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    I searched and I searched for the man of my dreams,
    One faithful and kind and true ...
    One that would love, cherish, and understand me;
    Like no other man could do ...

    One that would share all my hopes and my fears,
    And make my life happy and free.
    My searching is over. For, I've found the Lord.
    Bless His Name! He's the man for me!

    I was baptized with water,
    Now, I'm wearing His name.
    'Tis such an honor He has placed upon me.
    And, the home He's prepared is far beyond compare,
    Such beauty human eyes could never see.

    And, we will never, no never, be separated.
    For, He lives inside of me.
    My life has been changed, since I took on His Name.
    Bless His Name! He's the Man for me!

    There's no greater love than the love Jesus has for me,
    A Love that gave His life on a cross at Calvary.
    There's no greater joy than the joy that's inside of me.
    He's my King, my Savior, my Lord and my God.
    He is Jesus and He's the Man for me.

    © 1989 by Jennette Perkins