The Medical Research Council: a case to answer?

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    published on the ME Research UK website

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    I am bookmarking this wonderful article. Very informative and lots of good resources.

    There is hope!!

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    My letters to parliamentarians complaining about this always result in my being told that the MRC are committed to high quality research. They are not, they are committed to giving the psychiatrists that use M.E./CFS as their milch cow, to the detriment and even deaths of sufferers, even more money for their ridiculous 'theory' that we have mass hysteria.
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    Hi Gapsych

    ME Research UK is an excellent organisation who share our frustrations over where the funding for research goes. They can conduct important studies for a fraction of the cost the psychobabblers receive but our policy makers don't want to know.

    Hi Bluebottle

    Unfortunately you described things just as they are. Given all the research, including that conducted in the UK, one would expect to see progress. Instead things are worse for those whose illness is best defined by Ramsay, Richardson, Acheson, Dowsett and Hyde et al.

    The MRC have been using this excuse for some time now; but no one believes that applications to fund biomedical research, are all of a poor quality. The bias is clear. The Gibson Enquiry called for an enquiry into the vested interests involved but the govt resolutely refuses to instigate one. If such an enquiry did take place it would highlight who has been involved in the MRC, Wessely and Salisbury (who are you know funded the psychobabblers work through the Linbury Trust) are two that come to mind atm.

    What's going on now cannot be seperated by the two main competing political parties who have vowed to reduce the numbers receiving sickness and disability payments.

    Have you read the latest RiME newletter? Paul Davies has listed the MPs who signed the referendum for medical research. If one looks at how few labour and conservative MPs signed this referendum it is yet more proof that winning votes through denigrating the chronically sick takes precedence.

    AfME are a part of the problem too. They insisted the Judicial Reviews were silly; yet these JRs offer us a unique opportunity to challenge NICE through the legal system.

    tc, Tansy
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