the meds I take that work for me

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    the downside is to find someone who will subscribe it-the doctor I see now is a a psychiatrist who is head of the pain managemnent clinic at a hospital. SHe is a big bitch and I cant stand her but she is the only doctor is KC that will subscribe what I am taking. No other doctor would touch me after my rheumy had to get rid of his patients taking narcotics ! anyway my last resort was the methadone clinic and they referred me to who I see now0-I take alot of stuf but if finally works and it lasts longer than the other stuff I was on. I take morphine 3x a day, 6-8 percocet
    prozac, wellbutrin amitrptyln, xanex, celebrex and skelaxin which is a muscle relaxer. Its alot of shit but I am recovering alcoholic so I figure I have an off the wall tolerance for drugs. I think the morphine and the percocet help the most but there are days I take everything and I am still in pain. I guess shrinks arent afraid to prescribe this stuff as opposed to my other doctors who wouldnt touch me. it works for me-but talk with your doctors and see what combinations work for you. good luck everyone.
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    gee whiz I got a little high just reading your post...

    i'm glad you found combo that is working for you... i'm still looking.
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    KcKitty, just curious why your rheumy had to drop all his patients who needed narcotic meds? This is worrisome. I wonder if there is an effort underway to get us out of "regular" docs and into "shrinks" even though we don't technically have a psychiatric illness. Glad your meds work for you.