The ME Conference 2006 (London, UK) (Invest In M.E.) (May 12)

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    From: Sue Waddle

    Invest In M.E. are extremely pleased to announce The ME Conference of 2006-An Update on Clinical Diagnosis, Research Trends and Educational Support, which will be held on the 12th May in London, ME Awareness Day.

    The speakers are giants of the ME world and include Professor Malcolm Hooper, Professor Basant Puri, Dr. Byron Hyde, Dr. Bruce Caruthers, Jane Colby and Dr. Ian Gibson MP.

    This will be a real opportunity for professionals and sufferers alike to hear all the latest developments in the ME world and discuss the way forward.

    For more information and application form for this conference
    please contact
    ( or if that breaks up )


    Support ME Awareness-
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    Note: the booking form is now up. The registration form hadn't been
    put up when the announcement went out so thought I should point out
    that people can book now.

    Just go to:

    One can either register online:

    Or download the registration form:

    [Aside: Please direct any questions or comments you have to the
    (all-volunteer) InvestinME team at
    rather than myself (I'm just trying to help them out by highlighting it
    on the Internet and know no more than what is on their website )].

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    [I probably won't keep posting announcementson Invest in ME events or announcements/initiatives - so if people want to learn about events in the future in the UK e.g. like the conference they've organised in London for May 12, (and possibly elsewhere) maybe you could consider signing up. Of course, the site has lots of other info so you may read about a lot fo the stuff there. Tom K.]

    The "Invest in ME" (electronic) Newsletter for December 2005 has now been sent out to those who have signed up.

    To sign up (it's free),
    go to:

    [AOL: <a href="">Here</a>]

    It's all UK news at present as all their contacts are from there but the newsletter mentions looking for contacts outside the UK (who can sign up at: ) so perhaps there will also be focus on other countries in the future, depending on the interest.

    "In order to function as a central ME events organiser we need regional contacts who are passionate about the need for funding for biomedical research and who can be the main contact for information on events and opportunities in regions across the UK, or across the world. Every country is a welcome addition to our contacts."

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