that one off the list.

    Sounds like you and your Huz really enjoyed them...really Huz!

    I think that Activity Director is really a good name. Think of your RV
    as a 'cruise ship" and you are the AD! I take it that you Huz can't watch
    tv 24 hours a day as a couple of the men in my fam can.

    That was way too little time of breaks for your DS, no wonder she couldn't
    do it. The rheumy I went to a few years ago said that his patients had not
    had any success with lyrics. But then at a neurologists office (can't remember
    why I was there) a woman was telling another how much cymbalta had done
    for her FM. You just never know. (I kno they aren't the same but kinda (?)

    One 3yo GD colors better than the 5 yo. Oh,heck,she colors better than I do.
    Meticulous might be a good word for it. The parents are going to have to warn
    the preschool teacher next year. "Advanced Colorer". Oh that is so funny.

    We are all Appreciated here..and especially you Leah cause you remind us
    of our worth :)

    Mikie, I think I refer to you as our geek cause you use words that I have heard
    and maybe know what they do but have no idea how to used them. :)
    For us, you are our geek :)

    I haven't found the rubber bands but found a green large paper clip that I
    thought would catch my eye and remind me. We will see.

    Nite all.


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